How to put an angle grinder on a chainsaw

Angle grinder for chain saw

In the household, in the work on the production associated with repair and construction, you can not do without the tools at hand. One of the most in-demand tools in everyday life. a chainsaw. Significantly expand the functionality of the technical device is able to one or another attachment on the chainsaw. angle grinder. a tool with a wide range of applications. It is most often used in the home as a chainsaw attachment.

As a rule, angle grinders work from the electric power supply. This can be a problem if there is no power outlet within reach. Then the option of mounting the attachment to a gas-powered tool becomes the only way out of the situation.

A pulley is attached to the shaft of the drive sprocket, also called a clutch drum. It is movably connected to the saw blade axle by the drive belt installation. Prefabricated factory fasteners provide for special holes in the connection point, in which the studs will be inserted when installing the nozzle. The attachment is mounted in place of the guide bar. The usual set of factory angle grinder attachment, which comes on sale, is the following set of parts and assemblies:

  • universal sawing attachment;
  • coupling that connects the saw unit with the motor
  • A flexible drive belt;
  • set of shim washers;
  • assembly wrench;
  • instructions.

The basis for efficient operation of the machine is a bearing unit combined with a shaft. A driven pulley is installed on one end of the shaft. another has a tool mounting for the attachment. the faceplate and the attachment’s driving pulley. The purchased angle grinder has a plug for installation on a power tool. The belt drive provides torque transmission from the drive pulley to the driven pulley. Some models are equipped with a stationary (fixed) protective cover. Others have the hood that can be removed.

For safety reasons, it is advised not to use the tool without the hood. It is not recommended to work for a long time on the maximum possible power of the original tool (chainsaw).

Why chainsaws need attachments

There are special attachments for chain saws on sale, which can significantly increase the functionality of the tool.

Using the additional equipment of a chain saw it is possible to make a cleaver, it will help to cope with chunks which by means of an axe to split is problematic or a boat motor, for walks on a rubber boat.

In fact, nozzles are needed in order to extract the maximum benefit from the chainsaw, so that it does not gather dust on the shelf, but is used every day to solve a variety of problems.

No special education or skills are required for the installation of tools, everything is simple and easy.

Nuances of use

The tool. angle grinder, should be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and with observance of safety. In practice, these recommendations are neglected, which often leads to injury. Let’s consider the main points to consider when working with a chainsaw. angle grinder.

  • In the process of work, the hands and eyes of the operator must be protected. Goggles and gloves are a must, but it is not superfluous to wear a suit of rough material. Cutting disks are thin, brittle to a break and if the usual angle grinder they are easily controlled, it is not so easy to do with a saw. Blade can wrap up and break, splinters can fly off and hurt.
  • On the chainsaw power less than 1.5 kW to install a large-diameter cutting disc is not worth it, the engine will cope, but will work at the limit and there will be noticeable dips in speed.
  • It is forbidden to work with the guard removed.
  • The drive belt between the pulleys must be properly tensioned. To check the tension, grip the belt in the center and try to turn it about its axis. If the belt turns only 900, it is tensioned correctly, if it is more or less, it means that it is necessary to make an adjustment.
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Advantages of chain saw angle grinder

Now let’s see if you need to buy or make your own attachment angle grinder on the chainsaw, what are its advantages compared to the usual angle grinder?

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The main advantage of the attachment. the angle grinder, is mobility. Agree that it is not always possible to pull the wire to the place of work or they may be carried out in places where electricity is simply not available.

The second is. while the nozzle can be bought for 1.5. 2 thousand or make it yourself.

The third and final advantage, is power. The most powerful electric angle grinder is 2.5. 3 kW, and some chain saws can easily deliver 3.5. 4, professional models over 5 kW. For example, the STIHL MS 661 with 5.4 kW.

Along with the advantages, there are also negatives to consider, namely:

  • the chain saw must not be used indoors, t. к. Exhaust emissions from chain saws are toxic;
  • A chain saw with a nozzle is bulky and inconvenient, it is inconvenient to make small and precise cuts with it;
  • When working with a cutting wheel, metallic dust hovers in the air, which gets into the air filter and strongly contaminates the latter.

Of course, compared with the usual angle grinder, the attachment. angle grinder loses in functionality, t. к. it is not possible to grind with it, it is just inconvenient, and it weighs a chainsaw with an angle grinder a lot. It turns out that the attachment. angle grinder for a chainsaw, as well as an electric angle grinder has its advantages, but they are not able to fully replace each other.

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Peculiarities of making homemades from the “Ural” chainsaw

The choice of a chainsaw for remodeling should be taken extremely seriously. It is very important to calculate the power of the device and the tasks that the new product will have to solve. For example the Ural chainsaw is considered one of the most powerful in its class.

Beware. woodcutters!

To use a chainsaw “Ural” for children’s bicycle modification into a moped is extremely dangerous. Too much rpm can simply cause the chain to break and cause injury. But a huge plus “Ural” is that the chainsaw is not discontinued and is still in service. Consequently, spare parts can always be found.

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Which chainsaw is the right one for remodeling?

Before you start choosing a chainsaw, you need to understand what advantages this tool has and why it is chosen as a basic.

  • Excellent motor performance and power.
  • Compact size of the motor.
  • No need to modify the motor, it is completely usable.
  • You can use the unit in any conditions, even in increased complexity.
  • The design feature allows the saw to be used in different positions.
  • The clutch is specially located to protect the main parts of the tool from damage.
  • The convenient output shaft makes it possible to attach additional devices.

When choosing a saw, you should be guided by the following parameters:

  • Power;
  • Simple construction and inexpensive spare parts
  • You should not use expensive tools, it is best to take a second-hand.

Based on the above, the most suitable are chainsaws Ural, STIHL or Druzhba.

Makes electric circular saw from angle grinder

Some craftsmen decide to remake the standard equipment in their opinion, more functional.

Circular saw of the angle grinder with my own hands

For alteration of the angle grinder in the circular saw will be required saw blade, bolt ties, gearbox, metal angle, steel bars, metal clamps, tool kit. Before assembling the device it is advisable to make drawings, calculate the gear ratio, taking into account the parameters of the toothed disc.

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The motor of the angle grinder will be the power plant for the circular saw created. At first remove the disk from the angle grinder. The new toothed disk is tightened with a metal angle. The angle grinder body itself is covered with clamps, with double-strength metal tape underneath.

Next, a hole is made in the gearbox to install the handle mount, and grooves are drilled in four places for bolts. Metal bars are shaped into 6 cm loops, then the handle is attached to the body together with the electric motor. Sometimes such a saw is mounted on a base made of plywood or chipboard to create a stationary circular saw.

How to make a circular saw from a 2,4 kW angle grinder, you can see

Circular saw from an angle grinder

For a self-made machine you will need a saw set (chain bar), chain sprocket, set of bolts, metal profile, tools. First remove the disc from the angle grinder, screw the prepared bracket onto the shield. Install the sprocket on the shaft of the electric motor. Then the guide bar is installed behind the clamps of the bracket. The chain is installed and tensioning is adjusted.

In the video report presents a step-by-step scheme of works on creating an electric saw from an angle grinder.

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Technology of how to cut a log with a chainsaw

Before you saw a log into boards at home you need to saw it properly to get the maximum amount of quality boards with minimum waste. Rational use of raw materials is achieved by using special sawing schemes. Markings are put on the wood, according to the goal and the type of timber to be sawed.

Before starting work it is necessary to fix a billet thoroughly in order to achieve high quality of the boards surface. Logs are usually sawn horizontally. The advantage of cutting horizontally is that less effort is required to hold the chainsaw in the air. Sawing the workpiece along the chainsaw can be done using the devices for longitudinal sawing. a wooden stop. a device made by your own hands.

When using the longitudinal sawing attachment, it must be carefully secured to the chainsaw body. Before you begin work, you must take care to create a base surface parallel to which the chainsaw will cut.

You must insert wedges in the longitudinal cut to prevent the chainsaw blade from clamping with the sawn-off edge of the board. Move the saw slowly, don’t force it. It is better to saw a log with two people, as you need additional hands for moving and securing the workpiece, to insert the wedges into the saw.

Knowing all these details and peculiarities, it is easy to cut a log or timber into boards yourself.

Safety rules for your work

Before you start sawing the workpiece with a chainsaw, it is necessary to take measures to work safely:

  • make sure that the attachment is assembled on the chainsaw according to the accompanying drawing;
  • know all the malfunctions of your chainsaw and how to fix them;
  • Carefully prepare the workplace and securely fasten the workpiece;
  • Always wear overalls, goggles to protect your eyes from sawdust, ear defenders to protect against noise, and a respirator to protect your respiratory system when working;
  • start the chainsaw on the ground, the chain brake must be unlocked just before starting work;
  • Always have a first aid kit on hand for first aid;

Knowing and strictly following safety rules will allow you to saw a billet with a chainsaw without any harm to your health and obtain high-quality lumber.

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Mounting the machine design

When assembled, the height of the structure is barely 10 cm (taking into account the body, the protective shield, including the distance to the support plate). The distance between the axes of the studs in this case will be 32 millimeters at their height of 24.5, the center distance from the shaft to the first stud will be 54 millimeters. Given that the weight of the entire structure (though, excluding the bar) is quite appropriate, just over 4.5 kg, you can choose a stud with a metric thread diameter of 8 mm and a thread pitch of 1 mm for mounting.

To fix the motor and shaft, you’ll need a channel. Armed with an angle grinder, from the workpiece cut out a mount of the desired configuration, and then drill holes for fasteners that connect this design and the chainsaw proper.

When assembling it is necessary to take into account the sufficient distance between the front bowl of the coupling and the support frame. On the other side of the shaft will be mounted gearbox, borrowed from the angle grinder.

The next stage of work will be the construction of the rotary assembly. For this purpose we will need a piece of pipe slightly more in diameter than the shaft with a welded corner to fix the guide, a hollow hexagonal guide, a matching diameter of a metal rod and a metal blank of a rectangular cross section with holes at the ends to fix the rod and a slit in the upper part for convenient work.

The edges of the cut “handle” in the workpiece must be carefully deburred. A guide is attached to the angle by welding, and then using a rod, the resulting structure is connected to the rectangular “handle”. On the ends of the rod you can cut a thread for mounting security, you can just install it with a little tension. Then the entire assembly is put on the shaft and fixed in place, convenient for operation.

And, of course, before the assembly of parts it is necessary to give as much as possible an aesthetic appearance, for which each of them is exposed to scraping and painting.

At the next step you have to adapt the gearbox shaft to the available propeller. This important part should preferably be prefabricated and can be removed from an old motor. For those who are not looking for easy ways, the option of making a homemade screw is possible. A mould is made, in which the future screw is cast using epoxy glue and glass cloth, in the likeness of a factory-made screw. After some simple manipulation (sanding, painting) the screw is ready. However, you should take into account that the propeller will take a considerable load, and in the manufacture it is very important to correctly maintain all dimensions. Therefore, it is still better to use an already prefabricated part.

After connecting the propeller and gearbox shaft with a stud, the final stage comes. Gearbox is filled with transmission oil, cover with installed shaft is fixed with sealant. And then. the final assembly of the entire structure. In order to make it more convenient to use, you can also mount the throttle lever.

Boat owners often use motors to make the watercraft as fast and maneuverable as possible. The cost of factory units is not affordable to everyone, so most users prefer to create a motor from a chainsaw on a boat by their own. It is worth noting that the upcoming intervention in the basic design is minimal, so the equipment will remain suitable for further use, as intended.

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