How to remove the cylinder on a STIHL 180 chain saw

STIHL chainsaw repair manual; STIHL 180 instruction manual

Before repairing the engine make sure that you are able to do it yourself, without going to the service center. If you have decided to do it, first of all disassemble the engine. To do this, unscrew the four nuts that hold the cylinder. Check the engine and piston for cracks, chips, scratches and wear. Get the piston kit and replace it. Run the STIHL chain saw in for a few hours after reassembly. Clutch problems are caused by dirt or wear. This type of failure is evident in a constant turning of the drive sprocket or unusual noise in the gearbox. Could be caused by a worn or broken spring. Sometimes the clutch cams split when the chainsaw overheats. The problem can be solved by replacing the clutch.

You can view “STIHL 180 chain saw won’t start with video”:

Faults in the pump and the system as a whole

nothing is set in stone in this world and in time all things need to be repaired. The STIHL oil system in the mc 180 is no exception, and has its own specific faults. Let’s take a closer look at them.

The following are some of the main signs of a faulty lubrication system:

  • The chain saw chain is bone-dry and shiny;
  • the oil in the oil tank doesn’t come out;
  • the chain stretches quickly and it happens all the time;
  • The guide bar moves to the side while sawing;
  • The bar is getting hot and in the area of the drive sprocket, the paint is melting.

All of these signs, either directly or indirectly, indicate a problem with the chainsaw’s chain lubrication system.

The first thing to do after you suspect that the chain lubrication oil is not flowing is to check the oil supply. There are two ways to do it. The first method is described in detail in the instruction manual of the tool and consists in starting up the chainsaw, turn on the gas and direct it towards some obstacle as much as possible.

If the oil system is working and the oil is coming off the tip of the tire, a drip of oil will appear on the surface where the tire is facing toward the oiler. If there are still irregularities in the system, the surface will remain clean.

remove, cylinder, stihl, chain

The second way is to remove the bar from the chainsaw and start it. When the engine speed increases, at the place of installation of the bar shank, oil will flow from the oil channel, if this does not happen, it is necessary to look for the cause of the malfunction.


A diagnosis should begin with a visual inspection of the STIHL 180 oil receiver (oil filter). As a rule, if the filter is heavily contaminated, the oil supply may stop.

In order to save money, a clogged filter, you can try to clean it by washing it well in gasoline.

Next, it is necessary to remove the sprocket drum, and check the condition of the pinion. The thread on it should be well-defined, not nicked and have no other defects, also with the removed pinion, check the wire lever. It should be tight against the pinion and not rotate, otherwise the pinion stands in place and does not transmit power to the pump, and as a result, the oil supply is shut off.

remove, cylinder, stihl, chain

If all of the above methods to detect and correct the faults have failed, it is necessary to apply extreme measures, i.e. е. disassemble the pump.

How to remove the pump

The oil pump is located on the right side of the bottom of the housing and the oil pipe from the chainsaw tank is connected in the same place. To remove the pump, you must first release the saw from the handle by unscrewing the back handle of the unit and disconnecting the throttle control rod. The next step is to take out plugs of handle shock absorbers and with the help of a strong slotted screwdriver, press them out of their places on the handle.

After removing the handle, the chain saw body is turned upside down. The hose coming from the oil tank to the pump will be visible immediately. It must be removed from its seat.

The pump itself can be removed with an M5 threaded screw and a wide washer. The length of the screw should be about 45-50 mm. the washer is put on the screw and it is screwed into the pump (there is a thread inside the pump). Next, as the screw is screwed in, a stop from the washer will force the oil pump up the threads. This is how the pump is removed from its seat. Before you start, we recommend reading our article on how to disassemble the STIHL 180.

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To understand better how to remove the pump you can watch the video below. In the video, the SC master shows in detail how to remove the oil pump from the chainsaw, and describes the main faults of the feeding system.

The STIHL oil pump 180 is a quality and robust piece of kit, so only change it as a last resort when all other components have been tested.

After you have removed the pump it must be cleaned and blown out. A clogged piston rod is often the main cause of wear and tear in a chain saw. After it has been repaired you can replace the pump.

Description of the STIHL 180 chain saw piston group

On the STIHL 180 chain saw the piston group has a diameter of 38 mm. The size of the chainsaw cylinder is determined by the diameter of the piston, the cylinder is slightly larger. The MS 180 comes standard with a piston pin, two piston rings and two piston retaining rings.

The internal surface of the cylinder should be perfectly ground and glossy, something to look for when buying a spare STIHL ms chain saw. If the inner cylinder is damaged, it is not necessary to install it.

The special feature of the STIHL MC 180 is that it has two compression rings, as opposed to just one on most of its main competitors. As the manufacturer assures, the installation of a pair of rings, allows better stabilization of the piston in the work, to strengthen its cooling and increase compression in the engine, thereby improving the launch.

How to disassemble the clutch?

The figure shows a simple model of a chainsaw with basic details and assemblies.

To perform the disassembly of the clutch, you need to act according to the following plan:

  • Removing the saw headset;
  • Remove the chain and tire;
  • Unscrew the air filter cover and carefully remove the spark plugs;
  • Put the piston stopper in place;
  • Use a puller to remove the clutch;
  • Unscrew the clutch clockwise;
  • Remove the drum and put a new one.

Assemble in reverse order.

How to change the piston on a STIHL 180 chain saw

If you need to replace the old piston and install a new one, you need to know how to do it correctly and follow a certain algorithm. Also a small slotted screwdriver, a special STIHL combination wrench, power screwdriver, hammer, soft hammer, compressor and STIHL piston lock are needed.

Before starting the work on replacing the piston or piston assembly, the chainsaw must be cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Next, the work is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Remove the top cover from the saw and unscrew the spark plug.
  • Remove the side cover.
  • Use a power screwdriver to remove the stoppers from the chainsaw shock absorbers, and then disconnect its handle from the body.
  • Next, it is necessary to remove the drive sprocket and the starter.
  • Insert the piston stopper into the spark plug hole and unscrew the flywheel nut and the clutch.
  • Remove the flywheel, clutch and worm drive mechanism of the oil pump, which is located behind the clutch.
  • Unscrew the two screws fixing the carburetor and air filter. Remove the filter, engine control lever and STIHL carburetor.
  • Remove the ignition coil and the muffler.

After all these operations are done, it is necessary to clean the saw from dirt, then turn it upside down and unscrew the four screws that secure the engine to the chainsaw body. Having unscrewed the screws, the engine is separated from the housing and cleaned once again.

On the removed engine unscrew and remove the tray, after which the piston and crankshaft are removed from the engine.

Further, with a small screwdriver the piston pin retaining rings are removed, and the crankshaft is disconnected from the piston.

In the case where only the piston needs to be replaced, you can install it on the crankshaft, then mount the piston pin retaining rings, positioning them in such a way that the place where the retaining ring breaks, points downwards. To prevent the circlip from popping out by itself while the engine is running (see STIHL manual). After that, the compression rings are installed, the cylinder is lubricated with engine oil, and the engine is assembled.

Crankcase is installed on the engine, sealant is used as a gasket, then the four screws are mounted and tightened crosswise. Further, the engine is installed on the body of the chainsaw. Reassembly is done in reverse order of disassembly.

STIHL 180 Saw Assembly and Disassembly

The STIHL mc 180 chain saw is a tool designed to cut wood across. The machine is classified as a domestic appliance. Model differs from the professional tools by the material of the working tools and is designed for occasional use, not more than 40 minutes per work cycle.

Saws types and technical characteristics

The STIHL mc 180 chain saw is in demand among hobbyists because of its convenience and reliability. The basic model weighs only 3.9 kg. Sabre, a blade length of 35 cm can saw logs as it is called dropping trees with a cross section of up to 30 cm.

Powerful two-stroke motor with 5 liters. с., that allows our customer to do what remains to do household chores connected with cross cutting of planks and moreover firewood of any kind of trees.

Capacity of the fuel tank is only 0.25 liters, alas, it allows you to work without stopping for a period of 45-55 minutes.

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To use for refueling should be a mixture consisting of recommended by others transmission oil with unleaded gasoline AI-92 and AI-95. Ratio. 25 ml of additive per liter of gasoline.

The chain on the STIHL 180 chain saw is a continuous, closed-loop chain with 50 links. Other features:

STIHL 180 saw assembly and disassembly

The operating mechanism, the saw chain, has a bar, sprocket and automatic lubrication system.

Chain tensioning system is placed on the side, which is comfortable. Brake device for chain is provided.

Depending on the length of the bar and the modernization of chain saw STIHL MS 180 has a number of modifications. Saws with a 35 cm long blade refer to models with a 14 in.

The same configuration on the engine and its characteristics, but with a bar length of 40 cm, called the MS 180 16. The STIHL mc 180 C-E saw is a high-end model. This includes a 40 cm long guide bar, easy-start system, and a sharp chain tensioning system.

Easy access to the air intake filter, a condition that extends the life of the tool.

Compliance with the instruction manual is essential for a long service life of the machine

At least any tool, especially complex, as a chainsaw STIHL 180 attached manual. Before you start the machine for the first time, you need to know how to operate it.

This is all the more urgent if you already have experience with the Druzhba saw. Other assembly, the chain tensioning system, starting conditions, and tool adjustment require a preparatory familiarity.

On the forums of course reports that the sawyer poured the spark plug on the first start. repeatedly pulling the starter, it is necessary:

In order to avoid any problems, it is necessary to fill the tank to the end, not to leave it to “sour” for a few days.

Your Instruction Manual provides a definition of the markings on the chain. Parts list, order of disassembly of STIHL 180 chain saw for chain sharpening.

Warnings on how to work with high-risk tools and non-hazardous procedures will help to avoid injury. When changing the chain, it is essential to check that it is recommended by the manufacturer. Nonconformity nodes lead to failure, non-compliance with warranty criteria.

Disassembling the STIHL 180 part 1

In this video we will show you how to, perform substitution piston group on chain saw STIHL MS180, crankshaft oil seals.

STIHL saw repair with my own hands

When you find a lightweight and comfortable STIHL chainsaw MS 180 in the home, it will substitute a two-handed, bow and sometimes a hacksaw. In the course of time the chains and sprockets get blunt and the oil system gets damaged. Some problems are an option to remove without the help of others. Others require repairs at special service centers.

Check whether there is grease in the tank and whether it flows to the chain with an unstained sheet of paper. Point the bar at a piece of paper, it should leave a corresponding mark in the shape of an oil strip.

To fix a saw without the help of others is an option only if you understand the unit design and the sequence of operations for removal and restoration or replacement node. The STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw user manual is a reliable assistant. There you will find mounting methods and sequence of operations for repair:

  • that allows you to keep an account of the oil flow;
  • bringing the carburetor back into working order;
  • to repair or otherwise replace the oil pump.

Today, a home handyman can shorten a sprained chain and sharpen it.

If the saw chain remains dry or leaks oil in its working life, STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw lubrication is in need of troubleshooting and repair. With all this, check the oil pipes and the tightness of the connections. Make sure the filter in the oil supply is cleaned. If there are small mechanical damages on the hoses, the tightness can be restored by using sealant.

The carburetor makes itself felt by the difficulty to start the saw, the tool does not develop, cuts off when throttling. You will like the condition of the collar on the piston, the air is sucked when it is depressurized. When repairing, the carburetor is removed and the collar on the gas pedal is reached by disassembling the assembly in the sequence

  • Remove the diaphragm cover by removing the screw;
  • remove the retaining ring;
  • Disconnect the air damper, remove the throttle;
  • pull out the gas pedal with the spring;
  • Replace the tiny piston and cuff and assemble the carburetor in reverse order.

Problems will be related to the ignition system. After checking the performance of the plugs and cleaning the fouling, adjust the carburetor, feed system and clean the injectors. The carburetor is a tricky component and its options affect the performance of the chassis. If there is no conviction and skill, it is better to use the services of a specialist. Often working on bad gasoline, with unrecommended oil is the root cause of all problems.

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To help the handyman, you’ll find information on how to do the repair STIHL chain saws 180 on their own, nettle, the video will show the disassembly sequence.

About diagnostics of the accounting (software) lubrication will see here:

Throttle Block Repair

If the chainsaw won’t start, the problem may be in the throttle. In this situation, it is difficult to handle on your own. This is because it is difficult for a person to adjust the throttle tension. To check it, the user must get to the saw’s fuel system. In this case the side cover can be removed. After that, the connecting rod and bore are checked. If the check valve is dirty, the throttle can break. In this situation, it must be replaced. Spare parts for chain saws are best purchased at specialized workshops. To replace the part, it is recommended that you first remove the tire

After that, it is important to hook the clamp that holds the throttle

In the model shown, it is attached to the body with two bolts. With a wrench you can easily unscrew them. The next step is to remove the choke from the top side. You will also need to use a wrench for this. Stretch it out, it should eventually be good. This requires the assistance of another person. However, one end of the choke can be fixed independently. If the valve as a result does not fit tightly on the cover, the choke is not tight enough and should be removed again.

Failure of the ignition system

If the equipment has failed, the ignition system, and more specifically, the spark plug itself, should be checked. If the spark plug is dry, it means that the fuel does not enter the cylinder, and, therefore, the cause is not. If there are traces of fuel mixture on the spark plug, check the carburetor and its adjustment. Wipe and dry the spark plug and then turn off the mixture and turn on the ignition. These actions will help to remove excess fuel mixture and ventilate the combustion chamber. The spark plug can now be put back in place and the saw can be started again.

If there is soot on this part, the reason is sometimes the use of low-quality oil. Another reason may be the wrong proportions of fuel mixture and oil. In this case you need to clean the spark plug of carbon deposits, rinse it and clean the electrodes

It should be noted that the distance between the electrodes should not be more than 0,65 mm.

If there is soot on the plug, check whether there is a spark. To do this, the ignition cable must be fixed on the spark plug, and the nut with the cylinder is fastened with pliers. After that, the starter starts. If there’s no spark, change the spark plug. If the replacement does not work, check the wiring and all connections.

The flywheel can also be the cause of a defective piston. To unscrew it you will need a special wrench, because it is screwed very tight.

To prevent the shaft from spinning, remove the spark plug and put a piston stopper through the resulting hole. In no case can not block the flywheel power screwdriver inserted between the ribs and the housing, as the flywheel blades will not be able to withstand the load and break off.

After the piston is locked, the nut is unscrewed. When it is a little loose, its top is flush with the tip of the shaft, at this point you can put a metal spike on the nut and hit it. This enables the flywheel to come off the shaft and can be removed without much effort.

Sometimes the cause of the problem is a bad contact between the high-voltage wire and the end of the plug. If the work of the candle is not to the master’s liking, it is replaced by a new one. Before making a repair, it is important to remember that the bar, the chain and the anti-vibration elements wear out much faster than other parts. Therefore, for smooth operation, it is necessary to keep the listed spare parts in the arsenal.

STIHL chain saw MS 180 is mainly used for cutting wood and doing construction work. This kind of equipment is used very often due to the large list of functions and features. The main feature of this model is reduced vibration, which is very important. Naturally, in the process of operation, the chainsaw may fail, which means that you will have to deal with its repair.

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