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DIY bicycle with a motor from a chainsaw. Assembly of a moped, picture, scooter and ATV

Many gardeners use a chainsaw for its intended purpose, not suspecting that it can serve as a material for their own manufacture of some beneficial homes. It can be taken as a basis for assembly of a 2-wheeled moped or 4-wheeled picture. The advantages of independent manufacture of these vehicles are obvious. High savings and the ability to get high.Quality equipment for active operation in everyday life.

chainsaw, great

With independent assembly of 2- or 4-wheeled vehicles based on a household chainsaw, the manufacturer receives several rather important advantages:

  • Making the unit makes it possible to save money. Of course, during the assembly you will have to spend money on separate parts or entire working nodes. Nevertheless, these expenses are incomparable with the purchase of branded equipment;
  • Assembly of vehicles with your own hands will allow you to get a reliable and fairly passable unit that does not require frequent special service or complex repairs;
  • In the manufacture of vehicles, the constructor can create any of the selected modifications: karting, ATV, moped or gas station from the chainsaw.

The only kind of drawback is the need for the presence of skills in the operation of a corner grinder, a drill, a welding machine and other types of garage equipment. Otherwise, assemble a moped or other type of equipment will not work.

The principle of assembly

The first thing that attention is paid is the design of the frame, which is made from the pipe and on which the power unit will subsequently be placed. Then a tank, headlight and wheels are installed

If you use old details, then first you need to clean them from rust. This is especially true for seams. After the initial stage is over, the frame is covered with several layers of paint. Be sure to dry each layer well to avoid corrosion. As a recommendation, it is best to use paint in spray cans, so that there are no subterations. You can paint not only the frame, but also the wheels, having previously sealed the rim with a masking tape.

Friendship-4 chainsaw moped

After all the parts are dry, you can start installing the engine from the chainsaw. Make sure that the motor is well installed and fixed. Without a cooling system, such a cycle motor will overheat after 30 minutes of operation, so it is advisable to make a water cooling system. Homemade device looks as follows. 2 flexible tubes are connected to the plastic bottle. One is mounted in the upper part for air flow, the other in the lower and through it with the help of a drip system, water enters the head of the motor cylinder. It turns out straightforward homemade drip irrigation and effective cooling.

You can install wings as additional comfort for the driver, because the clips of dirt and water can get to the engine. The resulting unit is able to develop speed up to 60 km/h.

Below is an approximate drawing, which can be applied to make an alteration of a bicycle to a moped.

Do.It.Yourself bike

Motorized bicycles with a chainsaw motor are identical to ordinary bicycles, with the small detail that they are equipped with an engine above the chain or on the rear brake. These chainsaw engines give the bicycle the opportunity to accelerate more than a regular bike can ever make. Over, the pedals are no longer used, since it is the engine that controls the movement of the bicycle.

The installation of the chainsaw engine can lead to serious engine damage, if this is not done properly. The easiest way to install the engine is to get another rear wheel and slightly spread the front forks so that they fit in the front. As soon as you do this, you install the engine on the front forks, creating a front.Wheel drive.

Motorized bicycles with a chainsaw engine work almost in the same way as motorcycles. They differ only in the mechanism. To turn it on, you must pull the chain, and the motor will start working.

Nevertheless, since motorized bicycles can develop higher speed than ordinary bicycles, people are subjected to likely risk or serious injuries.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is impossible to definitely say whether the installation of the motor on the bicycle would be the right solution. This unit has many significant disadvantages:

  • Complication of the structure. Even for an ordinary bike, you need to constantly care for what many do not have time or desire. And you need to monitor the motorcycles even more thoroughly. In addition, the power unit and additional details, unlike a car or motorcycle, are not protected here;
  • Increase in the mass of the vehicle. It becomes more difficult to manage with it;
  • Increasing the danger of operation. For both the driver and for others. A bicycle with a power unit drives at a speed of 30–40 km/h, it is more difficult to stop it, and having got into an accident, you can get much more serious injuries than with ordinary driving;
  • To ensure the safety of pedestrians, you have to drive along roads, which may be simply scary;
  • It is necessary to carry a supply of fuel and oil with you;
  • The bike is deprived of noiselessness and environmental friendliness;
  • The vehicle ceases to be a sports and healing projectile;
  • For legal bike ride with a motor, you need category “m” rights.

You can drive a greater distance in a shorter period, which is important for cycling veins;

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You can use the motor only for lifting uphill or as it is fatigted, if there is not enough physical form;

High efficiency of operation at high speed of movement. Cutting on a motorcycle bike is cheaper than any other transport;

If the motor fails, you don’t have to lead the bike “by the arm”, like a moped, you can get to the house in a traditional pedal way; Although the benefits of health disappears at short distances, with regular distant trips, the situation is opposite. The risk of damaging the knees is reduced, which many active cycles are faced with.

DIY Motosamit

No less well.Known home.Made, which was learned to produce domestic “kulibins”. We will need it to recreate it:

  • A scooter designed for the weight of the person who will control them. It is desirable that he initially has a manual inhibition system. The pneumatic wheelbase of the scooter should be durable;
  • A chainsaw with which the engine is removed- medium and high-power models are suitable.

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The process of assembly of a scooter looks simplified compared to previous homepages:

  • First, remove the motor base and fix it in the back of the scooter frame. We observe that motor and wheel stars coincide;
  • We adjust a manual accelerator with a sink of a motorcycle. This is how the operator will be able to control the movement process;
  • If necessary, equip the scooter with a brake pedal, but in most cases. A lever for manual control of a scooter is enough for its full operation.
  • Testing a self.Scatter from a chainsaw. In case of serviceability, a new motorized device is ready and can be operated.

Why a bicycle motor

Naturally, over time, any cyclist wants to give rest to the muscles of the legs, and they think about equipping his beloved transport by a motor. Just pedaling is already in the past. If the cyclist is already aged, go over long distances without a motor, is already inconvenient and uncomfortable.

When you ask the masters why they need such a transport, because you can just buy a scooter or moped, they answer that you can understand and feel all the joy of a home.Made structure only in the process.

In addition, a moped or scooter would be uncomfortable, for example, for a woman. And here everything is simple. A woman can easily saddle such a horse and go about her business.

Bicycle and chainsaw. Where is the connection?

As mentioned above, the engine from a regular chainsaw is ideal for equipping them with a bicycle. How to assemble, install this unit on a bicycle, the manufacturer of which did not think about it in advance? Let’s try to put all points over “i”.

The optimal power of the motor

The engine from the chainsaw has a power equal to 1.5 horses. And it is not surprising that some cyclists think that supposedly such a weak motor will not even be able to move the larger bike from the place. For example, there are bicycles that weigh, along with a rider of a middle.Aged man, almost 100 kg. It turns out that you should not worry. And such a load of the motor from the chainsaw will master. The bicycle will accelerate easily and will calmly gain a speed of 30-40 km/h, which is quite normal for the bicycle.


True, acceleration cannot be called fast. Everything will happen quite slowly, but it will not hurt comfortable driving. In addition, the cyclist and his loved ones will not feel the sickening smell of gasoline, and such a bicycle, as usual, can be stored without fear in your apartment.

Some cyclists do not want to listen to the loud noise that the chainsaw motor is published, but nothing to do with this. Will have to come to terms with a characteristic bang that the chainsaw is published, and with noise during movement.

Motor mounting

This will already be, rather, not a bicycle with a motor from a chainsaw, but a real moped. The power unit will be installed directly above the frame and attached under the saddle. It will turn out to be well and firmly fixed if you make a home-made clamp from any metal plate.

There is another option. To buy them ready.Made. Such clamps are equipped with a pederation that regulates the height of the motor, but this is not so important.


Special goals and screws will be responsible for mounting the sleeve. The sleeve itself is designed to carry out the belt tension from the engine. Such bushings are different, or rather, their diameter is different. It all depends on the size of the wheel of your bike. If the wheels are huge, then a sleeve is purchased under 28-inch. It is interesting that inside such bushings there is a rubberized surface. How do you like such a moped?

It must be remembered that the drive belt is selected depending on what the diameter of the sleeve is. In addition, it is important to know that the sleeve is always attached smoothly and without distortions. Otherwise, there is no need to think about any normal operation of a bicycle with a motor from a chainsaw.

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Gas lever

Accelerata pedal is a lever in this case, which should be a moped of this type. A cable that controls the angle of the damper is responsible for the control of the lever. The lever is completely resembles the component of the brake of the bicycle. This gives an advantage in the fact that it will be possible to go out without turning the handle, as the moped requires, but simply by pressing it, as the chainsaws require.

The lever cable is recommended to be drawn to the bicycle brake control handle. The brakes themselves will have to get rid of. In this case, they will be completely inappropriate, because given the small weight of such transport, when pressing the brakes, at speed, the cyclist will definitely make a somersault and can damage something for himself.

On the other hand, sellers of cycles offer a special lever mounted on the steering wheel, but here everyone already solves depending on individual preferences.

As a result, by putting a motor from a chainsaw on a bicycle, we will get an excellent moped without spending a lot of money. Such transport will bring a lot of joy and pleasure, will make it possible to maneuver well and pass the most difficult roads easy and simple.

We make a motorcycle bike with our own hands

So, how to make a moped with your own hands from a chainsaw? To do this, you do not need to have a higher technical education and have a mobile workshop at hand. A necessary minimum of tools, a working motor from a chainsaw of almost any brand and a frame from a bicycle, preferably made of metal tubes to withstand the load from the engine.

Selection of the motor

Nothing complicated is how to make a bicycle with a motor from a chainsaw is. But you need to understand that from a light chainsaw, which is used for small work, the motor is not suitable. Its power should be at least 2 liters.With. Or 1.5 kW. But as for the volume, the situation is directly opposite here. The volume should not exceed 50 cm3, otherwise this will violate the position of the Vienna Convention. And so for such a vehicle, rights and registration are not needed, as this tool is defined as a “bicycle with a suspended engine”.

Frame equipment

A homemade moped from a chainsaw is made from a bicycle in any, even in the most “killed” state. The main thing is that there is a whole frame. The engine is installed from the chainsaw on the joint of the lower and seatposts. This is the best way to locate. A tank for gasoline is screwed next to it, and the battery is installed above the engine, on the upper pipe. It is necessary to install the engine from the chainsaw so that it is fixed firmly and reliably. The motor is subject to vibration and if it is weakly fixed, it will fall.

If there is no frame from the finished bicycle, it can easily cook it. For this you need several pipes and a welding machine. So even better. Such a motorcycle bike from a chainsaw with your own hands will be more durable and reliable, and on its own, a cooked frame will allow you to place the engine as close to the drive wheel as possible.


Just put a little motor from a chainsaw. You need to make sure that the torque from the motor is transmitted to the wheels. For this, pulleys or chain mechanism are used:

  • Pip system. In this version, the engine from the chainsaw on the bicycle will transmit torque through the belt. Such a system is simpler. It uses factory or homemade pulleys, one on the engine shaft, the second on the rear wheel sleeve, as well as a stretch belt. Minus. The belt stretches faster than the chain and less durable, although the wedge.Shaped belts are not inferior to chains in durability.
  • Chain gear. Here you can use the rear star, and install the gear on the engine shaft. The transfer of the moment occurs through the chain. It is more durable and resistant to loads, but requires regular care. Choose for yourself how to make a bicycle with a motor from a chainsaw, or rather, what transmission to install on it.

We collect a bike with a trimmer engine

If the equipment is ready, you can start assembly. We propose to divide the whole action into several stages:

One.Installation of the stars. A pair of rubber gaskets is attached to the rear wheel. We put the first behind the knitting needles, the second between them. We find a sleeve on the outside of the wheel, put on a sleeve’s sleeve. At the inside we attach the crescent.

2.Engine fasteners. Choosing a place for the engine. It is more convenient to place the motor behind the bicycle seat or on the trunk itself. Install the engine there, fix it with a clamp. Sometimes the engine is installed in the center of the bicycle to maintain weight balance. It is attached the same: clamps, clamps. You can additionally connect a wattmeter for measuring energy consumption. On the trunk, you immediately need to look at the area for attachment of batteries.

3.Adjustment of the chain tension. It should be done immediately as soon as we pull the chain or belt to the star. Install a tensioner on a bicycle that helps adjust the tension.

chainsaw, great

4.Gas handle mount. As soon as we do this, we must connect it to the motor using a cable.

Immediately after installation, check the reliability of the structure, eliminate small problems. Our bicycle hybrid is ready!

Believe me: an updated vehicle is worth conjuring! Now you can safely go for mushrooms or fishing. And you can simply and comfortably move around the noisy metropolis. Very soon you will evaluate all the advantages of a bicycle with the engine.

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