How to put a spring on a brushcutter starter

Grass trimmer starter repair with his own hands video

The starter is one of the main components of the lawnmower, which makes starting the engine of the tool much easier. Its failure can happen at the most inopportune time, which will certainly entail a significant change in the daily plans of the owner of the site. The problem can be solved in two ways: to repair the grass trimmer starter with your own hands, or to replace the whole node. The easiest option for troubleshooting the starting system will be its complete replacement, but from a financial point of view, buying a new starter can seem far beyond the reach. For self-troubleshooting it is enough to prepare a screwdriver with the appropriate tip and read the following recommendations.

As with any garden or construction gasoline tools, trimmer starter for grass consists of a plastic housing, which is installed pulley with pre-coiled cord (schmorglalka). In order to automatically twist the rope after a jerk starter at the back of the pulley is fixed made of alloy steel band spring. On the front of the pulley a ratchet is mounted, through which the starter is engaged with the drive shaft of the grass trimmer engine. Depending on the manufacturer and the design of the brushcutter, the pulley and ratchet may be a single piece or assembled from two separate parts.

The principle of grass trimmer starter operation is almost the same regardless of the model of the unit.

The grass trimmer starter has the following main components

When the starter motor is jerked, the projections on the pulley engage with the pawls, which diverge in different directions under the centrifugal force if the engine is started successfully. Also there are models where the ratchet is spring loaded on the body side and the reverse rotation of the pulley is the removal of teeth meshing with the motor shaft. Of course, with frequent and prolonged use of the grass trimmer, no one is immune to breakage of the drive cord or wear and tear of the band spring. Therefore, in this case, it will be necessary to repair the starter trimmer for grass, which can be carried out with their own hands.

Prevention of problems

At some point difficulties with the starter appears on any trimmer

for lawn mowers or petrol grass trimmer is a mechanical assembly, which includes a pulley mounted on a ratchet. On the pulley in the initial position is wound rope. When starting it stretches outward. The pulley is spring loaded. once you let go of the end of the rope, it will coil back. A flat strip coiled up into a ring is used as a spring. It resembles a spring in a large mechanical watch that is wound once a day. The starter itself is located more often in the back, than closer to the front end of the mower or trimmer for grass. In order to correctly create all the manipulations with the starter for the lawnmower, you should know the peculiarities of the device and installation.

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The main malfunctions of the grass trimmer starter

Determining the cause of the starter unit failure is not difficult. There are several basic options:

The specified parts are shown in the picture below.

It may happen that the starter mechanism is accidentally broken. The consequences will turn out to be pitiable, if the torn rope winds around the flywheel of a running ICE: then the spring will burst, the pulley will tear. But such cases, when a complete replacement of the starter unit is required, occur very rarely. In most cases, to fix the mechanism, it is enough to put a new spring or replace the cord.

Worst case

There are times when the starter still works, but, for example, a frayed cord can break. The compression has not yet been triggered when the engine is started and the rest of the rope is immediately wound onto the reel, the return spring loses its hooks, the grooves in the starter housing break. The result is the replacement of both the springs and the housing.

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If the hedge trimmer or grass trimmer model has long been discontinued, it is difficult to find exactly the same parts, and the starter will completely change.

Assembling disassembling the manual starter on the brushcutter

In this video you will learn how you can quickly and easily enough assemble a jammed starter on your brushcutter! With a minimal set of tools! Duct tape, screwdriver, hexagon! And also you will learn typical differences of two seemingly identical starters! I do the detailed disassembly and reassembly! Enjoy the show !! Also in the video there are subtitles, for your convenience! #benzo_starter_repair #disassembly_starter_benzo_mowers #how_to_place_the_starter_spring_of_the_mowers

Practical Recommendations

In order to match the cord fixing holes in the pulley and the housing, you may have to make a few more turns. A new rope is put through the technological hole and a loop or knot is made: this will allow it to slip out of the sheave. The rope is set aside so that it does not interfere with further work. Next you need to fix the pulley.

Reinstall the soft-start spring. The device starter lawnmower Husqvarna. It can be used as it was before, if it is not damaged. or a new one if it has to be replaced. Install the starter clip on top of the spring, which is secured with a special screw. It reliably secures the clamp for a long time, preventing it from skewing and swaying. After that, you need to make a few turns of rope and run it inward. Put the cover with the assembled starter unit back on. Using screws you fix it.

Once the repair and reassembly is complete, you can get to work. Self-repairing the starter does not take long and does not require complex skills, but it saves time and money if such work is performed in a service center.

The chainsaw must be repaired responsibly and timely preventive maintenance checks and the quality of fuel and oil must be monitored. These simple manipulations will increase the duration of the tool in working condition.

Removing and disassembling the starter, replacing the broken parts

To repair the grass trimmer starter, it must first be disassembled and then reassembled. This process is not particularly difficult. You will need to work the form of a screwdriver.

Everything should be done carefully, taking precautions, especially so that the spring in the case of accidental departure does not injure the owner.

Starter analysis

Disassemble the starter mechanism to install new parts to replace the broken parts in the following sequence:

  • Unscrew the screw that fastens the pulley with the starter cover with a screwdriver;
  • Remove spring and tendrils;
  • Carefully remove the pulley (you need to turn your head or work, wearing goggles and gloves beforehand);
  • Determine why the trigger is triggered;
  • If the spring has collapsed almost completely, it is replaced;
  • When the spring is out of the hook, it is installed in its former place, pre-bending the antenna (photos show the installation process);
  • Once the spring plate is in place inside the groove, screw it on carefully.

To change the spring, the work must be done carefully and carefully: it can accidentally explode under the force caused by triggering it. Even if you remove the roller carefully, the spring band will come off the reel very quickly and can injure your hand with its sharp edges.

It is not always possible to put the spring plate back in place immediately. This often slips, so attempts must be repeated to achieve the desired result.

Starter assembly

Assembly of the launcher is done in several steps:

  • The coil is flipped, setting it so that the bend of the spring fits exactly into the slot of the body, as in the photo below;
  • Put the two washers with the spring between them;
  • Put the cup with the tendrils in place;
  • Tighten the screw (photo below).
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Doing the above manipulation, you need to put two washers. If this is not done, the spring will eventually damage the plastic cup, and when it is removed, it will begin to jam. It makes you feel like spring has arrived. To eliminate this defect, you need to install this part of a longer length or an additional washer.

When these details are not enough, you can simply unscrew the screw a little, and the starter assembly will start to work without fixing. But this option is temporary. It is better to repair it as soon as possible.

Spring tension

Once the spring is installed, tighten it. To do this, do the following steps:

  • Remove the handle from the starter cord;
  • Then the rope is inserted into the slot of the spool;
  • The spring is tightened by turning the coil in the opposite direction in a clockwise direction (winding);
  • Make the required number of revolutions as specified in the instruction manual for the grass trimmer model used and the appropriate length of cord used;
  • At the very end, lower the rope into the hole provided for this purpose in the starter cover;
  • Place the handle in place, securing it with the knot.

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If the spring continues to fly after the repair, you can get rid of it in the following ways:

  • Insert the appropriate piece of plate into the slot at the location of the spring hook;
  • Drill holes on both sides of the groove in the spool, in which you want to insert the spring hook, and secure it with wire.

Replacing a broken cord

The broken rope is replaced in the following sequence:

spring, brushcutter, starter
  • The old cord is removed;
  • Choose a cord of the appropriate size (thickness and length);
  • Passing it through the special hole located in the spool, tie a knot;
  • Spring valve, which produces the required number of revolutions;
  • Fix the handle

It is better to tighten the spring plate with the cord so that the edge of the cord does not twist inside the starter mechanism.

Assemble the starter on the trimmer is not difficult and wind the spring, but it must be done carefully and cautiously. For different models of gasoline engines starter mechanism failures are the same, so they are repaired in the same way. However, there are some nuances associated with their design features.

Prevention of problems

At some point, difficulties with the starter appear on any trimmer

For lawn mowers or gasoline grass trimmer is a mechanical assembly, which includes a pulley placed on the ratchet. A rope is wrapped around the pulley in the initial position. It stretches outward when starting. The pulley is spring loaded. it is worth for you to release the end of the rope, as it will coil back. A flat ribbon coiled into a ring is used as a spring. It is reminiscent of the spring in a huge mechanical clock that is wound once a day. The starter itself is located more often in the back, than closer to the front end of the mower or grass trimmer. To correctly create all manipulations with the starter for the lawnmower, you should know the peculiarities of the device and installation.

How to independently carry out repairs to lawnmowers

Gasoline grass trimmer is a fairly simple and effective device for mowing the grass.

By design, it occupies a middle ground between the manual device, as held in the weight, and the wheel, as driven by the engine.

It is used mainly in villas and countryside plots, so if you break down to get to the workshop or service center is not always possible.

Repair of the lawnmower with their own hands, if it is not associated with the replacement of the entire unit, it is quite possible.

Design of the machine

The device works by transmitting torque from the power drive, oil, electric or battery-powered, to the cutting tool, the blade or fishing line. The transmission mechanism is a shaft located inside the boom. On machines with a curved shaft, the motor is a steel cord.

The boom is attached to the drive gearbox. two- or four-stroke. When switching on, the torque on the shaft is transmitted to the line or the blade.

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The most complicated part of the machine is the motor. Damage to the shaft, belts, cutting tool refers to mechanical failure, but the repair of the lawnmower engine usually causes difficulties. Part of the faults associated with the contamination of the engine elements can be corrected by yourself. Parts replacement or adjustment should preferably be left to an expert.

Engine failure

The breakdown may not be associated with damage to the motor, but with the occurrence of obstacles in its work. Before proceeding to disassembly, it is worth excluding simple failures.

  • Overheating. if the failure occurred after 15 minutes of continuous operation, the cause is probably elementary overheating. However, an increase in temperature can be caused by grass and dirt clogging the starter grid or cooling ribs. Lawnmower repair video demonstrates the way to fix the failure. cleaning the grills and replacing the filters. On the photo. filter replacement.
  • Gasoline. it is not only a matter of having sufficient quantity, but also of sufficient quality. grass trimmers fill up with AI-92 and it is highly undesirable to use gasoline with a lower octane number. This leads to rapid clogging of the carburetor, its rusting, and to breakdowns far more serious.
  • Contamination of the air filter. its cleaning refers to the standard trimmer care procedures. At the dacha, the filter is washed with gasoline and installed in place. In more suitable conditions wash in water with detergents, dry and fix it back, pre-moistened in the fuel mixture. In this case, the Husqvarna or STIHL lawnmower repair is no different from fixing the breaks on the Chinese trimmer.

But if all of the above techniques are used, you will have to start disassembling the motor.

spark plug replacement

One of the most common causes of failure is dirty or damaged spark plugs. a crack in the spark plug housing. In the latter case, the part is simply replaced.

  • The work is performed with the engine turned off and cooled.
  • Disconnect the high-voltage cable.
  • Unscrew the spark plug using a special key and inspect it.
  • The presence of deposits on the spark plug indicates poor fuel quality. Parts can be cleaned with mineral spirits, brake fluid.
  • If the spark plug is faulty or damaged, it is replaced with a new one: it is inserted into place and tightened with a wrench.

In some cases, only parts of the same model can be used. But when you have a STIHL 130 lawnmower, for example, 90% of the time you can replace a new part with an old one.

Starter breakdowns

Start grass trimmer is done as follows: when pulling the cord, the handwheel pawl binds to the teeth of the starter coil, and then with a more vigorous pulling leads to the start of the motor. If the start is too harsh, the impact of the paddles leads to the destruction of the coil.

The second most common cause is the breakage of the flexible shaft if the coil gets jammed or if grass and dirt clog the grid.

lawnmower starter repair with their own hands eliminates. The module is sold as a complete unit, and is simply replaced with a new one.

Lawn mower carburetor repair

  • First of all, the device is inspected from the outside for fuel leaks. Then blow the fuel hose, as often the cause of failure is its clogging.
  • If everything is okay, check the gasket between the motor and the carburetor and replace if necessary.
  • With a special device or with the help of a medical tonometer check the tightness.

Setting up the device is quite a complicated procedure. If, after assembling and checking the carburetor, the grass trimmer starts, but immediately stalls. this is a sign of a failure in the settings.

Repair of lawn mower with their own hands on the video is presented by examples of Husqvarna and STIHL machines.

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