How to put a nozzle on an electric screwdriver. How to work with a screwdriver + (video)

Proper use of electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver successfully replaced not only different types of screwdrivers, but also warden, hexagonal keys. This tool is also used instead of a drill. For builders with furniturers, the electric shuruvrustrot has become an indispensable assistant. For him and at home, there is constantly application. The assortment in the market is represented by a wide variety of models. Despite the prevalence of screwdrivers in various fields of activity, not all users, especially beginners, know how to operate it. Proper use, maintenance and storage of power tools will extend its service life to the maximum.

According to the power method, screwdrivers are divided into two varieties:

Recently there are also tools with a combined method of nutrition. They combine all the advantages of both varieties.

The external and internally device of network and battery models is almost the same. In general, the power tool consists of the following structural elements:

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  • Hulls;
  • Cartridge;
  • Turning buttons;
  • Switch of the direction of rotation of the electric motor (reverse);
  • Speed regulator (number of revolutions);
  • Buttons of turning on on;
  • A tightening power regulator (switch of torque).

The photo further presents the design of the electrical screwdriver of the battery type.

A number of models are additionally equipped with backlight, which is constructively implemented in different ways. Not every product has a speed control and button for turning on on. Network electric shuruvrusts have a power cord, and the battery has a charge drive instead of it.

The housing of power tools is most often made of plastic, much less often from alloys of different metals. For convenience, it usually consists of 2 halves. There are such main details inside the case:

The circuit of electrical connections depends on the model.

Electric shurubover can be equipped with cartridges of different types. The most widespread is the rapidly packed three.Cube version of this part. The cartridge also consists of separate parts that are presented in the following photo.

It should be taken into account that if the purpose of the electrical screwdriver is highly specialized, then this may make some constructive changes.

The principle of operation of both network and battery screwdrivers is the same. It lies in the fact that electric energy leads to rotation of the electric motor. Through the gearbox and the shaft, the force and speed to the nozzle fixed in the cartridge are transmitted from the motor. It already drills a hole or screws or twists fasteners. A feature of the process is that the electric motor in network models operates at a variable voltage of 220 V, and in battery ones. On a constant one, the value of which can be in the range from 3.5 v to 36 V 36 V.

Tool equipment

In most cases, a similar tool is implemented in specialized suitcases, where your own place is intended for any part.

The drill-electrical screwdriver itself consists of a key tool and a removable type battery, which is recharged from a household power supply.

For charging, a special charging device is used, which equip the kit.

How to insert and pull the drill into a peorator, electric screwdriver and drill

The popularity of the question of how to insert a drill into a peorator or electric drill is explained quite simply: such devices are actively used both in industrial and in domestic conditions.

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Cartridges are different, as well as nozzles fixed in them

An incorrectly installed drill can lead to a number of problem situations:

  • The impossibility of working with a peorator or drill;
  • Obtaining uneven holes with a broken inner surface;
  • I will fly out, which is fraught with serious injuries.

Despite the fact that it is not so difficult to insert a drill into a peorator or drill, it should be responsible for solving this issue responsibly.

Proper installation of a drill in a drill cartridge

Before dealing with how to correctly install a drill in a peorator, it is advisable to find out how to insert a drill into a drill. The element of its design, in which the shank of the drill is fixed, is the cartridge. On most models of modern drills, cam.Type cartridges consisting of: consisting of:

  • Cylindrical body;
  • Rings or sleeves that rotate around the outer surface of the case;
  • Kulachkov installed in the inside of the corps.

When the sleeve rotates clockwise, the fists simultaneously approach each other, thereby reliably clamping the shank of the installed drill.

Accordingly, the question of how to pull the drill out of the drill is not difficult to solve: it is enough to start rotating the sleeve counterclockwise. In this case, the fists will begin to diverge, which will make it easy to remove the drill from the drill.

It should be borne in mind that before installing the fist of fist should be unclenched with a margin, in which case the tool can be easily inserted.

The convenience of using cam type cartridges lies not only in the efficiency and high reliability of the installation of the tool, but also that they can insert the drill of almost any diameter in them.

When using such cartridges of difficulties with how to change the drill into a drill, as a rule, does not arise. The correctly inserted tool is kept in such cartridges and allows you to drill the exact hole.

If you began to notice the slippage of the teeth at the time of tightening the cartridge, replace the erased key with a new

Cam cartridges are used in both industrial and household tools for drilling. Clamping devices of household drifts are available for two ranges of drill diameters: from 0.8 to 10 and from 1.5 to 13 mm.

The design of the fist cartridges may include two different methods of the clamping of the tool: key and quick.And.Sounding.

In the first case, the sleeve is driven using a special key, on the conical working part of which there are teeth.

The key to drive the clamping mechanism, it is necessary to insert into the holes on the side of the cartridge case and rotate. Such holes in individual models can be even three.

Accordingly, in order to weaken or hold fists, the key must be inserted into each of them and start rotation counterclockwise or on it.

After weakening the cams, using the key, it is necessary to turn counterclockwise and the cartridge itself, which will increase the distance between the cams to the required value. The inserted tool is fixed in the reverse sequence: first the cartridge itself is clamped (when it rotates clockwise), and then the nests are clamped with the key.

Pulling out and installing drills when using a fast.And.Packed cartridge is much easier and faster. In it, the sleeve is driven by manually. To limit the power of tightening the cams, they are often equipped with blocking elements.

Before inserting the drill, first make sure that the drill is in working condition and de.Energize it. Only after that you can start installing a drill.

Installation of a working tool on a peorator

As mentioned above, the peorator must be checked for the operation before installing the drill. To perform such an audit, the operating mode of the pedorator is installed for drilling without a fight.

If, after pressing the starting button of the device, you will hear and feel that its engine is working exactly and without shocks, it means that the peorator can be used for its intended purpose, first inserting a drill or a bourgeois into it.

To fix the drill with a cylindrical shank in the ashorator, use an adapter with a fist type cartridge

Before inserting the drill into the peorator, it is necessary to treat the shank of the working tool with a special lubricant that will protect it from corrosion. The process of installing a drill in a peorator itself looks as follows.

  • The ashor of the back is installed on the floor or other hard surface.
  • The mobile part of the clamping device is pulled back.
  • The tool is inserted into the peorator until it stops. In this case, a drill or a drill that must be inserted into a peorator must be kept vertically. If you neglect this requirement, you may face the fact that the tool will fly out or even break, and this can also lead to the failure of the penetrator itself.

Press the click, then pull the drill, if it is not taken out. Everything is fine

Given the fact that clamping cartridges on modern peorators differ quite a simple principle of action, questions about how to get a drill out of the penetrator, as a rule, does not arise.

Having removed the tool used from the peorator to replace it with another, it is advisable to immediately clean its shank from lubrication and construction dust. In this case, the shank of the drill that you are going to insert should also be cleaned and pre.Lubricated. The instrument replaced in this way will not harm the clamping mechanism of the penetrator and last much longer.

The lubricant extends the service life of both the drill itself and the pedorator

Using a peorator, you can not only get a drilled structural element, but also process with a special chisel. Can also be installed as a working body of such a mixer device.

Some tips for using a drilling tool

In order not to encounter then that the flying instrument, as it is also called concrete crumbs, damage your health, drilling work is made to be performed according to different safety measures. In the role of ensuring this safety, you need to use protective glasses, gloves, plugs for your ears in other words of protective headphones. Than that the work is made in special clothes when there are no hanging elements that be rotated around the drill.

To avoid overheating of an electric tool used for drilling, it is necessary to regularly give him peace

It is important to insert a drill (you need to do this until the tool stops)

Two methods of the clamp of a thin drill cartridge, if the jaws do not reach the shank a little

If the drill stuck in the wall at one time of drilling, it should be removed without removing the tool from its surface. For this purpose, the drill will be removed from the peorater, not another, so that it would be necessary to begin to destroy the wall around the drill stuck there.

If the drill is not removed from the drill in other words, it must be squeezed in a vice, and in the end, using a hammer using a wooden strip, tape the clamping mechanism sponge. Help in this case you will like butter more, a few drops of which pour into a key type cartridge.


An electric screwdriver nozzle is a device, thanks to which the electrical device turns into a metal cutting device and a universal screwdriver. The use of additions to the screwdriver made it a popular household tool that allows you to carry out construction work of any complexity at home.

The nozzles are easily worn and removed from the device, and also have a number of advantages:

nozzle, electric, screwdriver, work, video
  • Simple operation;
  • Processing of material with an even cut and without burrs;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • High performance;
  • Lightness in maintenance.

As for the shortcomings, they are not, except that some species are expensive.

In addition, electric screwdriver with nozzles is largely inferior in efficiency and performance to professional devices, since it is a simplified household version of the tool. At the same time, by drilling speed, many nozzles can compete with devices for cutting and polishing metal. They are also indispensable when installing the roof and with the screwing of various fasteners.

Due to the fact that nozzles are produced in a huge assortment, they are ideal for protrusions and grooves of any elements.

Bits to the screwdriver can be sold both complete with the device and separately.

Before you use them, you should check their compliance with the size of the screw of the screw or self.Tapping screw. If the fastener part is fixed tightly, then the bit is suitable.

You cannot use damaged or previously used screws for fasteners. When they are twisted, the boundaries of the bit may be damaged, and it will quickly fail.

For polishing

Thanks to this nozzle, the processed surface acquires perfect smoothness. The polishing process is carried out by the end disc, it removes the microscopic layer of the material, without changing its thickness.

The nozzle contains a stubborn circle in its set, having mounts for polishing material, and a threaded tip holding it. Connections in the tool can be designed both under the left and right rotation of the shaft.

During operation, the nozzle disk wear out and it can easily be changed to a new. Replaceable discs are usually produced from polyurethane, their thickness reaches several millimeters. To increase the effect of polishing, polishing pastes are simultaneously used with the disk.

There are wheels of felt, artificial or natural wool. Thanks to such devices, you can quickly polish the surface of polycarbonate, car body and glass. During operation, it is necessary to ensure that the nozzle circle is parallel to the surface.

Key toothed cartridge

To fix the drill in the gear cartridge, the master will need to use a special key. As a rule, fixing is carried out by 3 “cams”, which are located symmetrically around the longitudinal axis of the spindle. The only minus of such a cartridge is a high risk of key loss, without which it will be difficult to replace the drill.

Features of spring and magnetic bits for electric screwdriver

If the master is working in an inaccessible place or on the ceiling, experts recommend using bats with special capabilities (magnetic or with the presence of fixers). It should be borne in mind that the tip with a spring type fixer will be firmly held in the adapter. Magnetic heads, in turn, will provide a good hitch with the notch of screws. The use of such nozzles avoids slipping the tip from the fastener head.

It is advisable to use the heads with the spring structure, if necessary, installing the fasteners in an inaccessible place or at different angles. Basic and Slitz are the main elements of such bit. A flexible spring connects them among themselves. Schlitz must be inserted into notches on self.Tapping screw. The presence of a flexible spring allows you to tighten it at an angle.

The adapter or extension cure for the bit of electrical screwdriver is able to greatly simplify construction work. Manufacturers make 2 types of structures that differ among themselves:

The adapter is designed for standard nozzles.

How to insert a drill into an electric screwdriver Bosch

An indispensable power tool in a house with a name, a screwdriver is actively used in construction work. The most common procedure with this device is the replacement of the drill. Sometimes this process seems very complex and almost impossible. However, in fact, replacing the drill with a screwdriver is easy, the main thing. Follow the instructions in stages and pay attention to the details.

Features of the screwdriver

The screwdriver means the same drill, but it has a lower speed of rotation of the cartridge and the ability to adjust the torque. Many hours of spinning and spinning with your own hands have not yet satisfied anyone. The screwdriver will help you quickly and accurately fix and unscrew the fasteners. You can also use this device to create holes in materials of various densities. Metals, wood and stones. The screwdriver power comes from the network or from the battery.

The construction device is divided into the following types:

All types of tools differ only for its purpose: the screwdriver (ordinary) is used only when working with fasteners, the drill will help to drill the right hole, the screwdriver is designed to twist and unscrew the mounts using a cross.Shaped plug, a device with a colloquial name is controlled using screws.

Replacing the cutting tool

“Tail” of the drill-electrical screwdriver is fixed in the cartridge. This is included in various sizes as a nose. If the cutting tool is installed incorrectly, the screwdriver can damage the workflow and damage your health. For example, by “improper” drilling, you can get holes of different sizes with a damaged surface. A sharp element when leaving the cartridge can lead to serious injuries.

Most modern screwdrivers have fist cartridges. They consist of a cylindrical case, as well as sleeves and fists. When the sleeve rotates clockwise, the fists are simultaneously pressed on the drill.

The process of replacing it is simple, but has a number of individual characteristics. The whole process can be described as:

  • It is necessary to choose the necessary nozzle (drill) for the drill;
  • Then you need to take a cutting tool and install it in the center of the cartridge (between the open “fists”);
  • Then it must be blocked by turning the sleeve clockwise (using a key type cartridge, the key is inserted into a recess);
  • Turn the sleeve to fix the nozzle.

Change the drill easily, but first you need to remove the previous. There are the following options for the development of the situation:

  • Standard drill removal (without damage to the cartridge);
  • Extraction of a drill in the absence of a key;
  • Removal of a stuck cutting element.

If the screwdriver works correctly, problems when replacing a working tool should not occur. The operation is elementary. To do this, take the key designed to free the cartridge, and insert it into the recess. Turning around the clock. Unfamation is carried out by special cloves on objects. There is also another option for drilling. To do this, turn on the mode of the rotating screwdriver, hold the case of the external cartridge and press the start button. Thus, the drill is easily freed.

In the absence of a special key, the drill can be removed using a cruciate screwdriver or nail. It must be inserted into the deepening of the cartridge and recorded in half. Turn the opposite side of the cartridge with your hand. However, if such unpictation does not give results, then we take a gas key or vise. These tools will help strengthen the rotation of the cartridge. If previous drilling options have failed, then heavy artillery should be used. In some cases, obtaining a drill is complicated by its external damage. In this situation, it is necessary to weaken the “fists” using gas keys and pressure. We completely clamp the cartridge with keys and rotate (weaken).

In this process, both the key and the pressure are encouraged. You can also take a hammer and deliver a light blow to the cartridge. Vibration from blows helps to relax.

The radical option in the most hopeless situation would be to turn the cartridge using a screwdriver. To do this, squeeze it in a vice and cut it strongly with a cutting tool from the inside with a punch. Naturally, after such a procedure, a screwdriver should be turned on in the repair. Summing up, it is worth noting that the process of inserting the drills into the screwdriver is quite simple, and even the one who never did this can cope with this. The main thing in this process. Follow the recommendations.

How to get a bat from an electric screwdriver if it is stuck

Cloth the clamping device in any model of the Metabo, Interskol, Hitachi, Dewalt and others electrical screwdriver. Bit can get stuck for a number of reasons, one of which is the use of the largest drill. The fists of the cartridge have to be pushed to the ultimate value, and then it is not possible to squeeze them out. If they are unevenly compressed, then they will not be able to unclench in order to pull out a jammed drill or bit.

To bite lips, squeeze the bit due to free move during compressing and unclenching. This happens if the figures of the fists fall:

Когда случаются такие ситуации, работать инструментом, хотя он и исправен, невозможно. You can try to fix it yourself, and if it does not work, then contact specialists. Almost all models of screwdrivers are the same, so the methods that allow you to extract a jammed bit, the same.

The first thing to do is add a lubricant to the jammed cartridge so that it open. For this purpose, WD-40 lubricant is perfect. It is poured so much that the liquid flows through each fist. The lubricant is left for 15 minutes, after the fabric, fists are carefully tapped. Most often after such a procedure it is possible to solve the problem. But if the cartridge has not gripped, it can be a little warm with a hairdryer.

Some pull out the bat using divorce keys. After the cartridge is lubricated, the base is clamped by one, the others should carefully twist its upper part. As soon as it is possible to get a stuck bat, an electric screwdriver must be cleaned.

For ease of work, the bit is magnetized

How to pull the nozzle from an electric screwdriver

In order to correctly select nozzles, it is necessary to study their varieties. At first, determine the type of shape of the shank and diameter. It happens from 1/4 to 1 inches.

Combined bits have two types of shank shape or one, but of different sizes. For example, a slotted shank and asterisk.

Determine the length of the bit that you need for you to work. It ranges from 10 to 200 mm.

Depending on the shape of the tail of the nozzle, have a certain marking:

  • SL (SLOT). Slotted;
  • PH (Philips). Cross.Shaped universal;
  • Pz (Pozidrive). Cross.Shaped with additional thin ribs;
  • T (Torx Hole). Stars;
  • H (hex). Hexagonal.

The fundamental feature is the brand of steel, from which the bit is made. The nozzle may have a snake coating. The hardness of the equipment depends on this. The main types of steel and coatings that should be preferred:

  • CR-V-chrome-vanadium steel. The most common, with overstated hardness;
  • CR-MB-chrome-molibden steel. Often. Very strong material;
  • Ni. Nickel coating. Increases corrosion resistance;
  • WC-carbide volframe coating. Increases hardness;
  • Tin-nitrite titanic yellow coating. Increases hardness.

The nozzles differ depending on the purpose:

Taking into account all the considered characteristics, you can easily choose the necessary bats.

Read the same. Tool use options

The screwdrivers can not only be tightened and twist the fasteners. So that the tool does not fly up, he can find a lot of applications.

Carpet Removing: Makita Electric screwdriver

Typically, Makita brand power tools are equipped with a threaded mount with auxiliary fixation with a screw with left thread.

  • Unscrew the fixing screw (over the hour).
  • Activate Stop.Stop button spindle.
  • Wrap the body with a dense cloth and squeeze in a vice.
  • In the fists to grind the hexagon.
  • Haming with a hammer on the free plane of the key, the cartridge is scrollful, and then removed from the shaft.

How to remove a bat from an electric screwdriver

It has already long been clear to everyone that unscrewing not to tighten screws is more convenient for not a razor more specifically with an electric screwdriver.

At least which tool has the ability to wear out not to fail. In particular, this applies to mobile rarely used details. In an electric screwdriver, such a component is considered a clamping cartridge. Element that has failed, should be changed. But at first you need to realize how the cartridge is removed. For a little need to find out about the technical properties of the device. To carry out repair work, a hammer, a screwdriver, a vice is not some keys.

nozzle, electric, screwdriver, work, video

Fastening options

Manufacturers use several design options. The mount to the shaft is subsequently:

Carpet Removing: Bosch Electric screwdriver

Bosch brand screws are usually equipped with a fixing screw.

  • We put the key in fists and tighten the clicks.
  • The tool is placed on the edge of the table.
  • Pressing the stopper button, remove the cartridge lock on the shaft.
  • The cartridge is removed against the clock.

All acts require special attention and sequence when disassembling/assembly.

Having received theoretical knowledge of the types of cartridges, it will be easier for you without the help of others to produce Interskol, Hitachi, also other manufacturers.

Varieties of cartridges

  • One of the types of fastening is Morse cone. In the middle of the device there is a horse.Shaped hole, and the end of the shaft has the same cone. When connecting the part with the shaft, strong and reliable contact occurs.
  • The threaded method is a compound by a means of ordinary thread, cut at the end of the shaft and in the hole of the part, which is simply wound on the shaft thread.
  • A fixing screw is usually used for auxiliary fastening. To unscrew it, you need to make your fists absolutely. The screw has a left thread and a head for a cross screw.

Find the method of fastening can be exploring marking inscriptions.

Morse cone has the designation of this type: 1-8 mm, B12. This means that the screwdriver can work with nozzles, the shank of which has a diane of 1 to 8 mm, and B12 is the size of the cone.

In the variant with a threaded connection, the inscription looks like this: 1.0-12 m11x1,25. The value of 1.0-12 is the dialect of the nozzles, and the inscription M12x1,25 shows to the metric thread parameter.

In the electrical screwdrivers of foreign production, the inches standard thread is used, therefore the designation will look like this: 2-12 mm 1/2–20 UF

Is it possible to drill?

You can use the tool instrument to the drill instrument only if such an opportunity is indicated in the technical passport of the device.

But soft materials, such as drywall, are drilled even with a low.Power electric screwdriver.

To do this, it is necessary to stick the bits in the cartridge drill to work with GKL.

To remove the drill or other nozzles, it is necessary to spin the cartridge with the hand or key. It is also necessary to rearrange the coupling in the appropriate position, usually the drill icon is depicted in this mode. The nozzle is put to the marked surface at right angles. It is not recommended to deviate. This will make it harder to make a move of the drill, the dialect of the opening will grow.

To drill a concrete or brick wall, tiles, you will need a tool with the highest speed of rotation (from 1200 rpm) and a huge rotating moment. Screwdrivers with the shock mechanism are controlled with the task more efficiently and frozen.

How to insert a drill into an electric screwdriver?

Unperepsible in everyday life, the power tool with the speaking title electric screwdriver is intensively used in the construction of work. The most all.Terrified procedure with such a device is the substitution of the drill. Sometimes it seems that this process is very difficult and virtually unrealistic. But in fact, changing the drill in an electric screwdriver will not be much difficult, the main thing is to step on the instructions and pay your attention to the details.

Electric screwdriver nozzle for polishing

When polishing, you can also use an electric screwdriver, having previously equipped it with a special nozzle.

nozzle, electric, screwdriver, work, video

Also, when working with an electric screwdriver, you can use special ring saws, the so.Called crowns. They are needed when cutting round holes, for example, when installing sockets.

Thus, in the presence of the necessary special nozzles, the electric screwdriver becomes almost a universal device for the implementation of many work. For household needs, the use of all kinds of nozzles with electric screwdriver can replace several other tools at once.

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