How to remove a casing from a corner grinder. Methods for making a casing of a corner grinder for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands

How to remove a casing from Yandex station

Good afternoon! Today we will talk about Yandex station. I promised a long time to write an article about some miracle technique and this happened! Probably, this is no longer a new product and many know about it. Has passed about a year as Yandex launched sales of this gadget.

May 29, 2018 was the first show of the column. Then the Yet Another Conference conference was held. After which almost 2 weeks later they began to sell a smart box with voice control.

What is Yandex station for and what it is?

In fact, this is a smart column with built.In voice control. A voice says a certain Alice. This is a robot created on the basis of neural networks.

Yandex Station is needed in order to make life easier for a person. Bring coffee to bed, brush your teeth, go to work and take your wife to the store! I’m joking of course, she is not yet capable of this, but this is our future!

Here is a list of its main functions and capabilities:

  • Includes the TV.
  • Launches the desired film.
  • Playing any music.
  • It starts an alarm.
  • Reads the latest news.
  • Explores the weather.
  • Gives information about traffic jams on the road.
  • Reminds of the meeting.
  • Connects a timer.
  • Can put the sounds of nature.
  • Gives out a wonderful sound of music in 50 Hz with deep bass and crystal tops.
  • You can listen to music from different devices through the blituz.
  • Puts the movie to pause and reduces or adds sound.
  • Advises a movie to watch.
  • Looking for films in good quality.
  • Tell fairy tales.
  • Looking for reference information.
  • Recognizes music, understands which artist sings and what song.
  • May include ether.
  • Will say what number today.
  • Counts examples on his inner calculator.
  • Plays music from a phone, computer or tablet via Bluetooth.
  • There is a film inspection function.

As a result, the Smart column Yandex with Alice knows how to perform different functions. On the one hand, it is a multimedia Yandex platform that allows you to comfortably relax and brighten up leisure. And on the other hand, she will not let go to work, notify the weather and traffic jams on the street. Entertaining chips and useful information for the user are built.In here.

In the future, the functions of Yandex station may well be as follows:

  • Turning on and off lighting.
  • Management of any household appliances. For example, a washing machine, a razor, a teapot, etc.
  • Tracking electricity in the house. If possible, it will turn off the light where you are not.
  • Association with gadgets. Then will be able to write a message to the social network, by mail. Give information.

But in reality, all this smells of danger, as someone can hack the Yandex column and gain access to all your data. And even listen to your conversations. Over, you can eavesdropped now, because there is access to the Internet, it remains only to somehow make a hack.

All management takes place through voice commands.

  • Turn on jazz (you can call any direction).
  • Put funny music.
  • Put a pause.
  • Remove for 20 seconds.
  • Add the volume.
  • Reduce the sound.
  • Like.
  • Turn on calm music.

Basic management teams when watching films:

  • Put a pause.
  • Remove forward (back).
  • Find video.
  • Show the novelty.
  • Turn on the game of the thrones the second series of the 1st season!
  • Make it louder.

Thus, Alice skills for Yandex station are very extensive!

Characteristics of Yandex Station

The Yandex station is supplied in the following configuration:

  • Speaker.
  • Case.
  • Use of use or instruction.
  • Box with the company logo covered with cellophane film.
  • Removable HDMI cable with caps 1 meter long.
  • The power supply in the film coating on the wire of which is a characteristic book “I”. The case is matte.
  • Free promotional codes. In particular, this is Yandex plus. That is, you can travel to Yandex transport at a discount, listen to Yandex music, use additional space on Yandex disk. Also 3 months media celebration and two months cinema IVI.

The main characteristics of Yandex Station:

  • Weight 2.9 kg. Color. Purple, black, white, limited gray, red.
  • Supports streaming video services.
  • Shows films in 1080 p format.
  • There is an exit of HDMI4
  • Bluetooth 4.1/Ble
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac, 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz
  • Reproduces frequencies of 50 Hz. 20 kHz.
  • Power 50 watts.
  • Low.Frequency speaker in an amount of 1 piece 30 W, 85 mm.
  • High.Frequency speakers 2 pcs 10 watts, 20 mm
  • Passive emitters 92 mm. 2 pcs.
  • 96 dB signal/noise.
  • Android operating system with built.In voice assistant Alice.
  • Matte adapter for 220-240 volts 50 Hz.
  • Constant current 20 volts.
  • 7 microphones.
  • Aluminum top and special audio fabric.
  • Parameters 141x231x141 mm.
  • 1GB of RAM type DDR
  • Cortex-A53 processor on ARM architecture, 1 GHZ frequency (12000 MIPS)
  • 3-channel audio output with an amplifier of class D to 30 watts.
  • 16 channel audit.
  • 8 GB flash drive EMMC type.
  • There is no Yandex station.

This column of very small dimensions, but at the same time it has a very powerful iron.

By the way, Yandex station has no remote control and only voice management. We can say that Alice rewind the movie or music for a certain time, and she will do it. He can also pause without problems.

The main malfunctions of the corner grinder and their causes

According to statistics, most cases of failure of the corner grinder are associated with the electric part of the device. Some breakdowns can be insignificant, which allows you to repair corner grinding grounds with your own hands. But, for example, when the engine windings are blocked, the repair of an angular grinding machine can only be carried out by a specialist.

Corner grinder does not turn on

The reasons that the corner grinder does not turn on can be as follows:

  • An electric fork is faulty;
  • Faulty electric cable;
  • The launch button broke;
  • The contact between the power cable and the button is disturbed;
  • Cliff of the contact wire of the electric shock;
  • Severe wear of electric grinding;
  • The failure of the rotor or stator windings.

Corner grinder does not develop momentum

The reasons that the corner grinder is not gaining momentum can be different.

  • Damage of the revolutionary control unit. To check this version, you need to connect the machine engine directly, bypassing the regulator and check the operation of the device.
  • Electric cable malfunction due to constant overcurrents or mechanical damage. Because of this, the damaged wire begins to warm up under load, and the engine speed is falling.
  • Dust pollution by dust. It is necessary to remove pollution with alcohol.
  • Problems with brushes. They can be worn out or have a short contact wire, as shown in the next photo.

The brush, although half.Wiped, is quite efficient. In this case, a short contact wire prevents the spring with press the electrode to the collector. This situation can also be the reason why the corner grinder stopped working in normal mode.

The electric motor heats up

The reasons that the angular grinder is heated may be the following.

  • Incorrect operating mode of the device. As a result of overloads, the electric motor can be very hot, which often leads to blocking the windings.
  • Destruction of bearings located on anchor. As a result, the rotor clings to the stator, the engine operation is difficult, and the windings overheat. The problem is solved by the replacement of bearings.
  • Clogging of the ventilation ducts through which the air enters the engine cooling. It is necessary to clean the ventilation holes from dust.
  • Damage to the impeller, which serves to cool the engine. It is installed on the rotor, on the opposite to the collector side. If the impeller is broken, it must be replaced with a new.
  • Interpreter short circuits of the stator and rotor windings. Rewinding the coils or replacing these parts with new.

The corner grinder sparkles

If you notice a strong sparking when turning on an angle grinding machine in the place where the collector is located, then the reasons for this trouble may be the following.

  • Damage to the anchor winding: a break in one or more sections of the winding, an interval circuit. With such breakdowns, increased noise appears, engine speeds fall and brushes burn.
  • The contact between collector plates and winding was violated.
  • Weakly clamping brushes. With prolonged modes of corner grinding, the springs overheat and can “eat up”, while losing the elasticity.
  • Balance of the engine rotor.
  • Violation of the cylindrical surface of the collector. This sometimes happens after rewinding, if the anchor is not pulled on a lathe, but immediately installed in the device. In this case, you can also observe that the brushes sparkle excessively.
  • Between the collector’s lamels, insulation is impaired. There may also be clogging of the grooves of the proxy with graphite or breakdown between the lamellas.
  • Bearing wear that causes the rotor bearing also leads to the fact that brushes sincle greatly.
  • Violation of the geometry of the rampage shaft. This usually happens with an inaccurate disassembly of the electric motor when the shaft bends.
  • The graphite brushes are installed in the wrong brand. Brushes are selected based on the expected revolutions and stress.
  • Raising one or more lamellas leads to the fact that brushes are quickly burned. This happens due to overheating of the engine during prolonged operation. As a result of the glass mass, which serves as the basis of the collector, softens, and the lamella begins to rise. Due to the fact that the lamellas are raised, the brushes are erased very quickly.

Because of which the circle jams and why it is not possible to unscrew the disk?

Most often the malfunction is manifested in contact with the material. In the idle mode, such problems are not traced, since the number of revolutions of the tool remains stable. But, when we start grinding or cutting metal, then an increase in the number of revolutions begins, which is reflected in the operation of the disk and the angular grinding machine.

You can recognize the disk jamming by the following signs:

  • At the circle of the tool, the number of revolutions is sharply reduced and braking, jamming can even be traced;
  • The disk can succumb to deformation due to the even stronger clamping of the nut;
  • Increase in the diameter and depth of cutting.

In this case, you need to react in time to the current situation and take measures. In this case, it is necessary to remove a clamped disk from a corner grinder, try to solve the problem with the lowest cost of time and effort.

One of the most common reasons for jamming the nut is that you have not used corner grinders for a long time, and a nut, bolt or puck dawns. Therefore, this causes a tool malfunction. If you are faced with such a situation, you need to perform a number of actions:

  • First, turn off the angular grinding machine from power.
  • Spray the anti.Corrosion agent or special dissolving fluid to the structural parts of the corner grinder. The tool must be on the puck, nut, bolts.
  • After that, you can proceed to the removal of the protective casing and individual parts that are promoted.

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If special tools do not help to cope with the problem, then you need to move on to the second method. Its essence lies in the preliminary heating of wax, after which you can use the wrench to unscrew the nut. Control the effort so as not to break a grinding disk.

Sometimes the wheel cannot be unscrewed due to the wrong direction of unscrewing the nut. Make sure you unscrew in the right direction. If the nut is not unscrewed by a simple key, then you can make efforts with a hammer

But, in this case, it is important to gently regulate the force so as not to damage the parts of the corner grind

A method with which you can unscrew the nut and eliminate the problem largely depends on the type of grinding machine. The method of fixing the disk on the corner grinding also plays a role. Most often, in order to remove the disk from the corner grinder, you will need a wrench or screwdriver.

If you decide to independently remove the disk from the corner grinder or replace it, be sure to consider the security system. Grinding machines and their cutting parts are very sharp, so you need to be extremely neat and not forget about the means of protection. In addition to workwear, you will need protective glasses. If the wheel breaks, its particles can fly and fall into the face. If the wheel is stuck, and you can’t solve the problem, you will have to resort to more labor.Intensive methods.

Purpose of disks and nozzles

Grinding circles differ in their intended purpose for:

Corner grinding machine (angular grinding machine), called “Bulgarian” in the common people, is widely used on construction sites and in everyday life during repair. It can be used to perform many different technological processes. In order to choose the right tool for performing a certain type of work, you need to familiarize yourself with what disks and nozzles for angular grinding machines are. The tool for this device is selected in size and purpose.

How to remove a casing from a corner grinder

Corner grinding machine (popularly known as “Bulgarian”), the most common tool for masters after an electric drill.

Despite the simplicity of use, “amateurs” often have questions about the maintenance of the tool, especially in emergency situations. As a rule, the breakdown is caused by improper use of the tool.

The main areas of the use of corner grinding machines

  • Cleaning surfaces, exfoliating the old paint. Made with brushes with steel stripes or petals made of sandpaper. There are no problems in operation, except that the brushes of sandpaper require rotation.
  • Grinding with sandpaper. The concentric nozzle with Velcro is screwed onto the grinding machine, to which the abrasive is attached. Before use, check the direction of threaded installation and rotation of the tool shaft.
  • Grinding with abrasive circles. These nozzles require careful handling, since they can break down with a large load. You cannot cut material with such disks; Shock loads are unacceptable.
  • Cutting metals, stone, concrete grilles. Disk cut is made.

It is with such nozzles that emergency situations most often arise.

Cutting discs no longer stop

There is no correct answer to the question of how to put the disk on the coffee grinder. Abrasive circles do not have a programmed direction of rotation, so it does not matter how you establish it. The direction of rotation (from yourself or to yourself) is determined by the position of the protective casing. The choice depends on the position of the tool convenient for the operator. In addition, the direction of the flow of sparks (or stone dust) depends on the position of the casing.

To attach the disk to the shaft, a collapsible flange is supplied. The lower part is rigidly fixed using champs, the upper part is a regular self.Loading nut. It is she who determines how the disk should rotate on a coffee grinder. During operation, the threaded connection is delayed by preventing the output of the nozzle. Sometimes the set includes goals for extinguishing transverse vibrations. They can be made regardless of dense cardboard or paronite. A special tool key is attached to the tool to fix the flange. The shaft is fixed using a clamp to create the necessary force when delaying.

Ignorance of a simple question: how to correctly install a disk for an inexperienced user can lead to equipment damage or injury. First of all, when replacing the disk, it is necessary to clean the shaft and the inner surface of the protective casing with a steel brush.

A layer of metal particles is attached to these elements (when cutting the material). The thickness can reach several millimeters, as a result of which the disk loses alignment or gets stuck.

Large nozzles do not just overload the motor. Installation requires removing the protective casing. If the chopper disk is broken and the protection is not installed, the fragments can cause serious injury to the operator.

Another issue for discussion. Is it possible to put a wooden disk on a coffee grinder? If you hold the tool with your hands, a definite answer is impossible. The disc saw can easily get stuck in the fibrous structure of the tree. A broken tool will cause many troubles, including fatal injuries.

What if you have lost your wrench?

Specifically, how to unscrew the disk on a non.Cloth grinding machine? There are three ways:

  • Make a bracket with a rod of the corresponding diameter (this will do a nail). Using this device, you can manually unscrew the flange. If too tight, insert the lever into the bracket.
  • Use the gas key. The capture of the external radius of the flange with a thread is enough to lower the nut, after which it is unscrewed by hand.
  • Tap the thread with an accurate touch of touches. To do this, you can take a nucleus or hole punch, install it in a hole for a common key and light beats of the hammer on the rotation of the flange.

All manipulation operations with nozzles are performed after disconnecting the power cord.

Delete a divided disk

There are times when the cutting disk jams during operation. Not only did you lose the nozzle, in such a situation, a flange (its threaded part) is clamped with a repeated effort. How to extract a disk of grinding in this situation?

First of all, the tool should be securely fixed. Use clamps and durable machine. Then you need to block the key blocking key. If the hands are not enough effort, stretch the handle of the open key: for example, using a piece of a steel pipe.

There are times when the flange sticks tightly. Then there is a chance of damage to the lock key. To save the tool, disassemble the gearbox and block the output shaft in a vice.

After that, we continue to analyze the above methods: reinforced beep or gas key. The disadvantage of this method is that you can damage the shaft, it will have recesses.

If the shaft is completely removed from the gearbox, you can fix the chamfer of the lower part of the flange using a traditional key. Then the risk of damage is minimal. In any case, it is recommended to use penetrating oil: WD-40 or ordinary kerosene. A few minutes after application, you will significantly reduce efforts.

Total quantity: any problem is easier to prevent than to deal with the consequences. Observing the rules and tools of operation, you minimize the probability of emergency situations.

Survatory circles for corner grinders, in turn, have their own subspecies, such as:

The purpose of each type of disk usually corresponds to its name.

Four main subtypes are distinguished in the midst of grinding circles. Grinding circles of petal, wire, diamond and bakelite base (straight, T41 and disc profile, T27 profile).

  • The dislocation disk is made of sandpaper. Its main purpose. This is the elimination of existing coatings, such as ancient paint, primer or paintwork. Also, wooden products are polished with disks of this type.
  • Craftsmen use wire discs to remove rust. They can also remove other types of persistent pollution.
  • Diamond discs are used to polish stone.
  • Disquas are made of plastic or rubber and are used to polish iron surfaces.

Remove the disk from the corner grinder

First, find out how to unscrew the nut.

The flange should always turn in the direction of rotation of the disk.

For this kind of work, either two gas keys or two clamps will be useful for you.

Here’s what you need to do: damage the rest of the disk, fix the puck located behind the disk with one key, unscrew the flange second.

How to remove, change the jammed disk with a corner grinder?

How to remove a disk from a corner grinder. Corner grinding machine (further. Corner grinding machine), popularly called a grinding machine, possibly the most popular inventory, which is actually in the arsenal of every master, regardless of its qualifications.

This tool is intensively used in abrasive processing: cutting, grinding, cleaning workpieces made of stone, metal and many others. It is extensive used in areas such as: construction, woodworking and other similar types of work. Like at least some other tool, corner grinders are also divided into several classes.

This applies to domestic, semi.Professional and professional tools. This systematization is determined by the energy resource of the instrument, its features, the presence of certain additional options, the material and the quality of the assembly, etc. D.

Consumables for angular grinding machines, in addition to different types of cleaning brushes, are cut.Off circles and different grinders. Types of equipment for corner grinding: how to make the right choice?

Remove the disk from the corner grinder

This method implies the introduction of the known lubrication of VD-40.

This, for sure, as island, is applicable in all cases of life.

It is necessary to spray the flange, wait 5 minutes and experience unscrew the key.

Ways to remove a jammed disk from a corner grinder

This simple operation sometimes at a standstill of even experienced locksmiths or users of corner grinder. The reason is that the disk is fixed by a special nut. There are 2 or 4 holes on the nut, into which a special key is inserted. This key has always been attached when buying a corner grinder. Perhaps he is still included in the sets.

According to the instructions for the corner grinder, click on the latch, which is located on the back of the gearbox. When the shaft is fixed, you need to unscrew the nut with a special key and change the disk. But it is difficult to promote the nut if it was not squeezed. And pinches it with such a nut almost always.

An attempt to unscrew the disk leads to a breakdown of the fixator outside the gearbox.

What is the cause of the malfunction?

Before you are interested in how to remove a disk from a corner grinder, experts recommend that you figure it out why it bite a nut to the corner grinder. It is noted that mainly this problem is observed in corner grinding machines, which have a significant size of the disk. A large disc over 18 cm is considered a large. During operation, torque is formed.

Further, when the master starts cutting, a small blow occurs. In other words, the power of. If the size of the nozzle is not more than 12 cm, then this effect will be insignificant. If the disk is large, then the nut by inertia is delayed stronger. As a result, it is not possible to dismantle it in the usual way.

Details on how to remove a disk from a corner grinder is described later.

Why is the problem arises?

When rotating at idle, it is difficult to encounter such a problem. Especially when working with light circles and tools with a smooth start function. However, after increasing speed and contact with the cut surface, the following occurs:

  • In the event of the resistance of the material in the circle, the angular speed of rotation is sharply reduced, it inhibits.
  • The inertia engine continues to work at the previous speeds for several moments, carrying the gearbox and spindle.
  • The fixer nut inertia is more tightened along the thread of the spindle head, thereby impressing the detachment disk.

Everything, the process of delaying the fixing flange is completed. An abnormal situation on the face. The following factors influence its occurrence:

  • Large circle.
  • High tool power.
  • The massiveness of the rotor.
  • Sharp increase in cutting depth, t.E. Increased resistance.

In this case, it can be very difficult to remove a disk from an angular grinder. It is necessary to take additional measures.

remove, casing, corner, grinder, methods

The first way

How to remove a disk from a corner grinding, if it is broken and tightly clamped by a clamping nut? Of course, you can try to use a special key for angular grinding or gas. However, judging by the reviews, having made tremendous efforts and spending time, the master may not get the expected result. Can be dismantled easier and faster. To do this, you need to completely break the disc. Due to the fact that in the course of the work, small fragments will fly away, the master will need protective glasses (mask) and gloves.

Then you need to take a metal plate, the thickness of which is less than that of the disk. With this plate, its remnants will grind. To do this, turn on the corner grinder, and clamp the metal piece reliably with pliers. After performing these actions, the nut can be unscrewed even with your hands.

Measures to exclude jamming

Taking care of the safe operation of a corner grinding of a corner, you will save yourself from the need to take measures to eliminate an abnormal situation. Such events include:

  • Putting between the disk, flange and head of the spindle of cardboard or plastic washers. They do not allow you to jam the tool, but even in the case of a corrugation they can be removed/melted and easily unscrew the element.
  • The abrasive circle should be correctly installed. To do this, put the front side of the circle on a supporting flange (with a picture to the gearbox). She should not contact with a clamping nut. In this case, in the role of a puck protecting from jamming, there will be a standard metal ring in the center.
  • On the clamping flange to weld the usual nut, which allows you to press the installed disk using a regular wrench key.
  • Control the tightening force. No need for excessive efforts to install the cutting element. Otherwise, he will jam with intense loads.

How to remove a disk from a corner grinder key?

If a special key that is attached to the corner grinder is not lost, then it will be easier to cope with the task. Those who are interested in how to remove a disk from a corner grinder, experts advise first of all to fix a spindle. It is on it that the disk is located and is pressed using the flange. It is dismantled by an ore key. To make it technically possible, flanges are equipped with special holes into which the key pins are inserted.

To fix the spindle, you need to click on the button, which is located on the case on the back from the disk. During operation, the latch cannot be released with an open key, otherwise the spindle will continue to turn. If the disk in the corner grinding is spinning clockwise, turn the track key against the clock and vice versa and vice versa. It is important that the flange succumbs and moves off. Now it can be unscrewed completely and put aside. Then the old disk is removed and replaced by a new.


If you had to apply a gas key, you need to remember the very powerful shoulder of such a key and the effort that is served on the parts of the “corner grinder”. If you act inadvertently, you can disrupt the spindle lock or damage the gearbox.

All manipulations with the disk of an angle grinding machine must be done with completely disconnected power supply (the fork should be removed from the outlet). Any unexpected pressing of the start button will cause the electric motor turning on, and the speed of rotation of the rod is very high. In this case, injuries cannot be avoided.

How easy it is to unscrew the nut of the corner grind

The best ways to remove a disk from a corner grinding of a keyboard, an angular grinder is a universal tool in every sense, with which you can cut wood, steel profiles, process stones and concrete, perform work on peeling and grinding, as well as tighten the hacksaw for other tools.

Each of the listed operations requires a certain circle.

For example, with the help of a thin detachment circle for an angular grinding machine, it is impossible to grind the surface, because the nozzle will very quickly become unusable. How to remove the disk from the corner grinder and put it back when stuck or a circle shelf?

Disc replacement in normal mode

Regularly working angular grinding, you need to constantly change circles that are consumable. If the tool is already inconvenient, then the worn abrasive circle should be changed.

How To Diamond Grind A Concrete Floor

Important! Be sure to check the shutdown from the electric network to avoid your own injury.

A step.By.Step algorithm of actions

The circle is fixed on the spindle head with a fixer nut with M14 thread. The standard configuration contains an open key with special protrusions for a hook with the openings of a fixing flange.

To unscrew the nut, you need to fix the spindle. For these purposes, there is a special latch located on the back of the corner grinder. By clicking on the button, you will fix the gearbox with cobbled, excluding the possibility of its rotation.

Insert the key into the holes. With one hand, hold the latch, and turn the key counterclockwise with the other, moving the nut.

Disk movement direction, as a rule, clockwise. However, there are models that may have other. In any case, unscrewing occurs in the opposite direction of the side.

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