How to polish boards with a corner grinder at home. What to pay attention to…

Grinding wooden floors: tool and work course

Grinding wood with a corner grinder is the most common and affordable way to grind a wooden house. Typically, corner grinder is used to grind a log house made of strict logs. With the help of corner grinder, it is also convenient to polish the grooves and the ends of the logs. Actually, with this tool, in the presence of work skills, you can process any lumber.

Choosing a model

There are household and professional models that differ in power and performance. Do not buy the cheapest angular grinder, its capacities are unlikely to be enough for grinding the entire log house. Dear professional models are also not the best choice for home use. They work at high speeds, differ in considerable weight and power. Non.specialist, not the name of working skills with such a tool, can simply ruin the grinding surface, leaving dents on it.

  • semi.professional model with a capacity of 800 to 1000 watts. This will be enough to polish the log house.
  • It is advisable to buy a tool not with a side, but with the rear fence of air, so it will be less clogged with dust.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the length of the cable. Too short cord is uncomfortable in work.

Nozzles for corner grinder

For work, you will have to stock up on the nozzles on which the abrasive is fixed. There are two types of nozzles:

It is more convenient to work with plastic nozzles, although they are thinner than rubber, they last longer. Rubber quickly spoils, and in addition, if the rubber nozzle accidentally touches wood, then on the surface of the tree it will leave an ugly black trace, which is very problematic to remove.

Abrasive circles

For grinding, usual

or petal grinding circles. Frower grinding. work is very dusty. A lot of dust stands out, which, together with wood resin, is clogged into the disk, the abrasive is quickly erased, so the grinding circles quickly become unusable.

One disk during rough processing is enough for about 3-5 meters of logs, then it has to be changed. Consumption depends on the condition of the wood and the type of surface. How much disks for thin grinding will be needed depends on how carefully the initial processing was carried out.

A longer period of operation has an alfadisk, which is a metal disk, on the case of which the winning crumb is attacked. Grinding the alpha beam can be significantly saved on consumables. The disk clogged with sawdust can simply be cleaned with a metal brush and calmly continue to work further.

What will be required to perform work?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to cope with grinding wood with improvised means. A special machine is required, and better two. one for the main area, and the second for the corners. The cost of such equipment is quite high, and it makes no sense to buy it for domestic use. What to do? There are two ways out of a similar situation:

  • Hire a specialist who will polish your floor in a short time, but will take a fairly impressive amount for this;
  • Take the equipment for rent and get to work on your own.

Of course, the second option will require significantly lower costs.

So, here is a list of tools and materials that you need to prepare before taking a grinder for rent, so that it does not idle at a paid time while you run around the city in search of missing little things:

Cycle. a special tool for manual processing of inaccessible places.

Eskaric paper-calculate the required amount of this material based on the fact that one charging car is enough for 15-20 m 2 of the surface. In addition, it must be borne in mind that you will have to grind several times, constantly reducing the granularity of the paper.

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A small manual machine for processing angles will greatly facilitate operation. You can rent it in the same place as a large grinding machine.

Professional grinding of a log house

Choosing professional services of qualified specialists. You get rid of many problems. In our work, we use modern equipment, high.quality grinding nozzles, which we select in accordance with specific working conditions. Grinding is performed with the optimal mode of wood humidity with accurate observance of technology.

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Do not forget that grinding is always associated with a lot of dust. Preparing for grinding, do not forget about yourself! Protective mask and respirator are the best helpers for grinding. You can find such an option where the mask is combined with a good respirator.

The respirator filter will be clogged very quickly, so you need to prepare several pieces for operational replacement at once. Only after careful preparatory work can you start grinding.

Wood is a unique material. It is manually polished well, but with a corner grinder you can achieve very good results. Some snobs argue that the corner grinder cannot be grinded at all, but this is from ignorance and inability.

The main secret is the grinder is used at minimum speeds. If the corner grinder has a speed switch, then there will be no problems. At large speeds, sandpaper will be very quickly and very tightly clogged with wood. In this mode, it will not be enough for five minutes of work. Optimal speed of not more than 6,000 speeds.

Another secret is not to grind the whole area of ​​the circle. If you grind the entire surface, then circular traces will remain on the wood. So that there are no traces of sandpaper at all or they would be minimal, it is necessary to grind only the upper sector of the circle. Machine movements should be along the wood fibers.

This method can get excellent results when grinding the lining. The board becomes smooth and does not save the traces of the tool. No need to get carried away and change the sandpaper on the circle in time.

Similarly grinds the log house. Here it is desirable that the support plate is thin along the edge. With such a plate it will be easier to polish the narrow places of the adjustment of the logs. Otherwise, this work will have to be brought a chisel.

If it was not possible to purchase a branded protective casing with a pipe for a vacuum cleaner, then it can be done with your own hands. To do this, take the used bucket of putty or glue with a diameter of a little more than a circle of corner grind. Cut the bottom part at the height of a slightly larger collected grinding part.

Cut the hole in the bottom for installation on the gearbox and a hole for plastic plumbing angular discharge. Now we connect the vacuum cleaner hose to the pipe and work calmly.

The grinding circle must be designed for stone processing. Concrete and concrete surfaces are preferable to grind the entire surface of the circle. This will save processing time, and align the surface plane well.

Grinding the concrete floor must constantly control the plane with the help of the construction line, because due to the different density of concrete, you can make recesses. To process the docking seams between concrete filling, it will be sufficient to achieve one combination by level.

It is good to polish the concrete floors and surfaces of the Matrix diamond grinding cup. If the corner grinder is 150 mm, then a cup of 125 mm.

Metal is polished according to different requirements. Most often, the metal is polished for painting or for further polishing. The main tool is recognized as a supporting cup with interchangeable sandpaper. The selection of sandpaper depends on the degree of processing and on the state of the metal.

During grinding, it is necessary to work only part of the disk. There should not be unprocessed areas on the surface.

Processed surfaces of ordinary steel, it is advisable to cover with a primer. The moisture contained in the air can very quickly cover the metal, and cause the appearance of rust.

The corner grinder is the main tool used to process the log house of chopped logs, the surface of which contains the remains of the bark, knots, cracks and other defects.

  • For primary rough processing, use:
  • special grinding and polishing circles;
  • cordless cords with wire pile;
  • Universal foundations, to which interchangeable sandpaper nozzles with large grain 0-60 are attached.

The corner grinder with these nozzles copes with the uneven surface of the log cabin logs. As a result of primary processing, more or less large defects and protruding parts are removed from the surface.

  • To clean up logs with an old paintwork, pendant nozzles in the form of a bowl with twisted wires are best suited.
  • The next stage after draft processing is a thin grinding, the purpose of which is to completely level the base and prepare the surface for painting or varnishing. It is performed with grinding circles with fine-grained nozzles 0-120.
  • If logging logs is provided, this operation is best done using fabric nozzles.

It is not recommended to grind immediately throughout the area. It is advisable to process the surface in parts, dividing the wall into certain zones. In this case, grinding performance will be higher than when processing large areas.

Unlike hand.made log logs, a looped log and a beam have a smooth surface, which causes certain difficulties when processing them with an angular grinder. One awkward movement. both deep furrows and recesses that will remain there forever on the surface of the beam or a looped log.

The work of a corner grinder is not for beginners, it requires certain skills. Corner grinder is a high.speed machine and, with inept treatment, can damage the surface. You can not press the tool to the processed area hard. Grinding must be done with smooth circular movements, holding an angular grinder at an angle of 45 degrees. Grinding and polishing the beam must be performed at low speeds. Large turns can lead to thermal destruction of the upper layer of wood.

What are circles for cutting wood

Despite the danger of using a corner grinder for cutting wood, manufacturers of the tool still produce saw discs for it.

Circular saws

The photo below shows a “dangerous” saw circle for an angular grinder, although its diameter corresponds to a protective grinder casing with a maximum working tool 180 mm. There are saws with attacks and smaller diameter.

In the following photo you can see a less dangerous version of the circular saw. It provides for protection against jamming, and it is implemented due to a small divorce of teeth in different directions.

Chain saws

A saw disk made using a chain from a chainsaw reduces the risk of injuries when jaming a tool. This nozzle is designed in such a way that the chain fixed on the inner disk (basis) has a non.fixed landing.

In the case of jamming the chain in the processed material, the base continues to rotate, and the tool does not tear out from the hands.

These chain disks for corner grinders have many modifications, and with their help you can cut branches in the garden, as well as use for black cutting of non.weed boards.

In addition to cutting, the chain disk can be used as peeling, for example, to remove bark, as well as to cut cups in logs of log house and modeling.

Small dental saws

Also for corner grinder to increase the safety of working with wood, manufacturers of the tool produce cutting discs with a small number of teeth.

Little diameter discs can have 3 teeth, and large. 4, as shown in the next photo.

These wheels for corner grinding dishes are remarkably cutting wood both along the fibers and across. In addition, with the help of a saw circle you can cut grooves, make various cuts and spikes in the workpiece. But when working with a corner grinder, one rule should be followed: it is necessary to install a cut.out disk of such a diameter on an angular grinder, for the use of which it is designed by the manufacturer, that is, not exceed its size. Circles of smaller diameter can be placed.

Tungsten carbide disks

Carbid-wolframic wheels for corner grinders appeared on sale not so long ago and made a kind of revolution in the field of wood processing.

This universal disk has no teeth. Instead of the latter, segments are located around the circumference of the nozzle. A trimmed disk is similar to a diamond circle for cutting concrete. With the help of a carbide volframed circle for an angular grinder, you can very easily saw the wood of any hardness and viscosity. In addition, nails, screws and other metal inclusions that may be in the workpiece in his way are not afraid of him.

This is the safest wood circle for an angle grinding machine.

Its price is about 700 on the Internet, but if you take into account the possible consequences of the use of circular saws, then this is a low price for safety.

What will be required to perform work?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to cope with grinding wood with improvised means. A special machine is required, and better two. one for the main area, and the second for the corners. The cost of such equipment is quite high, and it makes no sense to buy it for domestic use. What to do? There are two ways out of a similar situation:

  • Hire a specialist who will polish your floor in a short time, but will take a fairly impressive amount for this;
  • Take the equipment for rent and get to work on your own.

Of course, the second option will require significantly lower costs.

So, here is a list of tools and materials that you need to prepare before taking a grinder for rent, so that it does not idle at a paid time while you run around the city in search of missing little things:

Cycle. a special tool for manual processing of inaccessible places.

Eskaric paper-calculate the required amount of this material based on the fact that one charging car is enough for 15-20 m 2 of the surface. In addition, it must be borne in mind that you will have to grind several times, constantly reducing the granularity of the paper.

A small manual machine for processing angles will greatly facilitate operation. You can rent it in the same place as a large grinding machine.

Types of nozzles for working with wood and grinding circles on a corner grinder (corner grinder)

Corner grinding machine (angular grinder) or corner grinder. a tool necessary in each house. It is used not only for cutting, grinding wood, metal, but also perform other work. To do this, use a variety of auxiliary tools. Consider what nozzles for corner grinding are, and why they are used.

Nozzles for grinding wood on a corner grinder are different in shape, purpose and materials. The wooden surface must first be treated in a rough way. And only after that the final processing is carried out.

Nozzles for corner grinding grinding are as follows:

  • Rittle circle. It is used if it is necessary to remove the layer of old paint. Can also be used for a lacquered surface. The disk itself is covered with metal bristles made of elastic wire. In the structures, the location of steel bristles can be different.
  • Cordchite. also a wire nozzle. Used for rough grinding and removal of irregularities. You can also work with it and with metal, stripping rust from it and the old paintwork.
  • End disk. nozzle for aligning products from the end. Such processing will be needed for oblique cuts, edges of the workpiece. In the technique of execution, it resembles work with a file.

Using a corner grinder and special devices for it, you can restore the furniture covered with varnish or paint. Thanks to such stripping, the thickness of the wooden surface is practically unchanged. But if you cover furniture again, then the furniture will acquire a beautiful and spectacular look.


Fresis nozzles are produced in various performance, a distinctive feature is the size of the grains of abrasive. By purpose, when working, such nozzles are similar to rashpili, the use of corner grinder allows you to increase the speed of processing of the material. Craftsmen use these devices for the final processing of wood.

Special mills are produced, the assortment in the market in abundance, each tool differs in its intended purpose and features. The main areas of application:

When working with milling and polished nozzles, corner grinding is prohibited from taking off a protective device. the casing of the tool. Each tool has a technical purpose and instructions that clearly describe the materials suitable for work, the operating modes of the tool.


The main purpose of the corner grinder is in grinding. For the processing of materials, there are grinding circles, cord. brushes, end, petal devices. Cord. brushes are used to grind the wood of the rough class, removal of irregularities, and give the preparation of the required size. The processing of the ends of the lumber is carried out by using the end discs.

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Giving a perfectly flat surface, shine with wooden blanks is carried out by the polishing process.

When polishing or grinding with a corner grinder, a different number of nozzles, such as felt, sandpaper of fine grain or sponge are used.

Such structures were common in the form of Velcro, on which the basis for angular grinding. In the process, the worked part is easy to change, without using a special key to replace the disk.


The most universal devices for wood processing are sandpaper or a grinding circle. The main areas of application:

Folden paper grinder nozzle

The design of the nozzle for an angular grinder is a support that is attached to a grinding machine, sandpaper is attached to Velcro on top of the tool. This method of fasteners allows you to easily replace the spent element, choose granularity.

Velcro nozzle

The main reassignment of light.removable sets is to polish various materials. It is possible to use the tool when working with stone, metal, wood and other materials. The main parameters, characteristics of the nozzle are Velcro:

  • The basis is taken as a platform, the diameter of which is mainly 125 mm, the mount occurs using a special Velcro;
  • The fastening occurs on the mounting platform, which is fixed on the corner grinder;
  • The granularity of the sandpaper for corner grinders is different, from large with labeling P40, to small P220.

There are varieties with holes, they are adapted for vibro-grinding devices. Before buying, you need to pay attention to the diameter, granularity.

Label nozzle

Wooden surfaces are easily polished by petal nozzles. The component has sandpaper imposed on each other along the entire area of ​​the tool. Due to the dense design, competent use, it is possible to use the kit for a long time, unlike analogues.

The petal nozzle for an angular grinder is used by increasing. At the first stage of processing, a set of rough abrasive, then medium and small section is used.

Metal brushes

Many masters believe that metal brushes are used to clean from rust, oxides only of steel products. In a refutation of this fact, brass products are popular in wood processing. Relatively not high price, increased resource during operation, make the brush a direct competitor of abrasive nozzles.

The main purpose is to remove the paintwork from the surface of the material.

It should be understood that the top layer of paint can be removed by exposure to temperature, the brush is used when working in places. Also, a corner grinding with a brush can be done by breasting wood.

The process involves artificial aging of surfaces when making unique interior products. The surface with soft particles of wood, irregularities and temporary rings are distinguished against the general background is processed.

Choice recommendations

When choosing a polish circle for a corner grinder, several factors should be taken into account:

  • external diameter (large sizes accelerate the processing process and increase the life);
  • landing diameter;
  • thickness (the larger it is, the longer the circle will last);
  • granularity (it must be selected, given the type of processing: for gross work. a large abrasive, for soft. small).

Grinding technology

The work is carried out by a dry or wet way. Wet grinding, which is approached in quality to polishing, is used for processing concrete, marble crumbs. The process is accompanied by the formation of sludge from wet dust.

Surface preparation

The quality of the grinding, the life of the concrete depend on the preparation of the surface. Start with the dismantling of the old coating, if it is. Apply milling, cleaning or diamond grinding wheels. After that, furrows are often formed, which are removed with long grinding.

The surface preparation also includes the following work:

  • Check the strength of the concrete base, tapping with a hammer. If voids are detected, the areas are opened, pouring again.
  • Check if the reinforcement elements, nets come to the surface. When they are discovered, they make a recess around, which is then sealed, the metal is cut off.
  • Small irregularities, seams, cracks eliminate epoxy mastic. It is well polished, but the consumption of nozzles is greater.
  • Then check the plane, applying a line with a length of 3 m to the surface. Pits, potholes note that then to close up, low tubers will cut down a diamond tool. All irregularities affect the wear of the cup.
  • If necessary, concrete drilling and other similar work.

Large cracks, seams expand with a circle to a depth of 10 cm. They are freed from dust, primed, sealed with a solution. Good filler for the repair mixture. river sand. When the first layer passes, the second is applied, align. The frozen surface is polished.

Elimination of potholes

On the old coating due to mechanical wear, cavities form, exalted areas appear nearby. When preparing the surface, these places are found using a ruler. If the differences exceed 5 mm, the screed is aligned. To do this, around the pothole “corner grinding” with a diamond disk, a damaged area is cut to a depth of at least 20 mm. The as a pedorator is broken concrete, the material is removed.

The cavity is cleaned of dust using a vacuum cleaner or sandblasting. Then it is treated with a primer, filled with the construction composition, which is used to seal irregularities. If the recess is large, the mixture is applied to several techniques. The surface is aligned, after stained, grind. Cracks may form on the site with a hacking pothole, they are eliminated.

Surface grinding

Grinding is proceeded in a few weeks, when the screed dries and the coating will become durable. If you start work earlier, then diamond cutters will tear out crushed stone. The surface is primed with a special mixture. It strengthens the upper layer, closes the pores, makes concrete more resistant to moisture.

At the first stage, discs are used, the grain of which is 40. At the final stage, nozzles with small spraying are used (with a granularity of 400). After such a grinding, the surface does not need additional care. Glossy shine appears after processing concrete with an instrument of the highest grain-1500-3000. Sometimes the floor is additionally covered with several layers of polyurethane varnish.

A prerequisite for grinding is a continuous supply of electricity. With interruptions, it is difficult to achieve a quality surface.

What you need to know when working with a corner grinder

Corner grinder angular grinder is a traumatic manual tool. In order to prevent injuries, it is necessary to comply with the safety rules, both before the work and in the process of their implementation.

Before starting work

Before you start working with a manual electric tool, including with a corner grinding, it is necessary: ​​it is necessary:

  • A person working with a potentially dangerous tool should be healthy, sober and adequate.
  • The employee must be provided with personal protective equipment (overalls, gloves, glasses, etc.D.).
  • Check over the corner grinder and the nozzles used.

During work

A person working with a corner grinder should know the rules for working with this tool, namely:

  • The corner grinder must be held tightly with both hands, while using special handles with which this type of tool is equipped.
  • Electric wire corner grinder should be located as far as possible from the rotating part of the corner grinder (from the nozzle).
  • A person working with a corner grinder should not be in the plane of the nozzle.
  • It is forbidden to put the tool until the rotation of the rotation of the angular grinder shaft is completely stopped.
  • If necessary, transfer the corner grinder, it must be disconnected from the electric network.
  • The nozzles can be heated during work, the poet cannot touch them before they cooled.
  • In the process of working with an angular grinder, it is necessary to be extremely careful in order to prevent a reverse blow that can lead to negative consequences.

Reverse blow

A reverse blow is the most dangerous mode, which is characterized by a sharp rejection of an angular grinder towards a working person. The reasons for this situation may be the use of faulty nozzles or their jamming in the processed material.

In order to avoid a reverse blow, it is necessary:

Use good and intended for this tool nozzles. Work on complex elements of the processed structures should be carried out carefully, carefully monitoring the processing process (rough processing, milling, grinding). If the nozzle is jammed, it is necessary to turn off the corner grinder, and then remove the cutting element.

The main rule, to prevent the reverse blow, will be the first point from the list of safety rules when performing work, this is necessary to hold the tool used tightly and firmly stand with your feet of a solid and even surface.

Choosing a grinding circle for wood

The most common accessories for Ushma, necessary for these purposes:

  • Ratips, reference. is needed at the preparatory stage, when it is necessary to remove the old varnish, paint. The design of the disks involves the presence of a bristle made of metal.
  • Cordless. have large abrasive particles. They will come in handy for the initial stage of processing.
  • End. use on the edges of the workpieces, oblique cuts.
  • Petal. for the final sparing grinding, while the first three species. for more rude. It has the shape of a plate on which there are abrasive parts that are superimposed on each other. This location slows down the process of wear of the accessory.

Grinding technology

It is not recommended to carry out processing with the entire area of ​​the disk, as beginners often do, as a result, leaving traces from the circle on the surface. For grinding, only the upper nozzle sector is used. Move the corner grinder along the wood fibers. This simple technique will help not leave traces at all or minimize them. The main thing is to find a comfortable reference point so that the hands do not get tired quickly.

The process of grinding wooden products (including floors) with a corner grinder can be divided into six stages.

Coating preparation

If there are traces of varnish or paint, they must be removed before grinding. This will require an angular grinder with a special reference accessory.

Primary grinding

For this stage of processing, grinding and polishing discs are used. If there was no such accessory at hand, then you can use the usual circle, to which coarse.grained emery is firmly attached.

Thin grinding

For such grinding of a tree on a disk of corner grinding, it is preferable to a petal version, for example, P80 SMT, with a low level of granularity.

Putting gaps

Когда процесс первичного шлифования окончен, наступает время других работ с деревянным покрытием. It is easy to do everything with your own hands, but for a long time, because it is almost a “jewelry” job.

So, the task is to eliminate the smallest defects:

  • It will be necessary to use the nozzle with a minimum grain, which the operator needs to go through the gaps.
  • The most inaccessible places will have to be processed manually.
  • It is necessary to remove the form of dust from time to time to improve the review.
  • Put their putty to the surface.


The final stage of grinding

The finish grinding allows you to bring wooden floors to a state, which is necessary for the subsequent application of paint and varnishes.

After eliminating minor defects, gaps will need to choose a nozzle. It is worth remembering that the choice depends on the desired result. For a perfectly smooth surface, it is worth choosing a sandwich for polishing.


An important process that allows you to finally smooth out irregularities. Having chosen high.quality coating, you can significantly extend the life of the wood and maintain its attractive appearance. At this stage, soft materials are used that are not able to damage the structure of the tree and spoil its appearance. Dilieving can be performed with your own hands using brushes, or use a spray gun.

Other grinding devices

Another tool used to polish wood is Dremel. This is a minimum minimum device. With it, you can perform a wide variety of wood work with high accuracy: grind, polish, engrave, mill, drill. To grind large parts, it is extremely rare, but if you need to apply a pattern or engraving on a wooden surface, then in this work it has no equal.

When grinding a tree with a corner grinder or drill, often traces of grinding disks in the form of lines, grooves, and recesses remain on the surface. Very often this is due to inept handling of the tool and when working at large speeds. It is quite difficult to get rid of these traces, you have to polish the surface again.

For manual grinding, you can use a simple device that our ancestors were polished by. a grinding bar. You can make it from a rectangular wooden plank. The plank must be wrapped in sandpaper and fixed the structure with nails or screws.

During grinding, a lot of dust is formed, which settles not only on the surface, but also falls into the respiratory system. A mask for grinding a log house, which is made of special fabric that does not pass a particle of dust, will help protect the nose and mouth from dust.

Errors of independent grinding

Most home craftsmen polish the wooden house with a corner grinding of a household class, which is not convenient in operation, has a slight power, quickly overheating. The domestic purpose device is not able to make wood grinding at a good qualitative level.

Professional equipment is expensive, so not everyone is available. But even if you buy such a model, you need to be able to use it, otherwise with inept handling, high.quality grinding will still not work. Many make a mistake working at high speeds, strongly pressing on the tool, which leads to damage to the surface.

The wrong choice of nozzles also does not lead to anything good. In the best case, the surface will simply be polished poorly, and in the worst, cases of injuries are not excluded.

Hand pads for grinding wood

When processing any board, you can rub with sandpaper on the surface. There will be some result. Only the hand will only get tired quite quickly, and the abrasive will heat up, it will be inconvenient to hold.

For fixation, many use a regular bar. They wrap a piece of sandpaper. To complete the simplest work, this is enough. However, real craftsmen make more convenient devices

The grinding block is made in the next sequence.

  • Two wedge grooves are drank in a board from solid wood. 2.
  • The couples of Klinyev are also made. 3.
  • Cut the skin of a suitable length so that the ends go into the wedge grooves.
  • Then the skin is fixed in the grooves with wedges.
  • The finished grinding block is ready for work.

A simpler block can be made using two self.tapping screws and two stationery clothing clothing for paper

  • Self.tapping screws on the non.working part of the block are entered (it is more convenient to use self.tapping screws with a puck).
  • The fastener loop of one of the clothespins is inserted under the head of the screw from one of the sides, the other is installed on the back of the device.
  • Cut the sandpaper of such a length that it can be fixed in clothespins.
  • The block is ready. For ease of work on top, it is advisable to fix the handle.

When working with wood, sometimes you have to process not only the planes. Often, to give the original shape, curved grooves are sawn or a complex shape is given. In order to grind the surface in this case, the pads are made with a curved working surface (rice. 3 and Fig. four).

If there is a need to obtain a strict angle, then only one working surface is used on it. The other surface is to withstand the exact angle. often made for processing at a right angle (90 °), but you can make such a grinding device for any angle of any right angle.

DIY repair: how to polish a tree manually

You can update the appearance of a wooden floor with your own hands without using expensive equipment.

  • Sandpaper;
  • Grinder;
  • A couple of hands, well, or legs (who is used to grinding);
  • Cycle. This tool is not cheap, so it is necessary to ensure that it does not fail, timely sharpen the cutting edge.

The technology is simple. The surface is freed from interior items, floor skirting boards are dismantled. The flooring is rid of the protective coating.

You can polish the tree manually using sandpaper

The floor must be inspected for the presence of protruding screws or nails. If any, they need to be drowned in wood. To update the old parquet, you will need to check the dies. You need to make sure that they are correctly screwed to the base.

After grinding with rude abrasive, the cracks on the boards or dies of parquet are putty. And then they start finishing the floor.

What you need to know when working with a corner grinder

Updating the flooring (parquet), furniture or facade of the house, where wooden structures or individual elements are present, is performed using angular grinder for grinding, which is equipped with different nozzles. Therefore, it is not surprising that in demand by power tools among professionals and in everyday life is an angular grinder for polishing a tree. But in order to choose the right tool for work, it is necessary to carefully study the wooden surface for the presence of fungus, cracks and irregularities. To help beginners who want to know “how to polish a tree with a corner grinding” is provided with a video.

Under each model, the corner grinder must be selected by a grinding nozzle, only in this case will be guaranteed safe work and high.quality surface processing. Before you start working with a corner grinding (grinding of a tree), you need to ensure that the disk is correctly fixed. Move the corner car on the surface must be smoothly and not allow vibration of the tool.

When working with a corner grinder for grinding wood, it is unacceptable to use the disks of small thickness (high rotation speed and load lead to a break of the circle, which is fraught with injuries).

Grinding with a flat grinding machine and corner grinder (corner grinder)

Corner grinder (angular grinder) is a multifunctional device that is also used in the situation under consideration. For this, special circles are used. The petal circles are made from sandpaper, which is attached to a flat surface. In this case, the circle can be of various diameters, with a different indicator of grainism. When choosing, the following recommendations can be distinguished:

  • To remove paint, a coarse circle should be taken;
  • If it is necessary to remove a thin layer of wood, you can take an abrasive, which has an average grain;
  • In order to give wood with special smoothness, you can use fine.grained abrasive.

However, it should be noted that the surface removal will not be carried out along the fibers. At the same time, adjust the speed of rotation, the supply is almost impossible. You can use the corner grinder if there is no need for high performance.

In order to grind wood, you can use special equipment, which is called a flat.grinding machine. We include this features:

  • The tree is combed by the reciprocating motion of abrasive material.
  • Elevator paper moves at high speed, which allows you to achieve a good result when working.
  • Unlike other methods, in this case, the grinding machine processes along the fibers, which determines the high quality of the product.

The design is quite simple, allows you to achieve good quality. But when changing large surfaces, the grinder has small efficiency. Certain models have a rather large surface, to which the skin is attached, but it is quite difficult to provide the necessary effort in this case.

Landing type grinding machine

The ribbon-grinding machine is the most productive tool that can be used to process wood with high performance. Inflowing technique also has high performance.

The design of the design takes place using a round grinding tape, which can have a different degree of grainness. The design is removing the material along the fibers. However, do not forget that it is impossible to polish the corners with this design. You can use the tape for a large amount of work: floor, walls, furniture and so on.

Despite the greater automation of work, it is possible to ensure mechanical effects by manual method. This is due to the fact that the removal of fibers can be carried out in the right direction. It is also possible to process angles. However, in order to achieve the desired result, you need to have certain skills. The work is very complicated, it takes a lot of time. Therefore, a hand tool is very popular only in certain cases.

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