How to remove a battery from an electric screwdriver. How to disassemble the battery of an electric screwdriver

How to get a drill out of an electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver is used for various construction and repair work, but its main function is rapid screwing and twisting fasteners: screws, screws, bolts, screws. It helps to cope with a large volume of tasks for significantly less time than when using a screwdriver.

Budget screwdrivers of small and medium power are used in the assembly, installation and dismantling of furniture, equipment, the construction of frame structures (partitions, walls, suspended ceilings) and other objects. A powerful tool with the shock mechanism copes with the drilling of holes.

In addition to standard operations listed in the instructions for a screwdriver, it can also be used for other tasks. With the help of a mixer nozzle, sparse solutions are kneaded. Through a special adapter, the device is connected to the ice discovery to quickly make the holes.

The case of most screwdrivers is made of plastic. Thanks to this, the total weight of the tool decreases. Inside the case are placed:

  • Engine. Depending on the type of device, it can be electric or pneumatic. The former work from the network or battery, the latter. From the tank with compressed air or compressor.
  • Gearbox. A geover mechanism that transfers rotational movements from the engine to the spindle.
  • Clus-regulator. Connected to the gearbox, with its help, adjusting the depth of screwing and the rotating moment.
  • Start capacitor. He launches the engine.
  • Chuck. Bits, drills, end heads are inserted into it. The most common fast-and-packed three- or four-cup.
  • Power supply (battery) and/or network cord.

On the case there is a control panel with a power button, a speed switch. Reverses are used to work in the unstable mode. Additionally, an electric screwdriver may have a backlight, fuse.

Measurement of voltage voltage batteries

The battery of the battery consists of 10 or 12 cans, 1.2 volts each. First look at the quality of their connection with each other. Sometimes part of them breaks away, leading to problems in the work of the tool.

Diagram of the battery device of an electric screwdriver

If there are no problems with contacts, the voltage of each part of the drive is measured, which should not be less than 1.2. Contacts are soldered with a soldering iron. Elements of the power should not be connected to the sensors. Connect the probes to the poles. If the voltage is less than the norm, they replace them with new.

It happens that the test does not find faulty components. Then repeat the process under load. Connect a 12.Volt bulb through a 10 Ohm resistor, 25 W. The level of internal resistance is calculated by dividing the voltage into current strength, subtracting the load resistance. Turn on the bulb for 2 minutes. Brightness should not change. If it goes out quickly, the drive capacity is insufficient.

The principles of the device of electric screwdriver

Nuances during self.Repair of the battery for an electric screwdriver

Repair work

In the case of low scores for screwdrivers, they need to be repaired. Come as follows:

Attention! Brand manufacturers make batteries with non.Vegetable. Homemade masters disassemble them using a knife and a screwdriver.

  • Under the cover of the case, a block of nickel-cadmium cans interconnected by nickel stripes using spot welding is found;
  • The purpose of the repair is to identify the inoperative elements of the battery chain. For this, banks are freed from the nickel tape with the help of bites and pliers;
  • Each “barrel” is checked by the tester. Voltage should be in the range of 1.2-1.4 V;
  • With a low indicator, the elements are set aside for further resuscitation;
  • Reviewed barrels are checked for bloating, the integrity of the case and the absence of electricity dreams;
  • Swollen, cracked elements utilize.
  • The remaining banks can be tried to “return to life”.

Restoring the operability of the battery for screwdrivers

The barrels that showed low tension can not be changed to new elements, but try to reanimate them. Do it like this:

  • Armed with a syringe, distilled water, screwed with a drill Ø 0.8-1 mm.
  • A hole is drilled in the upper part of the body of the battery.
  • Distilled water is collected in the syringe and with the help of the needle slowly insert it into the hole on the case.
remove, battery, electric, screwdriver, disassemble

Important! If, when water entering the AKB case, the electrolyte will occur to meet, the battery is thrown away. This method of recovery is suitable only for dry batteries.

  • If after 30 minutes the multimeter shows an increase in the voltage value, then the battery will be able to last a long time.
  • The hole is sealed with epoxy resin.
  • The battery is inserted into the charger nest and the voltage is brought to the nominal value.

Flashing the capacity of the battery elements

Nickel-cadmium battery “suffer” with one disadvantage called the effect of memory. During the operation of the tool, batteries can “remember” the moments. Therefore, no matter how much such batteries charge, they will still remain unapitted.

To remove this phenomenon, the batteries of the screwdrivers are flashed, restoring their nominal capacity. The essence of the method is that the batteries supply current with a voltage that is three times superior to the nominal value of 1.2V.

The restoration of the container is carried out in the following order:

  • The battery is disassembled on separate elements. Nickel tape welded by spot welding is torn by pliers from the poles of batteries.
  • Each element, a “suspect” in the presence of a memory effect, is exposed to a powerful charger. You can use the device for charging automobile batteries.
  • The charger is installed in the power supply mode with a voltage of 3.6 V.
  • The terminals of the wires of the charger are pressed to the batteries of the same name for 3-5 seconds.
  • After that, the elements are tested by a multimeter. If the voltage is 1.4 V, then this means that the battery has restored its capacity and got rid of the pernicious memory effect.
  • The remaining banks that did not meet the necessary requirements (less than 1.4 V) dispose of.

Installation of new cans in battery boxing

You can replace all the elements with new batteries. But, if unsuitable “barrels” were identified, and some of the elements showed their performance, you can make up for the battery only by a few banks. This will allow you to get out of the situation with the least costs.

Additional Information. There should be no doubt what needs to be replaced by worthless banks. They can be changed to exactly such elements. In no case should nickel-cadmium elements be changed to lithium-ion batteries or banks of other sizes.

Typically, the configuration of the battery design consists of two levels. The lower row, as a rule, consists of 10-11 elements. Two batteries or one bank are located in the upper level. It is necessary to form a new pyramid in the same order as the old configuration.

It is necessary to observe the same position of the poles as before. Restore the joints of the cans in two ways:


For soldering nickel-cadmium batteries, it is better to use an induction soldering station. The solder’s tip is made of copper, covered with ferromagnetic alloys. Due to the induction nature of the electrical impulse, the sting of the device does not overheat. This is important because the battery banks do not tolerate high temperature. The electrolyte can boil, and the element simply explodes. The process of soldering proceeds as follows:

  • For the convenience of soldering the battery, you need to fix in the right position. You can put on a rubber ring on them or wrap with threads.
  • Nickel tape is cut into the necessary segments in size. If there is no one at hand, the tape can be cut from a simple cane jar.
  • Prepare a solder, flux and a cleanser of sting from brass chips.
  • First, the flux is applied to the back of the nickel strip and the upper area of ​​the battery. Then both sides are shining.
  • Press the tape to the bank and warm up the soldering iron on top. After grasping, the soldering proceed to soldering the next element.
  • Near the connection site during soldering, it is recommended to press a metal rod (thick metiz or similar material). This will create heat discharge and will not let the battery overheat.
  • The batteries of batteries are again enclosed in the battery casing, fastening its parts with screws.

Point welding

Successful soldering of cans of cans is available to experienced craftsmen. To avoid failures, it is better to use spot welding. Such a device can be assembled with your own hands or use the workshop services.

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Cordless Screwdriver battery replacement/upgrade

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Replacement of batteries of electric screwdriver

Without hesitation, I acquired 18650 lithium-ion batteries. Since I have an electric screwdriver 18 volt, and one battery gives out 3.7 V, therefore, I needed 5 pieces. 5×3.7 = 18.5 V is what you need.I also bought battery compartments, one for two batteries, the other for three. I connected everything in series. Pulled out old batteries and replaced them with new.

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remove, battery, electric, screwdriver, disassemble

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Types of batteries

By constructive features, batteries in the form of sliders and clips are distinguished.

Screwdriver battery in the form of a slider

But these are insignificant differences compared to the types of batteries. Both a slider and a clip is used in different types of batteries.

There are three types of batteries for a screwdriver:

Lithium-polymer batteries (Li-Pol) are not produced for screwdrivers. The main areas of their application: smartphones, cell phones, tablets, laptops, radio.Controlled devices, electric cars.

Nickel. Cadmium batteries are the cheapest, quickly charge, have more than a thousand chargers. Batteries are resistant to operation at low temperatures. But they have a memory effect. That is, they can only be charged after complete discharge, otherwise the capacity will fall. They have a high current of self.Discharge. They are made of toxic materials and it is difficult to dispose of them. These batteries are in greater demand.

Nickel. Metallological batteries are more expensive, not toxic, have a low memory effect. The current of self.Discharge is more nickel. Cadmium. The capacity is higher, the charge cycle is more than five hundred. These batteries tolerate high discharge worse. They are less suitable for maximum use of the tool power. They need to be constantly recharge.

Lithium. Ion batteries are more expensive, more powerful, quickly charged. They have no memory effect. Low current of self.Discharge. The voltage of the battery elements is greater, so their number is less. Therefore, the dimensions and weight of such batteries are less than the Nickel. But they cannot be completely discharged, otherwise after several such cycles you will have to buy a new. To improve the quality of lithium. Ion batteries, manufacturers install a microcircuit in the battery or screwdriver that controls the battery. A multi.Level multi.Stage protection is formed:

  • From high temperature.
  • From a complete discharge. These batteries are afraid of a complete category and cannot recover if the category is below the permissible norm.
  • From a short circuit.
  • From a reloading, as an explosion may occur.
  • From overload currents.

The control board installed in the battery housing is more effective. Когда аккумулятор лежит отдельно от шуруповёрта и не используется, микросхема контролирует его состояние и в случае каких-то проблем размыкает цепь. The battery is fully protected.

How to change batteries in an electric screwdriver with your hands

Electric screwdriver is one of those tools that every man needs. The device can operate both from the network and special chargers. Therefore, how to replace the batteries in an electric screwdriver, it is recommended to know each owner of such a product. The process is simple, but some models may have certain features.

Let’s see what’s inside Cordless Screwdriver

Determination of a malfunction

Before eliminating the malfunction, it is necessary to find out if it is really present. For this purpose, the following actions are performed:

  • Turn off the battery from the product, while it should be completely charged.
  • Disassemble the battery body using a screwdriver.
  • Extract all banks from the product.
  • Using a voltmeter on each bank, a voltage is measured. For nickel-cadmium products, an indicator of 1.2 volts is considered normal, for lithium-from 3.6 to 3.8 volts.
  • After the measurements, the voltage is the least for what details, it will be of poor quality.
  • The battery must be assembled and installed in the tool, after which it is completely discharge.
  • After that, it is required to disassemble the part again, and then repetitions. The element with the lowest indicators must be changed.
remove, battery, electric, screwdriver, disassemble

Important! Replacing low.Quality elements is quite simple, they are connected in a regular sequence, taking into account the pluses and minuses. This applies to all models Makita, Bosch, Bison, Metabo, Dewalt, Interskol, Diold, AEG.

General repair recommendations

In relation to nickel-cadmium batteries, the following features are distinguished:

  • Such elements have an element of memory. According to the classical scheme, they must be charged three times and discharge the same number of times. For a new detail, the rules are exactly the same.
  • As a replacement, they choose absolutely similar, so as not to violate the work of the entire device.

In relation to lithium batteries, there are also certain rules that are required to take into account:

  • You can not use soldering. Such details do not tolerate the effects of high temperatures and quickly fail. It is permissible to use only a very powerful soldering iron, but it is required to work very quickly.
  • It is easier to choose such elements, because both foreign and domestic products are found on the market whose batteries are the same.

Replacing nickel-cadmium batteries in electric screwdriver with lithium

With your own hands, replacement of accumulators of electric screwdriver with lithium is carried out by calculating their number, provided that one element will require 3.7 in. For example, for a product of 14.4 V, it is necessary to prepare 4 LI-IN banks 18650.

It is also worth considering the difference in size. To change the battery, you need to purchase a charge controller, which is installed additionally in the case with banks. In addition, it is not ruled out that you will have to replace the charger.

Ni-CD replacement technology in Li-Ion in an electric screwdriver

Lithium elements are durable, so many owners of screwdrivers think that nickel-cadmium products are replacing them with them.

Replacement technology includes several stages that need to follow.

Determining the number of LI-Ion batteries

Basically, the battery parameters are applied to it or on an electric screwdriver. To determine the number of necessary elements, it is necessary to divide the voltage indicated on the tool by 1.2V (this is the rated voltage of one nickel jar).

To find out how many lithium details will be required to replace, the division is carried out by 3.7 V. This is a normal indicator for this type of cans.

The result is recommended to round the larger direction, it will not affect the instrument negatively, but simply increase its power a little.

Choosing Li-Ion Battery

Manufacturers offer lithium-ion and lithium-polymer elements. The latter differ in smaller size and greater safety, but they cost more. However, they are not able to give large currents to work. Therefore, experts recommend taking ordinary lithium-ion banks.

It is better if the element has welded flexible bends, because such details do not like elevated temperatures and excess soldering. It is recommended to see several options in stores to choose the most suitable model.

How does the voltage of the battery affect the duration of the electric screwdriver

The question of how the voltage of the battery on the duration of the product is affected by the question of many is of interest to many. To understand what power in the product is required to multiply the voltage by the battery capacity.

For reference! For example, in an electric screwdriver with a battery with a capacity of 14.4 V and a capacity of 1.5 A/h, the power will be 21.6 W.

Finished assemblies 18650 batteries

As a replacement, it is better to purchase ready.Made assemblies of 18650 batteries. You can do this on Chinese trading online sites or in other online stores.

Selecting BMS protection board

Lithium-ion batteries require attentive attitude and compliance with certain requirements. The role of protection is played by BMS. It is this element that does not allow the excess voltage of more than 4.2 V and a decrease less than 2.55 V per battery during charging. In addition, the element holds the most allowable current under control and retains the necessary balance between batteries.

The main parameters when choosing is the number of sequentially connected elements. On the Internet you can see a table that indicates all the necessary parameters and with its help choose the right fee.

Charging power supply

For lithium-ion batteries, charger devices are selected based on the number of sequentially included batteries in the battery. The more of them, the more the output voltage should be.


The failure of the power blocks occurs when the screwdrivers were often used as a drill. Active overload can cause boiling electrolyte inside the batteries. This is fraught with swelling of their buildings and the flow of electrolyte.

In order not to recklessly make spending on the purchase of new batteries, you need to diagnose old batteries. Everything can do only by repairing charging elements. The battery is checked in this order:

  • The battery is connected to the charger.
  • After half an hour, the voltage froze. The value of Voltage is usually 13 volts. After 2 hours, the voltage at the battery terminals will be 14V. Finally the battery will show 17v.
  • If after 60 minutes after the start of the charging process, the current strength is 1 A or more, then the battery is completely serviceable.
  • Next, check the battery under load. They usually connect a 40.Watt lamp or take a 12.Volt bulb for an Auto headlight with a capacity of 35 watts.
  • If after three minutes the voltage at boxing terminals will be less than 12.4 V, then one of the cans or several pieces at once requires replacement.

AKB voltage measurement

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