How to remove the bearing from a STIHL 180 crankshaft

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STIHL 180 chain saw control knob is broken. how to fix it

A common problem with STIHL chain saws that can be solved by the operator is a malfunction in the engine control mechanism. precisely, when the seat for the control lever is broken due to its design features, to solve this problem you will need to replace the body of the saw, which is quite difficult to do on your own. Let’s look at the algorithm of repair with our own hands, according to which the chainsaw body is replaced:

remove, bearing, stihl, crankshaft
  • The housing is released from the crank assembly;
  • Remove the starter, to do this, remove the fuel and oil tank covers and unscrew the starter mounting screws;
  • Next, a piston stopper is installed through the spark plug hole in the cylinder, the flywheel is unscrewed and removed from the engine shaft;
  • The drive sprocket is removed and the clutch is unscrewed;
  • Unscrew the two 8 mm nuts that hold the air filter housing and carburetor, the modules are removed from their seats;
  • The next step is unscrewing the 4 screws that hold the motor to the housing. In the housing of STIHL 180 chain saw in the place of engine mounting screws mounted special bushings, which can fall out on their own and lose.
  • The last point, it is removal of the oil pump, carburetor rubber elbow and fuel and oil tanks.

Parts must be installed in the new housing in the reverse order. In parallel with the elimination of the main fault, you can check the rubber elbow of the carburetor, the part, which has exhausted its resource and lost elasticity, is to be replaced.

How to remove the bearing from the crankshaft

Guys, can you give me an idea? I’ve already racked my brains on how to remove the bearing sleeve from the end of the crankshaft.

I used to use a trowel to pull them out, but this is not working

Re: how to remove the bearing from the crankshaft

Car owners with a vehicle of the classic series VAZ, for the entire life of the car may not ask the question of how to remove the bearing from the crankshaft. Axial or antifriction bearing is used to keep the crankshaft in alignment with the transmission intake shaft. It is located at the rear of the crankshaft and is hidden behind the clutch.

The crankshaft bearing has small dimensions:

Removing the clutch and oil pump drive

Before you can disassemble the clutch you must remove the drive sprocket. To do this, carefully remove the lock washer from the grooves on the shaft and remove the sprocket and needle bearing.

Using a 19″ tall head, unscrew the clutch. It has a left-hand thread, so it unscrews towards the bar and not towards the rear of the STIHL 180.

After unscrewing and removing the clutch, you must immediately remove the deflector plate and the oil pump drive, it is easy to do this, t. к. it is worn on the shaft without any fastener.

Bearing Removal From A Crankshaft

How to choose a crankshaft for your STIHL, Husqvarna, Ural, Partner, and other chainsaw?

The easiest way to choose a STIHL, Partner, Husqvarna, Ural and other brands chain saw crankshaft by specific model. All crankshafts presented in the catalog of Spart online store, are accompanied by an obligatory marking, for which specific model they fit. Feedback from our customers confirms that this is the easiest and most reliable way to select and purchase crankshafts for chainsaws.

You can buy STIHL 180 chainsaw oil pump. Its price is the most favorable for you.

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STIHL 180 crankshaft bearing size

Crankshaft bearing for STIHL chain saws MS180. as a rule the crankshaft bearing is replaced with the crankshaft oil seal

The parts are sold for installation in specialized service centers. by specialists, having the skills and technical documentation for assembly of the parts. Parts are warranted by the STIHL Service Center under the following conditions. that your product is in good condition and the part will not be damaged due to failure of other parts and elements. Please consider. installing the parts yourself could ruin them and the product as a whole. You carry all risks of damage to the part and the product.

Crankshaft bearings for STIHL Ms-180 ( STIHL ) chainsaws, bearing 6002. pair, manufacturer Gpoil

Crankshaft bearings for STIHL Ms-180 ( STIHL ) chain saw, bearing 6002. pair, manufacturer Gpoil

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In a diverse and multiline range of modern chainsaws there are both consumer and professional models, designed to perform various tasks. As a result of intensive use, some of the components, especially the bearings, are subject to natural wear, making it necessary to buy new parts for the circular saw or its handheld equivalent.

Using services of the specialized web-resource “Venzo-Zip”, you may remotely, both wholesale and retail to buy reliable spare parts, whether it is chain tensioner of chainsaw or crankshaft bearings. The clutch or sprocket bearing options in the catalog have been tested by the manufacturer to ensure that they fit and work perfectly with all the functionally relevant parts of the model-specific saw and ensure they regain their original performance.

Crankshaft Bearings for MS-180 chain saw

Bearing. The crankshaft bearings are the part that transfers the load of the chain saw’s moving parts to other parts of the chain saw. Despite being built to the highest quality standards, STIHL 180 chain saws need regular servicing, just like any other machine. Crankshaft bearings also wear out over time, deteriorate and need to be replaced.

In our online store you will find all types of STIHL 180 spare parts. Parts always in stock and dispatched on the same day.

Bearing size of STIHL 180 crankshaft

STIHL 180 chain saw original bearing size. 15x32x9mm. That is, the STIHL 180 is 15 mm inside diameter, 32 mm outside diameter and 9 mm width.

STIHL 180 crankshaft bearing number

Bearing numbers traditionally found on STIHL 180 chain saws. 6002. Bearings with different suffixes, e.g. 6002-2RS or 6002-2Z. These bearings are mounted on the standard crankshaft.

In any case we recommend that you measure the bearing before buying it, or at least look at the marking. This could save you a lot of time if your bearing is not standard. At least you don’t have to go to the post office several times to collect your parcel.

STIHL 180 Crankshaft bearing replacement

Crankshaft Bearing Replacement. it is not a difficult task, which can be handled by anyone. In order to replace the bearings you first need to know how to remove the bearings from the STIHL 180 crankshaft. The procedure is very simple and involves only a few steps:

  • Remove the cover, which is located on the side, the chain and the bar;
  • Remove the plugs and unscrew the 3 shock absorbers that hold the handle and remove the handle;
  • Remove the starter, it is fastened with 4 screws;
  • Remove the flywheel. It is screwed in very tightly and you won’t be able to get around it without a 13 mm screwdriver.

After loosening the nut, remove it to the end is not necessary, rather unscrew until its top edge flattens with the tip of the shaft, after that the soft metal hammer installed on the nut and make a sharp blow on it. This way the handwheel will come off the shaft and can be removed without any tools.

STIHL chain saw oil seals. Benzo-Zip

STIHL oil seals are designed to keep air, dust, dirt, and liquids out of the area between the components. In the brand of chainsaw in question, the elements, right and left, which is how they are offered for sale, are designed to seal the crankshaft on both sides. Where the crankshaft comes out with the block, there can be fuel leaks, which is very disadvantageous and even unsafe in the operation of the mechanism.

STIHL oil seals are widely exhibited by the profile store of chain saw parts, “Benzo Zip”. You can pick up replacement elements from different manufacturers for most models of the tool. We keep our affordable for retail customers and for wholesalers we can give you a competitive individual price. It is important to timely replace a torn or deformed oil seal to avoid fuel leakage, and the site staff can help you do it.

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