How to rebuild a rotary mower on a walking tractor

Mower on a single axle tractor

A mower is a type of mounted equipment designed for mowing weeds and bushes of grown tuber crops just before they are harvested. Practical application of mowers for power tillers allows to get rid of unnecessary vegetation of almost any height and thickness, saving time and effort of the farmer.

Rotary mower to a power tiller. this is a type of attachment, whose function is to mow weeds and bushes on meadows and fields. This attachment successfully copes with the removal of grass on large areas, whose soil is not treated with herbicides.

Often the rotary mower is also called a disc mower, because of its working principle and design features. Depending on how they are connected to a power tiller, this mower can be semi-mounted, mounted or trailed. This type of attachment is also categorized by the location of the cutting elements in relation to the used power tiller. According to this factor, there are rotary mowers with front, rear and side arrangement of the cutting blades.

While working on the site, the rotary mower is driven by the gears and wheels of the power tiller. The design of such attachments is extremely simple. one or more cutting discs together with the support wheel are attached to the frame. As soon as the support wheel starts moving, the discs rotate with it, cutting the vegetation.

The range of uses of the rotary mower is quite wide, since it can be used on pastures, meadows and large vegetable gardens. Herewith, the more discs are included into construction of the equipment, the larger area that can be cultivated.

Rotary mower features

Hinged rotary mower for tillers is used for cutting grass. If the grass is not tall, the mower will simply shred it. Higher grass is cut with the mower. It can be dried into hay. At a grass height of 6-8 cm the rotary mower can already be used. The degree of shredding also depends on forward speed. At high speed the grass is cut more. And if you want to cut the grass for hay, the machine needs to go slower. On average, an 8-12 km long swath can be cleaned in an hour. This means that the machine is capable of operating at a mowing speed of 8-12 km/h.

The design of a rotary mower for a power tiller is quite simple. This is why it is self-made. The grass is cut with blades of grass that are mounted on the working discs. The discs are assembled in pairs. The lower disc rotates and the knives rotate with it. Drive is transferred from the power tiller via the PTO.

Homemade mowers most often allow mowing an area with a width of 110-115 cm. the cutting elements rotate at a speed of around 1500 rpm. The parts of the device that rotate must be covered. This is necessary for safety reasons.

Operating principle of the rotary mower

The mower is started by the transmission of the power tiller, as well as by the movement of the wheels of these units. The design of a rotary mower is to attach a support wheel and one or more discs to a metal frame. The cutting units are set in motion as the support wheel starts moving.

Different models have from one to three cutting devices on the metal frame. They can be attached in various ways, but the main advantage of increasing their number is to increase the performance of the machine as a whole.

Rotary mower, equipped with two or three knives, works with a tractor or a power tiller, and a fairly large area of agricultural land is cultivated. The presence of several cutting units has a positive effect on the speed of agro-technical processing as well.

The characteristics of the unit are formed by several main indicators:

  • vegetation cutting height;
  • Productivity (this indicator is formed by calculating the area of cultivated land during the implementation of works);
  • Rotation speed of the cutting element.

Homemade mowers for power tillers

Let’s look at a few varieties of self-made mowers.

Rotary mower with my own hands

This type of mowers is used for mowing lawns and for cutting grass for hay. It is important to remember that the model only cuts tall plants, low grass it only crumbles into small pieces.

Assembly of the mower is shown on the motor-block Neva and similar designs. The following elements will be needed for the work:

The blades are made of hardened 65 g alloy. Four blades per disc. A 6 millimeter diameter hole is made in each disc with a reinforced drill. Blades are attached using the bar, it is fixed behind the coulter independently of the main blade attachment structure. There is a small gap between the blade and the bar, about 2 millimeters more than the thickness of the blade. Such a constructive solution is needed so that during the work with the mower on a single axle tractor, the centrifugal force spreads the knives and they cut the plants. It is important that the structure can rotate freely in a circle (360 degrees). This is to protect the blade when hitting hard ground, stones.

Making an adapter for your power tiller helps you get around your plot faster.

The axes fixing the blade part are made of strong carbon steel, its diameter should not be less than 8 mm. The disc tightens the axle to the end, so that nothing interferes with the movement of the blade part. Picture of a rotary mower:

The rotary mower frame on the single axle tractor is welded on. discs are mounted on the ready-assembled base and connected to the BOM drive (additional elements of the power tiller’s mechanism). This version uses gearbox gears from VAZ car. The discs will be rotated in a counterposition, one against the other. Due to this the grass is mowed in rows. The last step. the installation of the protective element on the drive.

Segmental mower with their own hands

For the manufacture of segment mowers for your own hands need metal pipe with a rectangular cross-section of 1200-50-15 millimeters, or a standard piece of grass mower. It is made 12 holes of size 10 millimeters at regular distances from each other. They are needed for mounting the M8 fixing bolts. In the future, a guide metal strip will be attached to them (length 0.89 meters) with teeth and blades mounted on all sides of a rectangular tube.

Segment mower blades have backs with sections and drive system arm rims. On the metal base both sides there are also clips and slats mounted. Main wheel on model chassis. The working mechanism of the mower works thanks to the movement of the shaft. Drawing of the mower:

Segment mower is suitable for potato foliage and neat mowing without chopping.

Homemade drum mower-carriage

The mechanism consists of 2 drums, they are attached by a frame and a band with a fixation. Bogie is made of welded tubes and metal corners. Plywood and wheels are placed on the frame. The plywood is thickened (one can take a sheet of metal).

The belt can easily be made out of a strip of rubber, which is ring-pinned together with 2-mm dural plates.

Another version of the drum mower to the power tiller. welding from metal parts:

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Rotary mower with their own hands

Rotary mowers come in several varieties and types, varying in price and characteristics. But many people think about making a mower with their own hands, because whatever the price of a rotary mower in the store. it’s still a blow to the purse, which an ordinary peasant or farmer is already small. For example, you can assemble a home-made rotary mower from the rear axle and keep costs to a minimum, more information here.

The first thing to take care of is the accompanying material, from which the rotary mower will be made. There is no need to be overly complicated and look for something special, quite suitable ordinary scrap metal, which you can find at various dumps, abandoned complexes and other similar places.

Old bicycle frames, spare parts from old appliances, iron barrels, used batteries, you can safely use all that for making a rotary mower.

rotary, mower, tractor

The main criteria here will be your ability to work with your hands and a certain technical knowledge of the principles of working with such material. And, of course, experience with a welder, without which you can not do without.

The entire process of making a rotary mower for a mini-tractor can be described in stages:

  • From the scrap metal you have gathered, you need to make a frame consisting of corners, which should be about 40 cm in size. You also need to take care of the blades, which you will install on the rotary mower.
  • Next are the disks. They can be made from the bottoms of old, unwanted barrels. Diameter of each disc should be 39 cm and a thickness of 4 mm.
  • Then you put the blades on the discs. For making the axle, on which the discs will rotate, you need an iron pipe 3 cm in diameter. You will also need bearings, which you put on the pipe, and a second one for the pulley.
  • Then mount the blades on the shaft of the axle, weld the pulleys to the tube and your homemade rotary mower for mini-tractor is almost ready.

Finally, you need to put a cowl on top of the whole construction, which will serve as a protective device. Such a mower allows you to mow a strip of grass, which will be up to 115 cm wide.

Rotary mower with their own hands for a mini-tractor is a profitable solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on buying ready-made mowers, but want to make it themselves for their own needs. But if you do not want to bother yourself, then you can always buy an inexpensive electric lawn mower, which also will not hit your much.

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How to make a mower for a motor-block with your own hands. options for making

Almost all of these types of mowers for the existing power tiller are easy to make on your own. The only. problems may arise when assembling frontal equipment, as it is quite bulky, and requires the purchase of many articulated mechanisms.

The most popular among farmers-enthusiasts are rotary and segment mowers for power tillers. They are simple in design and do not require specialized equipment.

Top best rotary mowers for a power tiller. analysis of price and manufacturers, proper installation

The single-axle tractor “Neva” is equipped with a rotary mower

A power tiller without additional attachments and trailed equipment is useless. Mowers for power tillers are no less popular than plows. Rotary and segment models of grass mowers for power tillers will appeal to agrarians with fields and just owners of a small farm. On what features has a rotary mower for a motor-block let’s talk more about.

Homemade designs

Given that there are several varieties of mowers, here are a few options of homemade designs. Let’s start with the simpler rotor version.

Rotary mower is used for mowing tall grass. Such a model does not mow small growth, but shreds. To make such a model, you will need two discs. These will be the rotors on which the cutting elements are attached.

Homemade mowing equipment for a power tiller

For the rotors, it is better to use discs of hardened metal. Four blades are mounted on each rotor. Note that the blades must rotate about their axis through 360 degrees. Therefore, calculate the ratio of fixing holes in the rotor and the length of the cutting elements.

The blades are mounted to the discs by means of a bar. The distance from the plane of the blade to the bar should be slightly greater than the thickness of the cutting element. This scheme ensures the knives free rotation due to the centrifugal force and prevents mechanical damage to the elements in case of a collision with a solid object.

The rotors are mounted on shafts made of high-carbon steel. The rotors themselves are installed on a welded frame, and are attached to the power harvester through the PTO. Keep in mind that the rotors should rotate towards each other, this will allow you to form a bevel into the swaths.

Making a home-built segment mower is a bit more complicated. You need a metal bar, about 120 cm long. Here, at equal distances, it is necessary to drill holes for mounting bolts.

By means of the threaded connections, the guide rail (90 cm long) and the blades are mounted. The cutting elements are installed on both sides of the bar. The skids and locking devices are mounted on the base. The mower is powered by the engine of the power tiller, the power is transmitted through the PTO.

Note that the mowers, homemade or factory-made, need to know how to connect to the power tiller. This is how it is done:

  • The single-axle tractor is reversed.
  • Before connecting the PTO shaft, a coupling unit is installed in the coupling socket.
  • After installing the PTO, the clutch is secured with a kingpin equipped with a spring. Please note that the spring is a must, otherwise the drawbar hitch will not be able to take the load.

Wheel sets for power tillers are fitted with weighting elements for reliable traction when working the ground. Mowing the grass, weights can be removed, it will remove the load from the engine, respectively, the performance will increase

Please note that when making the rotary mower the guards need to be fitted

When you mow the grass, the weights can be removed, this will relieve the load on the engine, respectively, to increase productivity. Please note that when making the rotary mower it is necessary to fit the guards.

Proper mounting of the mower on a single axle tractor

A newly purchased product must be competently installed on machinery to provide the right performance and quality of performance. Let’s take the rotary version as an example to see how to assemble and install it:

  • Check the delivery set (from model to model the set may differ, but, as a rule, it is a drive belt, frame, connector, fasteners, rotor cover, hydraulic hose, support skids, hydraulic cylinder, drive belt tensioning system, rotors with blades, spares);

Mount the frame to the mounts of the power tiller so that it makes 45 degrees with the vertical plane and so that the slotted parts look up;

How to impregnate plywood for moisture resistance

Then mount the rotors on the frame so that their blades are positioned underneath. It is important that they are fully seated on the spline;

We attach the rotor cover to the same slot;

Secure with cotter pins and nuts attached;

Assemble the tensioning system by removing the cotter pin and unscrewing the lock nut on the pulley. The next step is to carefully knock out the pulley so that the key is not lost. When the system is correctly installed, its handle will be pointing up and secured with bolts from the spare parts list;

Next, use the bolts from the spare parts kit to fasten the skids to the frame so that their concave part faces inward;

Unfold the frame rings. they should be placed on the outside of the frame of the power tiller. After that, finally connect to the second mower;

Put the drive belt on the pulley as you drive. It is important that the single axle tractor and the mower remain aligned;

Mount the system hydraulic cylinder. hydraulic hose (if the connection is provided on the power tiller).

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