How to remove the bearing from the head of the angle grinder sparky

Main steps of the work

We find a steel tube of a suitable diameter and cut off a piece of it. Weld a hole centered plug to it.

Cut four parts from metal strip and drill holes in them. Then we weld them to the ring with the plug.

Sharpen the end of the rod of the sealant gun, put a ring on it and secure it by welding. Grind with an angle grinder.

In the last step, the only thing left is to make a pair of hooks from a metal strip, and attach them with bolts and nuts to the “ears”. If you want you can paint the kit.

For details on how to make such a puller and how to remove the bearing from the shaft, watch the video below. This review is based on a video from the YouTube channel of Fawa Bros.

In this episode, we will consider how to remove the bearing rim from the housing in a few minutes without using special tools.

Sometimes it happens that the bearing in the crankcase of a chainsaw or lawnmower, etc.e crumbled, and it is impossible to press out the cage, pullers and other tools are simply powerless.

The most important thing about this method is that we need to know how the bearing was previously used in the tool.

We find in their stash an old bearing of the right size.

For convenience we put it in a vise. (you can do without them)

Disassemble the bearing, by the way, if you still do not know how to do it in a few minutes, then

remove, bearing, head, angle, grinder, sparky

Remove the dust cap, then bore out the bearing cage on both sides.

If you don’t have a drill, you can use a punch or an impact screwdriver.

Assemble all the balls into a crescent shape.

Now push the inner sleeve through with a light action.

The bearing is disassembled, the balls are out, but what happens next? ?

I do not have that problem at the moment, so I will show you with a simple example.

Apply the grease on the clamped rim, such as lithol, solidol, etc.д. Install the balls on the cage, this grease will serve us as a temporary adhesive.

That’s it, now take a suitable pipe or a wrench head and knock out the bearing with a hammer. (If necessary, you can heat the product)

That’s all dear friends, good luck and good !

The moving parts of the automatic typewriter wear out most often, so after a few years of use, the equipment needs to be repaired. A typical problem with all models is bearing wear and tear. They are seated on the shaft and ensure uniform rotation of the drum. How to determine and remove the bearing from the drum without a puller? Details of repair work described in the article.

How to remove the bearing from the shaft of an angle grinder

One of the most common household appliances for repair and construction work is considered an angle grinder, or angle grinder (angle grinder). When operating the machine, it is not uncommon for heavy loads and careless handling, which leads to wear and tear of parts and breakage. But the repair of the angle grinder is possible to produce their own. To do this, it is worth looking at how to do the repair of the angle grinder with your own hands on video.

    The anchor of the angle grinder (rotor) is the most overloaded element of the angle grinder mechanism. It is subject to temperature, electromagnetic and mechanical damage, so its failure is not surprising. The armature winding may burn out when heated, causing a short circuit. Therefore, the repair of the anchor of the angle grinder with their own hands is a frequent practice.
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Recommendations before you start repair

It is worth taking into account that the technology of repair of the angle grinder of different models and manufacturers may differ. So, Interskol angle grinder repair with their own hands is different from the repair of faults of the machine Bosch.

That is, it is important to know the features of your angle grinder and have on hand the scheme from it, then the repair of the angle grinder with their own hands is possible to perform easily and efficiently.

Repair of angle grinder with your own hands

Only after getting acquainted with the detailed description and diagram of the angle grinder, you can proceed to its disassembly. Repair should have a certain sequence of actions. And most importantly. the observance of safety precautions.

Power cord

A broken power cord at the handle is the most common problem of an appliance that fails to work. To verify this malfunction on the button, a standard voltage tester should be used. Only then check that the button itself works.

Bearing Replacement

If you notice an increase in play on the spindle shaft, then the needle bearing needs to be replaced. By the way, it is not in all models of angle grinder. To dismantle it, you should disassemble the housing and take out the large pinion shaft.

Use a machine tap to remove the inner ring in the damaged bearing.

The tap must be clamped into the chuck of an electric screwdriver and screwed into the bearing cage. When the bottom of the housing is reached, you need to continue to slowly screw in so that the cage rim rises on the threads.

Disassembly of helical gears

Because of damage to the helical gears, the reducer breaks down. Often the small drive pinion attached to the rotor shaft is replaced, which is attached in two ways:

The large idler pinion can also be keyed, but it can also be pressed onto the shaft.

Differences in the repair of Interskol angle grinder

If the correct operating conditions are observed, the Interskol angle grinder can rarely be repaired with your own hands.

In order to replace the gear reducer gears, disassemble its housing, and the cover is released. Since the idler pinion is attached by pressing, it must be removed with a press. Then remove the bearing with a puller.

If the stator is burned out, you need to calculate how many turns of wire, and what the wire cross section is.

It is not superfluous to watch the repair of Interskol angle grinder with your own hands on video.

Repair features of the Bosch angle grinder

The design of all models in the Bosch product line is identical. Repair of an angle grinder Bosch with their own hands is usually reduced to the replacement of bearings.

The spindle shaft is pressed on the idler pinion. It is supported by a needle bearing in the gearbox housing that leaves only the cage inside when worn. The drive pinion is attached to the rotor shaft with a left-hand thread, and then secured with a nut.

Repair Makita angle grinder

What distinguishes the Makita angle grinder is its protective housing, which can be quickly removed. This can be called a plus, t.к. Angle grinders of this company are most often subject to breakdowns. This applies mainly to fakes, flooded the domestic market.

The actual angle grinder firm Makita is known for its durability and reliability. Regardless of whether a fake or real angle grinder fell into your hands, the most common cause of failure will still be the gearbox and its gears.

This is noticeable if there is slippage in the idler gear, if the gearbox jams and if the shaft play increases.

When repairing, the angle grinder has to be disassembled first. Disconnect gearbox from stator housing by loosening brushes and unscrewing screws. Next, the screws that hold the rotor cover are removed.

The idler pinion can be removed with a press, while the drive pinion is attached with a keyed joint with a locking nut. The rotor shaft bearings are removed using pullers.

Thus, no matter what angle grinder you have, with proper study of the problem, you can repair the main faults with your own hands. The main thing is to understand the scheme correctly and have the necessary tools for repair.

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Despite this, the angle grinder is a complex mechanical power tool, and it is not uncommon to see damage to the more inaccessible parts of the mechanism. In this case, if you haven’t encountered such a failure before, it’s more effective to consult with specialists on your particular problem first.

Reassembling tool with new parts

After disassembling the tool, the necessary replacement of all destroyed parts, we will reassemble. Make sure you have all the tools, lubricants and clean cloths on hand to put the finishing touches.

All previous grease should be removed and replaced with new grease. Use lubricants from reputable manufacturers, buy them in specialized stores.

Assemble the rotor first. Press in bearings, mount impeller. Before doing so, carefully lubricate the bearings. Using the wood shim, press them on top of the shaft.

Cover the collector bearing with the rubber guard. This is the same scheme, how to assemble the rotor shaft.

Next, reassemble the gearbox. Start this process by placing the gearbox housing on the rotor shaft housing. When the shaft is already inside the housing, put the pinion, washer and lock nut on it.

Now place the gear case together with the shaft in it, inside the stator case. It is necessary to press both housings after the collector bearing is already in the seat. Next check that the rotor turns freely on the bearings.

remove, bearing, head, angle, grinder, sparky

The final step is to put the cover where it was. Check how the spindle shaft rotates. If you find that the rotation is easy, even with the movement of your hands, you can do screwing. They do the securing of the cover to the body. Before you do this, lubricate all the screws using sealant.

Features of pressing a bearing on the motor armature

When you have successfully removed the bearing from the armature, you need to perform a series of appropriate manipulations before reassembling the equipment. If you are installing new parts, you want them to be exactly the same width as the old bearings, and the inner and outer cross-section. It is fundamental that in the process of mounting the product did not get inside dirt or other dust, it leads to corrosion, chipping and various damages. The bearing is mounted on the armature with the help of an iron tube, which should be previously lubricated. During the pressing it is important to watch that there is no distortion. Such aspects should also be observed:

  • Grease the bearings with a special grease. You will like it to be water-resistant;
  • Only ½ (for machines with up to 300 rpm) or 1/3 (for high-speed tools) of the bearing chamber should be filled with grease. Than just a substance to impose makes no sense, because what is left to do our customer excessive in any case, squeeze out at the time of rotation.

Hand grinder repair (Bearing replacement)

Occasionally, the process of placing the bearing on the armature is simplified if it is previously heated in boiling oil. But you need to be very careful in this case, and watch that the workpiece is not heated above 100 0C.

Mechanical failure of Sparky bolt cutters

All faults in the grinders are divided into mechanical and electrical.

Mechanical faults include:

Gear Repair

Gearbox of angular grinder Sparky is a pair of gears, enclosed in a robust housing. On the spindle of the idler pinion is mounted a variety of tools that allows you to perform work with metal, stone, wood.

Most gearbox failure is caused by a gearwheel failure. In gear splinters or slips tooth, destroys supporting needle bearing. In addition, the bearing sleeve or needle bearing fails.

The design of the gearbox of angular grinder Sparky different models differ slightly depending on the capacity.

Driven gear in gearboxes angular grinder Sparky attached in two ways: napressressovatsya or with keyed connection. The keyed connection is most often used in low power Sparky angle grinders. A small-diameter ball is used as a key.

Repair of the gearbox of angle grinder Sparky provides not only replacement of the failed part, but also a change of lubricant.

In lathes with power over 1000 W the pinion gear is pressed on the spindle shaft and can be removed only with the help of a press. But with some skill this procedure can also be performed without using the press. Just remember, caution and accuracy are the main factors of success in this job.

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To remove the idler pinion is no problem. It is necessary to unscrew the screws fixing the housing cover, pull out the cover with the installed bearing and spindle. Pull spindle shaft out of bearing. If the idler pin is secured with a key, the retaining ring must be removed before the pinion can be removed. On some smaller models, a small-diameter sphere is used as a key.

After removing the locking ring, the key can be carefully removed and the idler pin freed. The pinion is replaced when the percentage of wear on the teeth exceeds. And this is determined only by the contact area of a pair of teeth. The contact patch is the main characteristic of the serviceability of the gear pair.

The drive pinion on Sparky angle grinders is even easier to remove. On all Sparky angle grinders, the drive gears are mounted on the rotor shaft with a key and clamped with a right-hand threaded nut.

To remove the drive pinion, you must remove the gearbox from the stator housing. Before removing the rotor, be sure to remove the carbon brushes that interfere with the removal of the rotor. Carbon brushes in a Sparky angle grinder low power can be removed by removing the cover of the stator housing. To do this, unscrew the screw at the end of the housing handle and pull the cover.

On high power Sparky angle grinders, carbon brushes can be removed without disassembling the handle.

How to Change Gears in a Sparky Gearbox

To remove the drive pinion, the freed rotor must be clamped in the suction cups with the protective pad in place. Choose a spacer of soft material so as not to damage the rotor case.

Use S=12 wrench to unscrew the nut fixing the drive pinion on the rotor, turning the wrench counterclockwise. If it is not possible to unscrew the nut at the first attempt, pour the liquid VD-40 into the threaded joint. After allowing the fluid to work for some time, repeat your attempt to undo the retaining nut. As a rule, this works out.

When the nut is removed, the rotor shaft can be pulled out of the gearbox housing. The drive pinion is secured to the rotor shaft with a key.

It is enough to remove the retaining ring, if provided in the design, pull out the key, as the pinion is simply removed from the rotor shaft.

Ремонт (снимаем ротор, меняем подшипник) фрезера SPARKY X 72CE./Repair cutter SPARKY 72CE

Remember the golden rule. Gears in the gearbox are always changed in pairs.

By the way, in small and large capacity Sparky bolsters, there is a possibility of clearance between the pinions in the gearbox with special shims.

How to replace the bearings in a gearbox

One of the failures of the gearbox in the angle grinder Sparky appears in the occurrence of backlash spindle shaft. This can happen when the shaft bearing or the needle roller bearing fails. If play appears, this indicates destruction of the needle roller thrust bearing in the gear unit housing. Particularly difficult is to remove the needle bearing outer ring from its seat in the gearbox housing.

Disassembling the hub in the angle grinder

The easiest way is to use a machine tap of the appropriate diameter and an electric screwdriver to remove the cage from the housing. Clamp the tap into the chuck of an electric screwdriver and try to screw the tap into the bearing cage. When the tap reaches the bottom of the socket, it begins to lift the cage.

Remove bearings from spindle shaft with puller or folk remedies.

remove, bearing, head, angle, grinder, sparky

Sparky low-wattage screwdrivers up to 1000 watts use a needle bearing, type HK0709. Copper-graphite bushings are used on some smaller models.

The spindle shaft of Sparky bolsters up to 1000 watts rotates in a 6300-2RS type bearing.

In the gearboxes of Sparky bucking machines over 1000 W are used more powerful bearings: needle bearing type NK-1212, plain bearing type 6206-2RS. The bushings are not used in high-powered bolsters.

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