How to mow with a trimmer with a fishing line

How to Mow the Grass. Scythe vs String Trimmer. Choose the Best Yourself

tips for using the electric trimmer

Tip 1. Examine the area you are going to work. Watch out for anything that might get in your way: brushwood, rocks, sticks, and small debris. Assess the terrain, look at the pits and gullies and think about the best way to approach them with the mower. So you do not have to rush and do not stop the work process. For the same purpose, it is recommended to clean the selected area for mowing from various foreign objects. They can be dangerous for the operator and others around him or cause the grass trimmer to break down.

Tip 2. Use only the consumables recommended by the manufacturer. If you want to save money and buy tools of dubious quality, you will end up spending even more on repairs. This could be the reason for denying warranty service. and then you will have to fix the grass trimmer for your own money or buy a new one. So it’s best not to take any chances.

Tip 3. Mow tall grass in stages. Cut it in steps from top to bottom. This prevents the clippings from winding directly on the trimmer head or between the trimmer head and the blade guard. You will consequently avoid jamming.

Tip #4. Check the length of the line. The highest cutting performance is achieved with the most accessible line. Do not wait until there are two short tips sticking out of the spool, or you have to straighten them out again. On average a semi-automatic spool produces 20mm of line at a time. All unnecessary things will be cut with a special blade on the blade guard. You can tell when you need to lengthen the line by the change in hum or by the reduced power output.

Tip 5. Only use a line of the diameter recommended by the manufacturer. Forums of the Internet are full of enthusiastic Комментарии и мнения владельцев of trimmer owners that they successfully cut 2 or even 3 sizes more line than allowed. And that this makes the work much more efficient. Do not trust these messages. Such minute win and temporary increase in productivity causes accelerated wear and tear of all motor and gearbox components because of constant overloads, which leads to the failure of the whole grass cutter. A smaller line diameter can lead to quick breakage and great overconsumption of fishing line.

Tip 6. If you want to make hay out of the grass, only use knives or circular saw blades. If you mow with a fishing line, you get a fine chaff of grass that is not suitable for further use.

Tip 7. Mow slowly and carefully if you need to mow close to young seedlings or delicate surfaces, such as glass, painted and lacquered walls and fences or decorative garden decorations. This is especially important if you use blades or discs. And even more so if the machine does not have a safety bracket. If you mow carelessly, you can not only scratch or damage something, but also damage the trimmer reel itself.

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Tip 8. Wear special clothing and personal protective equipment. Goggles are a must for this type of work (you can replace them with a face shield). Also wear a respirator to protect you from plant pollen, which is very allergenic. Use earplugs or ear muffs, gloves, and a jacket with close-fitting pants. This protects you from excessive dust, excessive noise and the effects of mowing debris.

Tip 9. Adjust the machine to suit you. You spend a little time on it, but it will make your work more comfortable and less fatiguing. Extend or shorten the trimmer locking strap so it is comfortable for your height. Adjust the angle of the handle. All of this has to be done before you start the.

Tip #10. Use the grass trimmer and its accessories only for their intended purpose. Do not attempt to use homemade attachments with this tool. There are models in which the installation of additional nozzles is provided by the factory, and only in this case you can use them. Use metal wire instead of trimmer line is strictly prohibited. It is extremely injurious.

Tip 11. Mowing efficiency, speed and quality depend largely on your skill. And it will get better every time.

Technical characteristics: size and length

The question of how to pick up a line for a grass trimmer is very relevant, because neither in the passport to the tool, nor on the packaging of the line do not indicate detailed characteristics, except size and type of section. First of all, you should determine the permissible diameter of the string. this information can be found in the user manual to the trimmer. The user can also take a sample of fishing line from the delivery (almost always on the bobbin of a new tool there is a small section) and measure it with a caliper or a simple ruler.

trimmer, fishing, line

In the absence of both, the appropriate dimensions can be determined from the tool itself.

  • Electric grass trimmer up to 500 W. 1-1,6 mm. Used for lawn trimming.
  • Electric grass trimmer from 500 W to 1 kW. 2-2,4 mm. Can handle fine, thin grass and medium-diameter overgrown weeds.
  • Petrol grass trimmers and brushcutters. 2.4 to 3.2 mm. Thick line easily cuts dry stems, weeds, thick and dense brushwood.

The line on the grass trimmer thicker than 3.2 mm in diameter is rarely used, only on some types of powerful chain saws.

Conclusion: the more powerful technique. the thicker the tooling. If in doubt, you can buy a tool of a smaller diameter. If you use a line for grass trimmer with a diameter larger than the specified, it will regularly wind up on the spool, “go” worse. Also, the use of too thick a string can put excessive load on the engine, which leads to rapid overheating.

The standard package holds 15m of fishing line, but few spools are designed for that, as a rule, it is possible to wind 7-7.5 m, that is half. There is another type of packaging. “coil” or “spool”, here the string length varies on average from 250 to 515 m.

You should also pay attention to the date of manufacture. The line should not be very old: with time nylon shrivels up and becomes very brittle. In this case, there is a way out. soak the line in water for a few hours, but it will not be possible to fully restore the elasticity of the string.

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Mowing wet grass

Can you mow wet grass?? If so, what’s the best way to go about it?? What grass trimmer to use? Every beginner is concerned about the following questions. Here are the answers and recommendations from experienced gardeners.


If you are used to mowing with an ordinary scythe and think that the grass trimmer works on the same principle, just read the instructions. Every machine comes with a manual, which clearly states that mowing wet grass is not recommended. Regardless of the type of grass trimmer.

The point is that wet grass becomes heavier after rain, which increases the load on the tool. Wet grass sticks to the cutting tool, the grass trimmer quickly heats up, leading to unnecessary breakdowns.

If you need to mow wet grass, it’s best to do it with a chain saw. With an electric mower, water can get inside the motor. There is a risk of a short circuit. The motor may burn out, requiring costly repairs or the purchase of a new tool.

How to mow grass with a trimmer trimmer head (grass trimmer reel, mowing head, grass trimmer spool)

Purpose of trimmer head (grass trimmer reel, mowing head, grass trimmer spool)

  • To remove all unwanted vegetation under walls, along fences, curbs, around trees, poles, bushes, between stumps and other obstacles.
  • To mow lawns that are out of reach of the lawnmower.
  • To selectively cut through loose grass and weeds before mowing the area for hay.
  • To cut weeds in the bed between the plants.
  • To shred potato foliage in the vegetable garden before digging it up.
  • To completely remove grass and weeds from, for example, paths.
  • To sweep (creates an air vortex from high revolutions of the grass trimmer line).

Can you cut grass using Fishing Lines?


The trimmer head (mowing head or grass trimmer reel) has a high output when mowing grass, t.к. It is lighter behind a metal blade and has a larger working diameter of 45 cm compared to 25 cm with a hay blade.

trimmer, fishing, line

Grass trimmer operation in wet weather

It is worth stating at once that the operation of electric trimmers is completely excluded in rain, wet and damp weather. It can cause a short circuit and electric shock. Do not use the power tool even after rain, you must wait for the grass to air out and dry. However, with petrol brushcutters all is not as smooth as we would like. Some well-known manufacturers forbid the use of their models in the rain because the power units do not have the necessary degree of protection against moisture.

You also can’t operate a wet appliance. If a petrol grass trimmer has been in the rain for a while (however briefly), it needs to be taken to a dry place, wiped down and given time to dry off before it can be started.

lawnmower is devoid of some of the design disadvantages of the electric trimmer, but it is not fully insured against failure due to moisture.

Some experts say that gasoline trimmers can mow without stopping, even if it’s raining lightly. Of course, it is not recommended, because the probability of damage to various components and the engine itself increases. trimmer elektrichesky for grass with the top location of the engine is less sensitive to moisture, but it is not insured against a power surge because of the water in the connector extension cord. You can limit the purchase of a new extension cord, but the repair or replacement of the grass trimmer is not a cheap thing.

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Grass trimmer working principle and how to use it correctly: filling and first start-up

Lawn trimmers are devices that are easy to use for lawn care. The question of how to use a trimmer is asked by those buyers who are just about to buy a garden tool. The industry produces different types of devices, so when choosing, you need to pay attention to their characteristics.

Getting ready to work

If you will be mowing the lawn for the first time, take a few minutes to understand how to properly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line. Walk along the lawn and remove any rocks, sticks or large debris.

Turn on the grass trimmer and hold it so the handle is tight against your thigh. Make sure the head is at a comfortable height for trimming the grass. Approach one edge of the area and start mowing the grass.

As you are trying to make a smooth cut, keep the head parallel to the ground and make short sweeping motions. It’s better to make a bigger cut first, so that you can correct it to the ideal height.

Can you quickly make a mower from improvised materials with your own hands??

The main advantage of homemade mowers is that they can be made from improvised materials, and their shape and design are optimized for specific conditions. They can be based on a single-axle tractor or homemade cart, and the cutting tools are made from hacksaw blades or other materials.

Since there are so many varieties of homemade mowers, we have made a separate article about them, which you will find by following this link Homemade mowers. Most of these homemade mowers are simple in design and use accessible units, but you need at least minimal locksmith skills to make them.

Features of using a lawn mower

When working with gasoline models, there are a number of special rules related specifically to the use of this type of fuel. For example, do not start the engine in the same place where you fill it up.

trimmer, fishing, line

Carefully select the correct proportions when mixing petrol-oil mixture for the two-stroke engine. The engine can quickly wear out and malfunction if the mix is not in the proper proportions. Do not mix and charge the engine with fuel away from open flames. No smoking at such times.

Allow the engine to cool down before starting to refuel, and even more so when it is running. It is desirable to prepare the petrol-oil mixture for one filling so it does not have to be stored for a long time. It is also better to fully produce it and not to leave it inside the trimmer‘s fuel tank for grass after work.

When operating gasoline models, a large amount of harmful exhaust gases is formed, so you should not run them indoors.

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