How to put an electric screwdriver for twisting. Is it possible to repair

Why does an electric screwdriver not clamp the bat and what to do

Using a manual drill, some are faced with the problem of extracting bats from the cartridge. With intensive work, the fists can press to the change with great effort and even jam, so that it is difficult to crank the cartridge even with the help of a special key. The reverse task, when an electric screwdriver does not clamp the bat, occurs less often and is characteristic of faulty fastening. About what to do if the bit is not fixed properly, then.

The reason for the incorrect operation of the mounting mechanism, when an electric screwdriver does not pour a bit well, there may be a wear of one or more of its elements.

On the outside of the fists there are teeth that enter the clutch with a swivel gear and when twisting move upward along the conical guide, clamping the shank of the drill. When grinding the teeth on the fists or on the gear, the pressing force becomes insufficient for reliable holding the bits.

There is an option when the fists, although they do not completely converge, but to a certain diameter can provide the necessary pressing value. It is possible a temporary solution. Bits wrap the wire on the shank (the best material. copper), increasing the diameter and thus tightly tightened the impromptu design.

These are extreme measures that allow you to realize the ability of the tool only in case of emergency.

How to remove and change the cartridge

In order to safety, the maintenance of the mechanical and electrical parts of the device should be repaired or change the cartridge.

To do this, you will have to perform a small dismantling operation:

  • It is necessary to dilute the fists to the side, unscrewing the outer rotating part of the cartridge to the stop.
  • Then turn the screw (clockwise) with a cross.shaped screwdriver, which the head is attached to the spindle.
  • The next stage is more convenient to conduct, armed with an auxiliary tool. You can use a gas key of a suitable size. The electrical appliance must be placed on the table. The cartridge is rigidly fixed in the key’s lips, and the lever with a sharp movement rotates counterclockwise.
  • Now it remains to establish a replacement, not forgetting to fix the screw on the spindle.

How to remove a drill from an electric screwdriver

The design of an electric screwdriver

What is an electric screwdriver? Basically, this is the same drill, but an electric screwdriver differs from it in that it has the smallest speed of rotation of the cartridge and, immediately, a larger torque.

Another difference. if on a drill the speed of rotation changes smoothly, then on an electric screwdriver, usually “fixed” rotation speeds of the cartridge are set. This is due to the function of “slipping” the cartridge of an electric screwdriver: when the self.tapping screw is twisted, the cartridge ceases to spin, although the engine is still working. This function allows you not to tear off the slots and not even “drive” the self.tapping screw inside.

Various types of speeds are designed for certain works and materials, also the “Drilling” mode. Also, like a drill, an electric screwdriver has a reverse function. Features of the design of an electric screwdriver allow them a wide range of works: twisting and unscrewing of screws and screws, screws and nuts, drilling soft materials.

The introduction of an electric screwdriver, for example, in the process of production of drywall partitions or when assembling furniture, increases the speed of work with good return. Therefore, electric screwdriver is really considered the most all.fought tools in the set of at least any master.

The designs of all screwdrivers are approximately monotonous. They are quite light and have a “pistol” handle designed to work with the inventory of one hand.

YouTube how to stick a bat in an electric screwdriver correctly?

The launch button is arranged in such a macar to adjust the speed of rotation by pressing.

The fundamental element of an electric screwdriver is the source of its power. If the drills are available in modifications both with power from the network and in the autonomous (accumulative) version, then screwdrivers, due to the features of the implementation, are almost only accumulative. The battery is the most languid and most expensive part of the electric screwdriver.

electric, screwdriver, twisting, possible, repair

Household models of screwdrivers are usually equipped with nickel-cadmium (have the designation “Ni-CD”), and more expensive profiles-ion (“Li-Ion”) batteries. Their difference is that the nickel-cadmium owns the least service (about 1000 reloading), also have one unpleasant feature: if the battery is not enough, its capacity is miniaturized at the next charge.

However, whatever the battery, its capacity is limited by the weight of the tool. Therefore, even the most expensive models of screwdrivers are able to work out without time less than some time. Some domestic manufacturers decide this case with an introduction into a set of electrical screwdriver

second spare battery. But, this significantly applies the price of the tool. The battery from the ordinary network is charged. The charge rate is again depending on the model and is from 2-3 to 6 hours, although there are “fast” charging in some screwdrivers models in 10-15 minutes.

Working rules

It is easy to work with an electric screwdriver. In the lips of the cartridge, the nozzle (“bat”, or a gaykort, or drill) is clamped at work, and, with some effort, pressing an electric screwdriver, pressing the button is done by rotation of the cartridge. If you need to unscrew the self.tapping screw or remove the drill, the “reverse” is cut. During work, several rules should be followed:

  • Ahead of time before working with an electric screwdriver, charge it one hundred percent. With all this, strictly observe the requirements of the annotation in charging time. the “overexposure” of the battery in the charger reduces its service life.
  • During operation, correctly choose the “screw” or “drilling” mode. so you protect the engine and gearbox of an electric screwdriver from breakdowns.

Remember that an electric screwdriver is not intended to perform the drilling of a stone in other words.

  • Try not to throw not to drop an electric screwdriver. this is a rather fragile tool.
  • Keep an electric screwdriver clean. remember that small dust and particles of dirt act in the rubbing parts as an abrasive, and elements of electrical screwdriver come into unusable freak.
  • Now you are in general terms of what an electric screwdriver is and how to work with an electric screwdriver. It’s time to pick up the tool and create!

How to work in twisting mode?

Before starting work, you need to prepare the tool. If it works from the battery, you need to put it on charging.

The next step is to install a bit. To choose the right nozzle, you need to take into account the size of the mounting hat and the type of slot. Bits differ in type and diameter:

  • Shlitz. It is used most often. Designed for twisting screws with a secret head with a rifle under a flat screwdriver, screws. The width of the tip varies.
  • Cross. With their help, spin and twist screws, screws with a secret head. The tip has 4 radial diagonal ribs.
  • Hexagonal. Used for fasteners, the head of which has hexagonal recesses. Scuros and screws of this type are used in assembling furniture and appliances.
  • For bolts and nuts. Nozzle with a tip, inside which a hexagonal recess is made. With her, the tool is used as a gaykovert, screws, screws, bolts are twisted.

There are other nozzles, but they are used less often. How to change or even remove the bit? Having determined which bit is needed, they insert it into the cartridge. The installation method depends on the type of cartridge. The fast.packed nozzle is inserted as follows: they turn the cartridge counterclockwise until the distance between the fists increases. They push the end of the nozzle between them, twist the cartridge clockwise so that the fists are closed and reliably fix the part.

In an electric screwdriver equipped with a turnkey cartridge, the process of changing the nozzle is more difficult. First, the key is inserted into a special hole on the device, it is rotated counterclockwise to loosen the clamp. Insert a bat, fixed by rotation of the key clockwise.

The next step is to check the tools of the tool. If an electric screwdriver eats from the network, connect it to the outlet. Click on the start button, check if the bit is scrolling. The rotation speed is regulated using the same button, weakening or increasing the pressure. The tip of the bits is inserted into the recess on the fastener hat, pressed on the launch button.

Several methods of removing a screw or self.tapping screw with a torn cross

When choosing a method, take into account the degree of complexity of the task. It is necessary to determine how deep the fasteners are in the layer of material. The state of the surface is evaluated: whether there is rust, how badly the screw head is damaged. Use auxiliary means: rubber, chisel, hammer. If it is planned to use the striking method of impact on the fasteners, it is necessary to prepare the gasket: from brass, copper. This will avoid the final destruction of the head of the methyse.

Press on a screwdriver

The main error when twisting fasteners is not an intense effort enough. If we ensure a high degree of adjacent to the instrument of the instrument to the faces of the slot, you can contribute to the displacement of the screw. However, it is important to know which way the product is spinning.

Metiza is produced with right carving, but there are less often screws that are twisted in the other direction. counterclockwise. If you make a lot of efforts to promote fasteners, in this way you can even screw it into a layer of material even more. When it becomes clear that the product is not amenable to the exposure of the screwdriver, you should immediately stop the attempt to remove it by this by.

electric, screwdriver, twisting, possible, repair

Press the screwdriver during rotation

Ordinary elastic band and screwdriver

The principle of exposure to such a tool is similar to how the screwdriver works in the previously considered case. However, thanks to the rubber seal, the contact area increases. As a result, the chances of removing fasteners increase. Instructions:

  • It is recommended to use wide rubber, due to this, the area of ​​the contact surface increases;
  • First, it is necessary to cover the sharp line of the screwdriver with elastic material, it is pulled strongly enough to ensure a dense adjustment, but there is a risk of coating deformation, so you should not be too zealous;
  • The tool with the seal is installed in the slot, then they begin to slowly rotate the screwdriver.

The method is suitable for unscrewing a not too much licked screw, how to remove fasteners. to answer this question, you need to understand the mechanism of the screwdriver: it begins to unscrew the fastener with a tight fit to the faces of the helmet, and the rubber partially fills the head defects. As a result, the friction between the tool and the methyse increases, which allows you to move the last.

It is recommended to use wide rubber

Drill the head

If the mounting element is slightly over the surface of the structure, it can be removed using a drill of an electric screwdriver. For this, you should not make a lot of effort, the tool will do everything on its own. You just need to open the clamping cartridge. Then the tool is installed on top of the screw.

When the head is fixed in the cartridge, the drill electric screwdriver turns on. After a few seconds, the fastener element is removed. The disadvantage of this method is the limited application. In most cases, the head of the metiz is deformed while flush with the surface of the structure. It will be impossible to capture it at the same time.

Chisel and hammer

This method will not provide the desired result if the fastener element is completely recessed. The purpose of the use of percussion instruments is a slight displacement of the screw. This will facilitate the release process. The chisel is installed at an angle relative to the fastener head. Hammer Produce 1 blow. You should not repeat these actions many times, t. to. In this case, you can destroy the head. This option is suitable for situations when rust was formed on a metal product.

The purpose of the use of percussion instruments is a slight displacement of the screw

Extractor drilling method

Such a tool for removing threaded fasteners exists in different versions that are excellent in size. It resembles a drill, but has a conical shape and thickened base. Before using it, you should prepare fasteners. A small cross section is made in it. The extractor is selected taking into account the diameter of the hollow of the threaded part of the screw. the tool should be less. To twist the product, left.sided thread is cut into the hole. It must be borne in mind that the screws have right.handed thread.

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Drill the hole in the screw of the screw of the screw extractor do not greatly strike an extractor. Turn the extractor

When the manipulations are performed, the fastener is removed. Extractor is used to unscrews meters of various types. However, they are not used for screws. This is due to the fact that such products are made from hardened steel. In this case, the fasteners will go aside when trying to drill it.

The extractor is used to unscrewed with various types of fasteners, the fastener can be easily removed

We saw the line

When the screw screw is deformed, it is possible to remove such a dedication, increasing the size of the slot. However, the risk of destruction of fasteners increases. As a result, it will be more difficult to remove it. To avoid such consequences, it is recommended to perform 1 cut. along the axial line. Expand and increase in length both cross.shaped grooves should not be.

To perform the cut, it is recommended to use a hacksaw for metal or a corner grinder. In the process, metal shavings are formed. It must be periodically removed to ensure a review to perform high.quality cuts. It should not be done more than 2 mm in depth. This will lead to the destruction of the head. When the groove is ready, a flat screwdriver is used to remove the hardware.

Use a hacksaw for metal

With glue

Use different adhesive compounds. The purpose of this method is to ensure a high adjustment of the screwdriver. It is glued to the screw head. Когда состав полностью высохнет (на это может понадобиться 1-2 дня), начинают выкручивать крепежный элемент. Recommended types of mixtures: super glue, epoxy glue. The disadvantage of this method is a low degree of reliability. If you make a little more effort than necessary, the connection will collapse, you will have to look for a new way of removing the metrite.

How can you replace the cross screwdriver

First you need to carefully examine the screw. If one recess is longer than the second, then the twisting process is greatly simplified.

Otherwise, there is a great probability of grinding the recesses because of which, it is possible to harm the entire product. You can replace the cross screwdriver with the following options.

  • A coin of any denomination. The main thing is that her rib is entering the deepening of the screw. You just need to insert a coin into a screw and turn counterclockwise.
  • If the screw is twisted weakly, insert the nail into his slot and scroll, just as they would twist the screwdriver.
  • Insert a flat tip of a knife into a slot and twist a screw. Here you need to be careful, since a poor.quality knife can bend, break, and the screw will remain in place.
  • CD will be a great option than you can replace the screwdriver. However, such an analogue is suitable only for slightly twisted screws. Otherwise the disk will break.
  • If the connectors are too narrow, they can be expanded with a hacksaw for metal, and then use any convenient method of unscrewing.
  • If there is a flat screwdriver of the corresponding size, use it.
  • Melt the handle of the toothbrush, and then insert it into the screw helmet. When the plastic froze, you can proceed to unscrewing. But this method will not be effective if the screw is twisted too tight.

Bits. nozzles

There are several types of bit with an electric screwdriver with a different shape of the working edge.

Bits with a straight edge are designed to work with fasteners with one slot (slot). Depending on its length and depth, a suitable bit is selected.

The shape of a cruciate bat is selected similarly. here the width of the slot and the size of the halve of the fasteners are taken into account here. For reliable operation, the bit of the bit should be tightly included in the slots, otherwise there is a possibility of “licking” of the faces of the slots.

For attaching the bat in the cartridge, a special nozzle with a magnetized holder is used, which does not allow the design to break up and reliably holds the bat in various positions.

To fix the nozzle with a bat, you need to unscrew the moving part of the cartridge.

Insert the nozzle and wrap the cartridge all the way.

There are very convenient bilateral bits that can be fixed in the cartridge without nozzle.

Installation of torque

The drill has a control ring to install the torque at which its values ​​are applied.

This is necessary in order to set the most suitable value when working with materials that have different hardness.

For example, for twisting screws into drywall (with a slight effort), a range of values ​​2-4 is suitable, and for a hard tree, the torque can be set to the maximum number on the ring.

Such adjustment helps to avoid quick damage to the fasteners of fasteners.

During operation, you can change the speed of revolutions, increasing or reducing the force of pressure on the trigger of the tool.

This allows you to stop the operation of the tool in time when fully twisting the screw or screw.

How to use screwdrivers: useful operating tips

After purchasing a screwdriver, follow simple recommendations regarding use. And then the tool will work for a long time and efficiently:

  • Before connecting and extracting the battery, turn off the screwdriver;
  • Do not bring the tool to overheating, take breaks;
  • Correctly adjust the coupling of torque adjustment;
  • After applying high speeds, install the minimum and upset the engine idle for a few minutes so that it cools down;
  • Check the cable of the network screwdriver, and the battery cord of the charger with the battery. If the tool or charger periodically loses the network, then the wire must be replaced;
  • Do not use screwdriver in the rain and snow. In a humid environment, you can only work under a canopy.

Working modes of the tool Twisting fasteners

The first thing to remember: the drill in this mode is turned on only after it is installed on the working surface. The second rule is this: the effectiveness of working with the fasteners depends on the correctly set value of torque. At the same time, remember that you can not switch the modes during the rotation of the cartridge. this leads to a breakdown of the tool. Always start with a low torque, only then switch to a higher one. this will eliminate the probability of tearing the head or eating slots. It is even better to perform a preliminary several trial twist in a closed area or on the pruning of the material to make sure that the value of the torque is selected correctly. The torque regulator not only limits the speed of rotation, but also sets rotation parameters and efforts. You can set a specific meaning so that the fasteners are screwed to the end, and instead of lingering the head into the material or breakdown of the slots, a safe slip of the coupling occurred. If you work with a tree, the fasteners of a smaller diameter drill a hole in order to further prevent the splitting of the material.

In this mode, the drill-electrical screwdriver is included before it touches the working surface. Each tool indicates restrictions on the depth of drilling. they should not neglect them. To make the holes neat, and the drilling goes quickly, keep the tool so that the drill is perpendicular to the plane. In this case, the load will be distributed evenly. In order not to drill the material through, it is necessary to drill the front of the hole in a neatly way and minimize the pressure on the tool. In general, the safety precautions during operation of the battery-electrical screwdriver cannot be pressed on it: excessive effort will not accelerate the process, but will damage the equipment itself and the tool itself. To ensure the optimal operating mode, press the tool with constant effort. The drill from the hole should be removed only when the engine is running to avoid its jamming and breakdown.

For the best drilling on wood, use drill with a guide screw, which holds the equipment in the processed part from a given angle. So that the drill does not slide on the metal or smooth surface, make the coreer a small recess. the drill at the beginning of the rotation will not move from the resulting recess. When drilling a large hole in ferrous metals, a hole of smaller diameter is first drilled, and during operation, the equipment is periodically lubricated with a special composition. In general, work with different materials perform the appropriate equipment.

2.3. Working with the reversal and impact functions included

If the drill is jammed, it is necessary to turn off the tool, change the direction of rotation, turn it on again and carefully pull the tool on yourself. Be careful: with a jammed equipment, a drill-electrical screwdriver can sharply turn in the opposite direction with the entire body-hold the tool tightly in your hands. Reverse function is also used to unscrew the fasteners. The nozzle rotates in the opposite direction, while the speed and torque are preserved. The reverse switch button is usually protected from random pressing.

electric, screwdriver, twisting, possible, repair

The impact function makes it possible to unscrew the cloudy fasteners and drill brick, concrete and other solid material using the appropriate equipment. It is important to remember that the function is turned on only after turning off the tool. during operation it is impossible to either switch the modes or change the functions. But the most important thing is that you cannot abuse the shock function of the battery drill. If this is not a powerful professional tool, but there is a lot of drilling with a blow, use the peorater, since the operation of battery-free batteries in such intensive mode is not provided. over, the power of its blow and amplitude is small, and the blow for constructive reasons is not as effective as the penetrator.

Jammed the drill in the cartridge

When buying fasteners, make sure that it is rubberized. so you will injure your hands less when fixing the tool.

The work of fast.and.packed fasteners. the second most popular. is possible without a key. It is enough to insert a drill and crank the lever, often this can be done

With one hand. Fixation of the drill, which is provided by this type of cartridge, is quite enough for most works, however, compared with the classic fastening version, it is inferior in reliability, and it is more expensive. The main advantage of fast.fastened fastening is the speed of replacing the drill and the security of the process, since such a cartridge is deprived of teeth that can injure hands. The absence of a specialized key is also a significant advantage! Experienced builders know how easy it is to be lost, so very often you can see the key with wrap with tape or island to the wire.

True, this does not add convenience, but at least some confidence appears that the key will not have to be sought throughout the construction site. How to change a drill in an electric screwdriver? The scheme is absolutely identical. the cartridges of most drills are similar to fasteners in screwdrivers. Of course, the last tool cannot be a full.fledged replacement of a high.quality drill, if only because the fasteners are not provided for drills with a large diameter, and the turnover of an electric screwdriver, as a rule, is less.

Drilling mode

If you decide to use a screwdriver as a drill in order to drill holes in a tree or plastic, then in order for the hole to be of high quality, you need to put under objects that are drilled, an even piece of wood. So you can avoid cracks and chips when drilling.

Drilling holes in the metal involves compliance with some rules. The place of the future opening must be tap. This will help to avoid sliding the drill on the surface of the metal. Having selected drilling mode in the screwdriver, do not forget that when drilling metal, they often break down at the output of the metal. To avoid this, try not to press the screwdriver very much in the process of drilling. If the drill is stuck, then it will help to twist it to switch the screwdriver to the twisting mode. If you drill a small part, then in order to hold it, use a vice.

Device and principle of operation of an electric screwdriver

According to the power method, screwdrivers are divided into two varieties:

Recently there are also tools with a combined method of nutrition. They combine all the advantages of both varieties.

The external and internally device of network and battery models is almost the same. In general, the power tool consists of the following structural elements:

  • hulls;
  • cartridge;
  • turning buttons;
  • switch of the direction of rotation of the electric motor (reverse);
  • speed regulator (number of revolutions);
  • buttons of turning on on;
  • a tightening power regulator (switch of torque).

The photo further presents the design of the electrical screwdriver of the battery type.

A number of models are additionally equipped with backlight, which is constructively implemented in different ways. Not every product has a speed control and button for turning on on. Network electric shuruvrusts have a power cord, and the battery has a charge drive instead of it.

The housing of power tools is most often made of plastic, much less often from alloys of different metals. For convenience, it usually consists of 2 halves. There are such main details inside the case:

The circuit of electrical connections depends on the model.

Electric shurubover can be equipped with cartridges of different types. The most widespread is the rapidly packed three.cube version of this part. The cartridge also consists of separate parts that are presented in the following photo.

It should be taken into account that if the purpose of the electrical screwdriver is highly specialized, then this may make some constructive changes.

The principle of operation of both network and battery screwdrivers is the same. It lies in the fact that electric energy leads to rotation of the electric motor. Through the gearbox and the shaft, the force and speed to the nozzle fixed in the cartridge are transmitted from the motor. It already drills a hole or screws or twists fasteners. A feature of the process is that the electric motor in network models operates at a variable voltage of 220 V, and in battery ones. on a constant one, the value of which can be in the range from 3.5 v to 36 V 36 V.

For newbies

So, let’s start in the most simple case. with inexperienced users. Screwdrivers have such a thing as a torque regulator. It looks like a scale around the front by an electric screwdriver, which immediately behind the cartridge. It applied numbers from 1 to 10, 15, 20 or even more. in different models in different ways. and the last position on it is indicated as a drill. If you rotate this regulator and install it opposite a special mark so that there is one of the numbers next to it, then when a certain torque is reached, the cartridge will not rotate further, but it will begin to fade. If you put on a “drill”, then the electric screwdriver will try to twist with all his might, how much engine power allows it.

True, it is worth noting that in two.speed screwdrivers at the second speed even in the “drill” position, if the torque reaches a certain value, then a protective system is triggered, which simply turns off the current supply. At the first speed, the electric screwdriver will also try to twist “to the last”.

Hammerhead & SKIL Cordless Screwdriver Tear-down

And the beginner can start drilling or wrapping screws, for example, when the regulator of the moment is on one of the numbers, or an electric screwdriver is at the second speed (and it is recommended to drill on it).

The drill can squeeze quite strongly, and as a result, when you begin to free the drill or bat in the standard way (turning on the reverse, holding the cartridge and by pressing the start button), may just work either a torque limiter or a protective system.

Therefore, in such a situation, you just need to put an electric screwdriver at the first speed and the regulator of the moment put to the “drill” position. On single.speed models, it is enough to only install the regulator of the moment on the position of the “drill”. Well, then again we get out in the standard way.

Terms of use

The answer to the question of how to use an electric screwdriver is quite simple, most importantly, carefully observe the operating instructions, especially at the first stages of mastering a new tool.


The battery must be constantly stored in a protective case. It is best to clean the charging, metal objects to avoid the closure of opposite contacts and its failure.

The battery is inserted simply. it is enough to install it in the corresponding groove in the lower part of the handle of the electric screwdriver and enter to the click. To pull out. simultaneously squeeze the buttons on both sides of the battery and extract it.

How to fix a bat or drill

It is necessary to place the back of the nozzle in the middle between the cams clamping it. After that, clamp the sleeve of an electric screwdriver with one hand, and turn it on the second, it will tighten the fists, and fix the bat or drill inside.

To get a bat, the mechanism is similar, only at the same time you should switch the electric screwdriver to the reverse rotation mode and remove the nozzle.

Drilling mode

Depending on what fasteners it is used and in what material it is screwed, the force varies, which the electric screwdriver applies to the fastener head. A switch with different numbers is located on top, which mean force in Newton.

For beginners, it may be difficult to immediately choose the right mode, for example:

Screwing and twisting fasteners

Initially, the tool is in a neutral position. The mode switch is usually located near the power button.

The switch may look different, but it has one principle-it can include reverse (rotation in the opposite direction), neutral and rotation clockwise.

Important! When twisting and twisting, you should properly hold an electric screwdriver.

It should be located perpendicular to the plane of the material with which the work is done. To tighten the screws, a slight force should be applied so that the device can enter the material. When using it, instead of an electrical office, it is better, on the contrary, to do everything neatly without strong pressure to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Tool care

Electric screwdriver, like any power tool, does not tolerate water, so it is better to use it away from moist places. Do not throw a tool or lay it carelessly. This can lead to damage to the details and its failure. It is necessary to try to avoid dust and dirt inward. Small.dispersed particles can lead to an early breakdown of the device.

  • You should always work in gloves and goggles to avoid wounding with fragments.
  • You can not use damaged batteries and a tool with defects in the case.
  • Store the tool in a dry warm place protected from children.
  • Before starting work, you should check the performance and integrity of the device.
  • You should always be in a stable position to avoid falling and prevent the risks of injuries.
  • To avoid “wrapping” hair or parts of clothing on an electric screwdriver, you should fasten the sleeves tightly or roll it up and put on gloves, and remove the hair and close the hair.
  • The workplace must be removed and well lit.

Even for dummies, the use of electric screwdriver should not be significant problems, since the tool is extremely easy to master and work. The main thing is to comply with the rules of operation and safety requirements, and with experience an understanding of how best to apply such a device in everyday activities.

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