How to properly charge a fishing line into a grass trimmer

Advance preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line, you need to remove the spool (spool, spool) from the grass trimmer. the specific steps will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of product itself:

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  • Small electric grass trimmers with a working position of the engine and spool at the bottom usually have side keys on both sides of the spool. If they are pressed simultaneously, the upper part of the spool is switched off together with the mowing line inside, while the lower part remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to analyze the bobbin on a flat, level place so that the spring entering the structure does not jump out or get lost;
  • Electric and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved rod without the possibility of installing a knife, usually have a spool with a special lamb: in such designs, keep the spool in one position with one hand and turn the nut fixing the spool on the wing rod counterclockwise. Once the nut is disconnected, the entire reel is removed.
  • Electric and gasoline grass trimmers with the ability to install a blade on a straight rod (e.g. Calm Trimmers) have a hole under the reel. A screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole to immobilize the rod, and with slow rotation, this mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the reel is secured. After that, the body of the spool is rotated clockwise (left-hand thread) and removed from the grass trimmer.

For the second and third cases, the reels are disassembled in different ways, depending on the design. In reels with a lamb’s lamb is twisted, in reels with snaps clamp the latches and one part of the spool is released from the other. If the bobbin halves are threaded, it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until they are completely unscrewed.

Instructions for filling the line in the petrol trimmer

In order for the grass trimmer to work “like clockwork”, it is necessary to choose the right line, that is, choose it taking into account the model of the grass trimmer and the type of work. Two important parameters in this matter are the diameter and the cross-section.

Diameter line must comply with the recommended for this model (in the passport of the product necessarily specified ). The cross-section of the line is round, square or with a sharp edge (pentahedral). A round-cut line is best for cutting young grass and lawns, a square and five-sided line is best if the grass is rough and lawns are overgrown with weeds.

Modification of grass trimmer heads

Grass trimmer mowing heads come in a variety of styles: single line for lawn mowing (mows with one strand of line); double line for mowing grass and clearing areas with automatic line feed or manual string length adjustment.

Today’s manufacturers are increasingly offering gardeners universal grass trimmers with two-string automatic mowing heads.

Step-by-step instructions for threading the line into the grass trimmer

  • Sink the clamps inward until they click and remove the cover from the mowing head.
  • Turn the spool gently, it is free from the holder, and now remove it.
  • Cut two identical pieces of fishing line (the edge of the line should be at an angle to make it easier to work). Take one of them and insert the end of the fishing line into the special on the spool (there may be hooks, lugs, clips). Next, wind the string in the direction of the arrows. Spread the line evenly and tightly. Insert the end of the line in the opening provided on the spool.
  • Do the same with the second part of the line, but wind the end on the spool on the opposite side of.
  • Return the spool with the line to the mowing head. Pull the line ends through the holes in the reel and thread them into the special connector on the head.
  • Spread the line carefully and close the cover. Cut off the excess line leaving 12-15 cm. of each edge.
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Now it’s done. The weed trimmer is fully threaded and ready to use. Now you can enjoy mowing your favorite glade, yard, or country club.

Remember that not only the quality of the work, but also your safety depends on how you tuck the fishing line into the line trimmer.

How to tuck lines into a STIHL grass trimmer reel

Grass trimmer is one of the most common tools, with which you can quickly and easily cut grass, cut small bushes, lawn grass and other weeds. It’s no secret that for grass mowing to be successful, it is necessary to use the tool correctly and competently handle individual cutting elements.

No matter what fuel they work, trimmers use special cutting attachments (knives, disks), and some trimmers for grass comes on the market in the heads of which, installed a cutting element such as fishing line, and therefore many wonder how to fill the line in the reel grass trimmer STIHL, if skills as such are not available at all.

  • Cutting nozzles, such as blades, may be resharpened, but the line (also a cutting element) tends to run out. Below we will discuss how to correctly thread the cutting element. the fishing line. into the reel of the STIHL grass trimmer.

Came out in the garden, started the trimmer for grass, worked for literally 5 minutes, and then the line in the grass trimmer reel ended. What to do? In this article we will tell you how to correctly wind the line on the grass trimmer reel yourself!

If you use the grass trimmer a lot, you should already have a spare line. In case you run out of line on the spool. In order to choose the right line diameter, look at the technical description of the grass trimmer, what diameter is recommended by the grass trimmer manufacturer. Line diameters range from 1 gauge to 10 gauge.2mm to 4mm. Also pay attention to the shape of the fishing line, for example:

round line, designed for coarse grass,

For one filling of line on the reel, you need 2 metres of line. Buy fishing line recommended by the manufacturer: good quality fishing lines do not wear out so quickly!

So let’s disassemble the spool! Remove the spool with the fishing line from the grass trimmer, in order to get to the fishing line, you need to open the spool. On the body of the spool, you need to press the latches-locks and, holding the latches by turning the cover, remove it. When you open the spool, you will see that it consists of these parts: the spool body, the spool core where the line is wound, the metal spring, two metal washers and the spool cover. We fold the prepared piece of fishing line in half so that one end of the line is 10cm longer than the other. The place of the line bend is fixed by putting it into the groove in the separating edge (core). Twist the core of the reel so that the line is reeled in the direction of the movement arrow. Fasten the ends of the fishing line in the holes on the body.

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Now, putting the spool together. Place the first iron washer into the spool body. Put the second iron washer inside the core with the fishing line, put the spring there, so it doesn’t fall out. Now let’s put the core inside the spool body with the spring down. Pull the free ends of the fishing line through the holes in the spool body. Tighten the ends of the line on the outside of the body so that the core sits inside the spool. Close the spool body with the spool cap, paying attention to the latches they have to fit! Turn the lid until it clicks into place. Put the spool with the fishing line on the grass trimmer, pulling the ends of the line to the desired length.

All set to go! You can also watch a video on this topic on our YouTube Channel!

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To change a line, you need to remove the old line (if there is one).

The reel is a part of the grass trimmer design, which is located inside the head of the brushcutter, reel or spool. Depending on the manufacturer the heads may be different. But this article only covers the Patriot, although their mechanism is used by many other companies.

Now we need to understand how to properly remove the head from the grass trimmer and how to remove the reel.

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Instructions on how to unscrew the manual head on the trimmer are described below.

  • First you need to remove any dirt or encrusted grass from the brush head if it is dirty. To do this you need to lift the brushcutter up by the head and, taking hold of the cover, remove the special protective cap on the reel.
  • The next step is to remove the spool from the reel. The reel can be easily removed even with one hand, because it is not fixed in any way inside the reel.
  • The reel itself is bolted to the trimmer. This bolt should be unscrewed and then you can easily pull the reel out. To do this gently, you should support the reel with the spool, while unscrewing the screw counterclockwise.
  • Now you can pull the spool out. As mentioned above, it is not secured in any way except by a catch with the metal shaft, so you do not need to pull it out with force. Gently pull the spool out of the reel in a circular motion.
  • Now it remains to remove the old line and follow these instructions.

Reinstall the spool and reel in its original place by following the reverse algorithm.

Check that you have bought the correct line for your weed trimmer before topping up the line. If the correct filament is not used, you increase fuel or power consumption and the engine load on the brushcutter.

To change the length of the filament itself, you need to prepare a length of filament of the correct size. This most often requires about 4 m of fishing line. A specific figure will depend on the parameters of the thread, such as its thickness, as well as the parameters of the spool itself. If it is not possible to determine the exact length, you can do as follows: insert and wind the thread until the spool is fully charged (the level of the line will be compared to the protrusions in the sides of the spool). Make sure that the line sits flat on the reel.

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Do not forget that a thicker line will be shorter than a thinner one.

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Instructions for threading the line onto the spool are described below.

properly, charge, fishing, line, grass
  • The prepared thread should be taken and rolled in half. Make sure that one edge is 0,1-0,15 m longer than the other.
  • Now you need to take the ends in different hands. The one that is smaller should be pulled up to the larger one, so that it becomes 2 times shorter. When bending it, you should maintain an indentation of 0.15m.
  • Find the slot inside the baffle of the coil. Into this slit, carefully extend the loop that was obtained earlier.
  • To continue working, you need to determine the winding direction of the thread in the bobbin. To do this, just look at the spool. there should be an arrow on it.
  • If the pointer arrow could not be found, it is quite possible that there is a written designation. An example is shown in the photo below. It is necessary to inspect the head of the coil. There is a direction indicator on it. However, this is the direction of travel of the spool. To get the winding direction, you need to wind in the opposite direction.
  • Now you need to refill the spool with fishing line. It is worth noting that inside the coil there are special guiding grooves. When winding the thread, you must follow these grooves, otherwise you could damage the grass trimmer. At this stage you have to charge the spool very carefully.
  • When the user has spun almost all the thread, you should take the short end (do not forget the 0.15m protrusion) and pull it through the hole in the wall of the spool. Now you need to repeat this action in the same way with the other end (from the other side).
  • Place the spool itself in the head of the spool, before doing so, putting the fishing line through the holes inside the drum.
  • Now it’s time to put the drum back in its place. After that, you need to take two hands on the ends of the fishing line and pull them apart. Next, you need to put the cover in place (here you can safely apply force until you hear a characteristic click).
  • The “cosmetic work” remains to be done. It is necessary to check whether the thread is not too long. You can start the grass trimmer and see if everything is comfortable. If a thread is too long, it can be cut with scissors.

The grass is cut with a knife or a fishing line. The first option is more effective. The knife copes with dense thickets of grass, branches, it does not need winding. The disadvantage of knives. a high level of danger, the need to periodically sharpen the tool. True, all models are equipped with protective blocks, but they are installed on the operator’s side.

The line is safe, lightweight, no need for sharpening. The disadvantage of this type of cutting element is that it is not designed for thick branches. A 2mm line is used for young grass, while a 3mm line is used for tougher vegetation.

The saw blade is used to cut the toughest twigs.

The cutting blade easily cuts through grass and small twigs

There is a universal version with changeable cutting element. In these trimmers, the line and blade change based on the task at hand. The disadvantage of such devices is the high price.

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