How to remove the crankshaft from a walk -behind tractor. Oil change

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How to change piston rings on a motor block engine

If suddenly it is not possible to start the Lifan engine installed on the walk.Behind tractor, you should conduct ordinary verification. To do this, you need to perform a number of actions during which you can simply find the cause of the motor malfunction and just remove it:


Honda engines. These are reliable, long.Term and environmentally unexpected units that can be used in the operation of the Neva motornote. Distinguishing features of this type are greater power, efficiency of resources and durability in operation.

Even the most stringent environmental requirements may comply with Honda engines for agricultural work. At the same time, it is quite easy to repair such units, because manufacturers supply a wide range of devices.

This is an unit that combines within itself properties such as power, reliability, safety and ease of use. This is a reliable 4-stroke engine, which is very economical. Despite its multifunctionality, these devices are quite maneuverable and comfortable in operation.

Review of the line of gasoline motoblocks with the Honda engine:

Usually, work in the engine takes a long time, but if you do everything according to the annotation, then no troubles should appear, and if they are, it is fundamentally kept in mind that this is a new engine, and this means that this is a guarantee. Just change it with new ones or at least repair it.

How to install the Lifan engine on the one.Legged tractor Neva

  • Check the supply of gasoline. The engine can “grab”, but it does not start, as there is a bad suction of gasoline from the tank. The prerequisite may be a clogging of the drain in the cork, which serves to ensure that additional air falls into the tank, a kneading gasoline that leaves there. The hose could clog with garbage, or something could get into the tank itself. You need to check all the probable options.
  • Check the spark plug. If suddenly he is smoky or even breaks through it, then it must be changed, since it is unrealistic to repair it.

After eliminating these defects, you can test the engine. If this does not help, then the reason must be found in the unit itself.

The main causes of the motoblock malfunction

Since the main detail of any equipment is the engine, the main number of breakdowns is associated with it (Figure 3). In some cases, poor motor operation may be associated with poor.Quality fuel or air filter contamination. There are also cases that the engine works incorrectly due to insufficient heating, failures in the ignition system, carburetor or piston.

The main parts of the engine

We will try to figure out the main types of breakdown of the walk.Behind tractor that can be eliminated with your own hands. However, if you are not confident in your own abilities or are afraid that it is impossible to eliminate the malfunction on your own, it is better to consult a specialist.

Fuel supply problems

If the engine does not start to work when starting to start, there may be problems with the engine itself or the launch system itself.

To eliminate malfunctions with the supply of fuel, you need to do the following:

  • Check the spark plugs: if they are dry, it means that the engine does not enter the engine cylinders. Such a malfunction can occur when the blockages are formed in the gas tank cover, garbage entering the fuel supply system, with a closed supply tap or banal absence of gasoline.
  • Seal the fuel tank and repeat the attempt to start the engine.
  • Check the fuel valve: if it is closed, you need to change its position to open.
  • Clean the drainage opening of the fuel tank.
  • Drain the gasoline from the tank, the fuel valve was removed and rinse it with clean gasoline.
  • Remove the connecting hose near the carburetor and blow it up (along with the jet).

Rings replacement on the Lifan motoroblock

Lifan walk.Behind engines have long proven themselves as reliable power units that allow the use of MB at full capacity. These engines are installed both on domestic cultivators and on the equipment of imported production.

The maximum power of the Lifan engine is 6.5 horsepower, which provides the ability to carry out various work on the processing of complex lands.

Today, not only power units are available on sale, but also MB from this company, consider their advantages.


Lifan model range. In the market, the company represents new generation cultivators equipped with powerful Lifan engines and having excellent technical characteristics.

Consider the technical characteristics using the example of the Lifan 1WG1100C single.Based tractor:

  • Power. 6.5 l. With.
  • Engine volume. 270 cubic meters.Cm.
  • Engine. Lifan.
  • Launch. Manual.
  • Motoboblock control mode manual gearbox.
  • The number of programs. 3.
  • Performance. 0.3 m/s.
  • The width of the processed harrow 800 1100 mm.
  • The depth of the harrows 150 200 mm Additional capacity of the cutter, wheels.
  • Weight. 110 kg.


Before using the MB, it must be collected and prepared for work. Upon receipt of the cultivator, pay attention to its power unit. It should have a sticker with a security icon. Recent modifications of the Lifan 8 liter engine. With. Lifan have distinctive features that must be taken into account when assembling MB. The modification of the Lifan 900 mm motor block. 1100 mm involves the installation of additional equipment to expand the plowed harrow.

When working with a motor.Cultivator, it is important to observe the following safety precautions:

  • Before each launch, the engine should be inspected.
  • Beware of flammable objects when operating Lifan engine.
  • Do not let children and animals to a working MB.
  • You can refuel the tank only when the MB is turned off.
  • Do not start a motor in a closed room.

Each MB before starting work should undergo a running.In in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer.

The start of work without running the Lifan engine entails premature breakdowns and the failure of the technique.

Playing the walk.Behind tractor

Lifan motor lock running.In allows you to prepare a motor cultivator for full operation when fully loading equipment. The purpose of the running.In is the production and grinding of all elements of the power unit. The process of running the Lifan engine is as follows:

  • Before starting the engine, check the oil level.
  • Season the fuel tank.
  • Launch one.Axle tractor at medium speeds.
  • Within an hour you need to test the car in all programs alternately.
  • With the help of a cultivator, all actions (plowing, cultivation, transportation of cargo) at medium speeds and only on previously plowed land.
  • After running in, replace the oil and season the fuel tank.
  • MB is ready to work at full power.

It should be remembered that the processing process is described in detail in the user’s instructions. Before performing any actions, check out the leadership and act in accordance with the description.

Earth cultivation

The purpose of Lifan motor cultivators is a high.Quality cultivation of land for planting, caring for seedlings and harvesting. This type of technique is great for processing areas of medium and small area with any relief and various types of soil. The land plowing on this unit is available to a depth of 200 mm, which allows only a fertile soil layer to dig out, leaving more deep clay layers untouched.

Thanks to the large selection of attaching equipment using the Lifan walk.Behind tractor, you can carry out any kind of personal work depending on the season and needs of the consumer. Changing the components of the motor.Cultivator can be used all year round, starting with plowing and landing, and ending with snow cleaning in the winter.

The standard equipment of the walk.Behind tract includes:

Lifan engine power in recent models allows you to easily treat virgin lands with complex mixed soil. However, when working with a motor.Cultivator, do not forget about the need to maintain technology maintenance.


Lifan motoring maintenance includes a number of measures aimed at preserving the internal parts and preventing breakdowns, namely:

  • Checking the level and oil replacement in the engine of the walk.Behind tractor.
  • Checking the level and oil replacement in the motorblock gearbox.
  • Checking, cleaning, replacing air filter.
  • Cleaning the sump.
  • Cleaning, adjustment, replacement of the spark plug.
  • Valves adjustment on the Lifan motorblock.
  • Cleaning the fuel tank.

With maintenance, it is important to comply with the requirements of the manufacturer to use fuel and oil. What oil to pour in the engine of the walk.Behind tractor is written in detail in the user’s instructions. With the use of inalition or fuel, one.Axic tractor will come to a malfunction. Maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the schedule in the instructions.


Lifan sets several types of engines of different capacities and modifications to its walk.Behind tracts. The most popular is the 186FD diesel unoic tractor. However, such a configuration for the manufacturer is much more expensive, which means that most consumers are still chosen by familiar models with a 4-stroke engine gasoline.

In order to avoid Lifan malfunctions, you need to carefully monitor its condition and timely maintain maintenance. Consider the main details of the power unit and the possible malfunctions of the Lifan engine, as well as ways to eliminate them.

The main details of the engine

In order to understand where the breakdown occurred and how to eliminate it, you should know what the Lifan engine consists of:

These are the main parts of the Lifan engine that are responsible for the uninterrupted operation of the power unit. Consider the most frequent problems with the launch and features of the engine in the repair.


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remove, crankshaft, walk, tractor, change

DM-1M1 engine repair (connecting rod cliff), unoic tractor MB1.

Today we will replace the connecting rod in the DM engine. 1m1, the engine is installed on the MB 1D walk.Behind tractor.

The previous time on the MB 1D motornote, we repaired the starter and ground the valve. As I said before. The engine is capricious, often requires attention, and if the engine began to deliver problems or was harder even worse, I recommend replacing it with a Chinese copy of Honda GX. But often the client requires repairs, so we proceed to diagnosis. The crankshaft rotates freely to the left and right before the blow, most likely “cut off” the connecting rod, such a problem is often found in this engine. This is due to ignoring the maintenance regulations, due to poor-quality oil and to a greater extent, due to the fact that the machine operator intervenes in the engine settings and increases engine speed in order to extract great power. This is what happened in our case. The regulator bar shows that it was unscrewed several times and searched for the right position. Without a tachometer and technical documentation, it is prohibited to adjust the engine speeds. If the revolutions are lower or higher than the manufacturer installed, this will inevitably reduce the engine’s resource and can lead to its breakdown.

We proceed to disassemble. In order to diagnose a malfunction or repair the DM engine, it is not necessary to remove it from the frame of the walk.Behind tractor.

DIY engine engine repair with your own hands

Regardless of whether the imported uniform tractor of Agro or the domestic analogue, it, like any other mechanism, may require repairs over time. The device itself is used to cultivate the earth, digging up the root crops such as parsley, radishes, celery, carrots, etc.D. It also helps when raking, mowing grass, when transporting fertilizers or small cargo, with watering, for cleaning from snow, etc.P. The use of a walk.Behind tractor allows you to facilitate hard work with a shovel or other agricultural unit. The device also saves the time of farmers. The reasons for the breakdown of this unit can be different: from simple to quite difficult when repairing. For example, poor starting the engine, damage to mechanisms and nodes (stopping the rotation of the power shaft or clogging of the hole of the gas tank cover) and others.

In this case, it is necessary to carefully check if all the details are in place, as well as how strong the fixation.

Damage can occur due to stagnation of technology after winter or due to problems with fuel. For example, obsolete or low quality oil.

There is also the possibility that the diesel engine of the motor block does not work in connection with:

In addition, if the problem concerns the ignition, such actions can be applied to eliminate it:

remove, crankshaft, walk, tractor, change
  • If the spark is absent or not strong enough in power, it is necessary to adjust the state of the electrodes and the intermediate gap. The standard of adjustment clearance is 0.8 mm.
  • With a low compression degree, just replace the parts unsuitable for work.
  • When adjusting the valves, it is important that the intake and exhaust valve fit tightly to the saddle.
  • The final moment is the muffler cleaning.

If the plow is damaged, it is very important to then correct it correctly. To adjust the plow, you can perform the following, simple operations:

  • Fix the coup 1 with a shkvorn where the backlash is located horizontally and in a ratio of 5-6 degrees;
  • Adjust the depth of plowing, the norm is a depth of 5-7 cm;
  • Next is the twisting of the adjusting screw so that the plow touches the ground;
  • Then you need to twist the screw back until the back of the canopy is raised by 2.5 cm.

Motoboblock engine Cascade Video Repair. Together Making Making

The problems of the walk.Behind tractor can be divided into two types: malfunctions of the motor and problems with different mechanisms and nodes. If you have such equipment, then there is a high probability that during use you may encounter any engine problem. The instructions for repairing the Cascade motornote, given in the article, will help you understand what problems could have arisen in the engine, and also how to eliminate them.

remove, crankshaft, walk, tractor, change

The emergence of characteristic signs of engine malfunctions, such as a sharp deterioration in the dynamics, increase in fuel consumption and engine oil, problems with the start of the engine, especially in the cold season, suggests that the wear of the power unit has reached the limit, and without extraneous intervention, further operation of the machine is impossible. The listed signs indicate a sharp drop in compression. If the motor is not “Ushatan” completely, then to return to it vigor, most likely, the replacement of piston rings will help.

In order to save replacement, you can do it with your own hands. In addition to financial benefit, the owner of the car may be absolutely sure that the piston rings are changed, and it is for those that he bought, and the work was done efficiently. Unfortunately, leaving the car in a car service, the owner cannot know exactly how conscientiously the masters have done their work, since statistics stubbornly repeat that they are deceiving everywhere, including at official services.

About how to replace piston rings with your own hands, is written in this article.

  • The head of the cylinder block is dismantled;
  • The condition of the rings is checked and the issue of the need to remove the motor from the car is resolved;
  • Then the old ones change to new ones, and the engine is assembled in the reverse order.

Further, each stage will be considered in more detail.

Motobobe engine malfunctions during operation

The nodes and components of the engines that are installed on agricultural mini-equipment are subjected to significant loads. They can fail in the process of operation of the unit, which will very quickly lead to serious failures.

If suspicious noise, jerks and violations in the operation of the walk.Behind tractor are found, it is very important to immediately turn off the engine, and then let it cool. Only after that it will be possible to eliminate the problem.

If during operation the motor begins to independently gain momentum, t.E. There is a “different”, most likely this means that the attachment of the levers of the regulator and traction weakened. In this case, the user will have to re.Adjust the engine control drive.

Sometimes, with a completely open throttle, the engine does not accelerate when pressing the handle of gas, but on the contrary begins to lose power until a complete stop. This is a clear sign of overheating, so the unoic tractor needs to be turned off and wait until its nodes are completely cooled. After that, you should check the oil level in the crankcase, as well as to control the cleanliness of the walnut surfaces of the blocks and cylinder heads.

With increased loads on the engine, it can jam it. There may be several reasons for this:

If the engine of the walk.Behind tractor jammed, it will have to disassemble and check the condition of the main components and components: faulty, deformed, melted, etc.D. Subject to replacement.

Checking the condition of the candle

The recommendation for the repair of the unit, which you must be studied before the work, will help you realize how to carry out the inspection of the condition of the candle. If it is wet, then gasoline goes into the cylinder. Refusal to launch may be due to an excess of a special mixture.

If the surface of the candle is strongly covered with gasoline, you need to dry the cylinders, pump the engine with a starter, leaving the candle in a well.Twisted state.

Before this manipulation, the master should close the fuel supply. The candle may be clogged with a soil, while it is cleaned with a small skin and gasoline. The main thing is to analyze what value the gap between the electrodes will have. If necessary, then it is worth adjusting, following the rules submitted by the manufacturer in the instructions. The size of the clearance should be 0.8 mm.

Popular engines for motoblock engines

The market assortment has a large number of engines of Chinese, Japanese, American and European manufacturers. These are compact devices intended for use in a summer house, and dimensional heavy units oriented to field work. The most common models among domestic consumers are released:

American Greenfield, which has the optimal ratio of price and quality, is highly valued. Good motors are made by domestic manufacturers. Such units are reliable, relatively cheap, functional and universal. For example, the Smallizer Bu-2 engine is suitable for garden mini-tractors and autonomous electric generators. Modifications designed for installation on light and medium motoblocks are equipped with an air.Cooled system and a dust filter that prevents the clogging of parts with solid particles.

Another example of domestic machine.Building technologies is the Sadko engine. Non.Standard constructive solution in its manufacture. The use of light aluminum alloys as a material. Such motors are considered the best option for garden and surgery. The device does not create a large load on the hands of the operator and has compact dimensions.

Features, controls & general use of Grillo G110 walk-behind tractor

Stiffness ribs located around the perimeter of the body contribute to the stability of the walk.Behind tractor and provide good resistance to the internal pressure, which occurs when the fuel mixture combuses. Despite their light weight, SADK motors withstand heavy loads and can work under adverse weather conditions. Many domestic consumers prefer Japanese engines. Advantages of such mechanisms:

  • Compliance with world standards.
  • Thoughtful design.
  • High performance.
  • The use of advanced technologies and materials of exceptional quality.
  • Compatibility with a large number of attachments.

A typical power indicator of Japanese engines. 7 liters. With. They are suitable for installation both on motoblocks and pumps, generators, lawn mowers, other garden and surgery. Magnum trademark gasoline engines are the best choice for the processing of large land plots. The recommended area is 5000 m². Such motors are aggregated with a plow, a cigns, a potato.Resident, a motorcycle, a trailer, a high pressure cleaner and other types of attachment equipment.

The main malfunctions

Adjustment and dimensions of the belt

For the Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractor, A-1180 drive belt is used. This model uses one belt that provides the front line.

In other modifications, the Neva MB-2 models use two drive belts. The reverse is made in the gearbox.

The replacement of the belt for motor blocks MB-2 is made in the following sequence:

  • The shield is removed, and then the protective pulley casing.
  • The spring is removed from the traction of the walk.Behind traction to weaken the belt.
  • The screws of mounting brackets are rotated.
  • The bracket turns into a position in which restrictive pins do not prevent the removal of the part from the pulley.
  • Adjust the pulleys, and then install a new belt.
  • Pull the belt on the pulley of the gearbox, and then on the pulley pulley.
  • The other details are placed in the reverse order in their places.

Replacing the adhesions of the gearbox

Salniks in the Neva MB-2 motor blocks are replaced in case of oil leakage.

Such a state is dangerous in that the motorcade gearbox can be left without oil, and this will lead to the rapid wear of the unit.

The sequence of replacement of the oil seals is as follows:

  • Remove the mills from the shaft, cleaning the shaft and lids from dirt and oil residues.
  • Unscrew the lid bolts, standing from it oil and garbage, remove the lid from the gearbox.
  • The old oil seal is replaced by a new one, wiped dry.
  • The cover is returned to its place (if necessary, it is placed on a sealant) and fixed with bolts.

BCS walk behind 2 wheels tractor buying used? What to look for

Adjustment and configuration of the carburetor Neva MB-2

The functionality and durability of the motor block engine depends on the stable operation of the carburetor. This is why its adjustment and configuration are of such importance. In addition, if the carburetor is incorrectly tuned, an increased fuel consumption can be observed in a gasoline motor block

Adjusting the carburetor of the Neva MB-2 motor block is carried out as follows:

  • The screw of full gas and small gas is removed to the limit.
  • Both screws are turned off at 1-1.5 revolutions.
  • Next is launching and warming up the motor.
  • The throttle control lever is placed in a position in which the engine will operate in minimum speed mode.
  • Install minimum stability at stable operation of the unit.
  • The idle speed is placed on the maximum.
  • Minimum idle speed is made.
  • Actions 6 and 7 are performed to uninterrupted (more even by ear) engine operation at idle.

For the long.Term and uninterrupted operation of the walk.Behind tractor, it is necessary to regularly perform the diagnosis of engine operation, monitor the frequency of oil replacement, as well as observe the operating conditions and time intervals of planned then.

Adjustment of valves

Valve adjustment is a fairly simple procedure, for the implementation of which you will need wrench, screwdrivers and probe. The valve adjustment process is needed to establish optimal and technically correct clearances between the valves of the motor block engine. Valve adjustment on the example of Neva MB-23 (the same principle for everyone)

The adjustment sequence is as follows:

  • Remove the casing with which the engine is closed;
  • Remove the valve box lid;
  • Make adjustment (see. Below);
  • Set the valve box lid in place;
  • Put in place the casing.

The valves are located under the valve lid. The size of the gap can be checked with a probe. The gap of the inlet valves is 0.15 mm, and graduation. 0.2 mm. The probe should fit under the valve with the correct size of the gap.

To adjust the valve nut, the probe is weakened, then the adjustment itself is made, and the valve nut is twisted.

The manufacturer focuses on the fact that in the Neva MB-2 motoblocks, the gaps between the ends of the valves and the ends of the pushers (0.1 ÷ 0.2 mm) are provided with the polishing of the ends during the initial assembly of the engine and are not regulated during operation!

Checking and setting up the Neva MB-2 motor block

The main clutch function is the connection of the gearbox to the engine, its disconnection, as well as connecting other working devices to the engine. If an overload occurs during operation, the clutch begins to slip. So other parts of the walk.Behind tractor are protected from breakdowns.

Clutch checks can be checked according to the scheme below.

If the clutch lever is on the “off” position, the clutch cable is weakened. Therefore, the stretch video is lowered and in contact with the drive belt. After that, the drive belt and the small video turn into a lowered position. This is how the power supply from the engine to the transmission stops.

If the clutch lever is brought to the “inclusive” position, the clutch cable pulls the tension roller, therefore, the lower part of the belt is tightly pressed, the small pulley gives movement to a large pulley and the power is transmitted.

Adjusting or adjustment of the clutch of the Neva MB-2 motor block is as follows:

  • If the clutch lever is turned on, it will lift the tension roller, driving one.Time tractor in motion. The correct position is the parallel location of the wedge belts on both sides of the engine pulley.
  • If the clutch lever is weakened, then the tension video will fall and turn off the clutch. To avoid turning off the clutch, and therefore slipping of the motor block, you need to monitor the position of the wedge belts, bringing them to a parallel position.

Basic rules for exposing the ignition

Checking and exposing the ignition on the Neva MB-2 walk-behind engine are carried out as follows:

  • Candle is cut, electrodes are wiped dry, then soot is removed;
  • Between the electrodes, a gap is measured and set;
  • The candle case is fixed on the cylinder head;
  • The crankshaft is scrolled to 4 times (a launch cord is used for scrolling);
  • If the ignition is regular, the white and blue spark should be carved. Its absence or yellow color speaks from a malfunction.


To repair and establish a single tractor less often, you need to protect the motor from the fall. This is especially true for products with four.Stroke engines. Their maximum inclination during operation cannot exceed 25 degrees. For a long time to tilt the unit cannot be at all by more than 15 degrees. Otherwise you can fear that part of the engine will be devoid of lubrication. Soon she will fail.

For the same reason, long.Term work of the walk.Behind tractor in idle mode is not recommended. Before starting work, you should always check if there is enough fuel and lubricating oil. Change these liquids and even add them only with the motor disconnected.

You can not run the same tractor when the levers associated with the wheel drive are blocked. The cold motor is allowed only after installing the air shutters of the carburetors in a closed position; Always use strictly recommended fuel.

Valve adjustment is carried out using:

See the intricacies of the Subaru EX21 engine for the Neva walk.Behind.

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