How to open the battery Bosch s4 silver

Due to the use of innovative technology and alloying the plates of batteries from the Bosch Silver series with silver, they are practically not subject to the destructive action of corrosion. Such a battery has no problem to last a very long time, even in difficult conditions with heavy loads on the side of the power grid of the vehicle.

All motorists know that the demands that are placed on modern car batteries are constantly increasing. The power grid of a modern vehicle can be loaded with many devices necessary for safety and comfort while driving. Obviously, these devices consume a lot of electricity.

If you need a power source that can quickly and easily handle a heavy load, and does not fail in all weather, the battery Bosch S 4 Silver is ideal. Batteries of this series are not afraid of severe frosts, easy to start the engine of various vehicles due to increased starter currents.

The engineers of the German company took into account the wishes of thousands of car owners and leading automakers when developing this series of batteries. As a result, the latest technology has been introduced, resulting in a battery capable of operating as reliably and efficiently as possible. In particular by reducing the thickness of the grids and increasing the electrolyte volume the capacity of the battery is increased. The low rate of self-discharge allows using the battery without recharging even after a long period of idle time.

Вскрытие аккумулятора Bosch S4 Asia 70 Ah

The experts assure that Bosch C4 batteries work perfectly in the conditions of the city cycle. Unique structure of the battery grid provides rapid recovery of capacity even on short trips with frequent stops at traffic lights or in traffic jams.

Among the power sources of the series it is easy to pick up a model for any car brand and different levels of energy consumption. Such battery will supply electric power to a medium-consumption car. The true German quality is already appreciated by the drivers all over the world, and now the Ukrainian motorists can experience the reliability and practicality of Bosch battery. We offer you to buy batteries for automobiles in Kiev at the best price from the well-known European manufacturer.

Bosch S4 batteries. true German quality for you

Bosch S4 batteries have a higher starting currents due to innovative Silver technology. Therefore, this battery easily starts the engine even in a very cold weather.

Due to the increased power reserve, the Bosch S4 battery is suitable for cars with low power consumption, as well as for more demanding models.

We also want to note that all Bosch batteries have very low self-discharge rates. Even after long periods of storage the battery will not lose its capacity to function and will be ready for use.

If you are looking for a modern maintenance-free battery, with excellent performance, we recommend buying a battery Bosch S4. German quality, innovative technology, reliability and safety. these are the main reasons to buy this particular battery for passenger cars.

How to rebuild a battery

Battery failure is a very unpleasant situation, but it is faced by every car owner. In this case, you can buy a new one instead of the old one. But it is possible to find the cause and return the battery to working condition.

The battery can be restored if irreversible effects, such as electrode destruction and crumbling of the active mass, have not yet begun.

To restore the charge of a dead battery you need a battery charger. Today’s pulsed chargers are capable of automatic operation and don’t even need to be monitored by the motorist. If you are using a transformer device, you will periodically have to monitor the voltage of the battery to prevent overcharging. It is well known that high discharge and overcharge have a similarly detrimental effect on the performance and condition of automotive batteries.

If, on the other hand, the battery is severely worn out or shows signs of severe sulfation, you can repair it by applying a small amount of current at regular intervals. Small impulse charges contribute to desulphation and help to fully restore the capacity of the battery.

Bosch S4 Silver 60Ah 540A R Battery (S4 024)

When choosing the right battery for your vehicle, you surely pay attention to its reliability, starting power and resistance to temperature changes. Bosch S 4 024 Silver 60 Ah Batteries it is a universal starter battery, which meets the most stringent requirements for modern power sources. Bosch S4 battery is produced by one of the leading German concerns, in accordance with European and world quality and safety standards. The Bosch S4 024 battery has an increased starting power. That’s because of it even in the most extreme weather conditions, the battery provides instant starting your car engine. Bosch 60 Ah Battery. It will not require your interference in the process of operation. Having given preference to this power source you will be always sure that all systems of your car will work as clockwork. The Bosch Silver battery is the modern energy source for your car. It was created using the most advanced technology, due to which it is a model of safety, quality and reliability.

The Bosch S40240 is a Silver range battery. which was significantly upgraded in 2005 and now meets the most stringent requirements of car manufacturers in terms of electrical and technical characteristics. The Bosch S4024 battery (old Bosch number : 0093A560S4) is a powerful source of electric power, which allows you to supply a large number of electrical components installed in a modern car, such as alarms, heating and other. This reverse polarity battery is recommended for Asian cars manufactured in Japan and South Korea, JIS standard. for both compact and business class cars. The Bosch battery 0092S40240 is maintenance free, filled and charged. It uses an improved labyrinth cover with built-in flame-retardant filters to ensure absolute tightness, and as a consequence, the ability to install this battery in the trunk and cabin of the car. Thanks to the new silver alloy plates of the battery life is increased by twenty percent, as well as increased current cold start up to fifteen percent, and 540A. Start-up current is the parameter, the increase of which makes it easier to start the vehicle in difficult conditions. An increase in this value is particularly positive at low temperatures. On the Bosch S4 024 battery, the cold start value is specified in the EN standard, which shows the amount of current delivered by the battery in ten seconds at a temperature of. 18°C up to an allowable voltage drop of 7.5 volts. In older batteries, it was measured in DIN. where the operating time was thirty seconds and the minimum voltage dropped to 9 volts. Owing to the low self-discharge characteristic of this battery, it allows a smooth start of the vehicle even after a long period of standstill. The storage period of the battery without loss of consumer properties is eighteen months. Comfortable handle for transportation. Maintenance-free battery packs can be installed without any additional work on the vehicle. Except for batteries with a shelf life of more than eighteen months, which must be checked and charged. In conclusion, it should be noted that problems with starting the car are usually not associated with the batteries of the company Bosch. If they do, it is usually because the battery is used improperly.

Battery Bosch S4 Silver 6ST-60 Euro

Bosch S4 Silver 6ST-60 Euro battery is produced by a German company for passenger cars, including diesel cars. This model is equipped with an additional 15% cold start power. 20% longer battery life.

information about the Bosch S4 Silver 6ST-60 Euro battery

The Bosch 6ST-60 Euro S4 Silver battery is protected against spark formation by dual flame arrestors. The battery is resistant to the multiple “charge/discharge” cycles”. These modes are characteristic of city driving, when driving with reduced speeds and frequent stops.

In addition to battery TM Bosch on the site you can find other models from different manufacturers. There is a similar automobile battery with a lower price. VARTA 6CT 60 Blue Dynamic (D47) battery.

Features of the battery Bosch S4 Silver 6CT-60 Euro

battery, bosch, silver

The Bosch S4 Silver 6CT-60 Euro car battery meets 100% European quality standards. It will reliably provide energy to the car with an average level of equipped with electric appliances (radio, air conditioning, windows, etc.).д.).

Car batteries Bosch S4 Silver series are available in several modifications with a capacity of 40 to 95 A / h, starting current of 330 to 830 A. There are 11 EN standard models and 12 JIS standard models. Among this entire range, you can choose batteries for passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

A wide range of batteries from different manufacturers, there are serviced and maintenance free batteries. often people buy the second type, which includes this model of TM Bosch. Maintenance-free. It means that during the whole time of device exploitation (from 5 to 7 years) you do not need to check its density and charge, add electrolyte and refill distilled water.

There are many variants of batteries on the market. Highlights of this model: trouble-free supply of any security system, high reliability verified by years, high efficiency at low charge, sealed lid (prevents leakage of electrolyte).

Picture shows the detailed construction diagram of the battery

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Bosch Car Battery S4 Silver 0 092 S40 040

Correct selection of the battery depends on many factors, including the technical requirements of the manufacturer. Therefore, the selection of batteries must be approached seriously, because.к. a wrong battery can cause malfunction of your car and as a result. an expensive repair. We recommend you to make a selection of batteries Bosch in our shop. As Oiler is the official retailer of Bosch batteries.

Bosch. the world’s leading manufacturer of batteries

The company BOSCH is famous for its high-quality and reliable batteries. Bossh batteries have unique technical characteristics. A special place is occupied by the Silver. Batteries of this range are manufactured using a special technology using silver, which completely eliminates oxidation of the grid. This prolongs the battery’s service life.

The Bosch Silver battery is the right combination of reliability and performance for your vehicle. The Bosch battery is very durable, even if the car uses a lot of energy.

The batteries in the S4 series have a long service life. Practical and economical solution for cars with little electrical equipment are S3 batteries.

The following range of Bosch products is available at Oiler Auto Service:

Where do Bosch batteries come from??

Determining which country the Bosch battery you bought is made in is easy enough. To do this you need to look at the first letter in the code (on the panel of the battery), which indicates the territorial location of the plant:

  • H. Germany (Hannover).
  • S. Czech Republic (Cheska Lipa).
  • S. Sweden (Haltsfred).
  • A. Austria (Vienna).
  • F or R. France (Rouen).
  • E or G. Spain (Guardamar. Burgos).

Asian and European types of batteries

Japanese, Korean and Chinese vehicles are often equipped with Asian type batteries. Their peculiarity is the terminals that are high above the surface of the top cover. European-type batteries are found on: Opel, BMW, Seat, VW and others, as well as all domestic cars.

European type battery can be distinguished by the special location of the terminals. They are located in a special recess around the edges at the top of the case and do not exceed the battery’s dimensions. Always confirm this information when purchasing a battery for your vehicle.

The for the battery Bosch S4 Silver 0 092 S40 040 may be different in different service centers. But only slightly, if we are talking about quality and original Bosch battery. The Bosch battery can be considered the original one only if it has the certificate confirming the authenticity of this battery. We recommend that you check with your retailer about these certifications before purchasing a Bosch S4 Silver 0 092 S40 040 Battery.

We can’t predict how a fake battery will behave with your car. It’s better to pay too much and buy the Bosch battery that suits your car and minimizes the risk of any malfunctions.

At the car-care center Oiler you have a great choice of Bosch batteries, as well as different for them. So you’ll be able to buy the battery that’s right for you and at a price you’ll be happy with. And if you have any difficulties. we are always there for you. We employ only highly qualified specialists, who will competently consult you in all matters.

6 reasons to buy the battery Bosch S4 Silver 0 092 S40 040 in Oiler

  • You do not need to bother yourself unnecessarily. you do not need to study the compliance of all production parameters of the battery Bosch, our specialists are trained and know all the technical recommendations.
  • You solve the problem immediately. any battery your car may need, we always have in stock.
  • You spare the environment, we will take your old battery and recycle it properly.
  • You can earn money. we will pay you for your old battery.
  • You can be sure of the result. all our batteries come with a warranty.
  • You get a free test. our manager will test your new Bosch battery with a special tool.

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Bosch T-series automotive batteries

Starter batteries Bosch “T” series are used for commercial trucks, buses, agricultural and industrial machinery and many other heavy vehicles, which are exposed to extreme loads and the most difficult climatic conditions, while being completely maintenance-free.

In the range of “Voltmarket” store we offer batteries “Bosch” T3, T4 and T5, which are made by the same technology, differing only in capacity characteristics. Their capacity is up to 225 Ah and the cold cranking current is more than 1000 Ampere! Judging by the reviews, the Bosch T-series batteries are popular with long-haul truck drivers, whose trucks are equipped with a sleeping compartment and require long autonomous operation with the engine off.

Bosch also produces many other battery series, designed for motorcycles, uninterruptible power supplies and other specific equipment, differing dramatically in manufacturing technology and technical characteristics.

How to find out the date of manufacture and decode the code

The marking is applied on the battery cover and consists of a set of numbers and letters. How to determine the year of manufacture by it? The first symbol. a letter. means the country of manufacturer.

Added: details in a separate article, read it here.

The date of manufacture is encoded in the digits that follow. The fourth digit is the last digit of the production year. The fifth and sixth are the encoded month of manufacture. 17. January, 18. February, 19. March, 20. April, 53. May, 54. June, 55. July, 56. August, 57. September, 58. October, 59. November, 60. December.

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Does a maintenance-free battery need charging??

Among the beginners of motorists there is an opinion that if the battery is maintenance-free it does not need any charging. Needed as much as the rest of the battery. After all, calcium maintenance-free batteries are different in that they have no (or very low) water consumption. Calcium alloying the plates shifts the water hydrolysis initiation point to a higher voltage. In standard low-maintenance batteries, hydrolysis of water (decomposition to oxygen and hydrogen) begins at a terminal voltage of 14.4 volts.

On why the battery is boiling in the car and the causes of this phenomenon you can read in the material at the link.

How to understand that you need to charge the battery. In some cases, this need will be obvious. For example, you forgot to turn off the headlights or music in the car. By morning, all the capacity of the battery is drained and if the battery is not recharged, you simply will not go anywhere. In addition, recharging may be necessary in winter, when due to low temperatures and many working current consumers (heater, heating, windows and mirrors) battery does not restore the charge.

So, the answer to the question of whether you can charge maintenance-free car batteries is in the affirmative. Now a few words about how to charge a maintenance free car battery. Go back to

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