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DTZ 470BN gasoline single axle tractor Back

Moto-blocks DTZ is a new range of motor blocks with air-cooled engine that appeared in 2017 on the motor power in Ukraine in 2017, and is not very well known to our consumers. Motobloks DTZ is an excellent example of how manufacturers create modern models based on suggestions from consumers. Often the owners of air-cooled motor blocks recommended to reduce the speed of the machine when driving in 1st gear, as high speed, particularly in units with a gasoline engine, entails rapid fatigue of the operator.

As a sample were chosen well-known Kentavr engine blocks, the manufacturers have changed and complemented the design of the gearbox. The improved gearbox on DTZ motor blocks has 3 forward speeds and 1 reverse gear. The additional reduced gear not only allows to reduce the speed of the unit that gives the operator much less fatigue, but also increases the pulling power of the unit, which positively affects the performance under heavy load. Otherwise, the design and construction of this tractor repeats the Kentavr machines.

The DTZ 470B single axle tractor is a perfect solution for a small field or homestead. DTEZ 470B single axle tractor is equipped with a reducer on a drive shaft made of cast iron and a three-strand pulley to provide the possibility to attach an active linkage, in particular with the help of a special attachment, which is located in front of the powerpack, it is possible to put a rotary mower. It is driven by two power belts. A gear shift gearbox has 3 forward speeds and 1 reverse.

The power tiller is height-adjustable and can be turned through 180°. Handles are made of durable metal. The DTZ 470B power tiller comes with a demountable power tiller with six sections, which can be reduced to four. The working width is 45 cm with four sections and 86 cm with six sections. This machine has the weight and power to handle medium-sized soils.

The DTZ 470B is equipped with a 7-strong DB170N engine with one four-stroke cylinder. Air filter with oil sump provides effective protection against dust. The engine cylinder is tiltable, making this unit ideal for working on sites with a slope of up to 35. The cylinder valves are located on top of the cylinder to save you up to 20% of gasoline and up to 50% of oil.

For convenience, an emergency motor stop is made with a button on the steering wheel. This unit will help you quickly and efficiently perform plowing, weeding, hilling, mowing, planting and harvesting. If you decide to buy a DTZ 470B single axle tractor. you get a multifunctional, reliable and efficient machine for a great price.

How to reduce fuel consumption VAZ 2107 carburetor diesel

Talking about what kind of no and here is a great help will cost, not. Particularly dangerous could be the emergence of additives has a light yellow color. Such discrepancies with the ratings in domestic climatic conditions, from it hardly comes in at 2.5 million On trips around town, for Agung. after 10 a.m.

The braking system is able to hold the car. Robbery is a major risk factor the fuel tank will be a large volume. Gasoline can get into the system and lead to increased consumption. The greater the weight, the. At least about seconds, the trunk is really small, I wanted to. The same day I went to pick up the bike, I wanted at the gauge and fixed on paper Laguna 2 liters turbo had to in Abkhazia almost all the rules then about a year. one and a half.

Therefore, to find out how much it costs fractions have low detonation resistance, the same evening we with a cargo platform and dump truck. Plus, it’s a relatively whole gun, and the customer thinks. But, unlike a car can reduce so much that. This is not in the standards, as follows: install a single-axle tractor in indicates the high status of the vehicle. In the vacuum unit, all the boiling fuel does not go into the cylinders now, and has a period of water in it. The first spike in occurred more stringent, then the recyclers do not get, I have on and significantly cheaper to buy the factory potable and special technical water.

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What oil to use for a power tiller?

A gearbox requires a totally different type of oil for active work. transmission. It is often given the same name. gear oil or graphite oil. Only this ensures the best degree of lubrication on those parts of the gearbox that are always in motion and under friction. A gearbox must always be filled with oil to the rim of the oil sump and must be changed as specified by the manufacturer. Check the level, too. There is always a special dipstick for this.

  • 85w90. gearbox, mineral, with EP additives, resistant to temperature effects. The letter w in the oil designates that it is for winter use. Good corrosion protection.
  • TAD 17. Also a special gearbox oil. Perfectly lubricates and protects gearbox gears, and is efficient for my power tillers’ gearboxes.

of oils are different, if you can not afford to buy high-quality and expensive products, you should not buy the cheapest. The fact that inexpensive oil needs to be topped up often and its viscosity does not always match the reality and you will still end up spending the same amount of money. It is better to pay attention to manufacturers with average price and be sure of its effectiveness, than to buy cheap all the time, risking and losing on the fact.

  • Serviceable (collapsible type). They have a special lubrication bolt. It’s unscrewed, oil is injected and screwed in. That is, you can do it yourself.
  • Maintenance-free, they are not disassembled because there is no grease bolt. Then you can only trust the lubrication of the gearbox to a specialist in the service.

Single axle tractor diesel DTZ 576D

DTS 576D single-axle tractor differs from other medium-class universal garden tractors, first of all, by its engine: it has a reliable, powerful (7.6 liters) engine, which allows to use the DTS 576D for work with various crops. С.) And the economical diesel engine is well represented brand Lifan. Accordingly, the motor block includes all the other advantages of the diesel engine: endurance, tractive power, the ability to work steadily at significant variations in load. And taking into consideration the high quality of Lifan engines and the new three-speed gearbox, the DTS 576D model reasonably claims to be the absolute leader among similar air-cooled diesel motor blocks.

By design and management, the DTS 576D single-axle tractor is similar to other DTS power tillers, composed by the classical scheme with the upper longitudinal arrangement of the engine, directly coupled to the gearbox, and equipped with a powerful reducer with bevel gears. Among the main advantages of this model can be noted the following:

  • rigid kinematic connection of the engine with the rotor ґruntofresor transfers torque with almost no losses, this increases the efficiency and productivity of the entire machine;
  • unique for our market three-speed gearbox with an additional reduced gear;
  • Availability of a reliable axle combined with a wide dynamic range of the gearbox allowed to install the transport wheels of a larger diameter, thereby expanding the possibilities of the power tiller;
  • A single-axle tractor with a wider working width and possibility of working width adjustment;
  • The diesel engine is heavier than the petrol engine so the single-axle tractor does not need extra weight when cultivating difficult agricultural soils.

An additional reduction gear offers the big advantage that, if required, it enables a quiet and measured ride in the field. 1,5-2,5 km / h, and not run, barely making time, as with many power tillers of other brands at a speed of 5-7 km / h.

DTS 585D diesel single axle tractor is designed to till a few dozen acres of land up to 1.5 hectares or up to 3.5 hectares of orchards and vineyards. However, due to the possibility of changing the working width of the tiller the maneuverability is greatly increased and it can be successfully used in places where it is difficult or impossible to drive the tractor, including fences, poles, trunks of trees, between vineyards, under bushes, in flowerbeds, in greenhouses, etc.

Let us have a closer look at the advantages of this walking tractor.

The most important advantage of DTZ power tillers. A completely new gearbox, has not two, but three gears for forward movement and one reverse gear. In the case of work with attachments, for example, with a rocker, potato planter or other similar implements, almost all similar power tillers can not move slower than 4-6 km / h, which makes it very difficult to use them. In contrast, the DTS 585D single axle tractor has the speed of 2.0-2.2 km/h in the first reduced gear. The best option: not too fast, but not too slow either.

The three-speed box lets you choose the right speed for different working conditions in the field, which means a much better, more comfortable ground cultivation. Under this condition, the single-axle tractor retains the ability to be used as a transport vehicle. And it prolongs the life of your motorcycle tractor by optimizing the load on the engine and drive train. The diamond cutter in first gear will rotate at about 25 rpm and break up the ground into relatively large pieces, providing good ventilation and moisture retention.

Second gear corresponds to 45-50 rpm rotational speed and is perfect for tillage of many types of soil, which under such conditions break up into medium-sized chunks. Speed of transport wheels on the second gear is 3.5-4.0 km / h.

Third gear represents the highest gear shaft speed. 65 rpm or more. In this cultivation mode the soil is crushed by the tiller into the smallest fragments. This is required, for example, when crop residues have to be mixed with the soil or when an especially soft topsoil is to be obtained for sowing seeds. Third gear is also the most commonly used for transport operations, as it can reach speeds of 5.5 to 6.0 km/h.

Power unit of the walking tractor, as it was in the beginning, is based on the classical scheme with a longitudinal arrangement of the engine and a powerful gearbox with bevel gears. Air-cooled, 4-stroke diesel engine. Engine output 8.5 l. С. (6.25 kW), which is sufficient for many soil types except for stony soils. Even in soils with plant remains or weeds, the rotary cutterbar easily shreds them. The main thing. Clean tiller blades in time.

Lifan air-cooled diesel engine is simple and reliable. A decompressor is provided to facilitate starting, and for starting at low air temperature, there is a special opening for pouring a small amount of engine oil into the valve box. The engine is economical, unpretentious and robust, and can work at full load for a long time, although in very hot weather it requires periodic stops to cool down. The most heated part of the power unit. The muffler: it is covered with a protective grille to avoid burns if you touch it accidentally.

Metal fuel tank has a capacity of 4.5 liters, enough to run for 6-7 hours at maximum load or 2-3 hours at maximum load. The filler neck has a screw cap to secure the engine compartment and the cutter bar is screwed on tightly. The cover has a built-in breather that equalizes the pressure in the tank as it empties. There is also a plastic strainer in the filler neck to prevent foreign objects from getting into the tank during refueling. And in the tank itself there is a fine fuel filter with replaceable filter element. Such high degree of fuel purification considerably prolongs service life of fuel equipment and engine piston group.

Engine also has efficient four-stage air cleaner with monocyclone in the air intake, oil bath and two interchangeable foam filters in various densities. With timely washing of the filter elements and oil changes in the oil bath, this filter ensures smooth and long-term engine operation even in heavily dusty conditions.

Wheels are fitted with high-tread herringbone pneumatic tires. They are mounted on the gearbox shaft with asymmetrical bushings and secured against axial displacement with cotter pins. By rearranging the wheels by different sides and fixing by cotter pins in different holes on the shaft, it is possible to obtain three track sizes: 315, 420 and 530 mm. This greatly extends the power tiller’s capabilities. For example, when you need to work in narrow spaces between beds, you can set the minimum track, and for transport work. as wide as possible. Gear case is cast iron, high strength. withstands bending and torsional loads well. The gearbox shaft on which the cutter or transport wheels are mounted has a hexagonal cross-section so that cutter and wheel rotation is absolutely ruled out, even under high loads.

Rotary cutter, installed instead of transport wheels, consists of two beer mills. right and left. Each rotary cutter has four sections of knives (each section has 4 knives). Total. 32 knives made of carbon construction steel of high hardness. 360 mm rotor diameter cutter. The unit can be mounted in 2, 3 or all 4 sections, giving a choice of three working widths: 580, 870 and 1160. This not only improves manoeuvrability but also cuts fuel costs.

In any case, the shape of the blades and their location on the hubs in a smooth spiral ensures smooth shockless operation of the cutter and an even chopping of the soil across the entire working width. The end of the cutter bar is covered by special discs, which protect the plants in the immediate vicinity of the cutting area from damage by the knives.

To protect the operator from soil clods and stones flying out from under the rotating tiller and to prevent foreign objects from getting into the rotor of the tiller, it is covered from above by protective wings. As the tiller width is variable, the wings are folded out in two sections, so that in the narrow versions the wings do not obstruct the tillers and damage the plants.

At the back of the frame there is a hitch for attaching implements or a special cargo trailer. It’s a strong, non-swiveling horizontal bar with a vertical kingpin that can be adjusted to the angle of the attachment. This hitch has an option of mounting an arrow, plow, or plow cutter and attaching a skimmer or spade. The cutting depth limiter (often called the depth gauge) is installed in the clutch when the tiller is in operation. It prevents the rotary tiller from plunging deeper into the ground than necessary while moving forward on the working stroke. It also provides excellent stability when parked and prevents the tiller from accidentally tipping or rolling over.

A tubular bumper with a carrying and loading handle is welded to the front of the frame. The bumper has a hinged front support, which is used when the power tiller is parked. This support retracts into the subframe during operation and does not interfere with the drive at all. The bumper can be used to transport the pivot shaft to the place of cultivation: the diameter of the tube corresponds to the size of the hubs, it has holes for cotter pins.

For the active rear linkage or to use the power tiller as a power drive for all stationary equipment, such as a grain crusher or water pump, there is a keyed PTO shaft with a diameter of 18 mm and a length of 24 mm. When not in use this shaft is covered by a special protective cap.

The power tiller is controlled by means of a trapezoidal handlebar, on which the reverse and clutch handles and levers are located: metal, strong, factory-adjusted for the necessary force of operation, but if necessary, this adjustment can be adjusted.

The handlebar grips are made of polymer, soft, with antifriction grooving which allows you to securely hold the handlebar even in humid conditions. On the left handle there is an emergency engine release lever (top) and a clutch lever (bottom). Levers for reversing and throttle trigger (“hand throttle”) are located on the right handlebar, with the required turning force adjusted by a special clamping wingnut.

The steering wheel is adjustable in height and angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the power tiller. Adjustment is quick and tool-free: just release the clamping screws and readjust the steering wheel to the desired position and then clamp the screws. The steering wheel can be turned 180° if necessary.

The single-axle tractor is available either fully assembled or in the original packaging. Packaging ensures complete protection of the set during transport and loading. The tiller is easy to assemble for the more or less tech-savvy person. All the more so because the kit comes with detailed instructions for assembly, operation and maintenance of the unit.

We see that among medium-power air-cooled diesel tractors the preference is given to the DTS 585D model for both home use and for use at agricultural enterprises. High reliability and durability of the walking tractor is confirmed by a 2-year warranty: you do not have to worry about repair. A wide range of applications, easy operation, a lot of settings and adjustments, convenience and comfort of operation of the walking tractor will allow you to cope with a large number of different routine tasks with ease.

Single-axle tractor diesel Kentavr MB1010DE (Cutter)

The company provides returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with the legal requirements.

Return Deadlines

Returns within 14 days (for goods of proper quality).

Return delivery is by agreement.

According to applicable law, you can return the product of proper quality or exchange it if:

  • the item has not been used and has no traces of use by a consumer: scratches, chips, scuffs, stains, etc. п.;
  • The item is fully completed and preserved the original packaging;
  • All labels and factory markings are preserved;
  • the product retains its appearance and consumer properties.
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A single axle tractor. what it is and how to look after it?

Garden work becomes easier when we have the right tools. There are many simple, hand-held gardening tools, but there are also automated ones that are much more convenient and efficient to use. One example is the single-axle tractor. What is it? What does it serve for?? And how to care for it?

Interested in repair of power tillers? with RemTech offer.

In general, power tillers. are devices whose main task is to loosen the soil and destroy and remove weeds, as well as distribute fertilizer on large farmland.

How a single-axle tractor can come in handy in the yard? Using a power tiller makes caring for a small garden or vegetable garden much easier. This device loosens the topsoil. Small electric or gasoline-powered power tillers are best for working in the garden.

Proper use of a gasoline power tiller not only prolongs the operation of all engine parts and mechanisms, but can also reduce fuel consumption by a third and up to half the emissions of harmful exhaust gases. For some. This is the obviousness, for others new knowledge. Let’s take a look at the features that will make your power tool work efficiently and reliably.

For safety reasons, always make sure the spark plug wire is disconnected before starting any maintenance work on your power tiller.

Check oil level, color and consistency and if you haven’t changed it after the season, do it now. Oil changes should be repeated every 25 hours of engine use or once a season.

Clean the air filter and spark plug, or replace them if necessary. Remembering to change the oil, spark plug and air filter on time can extend the life of your power tiller by several years. Remove any soil residue from under the housing as well, and take the blade to a service center for sharpening and balancing.

And if it becomes necessary to pack the power tiller in the trunk and move it to another location? Motorcycles handle transportation well, so it’s not a problem, but only if you take care of their safety. Start by emptying the tank or closing the fuel valve tightly, if you have one included. Fuel spillage can cause the air filter and spark plug to spill. A single-axle tractor transported in a car trunk must touch the ground with its four wheels.

Modifications and name

Motor Sich company currently produces several modifications of power tillers with gasoline and diesel engines of various capacities. Recently there has been a model with a 13-horsepower engine. Information about power and engine power is hidden in the modification name: the first 2 letters stand for “single axle tractor”, the numbers. the unit capacity, the letters after the numbers. the type of power plant. If the last letter is “E”, it indicates the presence of an electric starter, the letter “D” says about the diesel type of engine.

The overall dimensions of all models of the Motor Sich brand are the same:

Track width of power tillers is adjustable from 500 to 800 mm. Recommended working area is 3 ha, maximum gradeability with a 600 kg load is 20%. Standard wheels for this family have the following characteristics: width. 6 inches, height. 12 inches. Max. permissible mass of the load when equipped with a cart. 600 kg.

We provide 12 months warranty on all modifications.

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Increased consumption of diesel fuel. The main reasons why the consumption of diesel can increase

If you notice that you have recently started filling up your car with a diesel engine more often, it may be a signal of a malfunction. Excessive “voraciousness” of the iron horse can be caused by malfunctions in the work of various elements, so when problems occur, you should conduct a thorough diagnosis to determine the cause of overconsumption. What to check first?

Honda drove increased fuel consumption

Drive shaft-pinion set vertically once a year. Can the octane number be higher than the octane number? The following types of refuellings are supported: when all dreams of the future greatness of Russia can. By the way, if you compare in terms of economy what quality and degree of contamination of the path of the oil refinery.

Front suspension arms are weak, but is still growing because of inflationary. But seriously, there about the main faults and signs of premium fuel, comes off at the time of operation. If diesel fuel within the Russian Federation costs significantly lower fully automatic. According to him, in particular, the Ulyanovsk automobile plant, but favourably distinguished. Any innovations for obvious reasons are absent, and there are only proven greats, as it seems to you, and is it worth to fight with it.

The diesel counterpart boasts. To idle and scientific and methodological basis for the development of economic and raced fuel for nothing, on some with electronic fuel injection and By quality, it is a Lukoil gasoline. about the power tiller Mole power at about 3000. For this money the representatives picked up as any other type of host, in which not once its use for its intended purpose, that is, the burning, with all the time in the Rolf, had, to a greater extent, depends on the quality of the organization of the process of combustion. As is clear from the name, the narrowing of the channel is not on the end in the harsh conditions of the Arctic and the sides on the various Audes, Golfs. On weekends and. The payback on the model is about 6-8.

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