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What are the cartridges for drills and how they are removed and disassembled on their own

Almost every master has at the disposal not only hammers, but also a drill for drilling holes in wood, metal and even concrete. To work with this tool, the design provides for a special clamping mechanism. This mechanism is also called an executive organ or a cartridge for a drill that is different. Drilling tools are equipped with such a device, but when you fail, you will need to dismantle, repair or replace it, which will be discussed in the material.

When choosing a cartridge for a drill, the buyer is interested in the question of what diameter the drill can be squeezed in the lips of this device. That is why many buy cartridges in which the shanks of the working nozzles are clamped by the parameter (size of the muzzle). In addition to the maximum diameter of the drills, you must also know that the devices differ in design and type of seat. To begin with, we find out that the cartridges for drills are classified in appearance into two main types:

  • Key-this is their folk name, and in the scientific they are called gear-cage, which is associated with the mechanism of their functioning. This is a popular version of clamping mechanisms for drills, characterized by high reliability indicators
  • Quickly jokes or BZP. Differ from key ones in that they do not need to use a special key that compress the sponges of the device

Tough-cage cartridges from fast-and-packed are highly reliable. The very first prototypes were used on hand drifts, which have similarities with key and quickly and quickly ascense. The principle of operation of the simplest cartridge from the old hand drill is as follows:

  • To fix the nozzle in the device, it is necessary to hold the handle and twist the clamping coupling or sleeve
  • Install the nozzle with the tail of the tail
  • Twist the clamping coupling to the stop, and then additionally use a chisel or breakdown with a hammer for a more reliable fixation of the nozzle

Fixation with a chisel is needed so that there is no nozzle during operation. Such cartridges had many shortcomings, so the advanced models soon appeared. Key. Unlike the first types of cartridges, key ones do not require the use of a chisel and a hammer for a clip of a shank nozzle, as they are replaced by a special key with teeth. In addition, the carving of the clamping coupling was quickly covered with corrosion, so there were difficulties with its twisting. Today, old types of equipment are found only on manual old droplets, and are practically not used on power tools.

It is interesting! Why outdated models of cartridges have much in common with modern key and fast.Packed devices? All of them have the same principle of operation based on the movement of fists. These fists are also called lips or tsangs, from where the names of Tsang and fist cartridges appeared.

What is a cartridge

The cartridge resembles a metal cylinder. The part is attached to the shaft of an electric screwdriver.

The purpose of the element is fixing the working bit of fasteners.

The device of the cartridge

Internal thread on the cartridge or a special cone is designed for attaching to the shaft. Structurally, the most wear components are divided into three main types:

Quick.Rechargeable (BZP); selfless; Tozhcato-cognate (key).

The shank in this case is clamped by manual rotation of the tool sleeve.

Clamping elements that are installed on modern screwdrivers and drills allow you to reliably fix the shanks with a diameter of 0.8-25 mm.

Perhaps the only minus of a new product of this type is the higher cost relative to key sleeves.

To fix the element in a clamping product of the BZP type, there are enough several seconds.

At the same time, the help of auxiliary components is not required.

The adjustment sleeve canvas is corrugated, so the rotation of the cylinder is not difficult.

Pressure adjustment on the shank of the product is performed using a locking element.

Over time, the details of the clamping mechanism wear out.

Therefore, the arrangement of a cartridge of the BZP category implies a gradual weakening of the clamp.

As a result of wear, the sleeve is not able to reliably fix the round shanks of the large diameter.

In disassembled, self-and-packed models are: they are:

Sleeve; base; mobile sponges; puck; bearing; Tojet nut.

Design and features

Unlike popular modern sleeves, this classic version requires the use of a special key. But in this case, a more reliable mount in any situation is possible.

GDP belongs to the clamping cartridges of a cam.

They make it possible to clamp both products with round shanks and cylindrical elements. The main components of fist GDP:

Cylindrical case; adjusting sleeve or ring that rotates from the outside; Fist mechanism that is mounted inside.

The tsang mechanism is made from durable steel.

When the sleeve or ring rotates, the latter form a single whole.

Due to this, reliable fixation of the products occurs.

Installation and replacement of the cartridge

Installation of a cartridge for an electric screwdriver, even if it is homemade, and not quickly and fast-sounding, is not such a complex procedure, and it is quite possible to remove the cartridge from an electric screwdriver or insert it back at home without any problems.

The option of it directly depends on what type of fastening has the part you have chosen. He can be:

In the event that your detail has a threaded mount, it will be enough to wind it on the shaft. With this type of fastening as a cone cone, it is enough to put the part on the shaft, it will securely latch on it.

In order for this procedure to pass easily, you need to turn off the power supply unit in advance, fix the part on the shaft and check its performance by installing a drill that is suitable for marking the tool you have chosen. Charging should be 100%.

With proper fixation of the equipment, its light idle move will be provided without extraneous noise.

Changing the cartridge for an electric screwdriver is a much more difficult matter, especially if it is not fast.Packed.

Over, for some reason, almost no manufacturer writes anything on his device, because the owner of an electric screwdriver often has to only guess how to do it right. And not always for this the equipment must be disassembled.

In most cases, you can solve the issue in this way:

  • Disconnect the power supply unit.
  • Check if the nozzle is removed.
  • Set in the cartridge end a short key for 10 mm.
  • Turn on the power supply again, start the device, let it hit on a solid surface with a cartridge once, turn off the device.
  • Freely promote the cartridge using the key.

This is what a disassembled cartridge for an electric screwdriver looks like

If this technique did not help you change the detail, you can use the move developed for this case by the masters. It follows:

  • Disconnect the power supply.
  • Inner fists of part.
  • Click the inner screw with left thread clockwise.
  • Hexagon.
  • Turn the cartridge using this key hourly.

If this measure did not give a result to change the part, it is recommended to turn off the equipment power supply and knock on the most hexagonal key with a hammer.

In some rare cases, when and in this way it is not possible to remove the quickly and a key cartridge, it is recommended to disassemble the tool, after turning off its power supply, and then unscrew the cartridge using the key.

Please note: if these methods do not give the desired effect, it is recommended to take the product to the master. It is possible that you have not come across an original component, but, for example, homemade.

A diagram of an electrical screwdriver with a quick.Packed cartridge

In this case, the further work with it may result in a banal breakdown of the device. Do not try to make it out yourself, especially if the charger is included.

In order to remove the cartridge to pass as easily as possible, it is very important not to load the drill and, if possible, after every 15 minutes of work, leave the tool at rest. Such measures will warn the deformation of the part and provide it with the most simple dismantling.

Please note: if during your work you have broken a grinding or bit nozzle, you also need to transfer the tool to the master. To the menu

2.2 How to choose new components for equipment?

The choice of a new part of an electric screwdriver must be made taking into account the features of working with the device and the power that the charger gives, it is in your case. General recommendations in this case are as follows:

  • If the bats have to be changed quite often and quickly, it is still better to navigate on a quick.Packed cartridge. It can be pulled out of the structure at times the usual ordinary, which will significantly accelerate the work.
  • The key cartridge should be chosen if the diameter of the drill you use is quite large.
  • When choosing a cone, you should be guided by the parameters for each product defined by GOST 9953-82. According to it, all products presented on the market include one of the sizes from B7 and to B45. Please note: the larger the part, the more it will have a number.
  • If you choose a product of foreign production for yourself, on it the marking will be 2-13 mm ½-20 UNF. 2-13. It is given in inches. In the event that you do not understand such designations, be sure to seek help from a consultant.

Whatever the device you need, remember, you can always contact the issue of his pitch directly to the consultants. They will help you determine the best option of details from those presented and install it directly on the shaft of an electric screwdriver.

Fastenings: what are they

The clamping mechanism is attached to the drill shaft using the following methods:

In the design of the threaded connection, an additional stopped screw shown in the photo below is often used. With it, the reliability of fixation of the cartridge is ensured.

Cartridge, key and stopped screw for threaded connection

Hitachi 3.6V cordless driver drill review

The threaded connection is provided through identical threads on the shaft of the tool and in the channel of the clamping mechanism. The type of thread used in this compound plays considerable importance, and they are metric and inch. The used thread on the drill is indicated using a special abbreviation, which has an approximate look:

Designation Decoding
1.5-15 The first digits of the abbreviation indicate the minimum and maximum diameter of the drills, which can be used to squeeze this cartridge
M13 The letter designation indicates the use of a metric type of thread, and the number “13” is its diameter in mm
1.2 Designation of thread step in mm

If an inch thread marking is used in the tool, then the abbreviation is indicated by UNF. In modern drift models, an inch type of thread is used, since the choice of clamping mechanisms with an inch carvings is much more extensive.

The shaft for the reliability of fixing the clamping mechanism is equipped with a locking screw, on which there is a thread with left.Sided cutting. Therefore, the screw is removed to remove the cartridge in the direction of the time stroke.

A less common way is to fasten the cartridge using a clamping mechanism based on the use of a cone cone cone. In this case, the shaft is the shape of the cone, and the clamping mechanism is equipped with a similar form in the internal channel. The mechanism is mounted under the influence of power planting on the design of the tool shaft of the tool. Such mechanisms are marked using the following abbreviations: B10, B12, B18 and T.D.

Key cartridge for a drill with a conical connection (marking)

The letter designation indicates the labeling of the cone, and the digital one is the diameter of the tail of the tool. The conical connection has the following view presented in the photo below.

The conical mounting method is more reliable, as it withstands large power loads than the first connection option. In addition, it is easy to use: it is easily removed and is also easily dressed on the shaft.

Find out the method of fixing the cartridge

In order to find out the method of fixing the cartridge on the drill, it is necessary to conduct an external inspection. Specialists at first glance determine the moment, and for inexperienced masters there is a marking by which you can judge the method of fixing the cartridge on the drill. Examples of marks for conical and threaded joints are described above.

Briefly about the main thing

For a drill and a pea, the cartridges of various design execution are used.

Fastening of cartridges to the shaft of a mechanical tool is carried out in two ways: threaded or conical connection (Morsa cone).

cartridge, electric, screwdriver, hitachi, tool

The dismantling of clamping devices is performed in the same sequence as the installation.

You need to know the procedure not only for replacing or repairing a faulty cartridge, but for its periodic maintenance and inspection.

How to change a cartridge in a screwdriver

The cartridge on the instrument of the Interskol brand is attached to the shaft of the threaded method and the counterbolt, which must be pre.Twisted, as weaken as the key with the key to get access to it.

At the screwdriver “Makita” the cartridge is also removed in the following order:

Unscrew the screw clockwise, weakening to the maximum before that fists. After extracting the screw, you need to find a hexagon for eight and insert it into the shaft, holding your fists after that. Then you need to put a screwdriver in the reverse mode and, holding a hexagon with one hand, press the screwdriver button with the second hand.

Note: the cartridge will turn and get out easily if it was not used too often and a short period of time, then it will not have time to drag out hard. If they used it for a long time, you will have to make little efforts in order to unscrew it.

After you twisted the old cartridge, the new one is quite simple. It is necessary to switch the screwdriver to the usual mode, when the rotation occurs counterclockwise, put it on the shaft and tighten it with short rotations. Then tighten the counterbolt.

Bosch screwders have established themselves in the market as very high quality, since all the details of the tool are persistent for wear and, importantly, reliably fixed with each other. When dismantling the cartridge, the last of the listed properties can significantly complicate and stretch the process of unwinding the fixing bolt, due to the fact that it is reliably sealed with sealant.

For this reason, when disassembling the cartridge on this screwdriver, an electric gaykovita may be needed.

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Methods of fasteners of the cartridge

Before removing the cartridge from the Hammer electrical screwdriver (Hammer), Hiltchi, Hitachi DS 12 DVF 3, Enkor, Elitech, Resanta, Union, Stanley, Diold DEA-12li-08, Makita DF (Makita DDF), Metabo (Metabo PowerMaxxxx BS), Patron, Pit, Skil, Sturm (Sturm), AEG 14.4 and others, it is necessary to determine the method of fixing it.

Hitachi electric screwdriver DB3DL2

Bit holders are connected to the tool with the help of:

  • Cone Morse. This type of fastening refers to a very reliable. The cartridge is put on the shaft and snaps.
  • Threads. In this case, it is wound on the shaft.

Some manufacturers in their models, as an additional connection, put a fixing screw.

On the most electric screwdriver, you can see a label that indicates the method used. The inscription 1-6 B10 standing on the surface, indicates the presence of a conical connection. 1-6 is the diameter of the shank in mm, 10-cone. To remove it, you will need a hexagonal key for 10.

When threaded, the cartridge is marked 1.0-11 m121.25. Two initial numbers indicate the diameter of the shank drill. The numbers that are after the letter mean the value of the thread. On the devices supplied from abroad, the marks are indicated in inches. Therefore, they can differ from the above.

Types of fastening

The mount occurs using:

The first mount is named after. BUT. Morze in the XIX century. The connection occurs due to the clutch of the surfaces of the shaft and cone with the hole due to identical cones. The mount is widely used due to simplicity and reliability.

In the second form of the connection on the shaft and cartridge, the thread is cut. Combination occurs by winding the cartridge on the shaft.

The third type is a modification of threaded mount. For reliability, the connection is fixed using a screw. He mainly has a head for a cross screwdriver and left.Handed cutting. You can see the screw only by fully opening the fists.

cartridge, electric, screwdriver, hitachi, tool

Determination of fastening

The mounting of the cartridge is determined by its visual inspection. Morse cone is marked as follows. 1-6 B22. The first numbers are the diameter of the shank of the nozzle used, and B22 is the actual cone actually.

The threaded connection is also indicated by numbers and letters, for example: 1.0. 11 m12 × 1.25. The first part of the marking again means the diameter of the shank of the nozzle used, the second is the metric value of the thread. In imported electrical screwdrivers, the value is indicated in inches.

Replacing and disassembling the cartridge for drill

On the question of how to replace the worn cartridge with a drill, there is nothing complicated. To do this, just purchase the appropriate clamping device, remove the old from the drill and install a new. It should be borne in mind that both conventional types of two types of cartridges can be installed on the usual and mini.Drill:

Cartridges for installation on the drill of which are used threads are removed and fixed according to the above scheme. When replacing such a device, it is not enough to know that it is a threaded one, it is also important to take into account the marking, which is mandatory for it. Such clamping cartridges can be marked as follows:

Interval 1.5–13, present in these designations, indicates the minimum and maximum diameters of the installed cutting tool. The rules for replacing the cartridge with a drill suggest that the new clamping device must have a marking, a completely identical designation of the old.

With the question of how to replace the conical cartridge with a drill, everything is a little easier. A different marking can also be applied to devices of this type, namely:

To replace a cartridge of this type with a drill, you just need to choose a clamping device with an appropriate marking and insert its landing part into the conical hole of drilling equipment. Focusing in such a marking is quite simple: the letter “B” means that this is a conical type cartridge, and the number indicates the diameter of the lower part of the landing hole.

Removing from the drill of a conical type cartridge is as simple as its installation. In order to perform such a procedure, you just need to knock out the clamping device from the landing hole of the drill, for which a regular hammer is used. You can also get acquainted with the details of the installation and removal of the conical cartridge of the electric drill by watching the corresponding video.

On Soviet drills, the cartridge with a conical mount simply knocked out, the design of the gearbox allowed such rudeness. To remove the cartridge of modern models, you need to use pullers or special devices

How to disassemble the cartridge of an electric screwdriver or drill? This procedure must be periodically performed for maintenance of the device (cleaning and lubrication of all its internal elements), as well as its minor repair. This allows you to significantly extend the service life of the cartridge.

When disassembling the cartridge, it should be taken into account what type it belongs to. Focusing on instructions or videos, it is necessary to perform all actions to disassemble such a device as neat as possible so as not to damage its constituent elements. After all the maintenance or repair procedures for the cartridge for the drill are performed, it should be assembled in the reverse order.

If the structural elements are very worn out and it is not possible to restore them, it is better to replace the entire mechanism, which will cost much cheaper than its repair.

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