How to put Zhigul wheels on the trailer of a Moto-Block

Wheels for the motor-block “Neva

Neva” motor blocks are one of the most common and quite versatile types. Regardless of what work is performed on them, work on this power tiller without wheels and attachments is impossible. The choice for this model is quite extensive, given the versatility of this machine and the truly popular love for it.

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Allocate for the motoblock “Neva” wheels of the following types:

  • Pneumatic wheels, they are equipped with a tire, a tube, a cultivator wheel hub and a disc. Pneumatic wheels are installed on the gearbox shaft in such a way that the tops of the spikes are located in the direction of movement.
  • Metal, or grousers, are used to increase traction through greater traction with the ground. There are wide, high and narrow types of metal wheels. In addition, metal wheels with blades, spikes and other attachments are used for various types of soil cultivation.

In general, the wheels installed on the “Neva” can be classified as follows:

  • Transport 4 0х8. used for transporting loads on motor blocks, mounting them on trailers, moving motor blocks on roads. They have a relatively small diameter and tire pressure, with a width of about four inches;
  • track extension kits, consisting of two stoppers and several extensions, their function is to extend the track. It is optimal to buy a set of extensions that allow you to install wide wheels on a single-axle tractor;
  • Traction 16×6 50 8, are installed as a set, are used for traction work. Tires are tubeless, so they do not fail because of over-pumping, have an outer diameter of about 16 inches and a working pressure of four atmospheres;
  • KUM-540, 680 grousers for tillage, H grousers for plowing. They allow ideal passage on soft and hard-to-reach soils. They are also recommended to be additionally equipped with weights.
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Options for wheel construction drawings for a power tiller

Factory sets of wheels on a power tiller are classified by the number of axles, as well as the principle of traction. Manufacturers make home minitractors, the design of which involves the movement of the unit at the expense of:

Single-wheel mechanisms are more often equipped with additional devices on the axle, which also serves as a support for the structure. Analyze the model of your home motocultivator to improve its functionality. Choose a sturdy, durable material or a suitable base for making homemade chassis components.

Four-wheel version

Small agricultural tractors on four wheels are a miniature of a similar vehicle without a cab. The configuration of the models allows the user to move around on the power tiller.

You can upgrade the factory version by replacing only the drive train or by swapping out all the rims. Choose one way to improve the performance of your home farm equipment:

  • Equipping factory tires with additional treads;
  • Putting new tires with a textured pattern on the rims;
  • installation on the axles of wheel sets of different radius. larger under the mechanisms, smaller under the slave part;
  • installation of wheels from a car.

Designing the wheels. an important stage in the improvement of the motoblock, which requires making accurate calculations of the optimal dimensions, the location of the elements, the places of drilling out the fasteners.

Four-wheelers are considered heavy-duty models. A number of machines are configured with non-removable wheel elements. Before remodeling a mini-tractor, make a drawing that you plan to improve.

On one wheel set

Two-wheeled power tillers are equipped with one axle with a pair of wheel elements. The platform with the engine installed is controlled by the user using the handles. Putting a passable wheelset will solve the problem with:

zhigul, wheels, trailer
  • slippage;
  • slippage;
  • Fill the tread pattern with soil;
  • poor handling;
  • insufficient plowing depth, etc. д.
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Sketch a single element on paper yourself or make a drawing in a computer program. On the drawing, indicate the diameter of the disc, the location of the holes for the axle, the mounting, and their dimensions.

With one driving wheel

Single-wheeled cultivators are devices in the form of a wheel element in a tire with a pronounced tread pattern. The speed of work and efficiency of farm work depends on the driveability of the disc.

When preparing a drawing to replace the drive wheel, use the recommendations:

zhigul, wheels, trailer
  • match the diameter of the wheel element to that of the factory set;
  • Choose materials with high weight when making the wheel yourself;
  • replace the rubber with a more textured and wider.

Single axle tractor on one wheel driven by hand manipulation. You will find it easier to drive a design with a wide wheel and strong tread.

Three-wheel models

Small farm tractors for working the countryside with three wheels have a front element that follows a set path. Rear wheel set receives torque from the machine’s engine. In most models, the undercarriage, located in the front, make a larger diameter.

Use the recommendations to design wheel replacement on a single axle small tractor:

  • Count on the same wheel and tire radius as the factory wheels. Putting a smaller or larger wheel in diameter will make the mechanisms work incorrectly;
  • make identical wheel elements. Substitution with wheels with different tread patterns or weights will make it more difficult to use the mini-tractor.

When making a drawing with your own hands, take the model designed by the manufacturer as a basis. Consider the full radius of the elements. It is possible to design a smaller diameter disc, but install thick rubber on it, and vice versa.

Why do you install wheels on a single axle tractor on your own

Modernization can be associated with a variety of reasons, among which it is worth noting the main ones:

  • Often a single-axle tractor requires conversion when the wheel pressure on the power tiller is low. In this case, the user wants to put new wheels on a single axle tractor to improve the quality of plowing the land.
  • Rubber tires are not suitable for plowing, they wear out quickly and are expensive to replace. Such products are suitable for work on soft soil, and for hard ground (virgin land) it is recommended to use wheels from Zhiguli on a single-axle tractor, which are installed without the help of a master. They allow you to expand the capabilities of the undercarriage of a motocultivator.
  • It is necessary to increase the running gear, for which install wide wheels on a single-axle tractor or pneumatic, which are paired.
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Overhauling factory-made products into self-made ones can also be connected with the fact that the owner of the equipment wants to expand the range of attachments used.

Choice of wheels for a power tiller and replacement with your own hands

When buying a single-axle tractor, people focus on the engine power and machine performance. However, the wheels for the tiller have a direct impact on the performance of the machine. The running gear allows the machine to move around the garden plot.

Factory models are usually equipped with a suitable wheelset. But given the stresses on this structural element, the wheels often break. Accordingly, the farmer has to buy the defective part himself.

We advise you how to choose the right wheels and advise you on how to make the running gear with your own hands.

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