How to put on a belt from a lawn mower. Hook height adjustment

A belt for a trimmer for grass from China. Characteristic and design of the product, price, video

Working a trimmer is much more convenient and easier to use a special belt. Thanks to him, the operator can mow large sections of grass without pain in joints and muscles for several hours in a row. The design of the biceps belt is designed so that the lawn mower is kept using the mounts itself. Without the help of hands. She will only need to set the direction, and she will do everything else herself. About how to correctly attach a belt to a trimmer and set it up for yourself to facilitate the load, and it will be discussed in this material.

Most often, benzotrimers operate on two.Stroke gasoline internal combustion engines, which requires gasoline mixed with mineral or synthetic oil. Two.Stroke engines need the correct ratio of gasoline and oil proportions, so it is important to carefully study the instructions for your benzotrimer model before use. Convenient and silent models are trimmers for grass with four.Stroke engines, in which gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers, mixing inside the unit.

The internal combustion engine is located in the upper part of absolutely all gasoline trimmers.

For areas with rough vegetation, you need to choose a powerful gasoline trimmer for grass, the power of which will allow it to be used as a bitchcore, cultivator and even a snowman. There are two types of drives that rotate the cutting element of a benzotrimer. A steel cable and a straight shaft with a gearbox. It is advisable to choose an unit with a direct shaft, since it is more reliable than a cable regarding mechanical strength.

Balancing pens

For easy work with a benzocosa, you need to find the correct position of the handles. For the convenience of configuration, it is advisable to find a model with separate adjustment of the handles. In such models, the handle is attached to four screws. Up the upper screws, you can adjust the angle of rotation of the handles. Having removed the lower screws, you can adjust the hilt under your growth.

Some models of the benzos are equipped with paired handles, which do not adjust the angle of rotation. In order to prevent your feet from resting with such braids when working with such braids, they must be lowered on a working shaft. You have to bend or raise the lawn mowed to the lowered handles, so when prolonged work, the back or hand gets tired.

Step 5

Install a new belt around the pulleys in the same configuration as the old belt. If necessary, turn the belt to install it around two pulleys (the turn leads to rotation of the blades in opposite directions). Check the belt to make sure that all the pulleys are turned on and rotate smoothly.

Fix and fix the braid of the mowing on the mower. Raise the control rod to the maximum height.

How to start a trimmer for grass correctly?

Put a trimmer for grass on a flat surface to ensure a stable position. Smoothly stretch the trigger cable until you feel its resistance, and then pull the cord with a sharp movement 3-5 times. If the engine started after 5 jerks, then open the air damper.

  • Install control handle.
  • Adjust it in height and tilt.
  • Fasten the protective casing.
  • Install cutting equipment (coil with a fishing line or a knife).
  • Gather the bar, inserting parts into each other.

How to make a belt for a trimmer for grass

How to mow grass with a trimmer for grass?

The main thing. Properly adjust the three.Dimensional belt so that the drum with hairline does not crawl on the ground.

Correctly prepare gasoline-oil mixture.

Do not use too thick a trimmer fishing line. She gains speed and overloads the trimmer for the grass.

Do not rewind too much hair on the drum and do not rewind it too much.

Stop from time to time and empty the basket.

Lubricate a trimmer for grass and gearbox (if any) grease.

The technique of trimming the trimmer for the grass is not very complicated and takes into account the need:

  • Decide how exactly you are going to mow. You can add up crosswise.
  • Choose a place to avoid the appearance of a bald space, and the site looks harmonious
  • Understand that you are going to mow and put the right knife, depending on your choice. They are different. For example, hay or grass. You also need to set the speed.
  • Of course, you need to prepare both clothes and protective equipment. Whatever you are an experienced mowing, you should wear glasses. And do not forget your headphones and long clothes.

All details of the equipment. On the video, how to mow a trimmer for grass.

First of all, look at the area that you will have to mow. Cut the bushes or large flowers that cannot be cut.

Always start with a light zone without grass. See if there are slopes or ditches in this area. The easiest way to mow the slope.

Determine the direction of the grass. It is easier to mow if the grass is tilted forward.

When it comes to clothes, always wear glasses and boots. Also, anti.Vibration gloves do not interfere.

Use different knives depending on the density of the grass.

Another advice: try mowing at the same speed. This will make your mower longer. If you stop and immediately gain speed, the trimmer for the grass wears out faster.

  • Select the right fishing line for a trimmer. There are two different topics for different tasks. Flaim for a trimmer hair and knife. Too much hair is undesirable, because it will lead to overload of the trimmer for grass. As a rule, there is enough fishing line on a simple playground.
  • When installing a cut (wire or knife), tighten and tighten the nut.
  • Check fuel or fuel. Wear a comfortable belt.
  • Movements with a trimmer must be considered. Algorithm: Right-Leave-Left-right. This will give the maximum result. So be careful with work. Make sure there are no children or animals nearby. Also put on the protective mask for the eyes.

First adjust the trimmer belt for the grass so that the drum does not touch the ground. In addition, it is important to remember that the trimmer for the grass will be overloaded due to thick hair, so do not overdo it with the thickness.

A lot of hair on the drum should not be twisted.

Do not forget to periodically clean the trimmer for grass.

Be sure to lubricate the cable with a consistent lubricant.

The trimmer for the grass is very convenient, because it can be used in a variety of places, including complex areas and trees. If you mow high grass, first start with the tops, then continue with the bulk.

Use a trimmer for the grass by purpose. Electric braid for grass (t.E. Trimmer for grass) is good that it copes well with his work in hard.To.Reach places. Therefore, a trimmer for grass can be used near trees, fences in embossed areas. And not only for mowing the lawn, but also for ordinary grass.

The main thing. This is so that the weeds do not have time to sow the seeds and mow them in time.

If you were not able to mow grass by the time she gave her ears, first mow the tops of your ears and burn them. And then mow the grass itself and put it in compost.

In almost all trimmers (except for special trimmers), a fishing line for a trimmer or a disk rotate clockwise. That is why it is better to mow grass from right to left (a movement that resembles the movement of a mowing). It can be mowed, slightly tilting.

Level Your Mower Deck

The mowing should be calm movements, not jerks. Mow grass half the length of the hairline. If you capture more, a trimmer for the grass will be able to cope with this, but the grass can clog the space between the coil and the pipe.

Before mowing the grass, first adjust the fishing line for a trimmer of hair growth and securely fix it in the cavity so that the fishing line for a trimmer of hair growth does not hang and does not go there. Here. Then refueled accordingly (if you do not have an electric trimmer for grass), which consists of special oil and gasoline. Then start mowing grass in slow (not fast) movement to the right and left. Do not try to cut the thick stems of plants often, since the fishing line for a trimmer of hair growth ends immediately, and you will need to reconfigure the coil. In hard.To.Reach places, the main thing is not to save gas)

Depending on the type of weeds, we choose a cutting tool: for herbs with a soft stem. Flaim for a trimmer of hair growth, for carbide and small shrubs. Knife. Unscrew the lockshop and install the cutting tool. Tighten the nut. The mechanism is ready to work.

Note. Some trimmers for grass do not have interchangeable cutting tools, so you can immediately start using them.

If the trimmer for the grass is electric, charge the battery or turn on the engine. If gasoline. Fill the tank with fuel. Then, depending on the type of trimmer for grass. We adapt it for ourselves (upper motor. Hang with a loop on the shoulders, backpack. By the shoulders, lower motor. Take the handle). We hold a trimmer for grass over the grass so that its cutting mechanism is parallel to the workpiece. Run the engine.

Trimmer for pruning grass is performed by simple movements. It is important to remember that the cutting mechanism of the device rotates counterclockwise, so that the mowed grass reaches the already processed area. The first right to the left of us (so we cut the top of the grass). Second from left to right (so we remove the remnants of the grass).

How to use a trimmer correctly

Garden trimmers for grass are effective. Newchers think that it is easy to work with a lawn mower, because you just need to include it in a socket or pour fuel, but this is not entirely like that.

The efficiency of the garden tool and its service life directly depend on operating conditions. Therefore, before using a trimmer for grass, you need to perform preparatory work.

The lawn with which you need to mow the grass is carefully examined. Be sure to remove glass and large stones. Having flew out from under a working mower, they can injure a person. They remove the wire from the lawn, because it can be wound on a rotating element, break a mower.

After that they move to the installation of the cutting system. There are trimmers for low.Power grass on sale, which use only a fishing line for a trimmer. It is designed for mowing juicy and soft grass. But there are models with a capacity of more than 1 kilowatts on which metal knives are installed. They cut sowing and other hard weeds, trim the young shrub.

In order to replace the cord with knives, you need to unscrew the mounting nut, install the cutting element. Then the nut must be returned to the place, tighten it with the key.

The operator must take care of his safety. Mow grass in tight protective clothes. Special glasses are used to protect the eyes, they will protect from dust, grass and flying garbage. Hands are covered with gloves.

The electric trimmer for the grass is included in the network, and the battery models are charged for several hours before starting operation. Fuel is poured into a gasoline mower.

The mower is kept so that the spool or knife is located parallel to the ground. When the tool is installed in the correct position, the motor is included. After the grass is bewildered, the mower is turned off.

First start

Before the first launch, the operator collects a mower, the procedure is described in the instructions that are attached to the product.

If the trimmer for the grass is gasoline, it is necessarily checked before operation. The fuel tank is filled along the neck.

The motor should work for the fuel, so at the first launch it should work for several minutes without load. After that, start mowing grass.

How to refuel a benzotrimer

Motokos working on gasoline are with two.Stroke and four.Stroke engines. The first option is much more common. What are the differences between them:

  • In trimmers with a 2-tact engine, the response to press the inclusion lever is faster (for this reason the lawn mower is mainly equipped with this type of engine);
  • A tool with a two.Stroke engine will be much easier, as well as easier to maintain;
  • Fuel consumption in a two-stroke engine is higher than in a 4-stroke with a similar power by about 30%;
  • The 4x-stroke engine is more environmentally friendly, since the fuel in it burns completely and is not thrown into the atmosphere, as well as its noise level is much lower;
  • And the most important distinguishing feature is the refueling: a 2x-stroke engine is equipped with one common tank, where gasoline mixed with butter is poured; 4x-tacte has a separate gas tank and a tank for motor oil.

For refueling, it is necessary to use fresh gasoline AI-92 or AI-95 and high-quality motor oil for garden equipment (for 2x- and 4-tact engines, manufacturers produce different oil). Oil can be used mineral, semi.Synthetic or synthetic.

The proportion of gasoline and oil for trimmers with a 2x-tact engine can be found from the instructions for a specific model. Usually it is 50: 1, in some cases, proportions of 25: 1 or 40: 1 are recommended. Prepare the fuel mixture in a separate container with accurate observance of proportions. Never pour the liquids “by eye” directly into the tank without mixing them in advance. Detailed instructions for mixing a benzomalam, with video and description, can be found on our website here.


Before starting operation, gasoline braids are necessarily rolled up. The operator turns on the motor, he must work for a while at idle. It is necessary to ensure that the engine does not overheat, the load should not be.

When running in, motorcycles increase the load gradually. If you start work with high speeds, the motor will work well, this will affect the further work of the mowing.

At the first launch, you should not fully develop a temporary resource. After the engine works at idle, you can proceed to processing the lawn. The lawn mower should operate for no more than 15 minutes, after which the engine is turned off, it must cool down.

If you need to run the electrimmer, the braid is first collected. Then make trial launches at least 3-5 times. If the engine works well, go to mowing. At first they work for no more than 5 minutes, then the duration of work is gradually increasing.

How to wear a belt

If the tool has a shoulder mount, before starting work it hangs on the shoulder. The trimmer for the grass is fixed on both shoulders if it has a backbone mount.

The model with a bicycle handle is held with 2 hands, the D-shaped handle is wrapped in palm. The belt must be worn so that it is convenient, then the back will not get tired.

How to cut the lawn so that it turns out to be even

So that the grass on the lawn is trimmed evenly, it is necessary to lower the mower as low as possible during operation. The site must be divided into squares. You need to work, moving clockwise. In this case, the hay will always lie on the left without interfering under the feet.

Kosim under hay

It is better to mow hay not with a fishing line, but a metal disk. Grass is cut under the root, maintaining its length as much as possible.

Spinning high grass

If you need to mow high grass, this is done in several suits. The lawn processes 2-3 times. The rotating part is lowered from top to bottom, in which case the grass is not wound on the reel.

The operator must remember that the grass wound to the coil leads to overheating of the motor. If this happened, the motorcycle is turned off, and the coil is cleaned.

Most effective mow grass with the ends of the fishing line, and not the entire length. In the second case, the tool works worse, engine overload is possible. If you need to cut the grass on the site of a large area, to increase the efficiency of a trimmer for the grass, you must be tilted towards the mowing.

belt, lawn, mower, height, adjustment

Trimmer for grass in action

So, the preparatory stage is over, it’s time to start work. Where to start? How to use all the capabilities of the device correctly? Of course, you can simply start work and learn the whole method of trial and error, or adhere to simple, but correct recommendations and get a wonderful effect after the first mowing. There are nuances everywhere, whether it is a haircut of a lawn, a saw of bushes with a disk or a mowing of grass for hay. You should start from the simplest.

How to cut the lawn so that it turns out to be even

The lawn implies an open even area that excludes some large landscape irregularities (pits, hills). Of course, snags and stumps should not stick out of the ground. Their uprooting should be borne in advance. It is best to plant a place under the lawn with soft varieties of grass, which are good to mowing. In this case, you will spend much less effort.

  • Experts recommend dividing the entire area into small squares and mowing along them, moving from one to another clockwise. In this case, the grass that you mowed always remains on the left, and will not interfere with further manipulations with the trimmer.
  • If you need to mow “under the root”, then the angle of contact with the surface should be at least 30 degrees. With this technique, the device is practically in contact with the surface with a cutting knife.
  • There is an opinion that in order to give the lawn of the completed type, it must be mowed by a lawn.Type lawn mower. This is partly so, but having adopted, you can achieve good results and with a manual trimmer. To correct the shortcomings after the work of a trimmer for grass, it is also recommended to use hand scissors for grass.
  • The lower the fishing line for the trimmer will be, the more even the lawn will be. Leaving the grass higher, it is likely that in different places it will be molested in different ways. This is due to the fact that the trimmer itself for the grass is not fixed on a horizontal plane, which leads to irregularities during the reciprocating movement performed during operation.

Kosim under hay

Harmity for a village resident is a necessity. This is animal food in winter, fertilizer and covering material that protects the landing from cold weather. Of course, with such a versatility of use, the question arises about a man’s advance harvesting. Kosba for the workpiece differs from the usual aesthetic cleaning of the perimeter in some features.

  • For example, in order not to grind the mulch, you need to mow under the root, lowering the bar with the disk as lower.
  • The bums should be outlined in which the mowed grass will go to. This will help to avoid piles and crowding. In addition, at the end of work, it will be easier to clean.
  • Another very important point is to shield large weeds. For example, a formed bush of a burdock, which not every knife is able to cut. If such a large weed is found on your way, you should bake it in a circle and continue to work. When the work around the perimeter is completed, lonely sticking weeds will remain on the site, which are easy to remove with their hands, moreover, they are not mixed with grass.
  • The main thing in the span for hay is to leave the length of the grass, not allowing it to lose shape. Otherwise, the resulting mulch can only be used as covering material.
  • The width of the mowing should remain strictly fixed, t.To. It is necessary to remember the average size and length of the workpiece.

Some experts recommend using a fishing line for a trimmer when running for hay, but this is not always right. Firstly, usually the grass in such a section is high, moreover, its base is a more dense and formed. The use of fishing line will increase engine wear, as it will have to work at high speeds. Of course, this will affect performance. Secondly, a fishing line for a trimmer is simply not provided for such loads. Using this material, you risk not only the fishing line itself, but the whole mower.

The best option is a disk designed for shrubs. It is designed for increased loads. In addition, the high grass is rude at the base, and it will roll the blade most productively than a fishing line designed for soft, silky lawn grass.

There are additional devices for navigation by a trimmer for hay, but all of them are unofficial modifications. In other words, homemade improvements, the use of which is extremely not recommended, t.To. The behavior of the device in unexplored conditions can be unpredictable. Following simple recommendations, you can quickly gain the necessary experience and harvest hay in large volumes.

Spinning high grass

It is not difficult to cut high grass. The mowing occurs immediately in two directions. First to the left, then to the right (first passage), cutting off the top. Then in the opposite direction, but already lowering the bar with the blade to the necessary level. In this case, the grass, which was squinted, remains to lie on the left side, which is very convenient when the subsequent collection. It happens that the weeds grew too much and plentiful. In this case, several movements may be needed to the right and left, most importantly, adhere to the correct pattern.

With several movements of the fishing line for a trimmer, it is consumed much faster, but in some cases it may be necessary to get to the base of thickets into which it is impossible to cut through. If necessary, a fishing line for a trimmer can be alternated with a knife. If difficulties arise, and the productivity of the device has decreased, it will be enough to simply replace the consumer and start work again.

Do not try to pump high grass immediately under the base. This can lead to difficulties. For example, a long stem can be wound on a fishing line for a trimmer, which will lead to a long.Term unplanned stop.

Important: when working with the blade, the speed of work may slow down a little, since its area is less than the scope of fishing line.

Safety regulations

Among the safest and most popular trimmers, the products of German manufacturers (including Denzel) are especially appreciated, as they pay increased attention to quality and reliability. However, despite the brand and model, there are a number of rules that, when using a trimmer for grass, you need to clearly know and observe.

How to change the deck belt | Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower

  • Before use, you must familiarize yourself with the instruction manual.
  • You can not work with a trimmer in a state of fatigue, illness, intoxication.
  • It is forbidden to use a braid in explosive and fire hazardous areas.
  • You can not mow during a thunderstorm and rain, as well as after the rain, when the grass is wet.
  • You can only work in daylight hours, in conditions of good illumination.
  • Only the type of fuel and lubricant, which is suitable for a specific model of a trimmer for grass, should be used.
  • It is not recommended to independently repair the tool.
  • Do not touch rotating or heated elements during operation.
  • You can not smoke and make fire in the process of mowing and t.D.

Important! When operating a trimmer for grass, there are other factors harmful to health: increased noise, vibration, exhaust gases, high temperature of some parts, flying branches, etc. To minimize risks, you need to use overalls, glasses and headphones.

If there are questions about the adjustment on a rug belt of a particular model of motorcycles, the answers can be tried to find in the operating manual attached to the products, or watch a video on the Internet, where it is clearly and accessible how to set up and adjust the belt along with a gas station.

STURM Benzotrimmer 1500 W, disk, milling cutter BT8952D

Sturm BT8952D benzotrimmer-has a reliable 2-stroke internal combustion engine with air cooling. Working volume of the motor 51.7 cubic meters.Cm, developed power. 1500 watts. Usual in management and maintenance, the most powerful in the line of benzotrimmers Sturm! Household. Can be used in utilities or forestry. The real “combine” by the span of grass at least some stiffness, weeds, even a undergrowth. Automatic coil with a fishing line (a line of fishing line is 2.4 mm), a 3-lobed knife or a 40-set mill with carbide attacks is installed. Thanks to a reliable iron gearbox, a trimmer for grass can work without overheating. To facilitate the launch of a cool motor, a manual swimming pump is used (primer). A flat indispensable rod increases the reliability and lifespan of the tool (there are no compound elements subject to wear). A hard drive shaft makes it possible to use a knife or cutter in the work. The fishing line for a trimmer was created to work with a soft low grass, the knife allows you to mow hard grass and weeds, the use of a 40-tobinal cutter makes it possible to draw a shrub, remove unnecessary young shoots, branches, branches and trees with a dialect up to 50 mm.

To protect the user from those flying out from under the cutting part of small objects, the Sturm lawn mower! BT8952D is armed with a strong casing. By pressing the mowing head on the ground, the fishing line is served, excesses are cut off by a special knife on the casing.

Fishing coil (Ø 2.5 mm). Metal. Knife (three blades). A saw disc with 40 teeth with carbide attack. Plastic protection for gearbox.Key set for assembling the device. Two support pens. Consistency bottle (600 ml): Fuel oil. Shoulder belt (with a plastic lining on the hip). Engine (two.Stroke). Rod. 165 cm)

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