How to remove a gearbox from an electric screwdriver. What malfunctions are not subject to repair

How to remove an electric screwdriver gearbox

Most often the gearbox fails with prolonged work under a large load. The most common breakdown is the curvature of the main shaft with the cartridge. With such a malfunction, the device begins to vibrate the hands strongly.

Another breakdown is the wear of the shaft bearing with a cartridge or a support sleeve. If only a bearing or sleeve is deformed, and the shaft remained in the same condition, then the repair of the electric screwdriver gearbox with your own hands is only in replacing the worn element.

If when an electric screwdriver is turned on, the engine starts for a second, and then stops sharply, then the problem lies in the gearbox. In such a situation, the pin is most often out of order, due to which satellite cannot transfer the momentum to the main shaft. In this case, the installation of a new drill will help. If the drive is also damaged, then you need to change the whole gearbox.

Gear teeth also affect the gearbox work. If the device will work with worn gears for a long time, then most details that relate to the device of the electrical screwdriver gearbox can lead to unusable.

How to assemble an Interskol electric screwdriver

After checking the performance of an electrical screwdriver, you can proceed to its assembly. To do this, follow the sequence of actions, reverse disassembly:

Put the instrument electric motor in place. Install the device button in the groove of the case by checking the strength and correctness of its landing. Put a clutch of rotation speeds of the nozzle and cartridge. Put in place the gearbox, having previously cleaned and lubricated all its working elements. Twist the bolts connecting 2 halves of the case

It is important not to squeeze them strongly. This can lead to cracking their seat. Install a cartridge and rotary building in place

All balls must be lubricated and stand in their places. Connect the battery.

In order to perform the device correctly on the side of the device, analyzing it, you should fold all the parts strictly sequentially one after another. In this case, there will be no questions what element is in the assembly for which.

You can extend the duration of the tool using the rules of its operation. For example, do not start work without checking the level of charging of the battery, for a long time do not use the device at large speeds, when using the nozzle, take into account the size of the seat of the cartridge, before starting work, check the correctness of fixing the nozzle.

remove, gearbox, electric, screwdriver

The purpose of all parts and assemblies of the tool. As they are called

If an electric screwdriver has broken down, then before repairing it, you need to figure out what specific detail was out of order. To find out the malfunction on your own, you need to understand the purpose of each node and its constructive parameters.

    Start button. It is with it that the tool begins with it. This mechanism performs two options. Includes a power circuit, that is, it supplies voltage to an electric motor, and also regulates the number of rotation revolutions. The stronger the press press, the greater the speed the cartridge will rotate. As a revolution regulator, an electronic PWM generator is used, which is installed on the board. When you press the button, the contact of the board is moving. A field transistor is used as a contact, which plays the role of a rotation speed regulator

It is interesting! If there are batteries that have a solid structure of the case, then this means that they are not intended for independent repair.

If an electric screwdriver broke, then it is not difficult to repair it at home if you only find a breakdown. Frequent problems of malfunctions of screwdrivers include failure of batteries, the replacement of which can cause some difficulties. Consider the mechanical and electrical malfunctions, as well as the features of their elimination on their own.

Repair of the electric screwdriver gearbox

Perhaps you had to deal with a situation where you need to urgently finish the work, and one of the most necessary power tools suddenly fails? In this case, the first thing that comes to mind is to run into a repair workshop or, at worst, to purchase a new device. An attempt to independently correct a breakdown to many seems unrealizable due to incompetence.

In some cases, of course, you cannot do without the help of a specialist or buying a new tool, but quite often the problem is not so great as not to solve it on your own. Only you need to first familiarize yourself with the information regarding the internal device of the device and methods for eliminating possible malfunctions.

As an example, I wanted to present a sequence of actions of how to repair an electric screwdriver with your own hands when one of its common faults occur. We will talk about a specific model of the battery electrical screwdriver Einhell as 18-2 GA, the cartridge of which stopped, despite the good operation of the drive mechanism, and easily rotates with his hand.

Elimination of breakdowns in the mechanical part

Here, most of the malfunctions are obvious, unlike the electrical part. But this does not mean that they just eliminate them. A special tool and skills may be required. But in some cases, owners can cope themselves.


Quick.And.And.Packed rounds are usually used in screwdrivers. In the cartridge of an electric screwdriver are sponges that are tightened with a threaded cone in the direction of the axis and hold the shank of the replacement tool. These sponges move along the carving on the cone and hold in the grooves of the bushings. As a result of dirt, abrasive and poor lubrication, the rubbing surfaces of the sponges and cones wear out. These details have to be changed.

In order to disassemble and repair the cartridge, pullers may be needed to extinguish its parts from the body. It is not recommended to knock them out with a hammer due to the risk of breakdowns of some details.


The engine of an electric screwdriver can be assembled entirely in a metal case. In this case, it has a magnet instead of a stator winding of excitation.

This slightly increases its reliability, but it can be a significant obstacle during repair.

Such engines are often made non.Devastated and non.Combustible. In such engines, sliding bearings are used. If you manage to disassemble the engine of this type, then the anchor can be rewound or the brushes can be replaced.

In the case when there is a stator winding on the motor, its body and bearing shields are the body of an electric screwdriver itself. In such engines, rolling bearings are used with “eternal” lubricant designed for the entire service life. Sometimes you have to change them. Sometimes the impeller of the fan breaks from the entry of foreign objects into the gap of ventilation.

Often you have to rewind the stator or engine rotor along with replacing insulation in grooves, replace worn brushes or grind a collector with a worn surface.

Effort regulator

The force regulator is most often called the engine speed regulator. Structurally, it is performed with a “trigger”, a button on the instrument handle. All parts are collected in a plastic case. Inside is the power mosfet transistor, which is controlled by a PWM controller made in the form of a chip with a minimum number of external elements.

remove, gearbox, electric, screwdriver

The control signal is obtained from a variable resistor associated with the engine (slider) button. The variable resistor itself is damaged. The dust falling is erases carbon coating and the turns are regulated by jerks or completely refuses. Replacement with a similar helps to solve the problem.

When examining, keep in mind that field transistors are sensitive to static electricity that disables them and take measures against it: grounding bracelet, clothing made of natural materials.

The rattle does not work

The rattle, as the torque limiter is easily called, plays an important role in an electric screwdriver, so it should always work regularly. Its device consists of a toothed hollow, which holds the gearbox relative to its body, and the second half.Mete of balls, propagated by the adjustable spring.

The greater the force of the control spring on the balls in the housing, the more the gear sleeve is held from scrolling. If the brake moment exceeds the moment of resistance of the coupling, the balls begin to roll along the teeth, and thus the torque is limited. Spring force regulator has a scale outside in Newton.

In this node, the wear of the “crown” is often observed. The teeth of the sleeve are sipped by balls and the moment of tightening of an electric screwdriver no longer does not correspond to the scale, but in itself it is made completely insufficient. The same happens when a regulatory spring is damaged. Malfunctions are eliminated only by replacing parts with new and completely similar.


The most loaded part of the mechanism, requiring lubrication and afraid of dust from solid particles, and fibers too. The gearbox contains two planetary steps with large gears and satellites. 3 or 5 pieces per step. The gearal sleeve of the moment of the momentum is also included in the gearbox.

Methods for attaching the cartridge to the shaft

Additional strength of the connection gives a fixing screw.

The principle of operation of the gearbox

Typical device of the electrical screwdriver gearbox.

The peoporator is convenient and easy to use by the device, the beginning of its use is associated with flights into outer space, where it was used by cosmonauts. New models of screwdrivers are produced, so the demand for them does not fall. This device is suitable for various household details, as well as repair.

The effect of the electrical screwdriver gearbox resembles the process of the drill gearbox, the distinctive characteristic is the part of the part and the gear ratio. The gearbox of any of these tools requires regular inspection. The uninterrupted operation of these devices is associated with a periodic check of the working condition of the gears and the lubrication of the gearboxes, which sometimes requires replacement.

The composition of the gearbox mechanism includes cylindrical, conical and worm gears. The gear ratio of the gearbox is constant. The number of revolutions of the cartridge and the frequency of strikes using an electronic regulator is regulated. There are devices that have two.Speed gearboxes. In the process, you can not overload the device, that is, you can not work longer than 15 minutes. Every quarter of an hour, the peorator must cool, since the device cannot work continuously.

How to repair an electric screwdriver gearbox

The tool gearbox consists of a case in which its working elements are located. For example:

Depending on the manufacturer and model of the device, its internal elements can be made of metal or plastic. The first option provides a long period of their operation and the reliability of the tool.

Disassemble the gearbox

The housing of household models of electric screwdriver is made of plastic, and professional steel is made. After dismantling the metal plate, we get access to the inside of the gearbox: teeth and gear crown. If the crown has no defects, it is enough to clean it and grease.

Now it’s time to start examining the external crown, the inside of which is equipped with teeth around the perimeter. The efficiency of the gearbox depends on their state. If the teeth are erased, it is not possible to replace them with new ones. But there is a way out of the situation.

Drill holes in the gearbox body

First you need to take the smallest drill in diameter and drill 4 holes in the gearbox body. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the holes should be located in the very center of the tooth location.

Screw the bolts instead of new teeth

In place of worn teeth, you can install bolts suitable in diameter. Each bolt is neatly screwed into a hole pre.Drilled in the housing.

Use the drill

The heads of the installed bolts do not have the necessary geometric shape. In order to correct the situation, you can use the drill. With its help, neatly trim the heads and legs of the bolts, giving them the necessary shape.

When working with drill, it is important to perform short and smooth movements. Otherwise, the possibility of overheating of the plastic body of the gearbox is not excluded, which will lead to its melting.

Collect a gearbox

Before proceeding with the assembly of the gearbox, experts recommend checking the correct installation of new teeth. To do this, take a napphil and cleanse the surface of each gearbox erased tooth. If this is not done, the crown can sit in the groove of the case not tightly or will scroll.

Then a metal crown is inserted into the case. If he does not scroll and sits tightly, all operations meanly meanly were performed correctly and you can continue to collect the gearbox. At the same time, do not forget about the mandatory lubrication of all the working elements of the gearbox.

Do.It.Yourself screwdriver repair

To eliminate most malfunctions of the screwdriver, it requires disassembly, t. E. Removing the case and disconnecting the main nodes from each other.

How to make out a screwdriver

Shurovyrt is disassembled in the following sequence:

Mihow2. Rexnord. How to Properly Install an Electric Motor on a Gearbox

The screwdriver body consists of two parts connected by a rather large number of screws. In order to disassemble it, you need to find all the mounting places

The screwdriver button is a single whole with the powerage mechanism, which is connected to the engine, so when separating the button from the socket on the body, you must be careful not to tear the wires

In order to disconnect the screwdriver gearbox from its engine, it is necessary to unscrew four screws located at the contact site of two plastic casings

Repair of the cartridge

Cartridges in different models of screwdrivers may be slightly different from each other. They can be attached to the shaft in three ways:

To determine the method of fastening the cartridge, you need to read the inscription on its sleeve:

  • Marking “1-6 B10” means Morse cone. Nozzles with a shank diameter from 1 to 6 millimeters are used. Coding “B10” indicates the size of the cone. Take a hammer and knock out the cartridge with blows on the body;
  • Inscriptions like “1.0–11 m12x1.2” or “2–13 mm ½-20 UF” mean metric and inch thread.

If the cartridge is threaded, the following actions must be performed:

  • Eliminate the fists of the cartridge.
  • If there is a screw inside, twist it clockwise (the screw has the left thread).
  • Take a hexagonal M-shaped key size of 10 mm.
  • Insert the short edge into the cartridge and tighten tightly in fists.
  • At low speeds, start and immediately turn off the screwdriver so that the long edge of the hexagon hit the table. Instead of turning on the device, you can simply hit the key with a hammer. The thread will move and the cartridge will get out.

In order to remove the cartridge, you need to clamp it with a hexagonal key and start the engine at low speeds until the key hit the table

If these methods do not help, disassemble the screwdriver and remove the gearbox assembly. Take the M-shaped tubular key (most often at 19 ”) and unscrew the cartridge by holding the gearbox bolts on the back of the key head of the key. It will give the necessary emphasis with which the cartridge can be unscrewed with a hand.

To disassemble the cartridge, you need to remove the plug at its base. The plastic plug is neatly packed with a knife. Metal. Knocked out by the beat of the hammer at the base of the cartridge:

  • Take a large bolt, insert it into the cartridge and slightly press it for centering. The bolt head should protrude two to three centimeters over the cartridge.
  • Ham with a hammer on the bolt head. The cartridge will jump out of the case.

Common cartridge malfunctions:

To clarify the reasons and eliminate them, follow the following actions:

  • Disassemble the cartridge.
  • Remove the conical nut, which consists of two parts.
  • Remove the clamping fists.
  • Check the condition of the thread on the nut and on the fists, replace faulty parts.

In the process of working on fists or conical nut, which controls their work, carving can be developed or crumble, then these parts must be replaced

remove, gearbox, electric, screwdriver

Cordless Drill Gearbox interesting Repair !. Won’t Tightening

It should be noted that such details as fists or conical nut are unlikely to be able to buy separately, they can only be removed from another similar cartridge. Therefore, in most cases, a faulty cartridge is best attributed to the workshop, and even easier to buy and put a new. To buy a new cartridge, be sure to take a screw and a dismantled old cartridge with you to the Shurovyrt store.

Battery repair

Three types of batteries are used in electrical screwdrivers:

  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD). They can be charged very many times, but they have a memory effect. If you do not wait for complete discharge and begin to charge the battery, then gradually its capacity will decrease. Swing the battery before the first use. Discharge three times and charge it so that the capacity becomes maximum.
  • Nickel-metal-gidrid (Ni-MH). A feature of such batteries is a less pronounced memory effect, but a high current of self.Discharge. If you intend to store a screwdriver without using for more than a month, be sure to completely charge its battery.
  • Li-Ion (Li-Ion). These batteries quickly charge, but do not tolerate frosts. They can be charged when convenient.

Store all types of batteries is necessary separately from the screwdriver and charger. With a long.Term non.Use, they need to be recharged once a month.

If the battery does not hold the charge, disassemble it. It consists of several nutritional elements. Check the voltage in each. The value of the working voltage is indicated on the case (it is the same for all elements). Replace non.Working batteries.

The screwdriver of the screwdriver consists of several elements, calling which you can find and replace those that failed

If the battery is not removed, most likely the fixing button jam. It is necessary to remove the upper part of the case, disconnect the battery, disassemble it and adjust the button.

Repair of the charger

If you disassemble the charger of the screwdriver, then we will see a lowering transformer and a fee. Through the network wire, the voltage enters the primary winding of the transformer. The heat.Guide is turned on sequentially with a network winding, so it overheats first and protects the winding from the cliff. From the secondary winding, the voltage passes to the diode bridge. If charging passes the current, then yellowness forms around the diodes. The transformer windings overheat, diodes break through.

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