How to put a drill into a perforator. How to drill a tree

A pedorator drill: how to insert, remove, fix

A hand.Made electric tool has gained great popularity in recent years. One of the most popular is the peorator. It is used in any production and in domestic conditions.

The correct use of this tool will not only extend its service life, but also save on consumables. The pediatric drills differ from those that are used in drones, which means that their method of attachment will be different. How to insert a drill into a peorator, consider below.

Material and types of Sovers and Burov

The main material for the production of drilling nozzles is steel of different types:

To work with the most durable surfaces. Metals, solid stone. The drill tip is additionally equipped with attacks with diamond crumbs. By type of design, the brown is divided into:

Her color will also tell a lot about the drilling nozzle:

  • Black. The drill was previously processed overheated by steam. Contrary to the well.Known statement that the black drills are stronger than everyone else, this is not so. Here the color does not affect the strength.
  • Brown. Such a drill pre.Released to remove internal stresses.
  • Golden, bright golden. The tip of the drilling equipment of such colors has nitride titanium coating. It adds strength to the drill, but the cost also.

What to do if the drill stuck

The drill stuck

Usually the removal of a drill from the cartridge is not special problems. For example, in the key cartridge, it is enough to turn the key counterclockwise. In a fast.Packed cartridge, all actions are also just taking place. For this, the coupling is spinning counterclockwise. On this principle, drill from other types of cartridges are pulled out. But what if the drill is firmly settled in the cartridge? Most often, such a problem can arise with fast.And.Packed cartridges. Great efforts will be required to extract the drill.

For example, the drill can be clamped in the left hand and casually hit the bottom of the cartridge in the inside of the palm. Usually after such actions the drill is easily removed.

If the cartridge is metallic, then you can also lightly tap on the cartridge with a hammer. It is necessary to tap until the tail appears from the cartridge. If it doesn’t work out, then you can use the gas key.

If any manipulations do not help you, you will have to remove the cartridge from the drill/peorator and disassemble it.

There are other cases when the drill stuck in the wall. In this case, the drill scrolls in the cartridge. To remove it, you will need to squeeze the cartridge and remove the drill from the wall.

So, as we examined with you all the possible situations that may arise in working with a peorator and drill when changing the drill.

A few tips for using a drilling tool

In order not to encounter the fact that a flying tool or concrete crumbs will harm your health, drilling must be performed in compliance with all safety measures. As a means of ensuring such safety, you should use protective glasses, gloves, bears or headphones that protect the organs of hearing. Naturally, all work must be performed in special clothing in which there should not be hanging elements that can be wrapped in a drill.

To exclude overheating of the electrical tool used to drill, it is necessary to regularly give him rest. It is very important to insert the drill correctly (you need to do it all the way).

Most Amazing Way To Remove A Tree Stump??

Grafting a tree with a drill

Two methods of a clamp of a thin drill cartridge, if the fists do not reach the shank a little

If the drill is stuck in the wall during the drilling, then it should be removed without removing the tool from its surface. To do this, the drill must be removed from the penetrator and inserted another, with which it is necessary to start destroying the wall around the drill stuck in it.

If the drill is not extracted from a drill or a pedorator, then it must be squeezed in a vice, and then using a hammer using a wooden gasket, tapped the cams of the clamping mechanism. Oil can help in this matter, a few drops of which are poured into a key type cartridge.

drill, perforator

Possible malfunctions of the cartridge and their elimination

Often encountered cartridge malfunction. The impossibility of fixing the nozzle. The inserted drill flies back when working. There is a simple reason for this, and everyone can eliminate it on their own. To do this, disassemble the cartridge:

  • Remove the rubber boot, picing it from the end with a small flat screwdriver.
  • Remove the locking ring with the same screwdriver.
  • Remove the plastic boot.

After that, the whole mechanism becomes visible. Most often, such a malfunction causes wear of a steel ring fixing the balls of SDS-mechanism. Constant shock loads wear the walls of the ring, making it unusable.

To eliminate the cause, you need to replace the fixing ring with a new. Then collect everything in the reverse order.

Cartridges for simple drills are not designed for shock loads. What to do if he failed? First, determine the nature of the breakdown. If the key slips when tightening, then you just need to replace it. In the event of a malfunction of the internal mechanism, you need to replace the cartridge on the shank. This follows:

  • Squeeze the shank.
  • Dilute the cang mechanism into the maximum diameter.
  • Unscrew the screw that will be inside. Attention: the screw has a non.Standard left.Handed thread. So, you need to unscrew it clockwise.
  • Remove the cartridge from the shank and install the new.
  • Twist the screw.

Before inserting the drill into the peorator with a new cartridge, it should be checked by its performance.

How to extract a nozzle from a penetrator

Most tools for attaching the working nozzle use fast-and-packed cartridges such as SDS-Plus or SDS, in professional ones, SDS-MAX are often found. Differ in the number of longitudinal grooves and the distance of the drift of the drills. The curtain from the cartridge of any pedorator is pulled out: Bosch, Makita, Zenit the same.

Important ! Before extracting, the cartridge is necessarily lubricated, for example, with a common Synthetic lubricant WD-40, after which it waits at least 10 minutes so that the substance penetrates the nozzle.

  • The fork of the electric tool is necessarily extracted from the outlet or extension cord. The device is disconnected from the mains.
  • The lower part of the cartridge or the back clutch is diverted along the fastening axis towards the penetrator.
  • The second hand is removed from the Gluck without applying significant physical efforts.
  • The back clutch is released.

She will return to her former place on her own.

When the cartridge is withdrawn back, the fixing or stopping balls jump out of the closed grooves or grooves, and the nozzle is released from closed grooves.

If the nozzle does not remove, then the drill jammed. Most likely, his shank is mechanically damaged: twisted, curved, flared up.

Metal drill

To work with this material, there are also a variety of tools. But it is worth remembering such a nuance as the quality of the nozzle. It is determined quite simply: if the drill of an inconspicuous gray shade, then it is made of low.Quality materials. This will affect the period of use and accuracy of the created holes. The most high.Quality and durable is considered to be a black nozzle. The shade is acquired thanks to steam processing at the end of production. A drill covered with titanium nitride has a bright golden hue. It belongs to a more expensive category, but the period of use and its characteristics compensate for all costs.

Metal for a metal for a penetrator can be of different types. For example, spiral tools are used to drill holes in non.Ferrous metals, cast iron and steel. Such drills can differ in their appearance and structure. They can be cone.Shaped or cylindrical, a little less often use drill in the form of a hexagon. Conicular models are inserted directly into the machine, and cylindrical sills require an additional cartridge.

Special carbide bums are used to drill holes in heat.Resistant steel. They are great for working with metal coatings of various densities. The quality characteristics of the tool allow you to create recesses of the required diameter.

Types of cartridges of electric screwdriver

Before inserting a new bit into an electric screwdriver, you need to know what cartridge the tool is equipped. The methodology for extracting the old cutting element and the installation of a new one directly depends on this. Two main types are distinguished:

Key toothe

In a key gear, the drill is installed by means of a suitable key. The nozzle has a hole with a thread corresponding to the teeth on the key wheel. The compression and unclenching of the “cams” of the mechanism is done as follows: the key rod is inserted into the hole, the gear is put on the teeth of the crowns, and the handle is twisted.

With a quick clamp

In screwdrivers with a quick clamp, you can change the bit without the help of keys. Weakening and clamping are adjusted by hand. Such nozzles have 1 or 2 couplings. You need to unclench the “fists”, place the drill there, and then twist the clutch for clamping. On a two.Different cartridge, the clutch closest to the body is held with one hand, and the second is twisted with the other.

How to insert a drill

To install the drill in the cartridge, it should be slightly pressed on the casing: the spring will squeeze, the slides of the shank are installed in the slots. When the casing is released, the spring shifts the ring, the locking balls enter the closed gap of the tail.

In the case of fast-removable cartridges, you can insert the drill into the peorators without any difficulty. But the nozzle of an electric screwdriver or ordinary drill for drills in the fasteners of this type cannot be installed.

To use a tool with smooth shanks of the round shape, the purchase of an additional element is required. A cang cartridge with a special holder with grooves.

The element is placed on the peorator, after which it is possible to use conventional drills.

drill, perforator

And what kind of pedorator do you use? Is it possible to use a regular drill in your model of a round shank in your model? Please share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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