How to put on a belt for a trimmer for grass. What is a rug belt

A belt for a trimmer for grass from China. Characteristic and design of the product, price, video

Working a trimmer is much more convenient and easier to use a special belt. Thanks to him, the operator can mow large sections of grass without pain in joints and muscles for several hours in a row. The design of the biceps belt is designed so that the lawn mower is kept using the mounts itself. Without the help of hands. She will only need to set the direction, and she will do everything else herself. About how to correctly attach a belt to a trimmer and set it up for yourself to facilitate the load, and it will be discussed in this material.

Most often, benzotrimers operate on two.Stroke gasoline internal combustion engines, which requires gasoline mixed with mineral or synthetic oil. Two.Stroke engines need the correct ratio of gasoline and oil proportions, so it is important to carefully study the instructions for your benzotrimer model before use. Convenient and silent models are trimmers for grass with four.Stroke engines, in which gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers, mixing inside the unit.

The internal combustion engine is located in the upper part of absolutely all gasoline trimmers.

For areas with rough vegetation, you need to choose a powerful gasoline trimmer for grass, the power of which will allow it to be used as a bitchcore, cultivator and even a snowman. There are two types of drives that rotate the cutting element of a benzotrimer. A steel cable and a straight shaft with a gearbox. It is advisable to choose an unit with a direct shaft, since it is more reliable than a cable regarding mechanical strength.

BTR-52 lawn mower

BTR-52 lawn mower is a gasoline trimmer for Nikkey production grass. This company is an official manufacturer of the technique for the garden and cottage. These devices are collected in Belarus, and the production and office of the manufacturer are located in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. The described model is very popular and is competing with the leading European brands.

The lawn mower is universal, equipped with two cutting elements: fishing line and knife, if necessary, you can replace one cutting element with another.

BTR-52 mower is designed to work in areas up to 700 square meters.M.

So the motor will not wear out quickly. The engine on the BTR-52 motorcycle is two-stroke, one-cylinder, power of 3.1 horses or 2300 watts.

古い扇風機をベルトサンダーにする方法 Making belt sander from old fan.

Advantages of the lawnmand BTR-52

  • Functionality;
  • Quick launch;
  • The ability to choose the type of cutting element and replace it as necessary;
  • Low weight;
  • Mobility (do not need extension cords or constant recharging batteries);
  • You can easily find the necessary spare part to the trimmer.

Assembly of a cultivator

If there is a cottage or just a land plot, then the cultivator will help facilitate soil processing. Traditionally, a chopper is used for these purposes, but working with it takes a lot of time and effort. The use of the cultivator will reduce labor costs, and the whole process will take a smaller time period. Factory.Made equipment is expensive, therefore, with limited funds, the question arises about the independent assembly of the cultivator. For this, both gasoline trimmers for grass and electric cos are suitable for this.

To create a simple sample of technology, you should stock up on such tools and materials:

  • Corner grinder with a set of disks (suitable diameter. 125 mm) for metal;
  • Drill with drills of various diameters;
  • Welding apparatus;
  • Electrodes;
  • An electrician or a hacksaw for metal;
  • An emery machine with two abrasive circles of different granularity;
  • Functioning gasoline trimmer;
  • Forks;
  • Pipe made of steel suitable in diameter for the shaft of motorcycles;
  • Manual tools: keys, hammer, pliers, core, roulette and marker;
  • A sheet of metal with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm and a minimum of 1010 cm.

The manufacturing process begins with the working part. For this purpose, the curved rods of garden foriles will serve. Their recommended length is from 10 to 15 cm. This is enough to carry out loosening the soil.

The working nozzle is made in the following sequence:

  • The teeth of the forks are flattened to a width of 1 cm;
  • On the sandpaper, using a circle with a small abrasive, cutting cutters;
  • Using an electrician, a circle with a diameter of 10 cm is cut out of the metal;
  • Process it on the emery machine until it reaches an almost perfect form;
  • At equal intervals, prepared mills are welded to the metal circle (recommended quantity. 3).

Brush Cutter Harness

With more than 3 pieces, the number of mills, the load on the equipment increases greatly.

The recommended power of the gasoline engine should be two horsepower (about 1.5 kW) or more.

At the next stage, it is necessary to attach the cutter for weeding for a trimmer for grass. The process is greatly simplified in the presence of a reverse thread located at the end of the shaft of the motorcycles, on which the manufactured working part is simply wound. To do this, a pipe with a nut is pre.Welded to the cutter.

In the presence of locksmith experience and welder skills, redoing a trimmer for grass in a cultivator is quite simple. Financial costs at the same time insignificant. If the work is used in an electric hood, then you will need to think about the extension cord so that it takes out throughout the processed area.

How to use a trimmer correctly

Garden trimmers for grass are effective. Newchers think that it is easy to work with a lawn mower, because you just need to include it in a socket or pour fuel, but this is not entirely like that.

The efficiency of the garden tool and its service life directly depend on operating conditions. Therefore, before using a trimmer for grass, you need to perform preparatory work.

The lawn with which you need to mow the grass is carefully examined. Be sure to remove glass and large stones. Having flew out from under a working mower, they can injure a person. They remove the wire from the lawn, because it can be wound on a rotating element, break a mower.

After that they move to the installation of the cutting system. There are trimmers for low.Power grass on sale, which use only a fishing line for a trimmer. It is designed for mowing juicy and soft grass. But there are models with a capacity of more than 1 kilowatts on which metal knives are installed. They cut sowing and other hard weeds, trim the young shrub.

In order to replace the cord with knives, you need to unscrew the mounting nut, install the cutting element. Then the nut must be returned to the place, tighten it with the key.

The operator must take care of his safety. Mow grass in tight protective clothes. Special glasses are used to protect the eyes, they will protect from dust, grass and flying garbage. Hands are covered with gloves.

The electric trimmer for the grass is included in the network, and the battery models are charged for several hours before starting operation. Fuel is poured into a gasoline mower.

The mower is kept so that the spool or knife is located parallel to the ground. When the tool is installed in the correct position, the motor is included. After the grass is bewildered, the mower is turned off.

How to cut the lawn so that it turns out to be even

So that the grass on the lawn is trimmed evenly, it is necessary to lower the mower as low as possible during operation. The site must be divided into squares. You need to work, moving clockwise. In this case, the hay will always lie on the left without interfering under the feet.

How to wear a belt

If the tool has a shoulder mount, before starting work it hangs on the shoulder. The trimmer for the grass is fixed on both shoulders if it has a backbone mount.

The model with a bicycle handle is held with 2 hands, the D-shaped handle is wrapped in palm. The belt must be worn so that it is convenient, then the back will not get tired.

How to refuel a benzotrimer

Motokos working on gasoline are with two.Stroke and four.Stroke engines. The first option is much more common. What are the differences between them:

In trimmers with a 2-tact engine, the response to press the inclusion lever is faster (for this reason the lawn mower is mainly equipped with this type of engine); A tool with a two.Stroke engine will be much easier, as well as easier to maintain; Fuel consumption in a two-stroke engine is higher than in a 4-stroke with a similar power by about 30%; The 4x-stroke engine is more environmentally friendly, since the fuel in it burns completely and is not thrown into the atmosphere, as well as its noise level is much lower; And the most important distinguishing feature is the refueling: a 2x-stroke engine is equipped with one common tank, where gasoline mixed with butter is poured; 4x-tacte has a separate gas tank and a tank for motor oil.

For refueling, it is necessary to use fresh gasoline AI-92 or AI-95 and high-quality motor oil for garden equipment (for 2x- and 4-tact engines, manufacturers produce different oil). Oil can be used mineral, semi.Synthetic or synthetic.

The proportion of gasoline and oil for trimmers with a 2x-tact engine can be found from the instructions for a specific model. Usually it is 50: 1, in some cases, proportions of 25: 1 or 40: 1 are recommended. Prepare the fuel mixture in a separate container with accurate observance of proportions. Never pour the liquids “by eye” directly into the tank without mixing them in advance. Detailed instructions for mixing a benzomalam, with video and description, can be found on our website here.

Balancing pens

For easy work with a benzocosa, you need to find the correct position of the handles. For the convenience of configuration, it is advisable to find a model with separate adjustment of the handles. In such models, the handle is attached to four screws. Up the upper screws, you can adjust the angle of rotation of the handles. Having removed the lower screws, you can adjust the hilt under your growth.

Some models of the benzos are equipped with paired handles, which do not adjust the angle of rotation. In order to prevent your feet from resting with such braids when working with such braids, they must be lowered on a working shaft. You have to bend or raise the lawn mowed to the lowered handles, so when prolonged work, the back or hand gets tired.

Electronic trimmer for grass with the lower location of the motor (Stiga)

Try to avoid the mowing of this type of trimmers in raw weather, after the rain or when the dew falls out. The fact is that the cooling of the electric motor occurs through the slots in the plastic case, through which moisture may come in inside.

Do not work with such a trimmer for more than 10 minutes. This can lead to overheating of the motor. Take breaks at work.

belt, trimmer, grass

There are trimmers for grass not only with the lower, and with the upper location of the motor. Electronic trimmers for grass with the upper location of the electric motor are equipped with more massive electric motors, some models can use an iron mill (knife) or plastic knives as a cutting tool.

How to correctly configure a belt of a lawn mower for yourself

Service centers often complain about consumers of household garden equipment, who still make mistakes at the stage of its assembly and the first launch and disable equipment. Of course, there is an instruction in the package, but either it is stupidly written, or it is read after the wrong assembly, when unnecessary details were found or, worse, a breakdown occurred. Meanwhile, there is nothing complicated in the assembly of household garden equipment. You just need to be careful. Let us give an example the procedure for assembling the Stihl FS 130 lawn mower, complementing our instructions with illustrations.

You need to start the assembly with the fact that open the box and check the package of the unit. If everything is in place, then we have to put the handle to the bar with the motor, put on the belt, attach a protective casing and cutting elements.

belt, trimmer, grass

First you need to get the handle and unscrew the barbar, which attaches the upper part of the support, without giving up the springs.

We insert the handle into the nest and fix it without tightening it. We adjust the final position after the final assembly of the lawn mower.

We put on the control knob on the handle tube and tighten the mounting bolt. For this, the kit has a universal key.

All controls of the stihl fs 130 gas station are located on the handle. This is: a gas lever that protects against random turned on and the lever of turning off the unit, which is controlled by the thumb. At the modification, motokos with a D-shaped handle are located next to the engine on the bar.

Put a plastic protective casing. If it is planned to use only a knife, then for its operation we use part of the casing (in the picture it is painted with orange).

If the cutting fishing line is working, then a plastic skirt is additionally put on a protective casing and a knife is placed for cutting a fishing line. In some varieties of this model, the casing can be universal or two different casings are attached. One for fishing line and the other for a knife.

Putting the skirt on the casing, you need to check the reliability of its fastening. Sometimes it may be necessary to fix this protection with another screw.

Now you need to put a knife for cutting fishing line and fix it with a screw.

It remains to install the coil, having previously tucked it with a fishing line. The coil is wound on the shaft (as in the illustration) or attached with a special nut. Keep in mind that the thread on the shaft is usually the left. How to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer to a coil read in the instructions.

If a knife is required, then instead of a coil we put it. The knife is equipped with a protective lid so that during operation it does not bury into the soil. After installing it, do not forget to scroll through this cutting element and make sure that there is no backlash.

Well, the last, the easiest, stage. Installing a metal clamp on the bar, t.E. Suspension belt mounts.

After the lawn mower is assembled, we put on a shoulder belt or a belt parallel suspension (depending on what is given in the kit) and drive them according to the figure. Pour the gasoline mixture, start the engine. And go ahead.

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Battery capacity

The battery reserve is measured in a/h. One unit ampere is enough for about 15 minutes of work. For example, in order to cut the lawn around an ordinary house, 2 A/h is enough. If the entire site is 3-4 a/h.

Interskol MKE-20/300

It is considered one of the best in terms of price-quality among electric trimmers. Power 0.3 square meters. Field thickness. 1.6 mm. Made almost completely of light plastic, so the weight is only 1.8 kg. The best option for women.

  • Good quality;
  • Small weight;
  • Affordable price;
  • Low noise level (83 dB);
  • High performance when working with fine grass.
  • Low.Power engine;
  • Warms up at large loads;
  • Not very comfortable mount.

Well suited for working with the lawn on the site. The tool is light and convenient to use. It is ranging with competent operation rarely. Another advantage is low price.

Carver TR 400T

Electric model with a capacity of 0.3 kV. Equipped mass. 2.2 kg. Field thickness. 1.3 mm. With a good power indicator, it differs relatively high performance and reliability. Budget option for one.Time work at a summer cottage.

  • Low price;
  • Good performance;
  • Small weight;
  • Reliability.
  • Does not cope with large volumes of work;
  • Hard to remove the coil;
  • Zausenets are often formed on the fishing line.

The principle of operation of the snowman belts and their application

It is worth objectively recognizing that drive belts are one of the most often replaced details in the design of snowmers.

Each modern unit for cleaning snow from the plant is equipped with 2 belts. The tasks of them are set different, although the principle of work is identical.

The first type belt is necessary in order to distribute the rotational moment from the engine to the screw. The task of the second type of drive belt is the transmission of the rotational moment to the wheels. It turns out that without one belt, the screw will not work and snow will not be thrown away, and without the second, the snowman will simply not be able to move around the territory, since the wheels will not rotate.

Check if any of the belts, or maybe both at once, have worn out and failed, quite simple. Click on the lever or button that are responsible for the movement of wheels and control of the screw. If the screw does not work, or the snowman does not move, then the problem is possible from the side of the belts. You can verify this by visual verification of details.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for herbs for mowing grass

With the advent of spring, we, tired of a long winter from a white-gray monotony, sincerely rejoice in the appearance of green grass. However, this joy does not last long. Very soon, weeds grow so strong that you have to apply a lot of strength to combat them.

An ordinary braid for grass is unlikely to become an assistant in solving this problem: few of modern city residents know how to use it, and it is good only in spacious areas, where fruit trees, garden benches, borders.

Well, today there is an excellent alternative, easy to operate and convenient in limited spaces. A lawn mower, or a trimmer for grass. Now we will consider how to choose a good gasoline trimmer for grass for haircuts and take into account all the nuances.

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