How to pull the nozzle from an electric screwdriver. Drill device – what you need to know about the tool?

How to get a drill out of an electric screwdriver?

Work with a screwdriver, observing safety precautions and rules described in the instructions. Correctly select the equipment. And then the tool will last you for a long time.

How to insert a drill into a drill and a peorator

Often there are difficulties to appear not tasks when working with a peorator on another drill. In the main thing, the inconsistent may consist in the inability to work correctly with drill. First, we see some differences in cartridges not drills.

In an electric screwdriver, the bit jammed: how to extract without any problems

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Each owner who picks up an electric screwdriver risks sooner or later to encounter such an unpleasant phenomenon as the instrument jamming and blocking the bats installed in it. Many even experienced owners of such a situation are lost and do not know what to do for the exit, it would seem, out of a difficult situation.

Most often, jamming occurs due to uneven compression of the “cams”, exceeding the permissible size of the bit or drill, as well as due to the entry into the tool of a variety of construction waste. Despite the apparent complexity of the incident, you can cope with the jamming of the bit yourself. And quickly enough. Although if you can’t extract a drill or bit, it is better to seek help from specialists or more experienced comrades.

pull, nozzle, electric, screwdriver, drill

First of all, you can try to open the jammed cartridge of an electric screwdriver by adding lubricants to it. A WD-40 lubricant will be an ideal option, although any other “liquid key” can be used. It is necessary to pour funds so that it must flow for each of the “cams” of the cartridge. After filling the lubricant, you need to wait 10-15 minutes. Then the “fists” are neatly tapped by a suitable tool through a fabric gasket. In most cases, this is enough to solve the problem of jamming.

pull, nozzle, electric, screwdriver, drill

If the cartridge did not work out, then you can try to warm it a little with a hairdryer and try again. In addition, it makes sense to try to apply divorce keys to extract bats. After lubrication of the cartridge, one key is compressed by its base, and the second is neatly rotated the upper part of the part. After extracting a stuck element, an electric screwdriver is strongly recommended to clean.

Hard case

Well, it happens that the cartridge does not want to turn away, which means that it does not pull it out of it and the drill. This should not happen on serviceable cartridges, so if under what conditions the cartridge does not spin, this may indicate its malfunction.

Usually this does not happen sharply. The cartridge begins to click before it clamps so that it does not unfold.

In such a situation, you can resort to two methods. I immediately want to make a reservation that after that the cartridge will need to be changed. In this case, the drill needs to be done in order to save this very drill, well, and also to make the opportunity to remove a faulty cartridge from an electric screwdriver. With a stuck drill, this cannot be done.

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  • The first method is quite humane. You need to squeeze the drill in a vice and try to crank the entire electric screwdriver around it. You can sprinkle in the WD-40 cartridge to facilitate the task. It can turn out to crank the entire electric screwdriver with the cartridge only if its device is such that the cartridge is rigidly linked with an electric screwdriver and it is not possible to crank it, otherwise by clicking on the start button. However, not all models are provided with the poet, you can rotate the cartridge with the help of a gas key. The plastic part of it will deteriorate. If the drill succumbed, then you need to rotate the cartridge back and forth and gradually pull it off the drill.
  • If the drill is not amenable, then you will have to resort to the “vandal” method. We take a corner grinder and just cut the cartridge. Only you need to cut it so as not to damage the spindle of an electric screwdriver and the drill itself, if you need it whole. Not a single drill can resist such a technique.

These are the ways of pulling the drill from an electric screwdriver. If you have a second case, then excuse me, but I don’t know a more humane way and think that it is not. At least I got the drill just like that. And I finish this article. Until new meetings!

Screwdriver often replaces the usual screwdriver. Many models are equipped with a drilling function. In each case, you need to correctly select the equipment and use it correctly so as not to damage the tool and fasteners.

How to insert a drill into an electric screwdriver?

An indispensable power tool with a speaking name electric screwdriver is actively used in construction work. The most common procedure with such a device is the replacement of the drill. Sometimes it seems that this process is very complex and practically impossible. However, in fact, it will not be difficult to replace the drill in an electric screwdriver, the main thing is to step on the instructions and pay attention to the details.

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Bosch brand screws are usually equipped with a fixing screw.

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  • We put the key in fists and tighten the clicks.
  • The tool is placed on the edge of the table.
  • Pressing the stopper button, remove the cartridge lock on the shaft.
  • The cartridge is removed against the clock.

All actions require special attention and sequence when disassembling/assembly.

Having received theoretical knowledge about the types of cartridges, it will be easier for you to independently repair the Interskol, Hitachi electrical screwdriver, as well as other manufacturers.

Is it possible to use a drill as a screwdriver

Electric screwdriver can be used as a drill. The mechanism of the cartridge makes it possible to firmly fix the drill with a cylindrical tail. To start work, you need to install a drill in a clamping cartridge.

Be careful, since the design is not provided for making holes, especially for solid wood, metal or concrete, because there is a high probability of breakdown of a planetary gearbox.

Device and purpose

Electric screwdriver is used for various construction and repair work, but its main function is rapid screwing and twisting fasteners: screws, screws, bolts, screws. It helps to cope with a large volume of tasks for significantly less time than when using a screwdriver.

Budget screwdrivers of small and medium power are used in the assembly, installation and dismantling of furniture, equipment, the construction of frame structures (partitions, walls, suspended ceilings) and other objects. A powerful tool with the shock mechanism copes with the drilling of holes.

In addition to standard operations listed in the instructions for a screwdriver, it can also be used for other tasks. With the help of a mixer nozzle, sparse solutions are kneaded. Through a special adapter, the device is connected to the ice discovery to quickly make the holes.

The case of most screwdrivers is made of plastic. Thanks to this, the total weight of the tool decreases. Inside the case are placed:

  • Engine. Depending on the type of device, it can be electric or pneumatic. The former work from the network or battery, the latter. From the tank with compressed air or compressor.
  • Gearbox. A geover mechanism that transfers rotational movements from the engine to the spindle.
  • Clus-regulator. Connected to the gearbox, with its help, adjusting the depth of screwing and the rotating moment.
  • Start capacitor. He launches the engine.
  • Chuck. Bits, drills, end heads are inserted into it. The most common fast-and-packed three- or four-cup.
  • Power supply (battery) and/or network cord.

On the case there is a control panel with a power button, a speed switch. Reverses are used to work in the unstable mode. Additionally, an electric screwdriver may have a backlight, fuse.

Proper installation of a drill in a drill cartridge

Before dealing with how to correctly install a drill in a peorator, it is advisable to find out how to insert a drill into a drill. The element of its design, in which the shank of the drill is fixed, is the cartridge. On most models of modern drills, cam.Type cartridges consisting of: consisting of:

pull, nozzle, electric, screwdriver, drill
  • Cylindrical body;
  • Rings or sleeves that rotate around the outer surface of the case;
  • Kulachkov installed in the inside of the corps.

When the sleeve rotates clockwise, the fists simultaneously approach each other, thereby reliably clamping the shank of the installed drill. Accordingly, the question of how to pull the drill out of the drill is not difficult to solve: it is enough to start rotating the sleeve counterclockwise. In this case, the fists will begin to diverge, which will make it easy to remove the drill from the drill. It should be borne in mind that before installing the fist of fist should be unclenched with a margin, in which case the tool can be easily inserted.

The convenience of using cam type cartridges lies not only in the efficiency and high reliability of the installation of the tool, but also that they can insert the drill of almost any diameter in them. When using such cartridges of difficulties with how to change the drill into a drill, as a rule, does not arise. The correctly inserted tool is kept in such cartridges and allows you to drill the exact hole.

If you began to notice the slippage of the teeth at the time of tightening the cartridge, replace the erased key with a new

Cam cartridges are used in both industrial and household tools for drilling. Clamping devices of household drifts are available for two ranges of drill diameters: from 0.8 to 10 and from 1.5 to 13 mm.

The design of the fist cartridges may include two different methods of the clamping of the tool: key and quick.And.Sounding.

In the first case, the sleeve is driven using a special key, on the conical working part of which there are teeth. The key to drive the clamping mechanism, it is necessary to insert into the holes on the side of the cartridge case and rotate. Such holes in individual models can be even three. Accordingly, in order to weaken or hold fists, the key must be inserted into each of them and start rotation counterclockwise or on it.

After weakening the cams, using the key, it is necessary to turn counterclockwise and the cartridge itself, which will increase the distance between the cams to the required value. The inserted tool is fixed in the reverse sequence: first the cartridge itself is clamped (when it rotates clockwise), and then the nests are clamped with the key.

Pulling out and installing drills when using a fast.And.Packed cartridge is much easier and faster. In it, the sleeve is driven by manually. To limit the power of tightening the cams, they are often equipped with blocking elements.

Before inserting the drill, first make sure that the drill is in working condition and de.Energize it. Only after that you can start installing a drill.

For newbies

So, let’s start in the most simple case. With inexperienced users. Screwdrivers have such a thing as a torque regulator. It looks like a scale around the front by an electric screwdriver, which immediately behind the cartridge. It applied numbers from 1 to 10, 15, 20 or even more. In different models in different ways. And the last position on it is indicated as a drill. If you rotate this regulator and install it opposite a special mark so that there is one of the numbers next to it, then when a certain torque is reached, the cartridge will not rotate further, but it will begin to fade. If you put on a “drill”, then the electric screwdriver will try to twist with all his might, how much engine power allows it.

True, it is worth noting that in two.Speed screwdrivers at the second speed even in the “drill” position, if the torque reaches a certain value, then a protective system is triggered, which simply turns off the current supply. At the first speed, the electric screwdriver will also try to twist “to the last”.

And the beginner can start drilling or wrapping screws, for example, when the regulator of the moment is on one of the numbers, or an electric screwdriver is at the second speed (and it is recommended to drill on it).

The drill can squeeze quite strongly, and as a result, when you begin to free the drill or bat in the standard way (turning on the reverse, holding the cartridge and by pressing the start button), may just work either a torque limiter or a protective system.

Therefore, in such a situation, you just need to put an electric screwdriver at the first speed and the regulator of the moment put to the “drill” position. On single.Speed models, it is enough to only install the regulator of the moment on the position of the “drill”. Well, then again we get out in the standard way.

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