How to remove a bearing from a corner grinder. Collector-sectional node


The work of the tool brings me pleasure, I am guided by the rule: “Do you want to do well. Do it yourself!»This post, rather my notes, so to speak, a memo and a checklist of the necessary work during maintenance, which can be useful not only to me The article is formed on my personal experience and knowledge of authoritative sources, so on the title of guru or the only correct opinion I do not claim.

remove, bearing, corner, grinder

Prevention. Everything is head!)) Timely maintenance of the tool, I think there is no one for anyone, saves money and minimizes the likelihood of a sudden breakdown and a number of inconvenience.

I think by analogy with medicine: “The main thing is not to get down!”Initially, correctly realize the option of the result of your own repair as the last for this tool, t.E. To realize the risks and willingness to acquire a new corner grinder, but this is under the most unfavorable circumstances. T.To. As in any other business, there are a number of nuances and subtleties, without experience it is not very difficult to make mistakes that will lead to additional costs for spare parts or generally disable several expensive nodes that make repairs unprofitable. On the other hand, not all repair workshops are a panacea. There are not many professionals and good masters, but the negative “sediment” after contacting the service center is far from uncommon. Here is just a post in which I will try to highlight the knowledge and tips that can help with independent maintenance and repair of Bulgarians.

Several general useful tips for organizing corner grinding

While starting the repair of corner grinders, we will consider several useful tips:

remove, bearing, corner, grinder
  • Ahead of time before starting the disassembly of the corner grinder, carefully read its description, the assembly scheme is not the order of work.
  • Be sure to follow the sequence of technological operations.
  • Strictly observe safety precautions.

How to replace the bearings on a Bosch GWS 5-115 angle grinder

The most common reason for the breakdown of the corner grinder is a wire cliff near the handle. First of all, you need to check the presence of a voltage on a button, it is done by a regular voltage tester. Then we check the button itself for performance.

Mechanical malfunctions angular grinder

Corner grinder is an angle grinding machine designed to perform cutting, grinding, polishing work. The corner grinder is subjected to large loads during operation, works in an dusty environment.

Excessive loads when using corner grinding in the “cutting” mode cause increased wear of not only the bearing, but also the teeth of the gears of the gearbox.

The main malfunction of the corner grinder along the mechanical part, wear or destruction of the sliding bearing on the shaft of a large scooter of the gear of the gearbox.

It is not difficult to eliminate the malfunctions of the corner grinder if there are its scheme, description and recommendations for repair work at hand.

Repair of sliding bearings

The weak point of any corner grinding machine is bearings. And although there are only three of them in the design, they most often lead to mechanical breakdowns. The bearings have a negative effect:

  • High speed of rotation;
  • Work at maximum modes;
  • Insufficient lubrication;
  • Dust or dirt hit;
  • Untimely replacement or destruction of coal brushes.

The design of any corner grinder provides for a quick and not constituting complexity to replace any bearing.

The malfunctions of the angular grinding grinder associated with wear or destruction of the sliding bearing on the gear shaft are characterized by the appearance of an unpleasant extraneous sound.

Destruction of the sliding bearing is detected by checking the backlash of the installation shaft of a working tool. It is determined by swaying in different directions of the shaft when installing a working tool.

During the next installation of a working tool, check the ramp of the shaft, swaying at the end in different directions. The backlash should be absent or minimal.

The appearance of the backlash indicates the need to replace the sliding bearing.

The repair of the bearing is to extract it from the case and remove the gearbox from the shaft.

It is better to remove the bearing from the shaft using the puller. It is best to get the internal clip of the destroyed bearing with a tap of the desired diameter, previously screwed into the clip.

The bearings are removed from the rotor using a puller or a folk way.

The keys or strips of metal are inserted into the vice, the bearings are laid on the keys and with the help of an infusion made of soft metal and a hammer weighing at least 400 g are pierced from the shaft axis.

Repair of the angular grinding gearbox

The degree of wear of the gear of the gearbox of the corner grinder is checked for the contact spot. Previously, the gearbox is completely cleaned of the old lubricant. A special blue is applied to the small gear of the gearbox, the gear. Next, you need to remove the driven large braid gear and look through the magnifying glass on the contact spot. It should occupy a total of at least 50% of the tooth surface.

Otherwise, the gears must be replaced or adjusted to the tooth profile. Correction of the tooth profile has been described more than once on the pages of this site.

But such a malfunction is eliminated only by an experienced master.Most often, licked, cut or destroyed gears change entirely, and in pairs.

Rearing sliding bearings

The most important “vulnerability” of the corner grinder are the bearings are considered to be precisely. And although there are only three of them in the entire structure, it is these elements that often determine mechanical breakdowns. So, the bearings have a negative impact:

  • Use in maximum mode;
  • Too fast rotation;
  • Insufficient volume of lubricant fluid;
  • Getting particles of dirt and dust;
  • Untimely/incorrect replacement of coal brushes or their deformation.

The design of any variety of Bulgarians provides for the operational replacement of bearings.

Malfunctions related to deformation or wear of this element imply the occurrence of extraneous noise.

Damage is detected by checking the backlash of the shaft, that is, by means of swaying to the sides when installing the tool. If there is a backlash, then a sliding bearing must be urgently changed.

In order to repair the bearing, it must be pulled out of the case and removed from the gearbox.

This detail should be dismantled using a special puller. The bearing can be removed from the rotor using the folk methodology. To do this, you need to insert metal strips or keys in the vice. The bearings should be laid on them and with the help of a massive hammer and metal instructions to be bred from the shaft axis.

Mechanical malfunctions of the SPARKY Bulgarians

All malfunctions in the grinder are divided into mechanical and electrical.

Mechanical malfunctions include:


SPARKY angular grinder gearbox is a gear pair enclosed in a durable case. A different tool is attached to the spindle of the driven gear, which allows you to perform work with metal, stone, wood.

Most often, the breakdown of the gearbox is associated with the failure of one of the gears. In the gear, the tooth is riding or licks, a supported needle bearing is destroyed. In addition, a supporting sleeve or needle bearing fails.

The design of the gearbox of the angular grinder of the Sparky various models is slightly different depending on the power.

The driven gear in the gearboxes of the angular grinder of the Sparky is attached in two ways: it is attached or using a key connection. The key joint is most often used in low.Power SPARKY BURKS. A small diameter ball is used as a key.

Repair of the gearbox of the corner grinding of Sparky provides not only the replacement of the failed part, but also the change of lubrication.

In grinds with a capacity of more than 1000 W, the driven gear is tuned to the spindle shaft and removed only with the help of the press. But with a certain skill, this procedure can be performed without the use of the press. It is only necessary to remember, caution and accuracy. The main factors of success when performing this work.

Removing the driven gear will not be difficult. It is necessary to spin the screws of fastening the cover cover, pull out the lid with an mounted bearing and spindle. Pull the shaft of the spindle from the bearing. If the driven gear is attached with a key, then before dismantle the gear, you need to remove the locking ring. In some models of low power, a small diameter ball is used as a key.

Having removed the locking ring, you can carefully dismantle the key and release the driven gear. The gear replacement is performed when the cost of teeth is exceeded. And this is determined only. The contact spot is the main characteristic of the working capacity of the gear pair.

The lead gear in the SPARKY Bulgarians to shoot even easier. On all SPARKY grinder, the leading gears are attached to the rotor shaft with a wrap and clamped by a nut with the right thread.

To dismantle the lead gear, it is necessary to extract a gearbox from the stator body. Before you get the rotor, be sure to remove the coal brushes that prevent the rotor to extract. Coal brushes in the SPARKY angular grinder can be obtained by removing the cover of the stator case. To do this, you need to unscrew the screw in the end of the hull handle and pull the lid.

What repair of corner grinding grinding can do a user with your own hands

Although the corner grinder is not an instrument of special complexity, the user may not carry out repair work on all nodes.

Along with a simple replacement of bearings or gears of the gearbox, there are such malfunctions that cannot be made without special equipment or devices.

  • To extinguish the driven gear, you will need a press. It will not be possible to wrap the rotor without devices.
  • Such malfunctions include failure of the rotor. For a simple consumer, such a malfunction ends with going to the service center.
  • Advanced users can revive a burned rotor, having certain skills and concepts. But sometimes it’s easier to buy a new one than to rewind.

For most users, the repair of corner grinding grounds with their own hands is limited to a certain circle of malfunctions.

Systematization of malfunctions of the electric part angular grinder

  • The simplest malfunction along which the angular grinder does not turn on is the wire of the power supply. Most often, a break in the power cord near the fork or at the entrance to the tool. The malfunction is easily eliminated by replacing the power cord or removing a ragged piece of wire.
  • Strengthening heating in the area of ​​the installation of coal brushes. Most often, such a malfunction appears due to shortening of coal brushes less than a nominal size. The length of coal brushes cannot be shorter than 8 mm.
  • Wantle the button for turning on the corner grinder. The malfunction is related to the burnout of internal contacts in the button. Eliminated by the complete replacement of the circuit breaker with a new.
  • In some models, an angular grinder is used, which allows to smoothly adjust the rotation of the angular grinder. Turnover controller angular grinder improves the smoothness of turning on the corner grinder and prevents the bite of the working body. Repair of the revolution regulator angular grinding grinding is to completely replace it.

Grouping malfunctions according to the mechanical part angular grinder

  • The appearance of extraneous noise in the gearbox of the corner grinder, heating the gearbox. The malfunction is associated with the destruction of the supporting bearing, the wear of the teeth of the gear of the gearbox, drying out the lubricant. Eliminated by replacing the gears with high tooth wear. With a slight wear of the teeth of the gears, you can try to fix it. The tooth profile is corrected manually by drinking with a round suprafil and drill. The lubricant is replaced by a new one for each repair of the gearbox. New grease is applied to carefully washed parts.
  • The replacement of the bearing is required when it is destroyed or the appearance of a large backlash. In some models, the bearing is planted on a spindle with an interference. Replacement requires special equipment, in particular, the press. Details must be cooled or heated.
  • Replacing bearings on the rotor is required when a large beating appears. The presence of an increased beating is easy to see on the rotor collector and the intensity of the wear of coal brushes.

Simple malfunctions and methods of diagnosis and elimination with your own hands

If when you press the “Start” button, the angular grinder does not turn on, then the check starts with the inspection of the cable at the entrance to the tool.

Unscrew the lid of the corner grinder and check the integrity of the power cord using a tester or phase. Strictly follow the safety rules.

If the power cord is intact, and the angular grinder does not turn on, replace the “Start” button.

If when installing the new button, the angular grinder did not work, check the quality of fastening of coal brushes and their dense fit to the rotor manifold.

Complex malfunctions and repairs angular grinder with your own hands

The types of breakdowns below require certain knowledge and skills to eliminate them:

  • Jamming or destruction of bearings.
  • Licking or destruction of the teeth of the gears of the gearbox.
  • Cliff or short circuit in the rotor or stature.
  • Failure of the details of the control circuits.
  • Destruction of the gearbox.
remove, bearing, corner, grinder

Replacing bearings

Most likely, everyone knows the rule of installing bearings on a shaft or a seat in the housings, but I will indicate. Installation on the shaft, is carried out through the internal clutch of the bearing with a spacer of equal diameter. Planting in the case, on the contrary, occurs through the end of the external clip also a spacer of tasty equal thickness of the end of the clip. In contrary cases, ignoring these rules, a separator, balls and bearing paths are damaged during installation. Such a bearing will instantly have vibration, rapid wear and very short service resource.

In household conditions, it is practical to use end heads, t.To. It is not difficult to choose the necessary diameter. Bearings are pressed with short blows with a little force through a hammer spacer. To remove, I strongly recommend using a special puller. Small cost, almost endless resource and unconditional benefits, 100% justifies the acquisition of this specification. If there is no puller, then you can use two stubborn plates and a vice, squeezing out the shaft.

The bearing shock absorber can also be installed incorrectly, after which there is a violation of the rotor installation axis and, as a result, rubbing the stator with the saddest consequences. Vidio Alexandra, reveals this topic in detail.

In situations where the user of the corner grinder is desperate and despite the obvious sound signs of the critical condition of the bearings, he continues to work, a fully worn bearing can “sprinkle” (separator, then cuffs, and then balls), but not rare and cases when both clips jamming relative to each other and rotation occurs around the landing place, naturally, not without consequences in the form of increased diameter. Ideally, replace the body! Also, sometimes it turns out to choose a bearing for a “new” landing size. And as always a budget decision from hopelessness. With non.Critical wear, you can compact the landing by naping the aluminum alloy of the gearbox body, but without fanaticism. Consider! The next earth to the bearing will not survive, 99% for replacement.

One of the most common causes of the casting of the gearbox body, a consequence of the incorrect use of the locking mechanism. Overestimating the strength of the mechanism and the design of the ribs of the stiffness and thickness of the casting, the operators when unscrewing the equipment (“Purlated disk”) use the lock function that breaks out a fragment of the metal case. In such cases, it makes sense to replace the case.

Grinder Repair – How to Replace the Gear Bearing

But if this is currently impossible for objective reasons, and you need to restore performance, then do not be too lazy to disassemble the gearbox and carefully clean the old grease by replacing the new one (there may be metal fragments in it), evaluate the integrity of the landing of the shaft/bearing of the shaft, as well as formed The holes must be closed (epoxy, sealant or other component). Otherwise, getting dust in grease, will create an aggressive environment that destroys the mechanism, and as a result, it makes it possible to replace the gearbox as a whole, in question, put the advisability of restoring the corner grinder in general.

On almost any corner grinder, the spindle shaft is equipped with a slot for holding with an open key (thin, often 17 mm). With excessive loads when unscrewing, I strongly recommend using this method of changing equipment.

Repair corner grinder Fiolent

Recently, the corner grinder of the Fiolent began to be especially popular. Attracts not only an affordable price, but also the reliability of the tool.

It is recommended to start the repair of corner grinder of the Fiolent with your own hands. If you need to disassemble the corner grinding of the Fiolent, then to remove the driven gear poses.11, it must be handed over from the shaft of the spindle pos.Eight.

To remove the bearing of the spindle shaft, you must first remove a large braid.Like gear. These are minor inconvenience.

Replacing the rotor bearings is associated with the fact that it is necessary to dismantle the small, scabbling gear poses.22.

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