How to reduce the speed of a self-propelled lawnmower. Getting ready to work and testing

Greenworks GD60LM51SP Cordless Lawnmower Overview: How to enjoy your work

The spring and autumn season. it’s dacha, shashlik, rest and fun, but not for everyone. Keeping your garden clean requires regular mowing, sweeping, etc.д. etc.п. After completing this task, there is not always the strength to rest J. The self-propelled, cordless Greenworks GD60LM51SP can help in this matter.

  • Motor: brushless, DigiPro;
  • Deck material: steel;
  • Speed of rotation without load: 2800 / 3200 rpm./min;
  • Turbo function: used for mowing dense grass;
  • Mowing width: 510 mm;
  • Travel speed: 2.5. 4.9 km/h;
  • Speed Control;
  • Numbers of functions: 3-in-1 (collecting in the grass box, mulching, tossing to the side);
  • Number of steps adjustable: 7;
  • Mowing height: 25-80 mm;
  • Height adjustment: central;
  • Folding handle;
  • Grass-collector capacity: 60 l;
  • Two LED headlights;
  • Weight (without battery): 31 kg;
  • Operation with a 60V battery, compatible with other devices from the line of 60V.

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the wire rod (long one on the left) is missing. 🙂

YouTube has a complete disassembly of this model.

Do you have a link?? I could not find it on my phone. 🙁

There should be three adjustment screws on the carburetorOne is responsible for the working speed, usually indicated (H)Turning it counterclockwise reduces the speed

There’s no such thing. There’s only one stop screw, it limits the minimum rpm.It’s all controlled by the dampers.

My petrol BS 600 series has simpler adjustments. from the centrifugal regulator in the crankcase, there’s a rod that goes directly to the throttle lever and on the other side of the lever there’s a rather soft spring attached.If you need a picture “to understand the process”, I can take one tomorrow.

Thanks. There are a lot of similar ones on the internet. It’s exactly like this 🙁

Thanks. There are a lot of similar ones on the internet. This is the one 🙁

My gasoline BS 600 series has a simpler adjustment. from the centrifugal regulator in the crankcase comes a rod that is directly connected to the throttle lever, on the other side of that lever is hooked a pretty soft spring.If the photo is still useful “to understand the process”. I can do tomorrow.

I have an electric, I can not tell you, pressed the buttons, I will advise you!

Design of self-propelled mowers with different types of engines

Except for the engine, the design of self-propelled mowers is approximately the same. The only differences are the need to start the gasoline technology with an electric starter or pull the line for a trimmer in the mechanical start device case. All electric models have electric start.

Self-propelled grass cutting equipment consists of:

  • Engine. The gasoline engine also has a carburetor and starter. Electric self-propelled lawn mower has only an electric motor, which is powered from an outlet through a cord or from a battery.
  • Deck. Represents the cutting area housing, which contains the blades for mowing and trimming the grass. The deck body can be made of plastic, iron or aluminum.
  • Grass box. There are hard plastic and soft plastic in the form of a bag.
  • Control system. Is a set of buttons for selecting mode of operation, starting and stopping.
  • Hand crank with platform. Designed to drive machinery.

The choice of self-propelled or non-self-propelled machinery

It’s hard to know which mower is best. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Self-propelled machines have a big advantage: They can be used by people of all ages. It does not need to be pushed, the only thing to do in steering is to guide the mower in the desired trajectory. Among the disadvantages are the following:

reduce, speed, self-propelled, lawnmower
  • Increased cash outlay for a self-propelled device. Regardless of engine type, some power will be additionally consumed for wheel drive. Approximately 30% more energy is needed to power the axle, which is a substantial drain on the budget.
  • Higher initial cost in the store. In addition to the increased cost of the. Have to overpay more on purchase.
  • Not suitable for small areas. If you have a small lawn, it would be much more sensible to buy a non-self-propelled mowing device.

Please note! A non-self-propelled or self-propelled gasoline mower is much harder to use and maintain than an electric mower.

If you compare gasoline and electric self-propelled machines, in this case, it is better to buy gasoline mower if there are large areas of lawns or lawns. Gasoline mowers are more powerful and productive, so they are designed for large mowing areas.

Checking the condition of the blades

The grass is cut with the blades of grass. Cutting elements get blunt and damaged, need regular sharpening and replacement. They are regarded as consumables. Use of blunt blades reduces the productivity of the tool and increases the load on the engine. To check the condition of the cutting elements, you must first turn off the lawnmower motor. Always use protective gear when replacing blades.

Plastic and metal blades are used to equip the mowers. When choosing a cutter, be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the mowed vegetation (height, stiffness), the terrain and the power of the tool itself. Make sure the blade is installed correctly.

Lawn mower types and their brief description


Gasoline-powered lawnmowers. convenient and powerful devices that do not require searching for power on the dacha site.

Due to the lack of cable, their movement on the lawn is not limited to a small number of square meters. Gasoline lawnmowers are ideal for large areas.

Power and performance of such a device depends on the size of the engine. it varies from 4 to 133 cubic meters.See.

The higher this value, the better the machine can cut tall grass and even tree shoots. However, it is worth remembering that powerful mowers consume a lot of fuel.


Electric grass cutters are powered by an electric motor, t.е. Consume electricity, and therefore have a cable.

To choose a good electric lawn mower, it is important to pay your attention to the presence and volume of the collector for grass, the width and height of cutting the grass, the size and weight, and most importantly. the power of the engine and its speed. Power output of such models varies from 50 W to 2100 W. productive device will be able to cut very tough and high grass

A more productive machine will be able to cut very hard and tall grass

Power value of such models varies from 50 to 2100 watts. The more powerful device will be able to cut very hard and tall grass.

To cut soft grass, it will be enough to buy a device with engine power up to 600 watts.

There are also electric cordless lawn mowers, which are able to work without electricity, but they need to be charged after each work.

The amount of time you can mow with this device is limited.


The robotic lawnmower is the most convenient, albeit expensive, device for mowing unwanted parts of the lawn. Its operation is similar to that of a robotic vacuum cleaner. Before working, it is necessary to lay a special cable on the lawn to mark the boundary of the mowing.

It won’t go over the area and will remember the places it has already gone, saving you energy.

After you finish mowing, the machine will return to the home base for recharging. Many of the robotic lawnmowers come with useful options: rain sensor, alarm, camera, etc.д.


Mechanical lawnmowers do not emit any noise or contaminate the atmosphere. The weight of such a device is small. up to 10 kg, so it is very maneuverable.

TAKE NOTE! Mechanical grass cutter is suitable for working on a small, not heavily overgrown lawn.

Durability, strength and reliable quality distinguish this type of models. The lawn is cut with special grass shears, so the result is always of high quality. Such lawnmowers do not have a collector for the grass, but are equipped with an adjustable handle.


The self-propelled lawn mower requires almost no human assistance, because it moves itself on the lawn and cuts unwanted grass. A man only directs the movement of the machine.

The self-propelled device has several types of drive. front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive.

For example, models with front-wheel drive are very light and maneuverable, well suited to surfaces with large irregularities.

IMPORTANT! Self-propelled lawnmowers always have a grass collector in the kit, which makes life easier for its owner. there is no need to clean the area after work.


Non-propelled machines must be moved forward by a person. Such mowers can be suitable for people who are physically well prepared.

These models cost less than self-propelled ones and are easy to drive around unnecessary obstacles.

Grass trimmer power: what it depends on?

The line for the trimmer or the knife in the trimmer untwist to high revolutions, at which the grass and weed stems are cut. The thicker the grass, the thicker the stems, the higher the load on the cutting tool. And that means less strain on the engine.

If engine power is insufficient, its rpm under load will drop, while cooling quality (it is usually air) will drop dramatically and overheating will occur. The best case scenario is that a lockout occurs and the machine shuts down. But powerful motors will work without problems at the same revolutions, so they can easily cope with dense thickets.

There is another important point. Low power models, first of all, will only work with lines, not with blades. But there are also restrictions with the lines: thick ones are not suitable, as they put extra strain on the engine.

Lawnmower Engine RPM, Drive Control, Mowing Height Adjustment. Powerplus POW63777 LAWNMOWER 173CC 530MM EN Operating Instructions

Lawnmower engine speed

Engine speed is factory set for optimum performance. Engine speed is not adjustable.

The mower’s self-propelled movement can be controlled by pushing the operator presence control knob (a) against the control handle (b). Pull starter cord to start engine. Push the drive control knob (c) against the control handle to move forward.

Releasing the drive control knob (c) will stop forward movement. To continue mowing without self-propel, keep the operator presence control knob (a) pressed against the control handle (b).

Cutting height adjustment

Raise wheels for low mowing and lower wheels for deep mowing, adjust mowing height to your needs. For most lawns, the middle position is appropriate.

Filling up with oil before starting the engine

Before each use, check the oil level and top up with 600 ml of SAE30 engine oil (four-stroke oil) if necessary.

Oil filler cap/oil dipstick

Lawn mower is shipped without oil in the engine. See the type and brand of oil you use. at. “8.4”.

reduce, speed, self-propelled, lawnmower

Makita XML08 18V X2 21″ Lawn Mower Review | Makita’s Pro-focused Lawnmower

Important: Do not overfill the engine with oil to prevent strong smoke from the muffler when starting.

Place the mower on a level surface.

Remove the dipstick from the oil filler fitting.

Check oil level before each use. Add oil if necessary. Fill up to the fill mark on the oil dipstick.

Change oil every 25 hours of operation or every season. Dusty, dirty conditions require a more frequent oil change. See. See the “Changing the Engine Oil” chapter in the maintenance section of this manual.

How to choose the lawn mower: expert advice

Consumption Ecology.Usadoga: What nuances you should pay attention to before buying a lawn mower.

Honda Lawn Mower Won’t Self Propel? Replace Belt #22431-VL0-B00

Spring is the traditional time to start working on the countryside. There are hundreds of things to do: preparing the ground for planting, weeding, mowing, etc.д. To save strength and time, the owners of country plots use iron helpers. motorized mechanisms, which greatly facilitate the work in the garden and vegetable garden.

Choosing the Lawn Mower. The Basics

Modern market of gardening equipment offers a large variety of equipment for lawn care. Often, because of the multitude of names, different functions, differences in design, a novice user can not decide on the lawn mower model he needs.

A lawn mower, unlike a portable trimmer for grass (brushcutter), moves around the site on its wheels. So before you buy a lawn mower, consider the terrain on your property and the task at hand. For example, to care for a lawn covered with soft grass on a level surface. it’s one task, but another thing. if you have to cut the old dry growth on an uneven hilly area.

A lawn mower is a mechanism designed, as a rule, for mowing grass on a level well-groomed territory.

The second important factor influencing the choice of lawn mower type, its power, the type of drive. electric or gasoline, is the area to be treated.

You can focus on the following numbers:

  • For grass mowing on the area of 200 sq. km. The lawn mower can be an electric lawn mower with a power of 1 to 1.3 kW and a mowing width of 34-36 cm.
  • If the lawn area is 200-400 sq. m m, an electric lawn mower with a motor power of 1.2-1.5 kW.

You can also use a gasoline lawn mower for mowing grass on this area from 3.5 to 5 liters.с. and cutting widths up to 45 cm.

When mowing lawns with an area of 8 to 15 acres it is preferable to use a more powerful lawn mower equipped with a gasoline engine.

These lawnmowers can have a motor power of 4.5-6 л.с., and the mowing width is up to 50 cm. For lawn care over 15 acres more powerful equipment is needed. gasoline lawn mowers with 5.5-7 л.с. With a mowing width of 48. 57 cm.

Therefore, to make an informed choice of lawn mower, you must first be guided by the characteristics of the lawn, its area, topography, type of grass to be mowed, density of buildings and zoning of the territory. In addition, lawn mowers have a certain set of features and functions, with which you need to decide before buying.

To simplify the choice, all mowers can be divided into two types. electric and gasoline. Consider each of the types of mowers separately.

Electric lawn mowers. As mentioned above, the choice of this type of mower is primarily influenced by the area to be treated. There is no point in buying a powerful, heavy and expensive gasoline unit, if he, literally, has nowhere even to turn in a small area. In this case the best choice will be the purchase of an electric lawn mower, working on the mains or battery-powered. In addition, well-groomed, already inhabited, clearly zoned area imposes certain restrictions on the work of lawn mowers.

Trees, flowerbeds, winding paths, ornamental plantings significantly complicate the maneuvering of an ordinary four-wheeled electric lawnmower on the site. To mow hard-to-reach areas, the user has to manually mow unreached areas with an electric trimmer after the lawnmower has gone through.

The solution is to use a highly maneuverable lawnmower with only three wheels: two at the back and one swivel wheel at the front. Such a design allows to bypass obstacles and effectively mow lawns in hard-to-reach places.

reduce, speed, self-propelled, lawnmower

Also when choosing an electric lawn mower you need to pay attention to the length of electrical cable, the availability of a reliable source of electricity on the site. Among the main advantages of lawn mowers with electric motor are low noise level, small size and weight, ease of use and economy.

Gasoline lawn mowers. Key advantages are power and independence of external power source. Gasoline lawnmowers have the widest mowing width, which reduces the number of passes and, consequently, the time spent on mowing. It should be remembered that gasoline lawn mowers have more weight than their electric counterparts. Before starting, they must be filled with gasoline, e.g. Ai-92 (the octane number of the gasoline is specified in the lawnmower’s instruction manual).

Most modern lawnmowers are equipped with four-stroke engines. Unlike a two-stroke engine, in which the fuel must be mixed with the oil before starting, a four-stroke engine has a separate sump where the engine oil is poured. This saves time, t.к. No need to expend energy mixing fuel and oil in specific proportions (as recommended by the manufacturer). Lawn mowers with four-stroke engines also run quieter and release fewer pollutants into the environment.

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