How to put Zhigul wheels on a single-axle tractor oka

Wheels for power tillers and snow blowers

Basically, there are three basic types of wheels for a power tiller. This is a rubber pneumatic wheels for power tillers and rubber all-metal. These wheels have deep treads for riding on dirt roads, but the pneumatic wheels are more suitable for riding on the road. The third type of wheels for the tiller. metal wheels with grousers. for quality work in the field. They are durable and have a virtually unlimited life span.

Rubber wheels are usually included with your power tiller. Problems can arise if you want to change them for others and bought wheels that are not suitable for your machine. You should probably know that not all types of wheels are suitable for use in the field.

You’re buying a single-axle tractor to get the most out of it. This is not a cultivator you will use just to loosen the ground. A single axle tractor is supposed to plow the ground, plant the crop in it, cultivate what is planted until a certain time and then harvest the crop. Where a conventional wheel can’t do the job, a hitch wheel will easily pass.

How to choose pneumatic and solid wheels

First you need to decide for what purpose you need rubber for your power tiller. You need wide wheels for plowing the soil. The same are needed when digging up planted potatoes. You have to choose wheels with a diameter of at least 400 mm. Wheel width for power tillers not less than 200 mm. Wheels are important when planting the same potatoes or vegetables in the ground.

For example, universal wheels, which can be put on all makes and models of motor blocks, can also be aggregated on motocultivators and trailers. It is better to buy them, because you do not want to pay twice, if you have another machine, and these tires will not fit there. There are chamber type wheels with sizes 4.0-10 inches. You can buy them for 90 dollars on average and get bolts to fix them to your power tiller, cameras for them, rims and tires for free.

Another option is the 5.0 to 12-inch inner tube wheels.

In addition to those described, you can find wheels with the size 6.0-12 inches. But they are only used with heavy machinery. These wheels are included with Zubr, Kentavr, Zirka, Dobrynya, Aurora, Forte power tillers. All these power tillers weigh at least 8 kg have a water cooling system. If you buy this type of rubber, you will get bolts for attaching to the unit, discs, rollers and cameras in the kit. In addition to power tillers, you can use wheels on small trailers to them. On the market, wheels to heavy duty motor units cost about 130 to 140.

How to choose wheels with cleats for a power tiller

Another type of wheels for power tillers with cleats. They cost about 80-85 on the market. Their essence is the steel teeth, which are placed along the rim of the wheel and dig into the soil that you work.

For example, universal wheels, which can be put on all makes and models of motor blocks, can also be aggregated on motocultivators and trailers. It’s better to buy these, because you don’t want to pay twice if you get another unit and these tires won’t fit there anymore. There are chamber type wheels with sizes of 4.0-10 inches. You can buy them for an average of 90 and get free bolts to attach them to your power tiller, cameras for them, wheel rims and tires.

If you have a single-axle tractor ZIRKA, look at the special wheels for this brand with a diameter of 4.0-8 inches. The wheels are painted in the army’s original khaki color. Same as the previous model, they have chambers and are supplied with tires, coupling discs and bolts to the tractor.

zhigul, wheels, single-axle, tractor

Wheels for the cart. You can also buy wheels for the trailed cart. they are always available.

The “Neva” power tillers are one of the most common and quite versatile species. No matter what kind of work is done on them, it is impossible to work on this power tiller without wheels and attachments. The selection for this model is quite extensive, given the versatility of this unit and the truly popular love for it.

zhigul, wheels, single-axle, tractor

Allotted for the motor-block “Neva” wheels of the following types:

  • Pneumatic wheels, they are equipped with a tire, a tube, a hub of the cultivator wheel and a disc. Pneumatic wheels are mounted on the gearbox shaft so that the tops of the spikes are located in the direction of travel.
  • Metal, or grousers, are used to increase traction through greater traction with the ground. There are wide, high and narrow types of metal wheels. In addition, metal wheels with paddles, spikes and other devices are used for various types of tillage.

In general, the wheels installed on the Neva can be classified as follows:

  • Transport 4 0х8 wheels are used for transporting loads on power tillers, mounting them on trailers, moving power tillers on roads. They have a relatively small diameter and tire pressure, with a width of about 4 inches;
  • Kits for the expansion of the track, consisting of two stoppers and several extensions, their function is to expand the track. It is optimal to buy a set of extensions that allow you to install wide wheels on a single-axle tractor;
  • Pulling 16×6 50 8, installed as a set, are used for pulling works. Tires are tubeless, so they do not fail because of over-pumping, have an outer diameter of about 16 inches and a working pressure of four atmospheres;
  • Gruntozatsepy KUM-540, 680 for plowing, gruntozatsepy H for plowing. They allow for perfect passage on soft and hard-to-travel soils. It is also recommended to fit them with additional weights.

The owners of the Neva themselves are enthusiastic about such modifications, as they are often dissatisfied with the performance of the wheels from the factory set.

Wheel Horse Front Axle Rebuild

How to make wheels for your power tiller?

Some samodelkin trying to do for unknown reasons to make a wheel for a motor block with his own hands, and not buy in the store. How to make rubber wheels for a power tiller? No way. They are taken from other equipment, where the size of the wheels is suitable for use with a power tiller. You can take the wheels from an old Zhiguli, for power tillers also fit from sidecars.

If you want to make your own homemade wheels, you will have to do a lot more work. First you’ll need to take the rims from the car wheels, weld the half-axle to them, the rim and teeth-hooks of the required height and at the right distance from each other. Here you do all the work on the wheels, using angle grinder and welding machine.

It is important not to overdo it and make the distance between the tines of the hook not more than 20 cm, otherwise all the flush of these wheels will be lost. They won’t go into the ground hard enough.

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