How to place tools in the garage on the wall

Instructions for designing a storage system

Inexpensive and convenient tool storage system you can create yourself. It takes a little time and effort and does not require a lot of money.

# 1. Tool holder

you can buy a ready-made plate for storing tools, the basis of which is a peorized metal panel. However, by building a stand with your own hands from leftover building material, you will not only save money, but also be able to make a design suitable for the size of your garage.

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To make it you will need a piece of plywood, remnants of welded mesh, wire cutters.

Welded wire mesh and plywood are simple materials that can be found in almost any garage. But they can easily turn into a very functional and accessible file system in minutes

  • Fasten the grid to the plywood surface using self-tapping screws with a high-pressure washer. Bite the thread in the right place and you have a large number of hooks. They can be stacked in any direction, depending on what you want to hang.
  • Then we distribute places for the compact location of tools, pencil make marks for their fixation.
  • On this construction, we hang clamps for polypropylene, which makes a great holder for screwdrivers and pliers.
  • For an electric electric screwdriver as a support comes in handy plastic pipe adapter from 50 to 70.
  • If there is a piece of Styrofoam or styrofoam, you can attach it to this holder to attach small things.

If there is free space on the stand, you can install an interesting organizer for small things. This will require 110 sewer plugs, a few extra clips and a piece of plastic pipe from 25. It is best to place the holder near the side of the plug, so it does not rotate. The finished organizer can be attached to the holder using the same clips, but with clamps.

Organizer for small tools

You can make a compact organizer for organizing small parts, tools and equipment, which are usually chaotically located in different places.

It is necessary to make a cut in the pipes at 45 degrees. This method is very simple in that by making a cut, you get two blanks.

Then it remains to glue the cut piece to the board with a strong glue, for strength, you can fix it with self-tapping screws at the base of the pipes.

Once the entire structure is assembled, it can be hung on the wall, securing it with self-tapping screws. It remains to place the necessary tools and other small items in the cells

In addition to the garage tool storage system, you can make many useful self-made items for the house, cottage or vegetable garden from plastic pipes.

Wooden panel for storing small things

The easiest and cheapest device to store all the keys, screwdrivers and pliers are wooden panels. They save maximum space in the garage, and it is easy to make them with your own hands. For the manufacture you can take the most ordinary board from the remnants of the repair.

How to Make a Custom Tool Organization Board

  • You need to make marks on the board, then drill holes for the necessary fasteners. For convenience and efficient planning, we recommend that you spread out all the tools and appliances on the prepared board and think about in what order and at what distance to mount them.
  • All self-tapping screws are screwed according to the previously drawn marks. In order for the self-tapping screw to securely fasten, it is recommended to pre-drill small holes of smaller diameter, so it will be easier and simpler to screw in.
  • The finished panel is attached to the wall. The level is elevated. When fixing it is important to comply with all safety rules. Don’t forget to use personal protective equipment when working with power tools (goggles and dielectric gloves).

When wiring, be careful not to hit the wiring inside the wall. It is desirable to know how it is laid. As a starting point, you can take the divider box, it is always under the ceiling, from which all the threads diverge.

Follow the basic rule: never drill vertically or horizontally from a socket or switch.

After fixing the system on the wall, the most pleasant thing remains: to arrange all the tools and appliances in their places. If necessary, you can use a variety of fasteners for pipes and cables, mounting bracket, fasteners of different thicknesses and sizes

If you plan to use a screwdriver or angle grinder when making the file system, study and follow safety precautions when working with power tools.

N. 4. Tool holders

The main structure, consisting of four vertical boards and several horizontal boards connected to them transversely.

place, tools, garage, wall

It is important to note that the upper edge of each horizontal board should be beveled at a 45 degree angle to accommodate shelves and hanging containers. You can make such a cut with a circular saw.

Horizontal boards should be fixed at a certain distance from each other. This design will allow you to insert the hangers into their holes

The main advantage of such a shelving unit is that all hanging elements are easy to attach and remove. Shelves and storage devices can be made by yourself, or you can use ready-made drawers, attaching a hanger to them.

During use, new structures can be added and existing shelves can be relocated in some places.

Tips for keeping things tidy

After completing the installation of racks and panels, hanging all the tools and appliances, it’s time to think about keeping this perfect order for a long time.

After all, after a week, a month or more, you want to enjoy the same systematic and neat environment. In order to adhere to this order and not to confuse the places of their tools, we recommend the use of the tips tags.

The second way to organize the storage system is to label it with numbers. It is necessary to mark with the same figure the tool itself and the place where it should hang.

And in order to work comfortably in the garage at any time of year, you should take care about the organization of ventilation and heating.

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Storing your tool keys on the wall of your garage

A handy option for a tool storage panel in the garage that doesn’t take up much space:

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