How to remove the carburetor on a Husqvarna 236

Husqvarna 236 construction and features

A diagram of the chainsaw structure is shown in the picture below:

Husqvarna 236 chain saw has been designed to keep the operator comfortable and safe. Emergency brake with quick-stop mechanism. Also the chain catching system prevents accidental injuries at work. Centrifugal air-cleaning system provides effective cooling. vibration protection reduces the load on the operator, allows you to work for a long time without interruption. The fuel system is equipped with environmental standards and additionally cleans exhaust gases from harmful compounds. The Husqvarna 236 X-torq chainsaw has been equipped with an innovative system that reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Stepwise adjustment

Specialists recommend making an independent adjustment of the carburetor in the model in question, adhering to the following plan:

  • First you need to adjust 1 screw, then proceed to the second screw and only lastly adjust the screw responsible for the idle speed operation.
  • Next, you need to determine what the highest idle speed. To do this, you need to gently turn 1 screw clockwise. Having found the highest index, the element should be turned ¼ of a turn counter-clockwise. If the chain continues to rotate while idling during this operation, the T screw should be turned slowly counterclockwise until the chain stops turning.
  • Using the H screw for adjustment, it is realistic to change both the power of the unit and the frequency of its revolutions. However, it is worth bearing in mind, if the carburetor for a long time will work at the expense of the usual mixture and at higher revolutions, it can cause failure of the chainsaw.
  • To adjust the H screw, do the following steps
  • warm up the engine of the unit for 15-20 seconds by selecting full throttle mode;
  • Turn the H element ¼ turn counterclockwise;
  • leave the engine in operation for 10-15 seconds;
  • Using a tachometer, analyze what is the value of the maximum speed;
  • if the reading does not match the rating, the process must be repeated.

The four-stroke sound is a good indication that the adjustments are correct. If the mixture is too lean after the adjustment, the unit will make a squealing noise. If the mixture is too rich, smoke will start to come out of the muffler. If there is a device called a tachometer in the arsenal of home craftsmen, you can begin to adjust the N-screw on your own. In other circumstances, it is better to ask for help from professionals.

  • After the first elements have been adjusted, you can deal with the adjustment of the idle speed screw, performing the operation in the following sequence:
  • after having activated the engine, carefully begin to turn the T screw clockwise;
  • Turn the element until the machine chain begins to rotate;
  • in the next step, start turning the screw in the opposite direction to stop the chain rotation.

To understand that it was possible to set the correct number of idle speed, will help to work the engine evenly, in all directions, with the necessary margin of rotation, while rotating the chain.

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The above instructions for adjusting the Husqvarna 236 carburetor will greatly simplify the process. But if any step still causes difficulties, everyone can find a clue by visiting the Internet resource and watching the video tutorial on the subject.

Independently understand that the work was done correctly, it will be possible by the work of the engine, which should instantly accelerate and emit a four-stroke sound at full throttle. If you have trouble starting the machine and the engine does not start right away, readjust the first screw to make sure that the lean mixture is enriched.

Carburetor accessories

First of all, it is worth to understand what screws for adjustment are provided in the Husqvarna 236 chain saw.

carburetor, husqvarna

The manufacturer has equipped the model under consideration with 3 screws:

  • L-screw regulates the joker at low speeds;
  • The H screw is used to adjust the jets at higher rpm;
  • The T-screw is used to adjust the work of the idle speed.

If it is necessary to adjust the fuel supply, lubricating mixture and air access, the first 2 elements are engaged. Turn them clockwise to deflate the mixture and reduce the rpm. Acting in the reverse order, that is unscrewing elements in the opposite direction, the mixture is enriched and RPM increases.

The operation of the idle speed is adjusted by the third element. Turning it clockwise increases the RPM, and to reduce the RPM simply turn the screw in the opposite direction.

When you need to adjust the carburetor on your Husqvarna chain saw

Neglecting deviations in the normal operation of the gasoline tool is fraught with the fact that even with a strong desire to regulate the carburetor of chain saw Husqvarna may be useless and will require replacement of this unit, or already elements of the engine, affected by prolonged thermal or mechanical stress. Therefore, as soon as the saw shows the first deviations, you should immediately make repairs in the form of simple adjustments. Among these changes in operation are:

Husqvarna 236 x torq carburettor replacement

How to correctly adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw

How to tune the carburetor on a chainsaw Husqvarna Adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw with three THL screws.

Husqvarna 240.Again with the carburetor.A design flaw or what is it?

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw carburetor problem One of the most common problems with this chainsaw is. Great

  • The chainsaw accelerates too slowly;
  • The tool is not reaching its maximum power, and it drops off quickly when loaded;
  • The engine frequently stalls;
  • A chain saw makes a lot of noise when it’s in operation;
  • The chainsaw releases an uncharacteristic amount of smoke that increases with each step of the load.

As soon as you notice any of the above abnormalities, the carburetor of the grasshopper 435 or its slightly reinforced copy Husqvarna 55 saw should be urgently adjusted. Timely maintenance also bodes well for the absence of wastage for the complete replacement of spare parts and blocks of the drive and fuel system of the chainsaw motor. Therefore, if the carburetor system of the Husqvarna 340 and all other lines of settings will save both the chainsaw and the work processes and the owners’ money. If necessary, the company grass trimmer for grass motoring can be ordered insisting mechanisms, spare parts replacement, as well as to buy a line for grass trimmer with advice on how to install it yourself.

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Adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor with your own hands

In all Husqvarna gasoline saws the carburetor adjustment is performed in a similar manner, since all products have the same set of mechanisms. For example, if the adjustment of systems in the 236 series of gasoline tools, the process is accompanied by the search of the highest idle speed by slowly turning the adjusting screws L. affecting the nozzle low speed, T. on the nozzle high speed and H. adjustment of idle speed. The process of adjusting by hand consists of several periods, involving turning the L and H screws that control the throttle valve of fuel mixture and adjusting the T screw that adjusts the idle speed. Depending on the parameter to be adjusted, the saw adjustment is done in the following sequence:

  • After warming up, turn the L screw to the highest idling speed. As soon as it is found, turn the screw down by ¼ turn. If the chain starts to rotate, adjust the T screw against the clock until the chain stops.
  • Adjust the H screw on the carburetor of the chainsaw by spending ¼ of a turn for 10 seconds when the engine is running at full throttle. If the maximum load is not reached, the operation is repeated. Insufficient adjustment will be accompanied by a squealing saw, while exaggerated settings will cause the muffler to blow more smoke.
  • Adjust the idle speed screw T by turning it clockwise until the chain starts to turn. Once this has happened, the screw is turned back until this mechanism stops.

Of course, making carburetor adjustments will allow your tool to run as productively as possible, but you shouldn’t forget about lubrication. Grass cutter for grass Motors recommends buying special purpose chainsaw oil for the mechanisms, as timely maintenance will give the tool extra quality life.

Walbro troubleshooting

Correcting and fixing problems found on Walbro Carburetors:

  • Check the walbro air filter to make sure it is not clogged with sawdust or other debris and that the tank is more than half full of gasoline.
  • Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to warm up.
  • Attaching the tachometer to the saw. Monitor RPM at all times. For most saws, the recommended idle speed is 2700 rpm.
  • Adjust the saw’s idle speed correctly with a flat screwdriver on the T screw. Tightening the screw reduces fuel mixture saturation and loosening has the opposite effect.
  • Adjust the L screw by slowly tightening it until the engine starts to stall. Note the position and loosen the screw. probably halfway between the two settings.
  • Go back to the T screw and adjust it again, as there is a chance that adjusting the L screw may change the optimized fuel settings at idle.
  • Allow the saw to fully open the throttle and adjust the H screw, setting it between the two points where the saw runs smoothly.
  • Release the throttle and check the setting of the L screw again, making any necessary adjustments.
  • Go back to the T screw and adjust the idle speed of the Walbro saw one last time. This is the last setting and the saw is now ready for operation.

Manufacturers and their partners don’t often announce new and interesting innovations of their equipment. It is no secret that chainsaw design has not changed over the last decade. Recently there have been innovations that include the latest technologies for the production of ultra-reliable chainsaws for the average buyer. The average tool with built-in Wi. Fi, which informs the user about its general state via smartphone app.

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Husqvarna brand saws are represented by many models, which include tools of professional and household class. Reliability and durability of these chainsaws proves high demand for them. Simplicity of the construction and availability of spare parts makes the tool easy to maintain. The manufacturer of these chainsaws is Sweden. The brand has established itself on the world market as a manufacturer of quality tools for general use. Let’s take a look at the device and features using the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw as an example. Despite its low cost, quality materials are used for its manufacture, the design is comfortable and ergonomic, and the assembly is very accurate and reliable.

Adjusting the carburetor with your own hands on the chainsaw

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment allows the tool to operate efficiently at full throttle with economical fuel consumption. Adjustment should be made with a clean fuel and air filter. There are three screws for adjustment: for maximum and minimum speed and idle speed.

The H and L screws adjust the gasoline/air mixture ratio determined by the opening of the carburetor choke. When the screws are loosened, the mixture is enriched and turns accordingly fall, when twisted, the mixture is depleted. RPM increases.

The designation H refers to the maximum speed screw, which controls the main jet, L. The designation H refers to the minimum speed screw, which controls the idle jet. The idle speed is precisely adjusted with the S screw. Sometimes the number of available adjustment screws of the carburetor is reduced to facilitate adjustment.

Adjusting the carburetor to two steps. the basic (factory setting) settings performed with the motor turned off. And the final, released on the running hot engine. For the exact angles see the instruction manual of your particular chain saw. Motor may be damaged if manufacturer’s instructions are not followed.

Cleaning and adjusting the carburetor

If all of the above did not help, then, in all likelihood, you need to adjust or clean the carburetor. It’s not advised to do it yourself, because most often you end up going to the service station. So it is better to go there and do not dismantle anything on your own. But if you still want to tinker with it yourself, it is best to watch a video, which shows how the experts do it:

Using a chainsaw makes hard work easier. But sometimes the chainsaw starts and stops, the reason could be anything. What to do? You have to choose: take it to a repair shop to a specialist or try to repair it yourself. We will try to help the reader to understand the causes of failure, methods of elimination of breakages and give tips on chainsaw operation. In turn, it will be useful for the owner to familiarize himself with the factory instructions for use and design features of his chainsaw. This information will help him properly use and professionally perform the repair of the tool.

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