How to remake the air filter on a power tiller

Air filter (oil filter) (177F)

Air filter (oil filter) (177F) fits gasoline engines of 9L power tillers.с., air-cooled. All models are presented in the table:

“=””” data-sheets-formula=”=HYPERLINK(” https:=””””” motobloki=””” kentavr=”” “;”Кентавр”)”=””>Кентавр “=””>2090b, 2091b
“=”” data-sheets-formula=”=HYPERLINK(” https:=”””” motobloki=””” zubr=”” “; “zubr=”” (zubr)”)”=””>Zubr (Zubr) “”=””>Z-16 (135b)
“=”” data-sheets-formula=”=HYPERLINK(” https:=”””” motobloki=””” zirka=”” “; “zirka=”” (Zirka)”)”=””>Zirka (Zirka) “”=””>LX 2090G, LX 2092G, Zirka GT90G01
“=”” data-sheets-formula=”=HYPERLINK(” https:=”””” motobloki=””” weima=”” “; “weima=”” (Weima)”)”=””>Weima (Weima) “”=””>WM1100C-6, WM1100C
“=””” data-sheets-formula=”=HYPERLINK(” https:=””””” motobloki=””” vityaz-tata=”” “; “Vityaz=”” (Tata)”)”=””>Vityaz (Tata) “=””>HT-135A, YX1050C-177F
“=””” data-sheets-formula=”=HYPERLINK(” https:=””””” motobloki=””” forte=”” “; “forte=”” (Forte)””=””>Forte (Forte) “=””>135G
“=””>Aurora “=””>135G
“=””>Neva “=””>MB-23C-9.0, MB-23C-9.0

The table shows only the most popular models. If you could not find your single axle tractor here. Call on any phone number on a site and our expert will consult you.


For the self-made motorcycle mechanic, it’s always relevant to find the best air filter option. Of the common ones, the most available are contact-oil (thick oiled mesh or capron fluff) and paper (car-type) filters. The latter are preferable: they provide high filtration coefficient (up to 0,98) and low resistance to air flow, but their dimensions are quite considerable.

Several years ago, during the regular modernization of my motorcycle IZH-YUPITER 4, I installed two carburetors and struggled for a long time in search of a suitable filter: native without a thorough modification could not fit in any way.

Saw in a store plumbing rubber step coupling (to connect the toilet flush), estimated by eye the size: seems to fit the paper filter from a moped with an engine \. As it turns out. The smaller neck of the rubber coupling with the tension sits on the carburetor inlet pipe, for reliability the connection can be tightened with a screw clamp. The inside diameter of the larger neck makes it easy to install a moped filter (its diameter is 74 mm). To improve the tightness of the fit, the edge of the coupling turned outward and squeezed with a car clamp (not shown in the photo). The hole in the outer face of the filter was plugged by a rubber washer with a screw M6. screw thread outward.

After half a season with two of these filters, I changed to a paper filter from Dnieper with a tee for two carburetors. I have not noticed a big difference in the operation of the motor. I put for the test on the IZH-Planeta-5 instead of the contact-oil one. The engine has become easier to breathe, the dynamics of acceleration have improved. Only needed to adjust carburetor for richer mixture. One of filters has been established on Tula (on samodelike a cross-country motorcycle). The result is positive. Only ran out of filter quickly water got in, and paper doesn’t like it.

Motorcycle blitz filter (a filter assembly with carburetor; b blitz filter components):

1 carburetor; 2 screw automobile clamp; 3 sanitary rubber step coupling; 4 moed paper filter; 5 casing from mopednyu filter; 6 rubber washer stub; 7 fixing plug and casing (bolt M6)

Then there was the idea of an outer casing. The photo shows one of the first variants of the native oval plastic cover from the moped filter \. Used a protruding M6 screw to fasten the shroud. During assembly, it turned out that the clamp screw knot was in the way, although there was clearance between the casing and the filter. So, instead of the clamp I wrapped rubber coupling with tying wire and tightened it with pliers.

A season of using the filter in this form has revealed one problem. The thing is that the shroud from the \. So the contamination of the filter in front of these slots is much more intense than the rest of its surface. The solution was very simple: I replaced the moped casing with half of a 1.5-liter plastic bottle, having made a hole in the bottom for an M6 bolt. Now, firstly, you can install a clamp to fix the filter in the clutch, and secondly, the air to the filter will pass through the increased clearance between it and the shroud.

The diameter of the inlet of the Russian motorcycle carburetors is unified, so my air filter can be adapted to most of them. I installed it on K-62D, K-65U, K-65I, Lkou-2928, K-36B. No complaints.

filter, power, tiller

I hope that the simplicity and reliability of the proposed design and the low cost of materials and time in the manufacture and assembly will help fellow-enthusiasts in creating homemade structures.

Main malfunctions

Like any other technique, the single-axle tractor “Mole” from time to time malfunctions, which can contribute to a number of malfunctions. The single-axle tractor stalls, it cannot be started. Most often it is related to the spark plug: it can get wet, burn out or get smoky.

Repair of motocultivator “Mole” most often carried out at home, for this you only need to carefully study the manual or video tutorials, which can always be found on the Internet.

On how to troubleshoot the power tiller “Mole”, see the following video.

  • Make the transmission. To do this, you need to make an intermediate shaft with 2 sprockets. If 1st gear is needed, work gear can be used. The chain drive remains the main one. It is important that the 2nd sprocket corresponds to the ratio of teeth 1:4,5.
  • Welding the frame. The best way to make it is to use steel pipes and angles. To fix the motor rack you need to weld it to the front of the frame.


Also a separate item will be the drawings. Before you start to work we recommend to look at them carefully. The manual of any mini Moto-Block will do for this. Store Gardenshop collected for you the necessary drawings to assemble your own power tiller.

Kits of re-equipment for power tractors

Many people often ask: how to make their power tillers more functional and easy to control unit?

At the moment there are several types of kits on the market, they are different in design and designed for different types of power tillers. For a person who is not dedicated, to understand is difficult enough, so we decided to write an article which will help in choosing. To begin with just look at the needs of buyers and identify the basis for choice, and then we will consider the technical solutions for the conversion of a motor block into a tractor. There are two types of power tillers, the air-cooled engine and the water-cooled engine.

How to make a minitractor from a walking tractor with your own hands?

The easiest way is to buy a trailer adapter. It is suitable for both light and heavy motor blocks; it is the most affordable way to make your single-axle tractor have four wheels. Such an adapter is attached to the back of the tractor through the trailer unit, the turns are made with the help of the handles of the tractor due to the joint placed in the area where the adapter is connected with the tractor.

The main disadvantage of such an adapter is the impossibility to use attachments, which require a drive, so it is difficult to call such a unit a full-fledged tractor.

Kit set for heavy motor tractors, in which the gearbox is in a natural position, in fact, when converted into a motor tractor, the box is simply rolled into the frame. Our specialists note such advantages in this design, an even plane under the seat, convenient movement of the gearbox, the mill is connected to the factory-provided mountings, as well as the possibility of reversion to a single-axle tractor. In our opinion, the disadvantage of this design is the low lifting capacity of the lifting mechanism, which is very important for power tillers.

Kit set and with unfolded gearshift gearbox, as an example let’s examine the kit produced by Cp Hooks, the gearbox is rotated during modification. The advantage of this design is the universal rear lifting mechanism with high load capacity and ergonomic position of the gear lever. One of the disadvantages of this design is a relatively complex power transmission mechanism of a power tiller.

New delivery of the Kentavr 2020 power tillers

As a result of the new air filters application the abrasive wear of the parts of the piston group of motor-block engines is noticeably reduced, and consequently their motor life is increased, reliability is increased and, as a result, repair and maintenance costs are reduced. New high-powered air filter features air intake system mounted on flexible corrugated hoses on the handlebars. Thanks to the high positioning of the air intake (above the area of high dust load), the filter element is not affected by fine dust, sand or large particles of dust. There is also an additional foam filter element in the air intake casing. Combined with the two filtration levels in the main filter housing, it achieves excellent air filtration and retains the finest dust. Because the air duct hose. The filter element is corrugated and flexible so it does not interfere with the tiller‘s vertical and horizontal steering control.

Air filter with transparent cyclone for diesel models MB 2060D-4, MB 2061D-4, MB 2010D-4, MB 2010DE-4, MB 2012D-4, MB 2012E-4

1.Cyclone with transparent shell 2.Oil bath 3.Drottion filter element 4. Crevice-porous foam filter element

Installed on the filter’s air intake, the transparent cyclone has an external grill that traps coarse debris, leaves, grass, straw, twigs, etc.п. Then the cyclone separates the fine particles and dust and places them in the conical dust collector without allowing them to be re-suspended. The dust collector’s transparent dust container makes it easy to check the dust content and keep it clean in time. The air then enters the oil bath mirror where the majority of the dust settles. This oil can be quickly and easily replaced with clean oil if required. Dust left in the air sticks to the oil-coated wire filter element. At the end, a fine-mesh foam filter element performs a fine filtration and retains the finest dust.

New type of safety clutch: normally open

New clutch provides a much higher degree of safety and ease of operation of power tillers. is installed on all models of this model range, except for belt-driven models MB 40-2-4 and MB 40-3-4.

On power tillers with clutch of old (normally closed) type, discs are in permanent contact. Therefore, in order to start the engine of the power tiller or to change gear, one had to squeeze the clutch lever, thus disengaging the disks. if the clutch lever is released while the engine is running and the gear is engaged, the single axle tractor will start moving. There is a special lever for emergency engine shutdown to prevent the single-axle tractor from “running away” from the operator. When starting the engine this lever should have been previously clamped and fixed, and the gearbox should necessarily be put in neutral, so that the single axle tractor does not drive off on its own, because it is very dangerous. To start movement, one had to hold the measure lever in depressed position, press the clutch lever (which, by the way, required considerable effort) and engage the desired gear of the gearbox, then the clutch lever is gently released, and the measure lever continue to hold. All with your left hand. And to stop the tractor, you had to depress the clutch lever and shift the gearbox into neutral. If the lever was accidentally released, the tractor engine would stall. All this hassle with starting, starting and stopping resulted in the engine of the power tiller stalling very often and having to be restarted again and again. And frequent starts are known to noticeably reduce an engine’s service life.

There is no permanent contact between the discs on Kentavr motorcycles with the new (normally open) clutch type. So it’s safe to start the engine and change down to any gear. The single-axle tractor will remain stationary. the PTO shaft would not rotate together with the attached equipment and therefore there would be no sudden danger to the operator or people around. To start pulling or milling, all you have to do on the new tiller is pull the clutch lever just a little harder and the machine starts to move. if the clutch lever is released the single axle tractor will immediately stop but the engine will not stall and will continue to run. there is no need for additional safety lever and manipulation with it when starting the engine.

significantly simplifies and facilitates the process of starting the engine; eliminates the possibility of rotating the GDP when starting the engine; eliminates the possibility of spontaneous movement of the power tiller when starting the engine and shifting gears; during stopping the engine continues to run, not having to start it over and over again.

Safety interlock of the reverse lever

Increases the safety of your power tiller. Eliminates the possibility of accidental reversing.

Gearboxes of air-cooled Kentavr engine blocks do not have a separate gearbox for reverse. Reverse on these power tillers is activated with a special lever on the right handlebar: shift to neutral gear and press the lever and clutch lever at the same time.

The new reverse lever design has a special safety feature to prevent accidental operation. The lever can now only be depressed when the safety catch is first pressed. This also makes the single-axle tractor safer to operate, because wrong choices in driving direction can lead to breakdowns and even injuries. New lever reduces error possibility many times over.

New tiller section combinations

Removable tiller sections. Single, it allows for more precise adjustment of cultivation width.

Many Centaur power tillers have long been equipped with folded rotary cutters. Starting from this year, all cutters of the new line have. Some of the motorized blocks have a wider adjustment range due to additional segmentation. For example, the cutter formula was: (3 1) (3 1) and became: (2 1 1) (2 1 1). The exact formulas for folding cutters are given in the table for each model of power tiller.

Common Air Filter Failures

The air filter can make a significant difference in vehicle performance. A clean and properly installed air filter improves fuel economy, prolongs engine life, reduces harmful emissions, and greatly improves the response time. Impressive for a component that is often overlooked.

An internal combustion engine needs to mix about 10,000 liters of air with each liter of fuel for normal operation. Air enters engine through air filter. Without proper air intake, the fuel-air mixture will be oversaturated with fuel and therefore will not burn properly, and the engine will be severely lacking the oxygen it needs.

Most manufacturers recommend changing the air filter about every 20,000 km or every 12 months, whichever comes first. However, the air filter should be replaced more often if you live in agricultural areas or any other area with high m of dust and other contaminants in the air.

Design and Diagram of a Snowplow

Before you start designing the machine, you need to prepare calculations and drawings. Preparation will be easier to carry out if you have a clear idea of the visual image, the principle of the machine and its operation.

How a snowplow with an auger nozzle works:

The front of the cleaner consists of a huge bucket with a funnel that collects large amounts of snow. There are two screw transporters inside that are a screw (see. here how to make it yourself), moving the accumulated mass to the pump. Each screw consists of blades that rotate around the screw.

As soon as the motor is running, the blades begin to rotate. Each revolution plunges a sharp jagged edge into the snow, and then a second sharp blade replaces it.

The rotating transporters and screws have the following main functions:

Conveyors have a trick. they are angled to the pump, allowing you to bring the snow to the pump. With the rapid rotation of a screw, the snow mass is blown outward at high velocity and is carried by a head of air over a great distance.

At the bottom of the “shovel” is attached trim plate.

If the structure of the all-purpose machine includes an air-cooled electric motor, the air intake must be secured against accidental contact between the electric part and the wet snow.

  • Buy, or use an existing, power tiller engine. For example, Honda brand (requirements: 6.5 liters per second; auto transmission; gear ratio);
  • Prepare a plastic pipe, mostly sewer, with a diameter of 16 cm;
  • You will need roofing iron;
  • Plywood is needed (thickness of the plywood is 10 mm).10 mm);
  • Half Inch Pipe;
  • A steel angle;
  • Tube to take the size of ѕ inch;
  • The steel plate must be 120270 mm;
  • Conductor for drilling holes;
  • Rear wheel axle.
  • Sleeve bearings check by tube size. If the pipe turns out to be wider than the inner ring, it can be ground on a machine.

The total width of the self-made machine is approximately 65 cm (working width 50 cm), which is convenient for storage.

The compact size of the snow blower allows you to increase maneuverability and clear even the narrowest of paths.

information on the following

Filters and components for your power tiller

To ensure that your helper-single axle tractor productively served for many years, you need to periodically carry out technical inspection and change the worn-out elements and consumables. It is also important to follow the instructions for your power tiller and use it only for its intended purpose and capabilities. One of the first and the initial stages of the wear of the main agricultural equipment unit. the engine of the walking tractor. is the filters wear.

The air filter for the motoblock serves to clean the air that enters the carburetor. This element can become clogged with dust and dirt over time, reducing its throughput capacity. As a consequence. malfunction of the engine.

A fuel filter on a single-axle tractor serves as a barrier between the fuel and the combustion chamber. Like the air filter, it traps particles of dust, sand, and soil. Timely replacement of the fuel filter is extremely important.

Range of filters for power tillers in Agrotech online store. In the Agrotech online store you can find the following range of filters for your motor block:

  • Fuel filter elements for different purposes;
  • Oil filter gaskets;
  • Oil Filters;
  • Cuffs;
  • Air filters;
  • Fine filter elements, etc.д.

In this category you find a wide range of filters with different filter media and applications. To order. click “buy” and fill in the form. For any additional questions, please call the contact phone number.

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