How to remove the lock from the dryer Bosch

Door locks (locks, UBL), buttons for washing machines

Hatch door lock, locker, door lock, device locks, locks the hatch (.

Lock (lock, blocker) of the hatch door for washing machines Bosch, Siemens (Bosch, Siemens) 0.

Door lock (lock, blocker) for washing machines Electrolux (Electrolux), AEG (AEG).

Lock (lock, interlock) of the door for washing machines Electrolux (Electrolux), AEG (AEG).

Door lock (lock, blocker) for the Gorenje washing machine 170966 B.

Lock (lock, locking device) of the door for washing machines Haier (Haier) 0024000128A / 4904628.

Lock (lock, blocker) the hatch for the washing machine Haier (Haier) 0024000128E / 4904934.

Lock (lock, locking device) of the door for washing machines Vestel (Westel), Hansa (Hansa), Pan.

Lock (lock, locking device) of the door for washing machines Vestel, Whirlpool.

Lock (lock, interlock) of the door for washing machines Ariston (Ariston, Indesit).

Lock (lock, interlock) of the door for washing machines Bosch, Siemens (Bosch, Siemens) 61.

Lock (lock, interlock) of the door under the cord for washing machines Bosch (Bosch), Siemens (Si).

Locking of the hatch (lock, lock) for washing machines Indesit (Indesit), Ariston (Ariston), Whir.

Hatch door locks (locking device, locking door, locking device, locking the hatch (.

Door lock the hatch (interlock, door lock, locking device, locking the hatch (.

Door locking device, door locking device, hatch locking device.

Start button (mains switch) for washing machine with indication Beko.

Start Button for Whirlpool Washing Machine C00311013 (481071425341).

Start Button for Whirlpool Washing Machine C00311144 /481010453065.

Start / reset button for Whirlpool washing machine 481241029503 (C00329327) Button.

Door lock, locking device, locking the door, locking the hatch (.

Door lock (locking, door locking, locking device closing, locking the hatch (.

How to reset Bosch/Siemens washing machine (child lock)

Door lock ( lock, blocker) for washing machines Bosch, MAXX, Logixx, Sensitive, A.

Door lock (lock, locker) for washing machines Bosch, Siemens (Bosch, Siemens) 0.

Door lock the hatch, lock, blocking the door, the device closes, locking the hatch (.

The hatch lock, the lock, the door lock, the device locking, locking the hatch (.

Hatch door lock, locking device, door locking device, hatch locking device (.

Lock (lock, interlock) of the door under the cable for washing machines Candy (Candy) 904.

Door lock, locking device, door locking, locking the hatch (.

Lock (lock, interlock) of the door for washing machines and dryers Ariston (Ariston).

Lock the hatch (locks, LOCK), washing machine buttons.

Our firm is ready to offer a wide choice of locks (locks, UBL) for washing machines. The most important part of the washing machine, is the locking of the door during the washing, for which is responsible lock the hatch ( door lock ) washing machine. How the washing machine door lock works. When the program selected by the user is activated, the electronic control unit supplies voltage to the washing machine door lock. Then, depending on the type of door lock the power is turned on, the lock and the washing process takes place.

The first type of locks the so-called with a bimetallic plate thermo-lock is hatch locks for washing machines at which, under the influence of electric current the plate (thermocouple) heats up and, bending, closes the contacts and locks the door of the washing machine hatch. The door flap locks mechanically after washing has begun. Only after the washings are complete (after about 1-4 minutes, depending on the model of washing machine) does the door lock disengage and the plate returns to its original position. The washing machine door lock is thereby released. Checking such a door lock is very simple, give the lock a voltage, and if it clicked and then opened, then the washing machine hatch lock is working.

The second type of locking the hatch for the washing machine, it is electronic. The principle of operation of the washing machine hatch lock is simple, the door lock is fed a voltage and it closes. The door of the washing machine hatch locks and the washing starts. What would it take to unlock the machine, you need to drain the water, and reset the program, after which the locking door for the washing machine will no longer apply voltage and the door immediately unlocks. Check the door lock is very simple, it is necessary to apply voltage, the lock should latch, remove the voltage and check whether the washing machine door lock has opened, if so, the lock is intact.

The main causes of breakage of the device locking the door for the washing machine is the natural wear and tear of the bimetallic plate or moisture on the lock. Every time you turn the washing machine on/off, the door lock plate for the washing machine wears out, loses plasticity and ceases to perform its functions. Voltage fluctuations in the electrical system, improper operation of the door loading hatch when turning the washing machine on and off may also cause UBL breakage. If you have a torn door cuff, then there is a chance that the water gets on the washing machine door lock, which will lead to a short circuit in the door lock and its failure.

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In most cases the door lock can not be repaired, it is recommended to change the whole door lock in case of lock failure.

Here you can find and buy, as well as pick up the hatch lock for washing machines Samsung (Samsung), LG (LG Elgie), Ardo (Ardo), Indesit (Indesit), Hotpoint-Ariston, Bosch, Zanussi, AEG, Electrolux, Siemens, Candy, Whirlpool, Iberna, Gorenje, Beko, Hansa, Atlant, Miele, Hoover, Zerowatt, Bauknecht, Fagor, Haier, Kaiser, NEFF, Panasonic, De Dietrich, IT Wash, Korting, Brandt, Eurosoba, Hitachi, Kuppersberg, Kuppersbusch, Smeg, Asko

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Here you can find and buy, as well as pick up spare parts for washing machines Samsung (Samsung), LG (LG Elgie), Ardo (Ardo), Indesit (Indesit), Hotpoint-Ariston (Hotpoint Ariston), Bosch, Zanussi, AEG, Electrolux, Siemens, Candy, Whirlpool, Iberna, Gorenje, Beko, Hansa, Atlant, Miele, Hoover, Zerowatt, Bauknecht, Fagor, Haier, Kaiser, NEFF, Panasonic, De Dietrich, IT Wash, Korting, Brandt, Eurosoba, Hitachi, Kuppersberg, Kuppersbusch, Smeg, Asko

Bosch WTY87780OE HomeProfessional SelfCleaning Condenser manual with heat pump

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Your dryer is used as intended

Congratulations! You have acquired state-of-the-art, top-quality Bosch appliances.A distinctive feature of condensation dryers with heat pump and automatic cleaning

The heat exchanger is a low power consumption.

Every dryer manufactured in our factories is thoroughly tested to guarantee its

faultless operation and perfect condition.

Our customer service department is at your disposal if you have any questions

customer service. our specialists will be glad to help you!

This appliance has a European Mark of Conformity

Norms 2012/19/EU for the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (waste electrical and electronic equipment. WEEE).

These regulations determine the valid EU regulations for the return and disposal of

EU regulations for the return and disposal of used appliances.

For more information about our products,

For more information about accessories, spare parts and services, please visit our

Observe the safety instructions on the s. 13.

Before putting the dryer into operation, carefully read this instruction manual and the installation and maintenance instructions.

What to do if. / After sales service. 11/12

For domestic use only.Only for drying textiles that have been washed in water.

Do not leave children unsupervised near of the dryer

Do not let pets get too close to to the dryer

The dryer can be used

and persons with insufficient knowledge and expertise in the field at

Subject to prior instruction with

Detailed view of programs and fabrics – An overview of the programs, with. 7. Please note the care instructions on the product label.

The drying degree, timer times and additional functions can be selected individually depending on the programme selected and its stage.

Articles made of synthetic or blended fabrics

Simultaneous loading of cotton and blended fabrics

Articles of very fine synthetic fibers,

Machine-washable wool items

Shirts and blouses in cotton and blended fabrics

Articles made of synthetic fibers, lightweight

Large quilted items with synthetic fillings

Terry towels and bathrobes, for example

Save and recall individual settings

Tone, Key Tone, Auto Off, and Language

Change functions on the display with the ^ ^ keys

Drying in closet, ^ Drying in closet, ^ Drying for ironing

Crease reduction function can be set for up to 120 minutes.

^ (Time to End) Time Delay/^ Lock for

Empty the condensate reservoir

Empty the condensate tank after each drying cycle, not during the cycle.1. Remove the condensate reservoir by holding it horizontally.2. Drain condensate. Insert the condensate reservoir in place so that

Should also be observed – Installation and Maintenance Instructions service, with. 3.

Clean fluff filters reduce energy consumption.

The lint filter has two parts.Clean the inside and outside of the fluff filter after each drying cycle.

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Open the door. Remove lint on/around the door

Remove the internal and external parts of the fluff filter and open them.

both parts of the lint filter under running water and dry thoroughly.

Connect the felt filter sections and put them back into the dryer.

Remove the laundry and turn it off dryer

Open door or press key ^ (Start/Pause).Drying cycle is interrupted.

Add or remove the laundry and close the door.

If necessary, select a new program or additional functions. Press key ^ (Start/Pause).Time ^ (Time to finish) is updated after a few minutes.

Empty the condensate reservoir – с. 4 and/or cleaning the filter in the reservoir

for condensate – Installation and maintenance instructions, from. 3.

Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger. As long as this message appears on the display,

Do not empty the condensate tank.

Choice of drying result (e.g. Closet Drying) or drying time (20 min to 3h:30 min, depending on model and program).

# Closet drying: For laundry with thick, multi-layered elements.Closet drying: For single-layer laundry.^ Iron drying: Condition of laundry suitable for ironing (be sure to iron the laundry so it is not wrinkled).

After the program is finished, rotate the drum at regular intervals to avoid jams.The automatic crease reduction function can be set for up to 120 minutes at 30 minute intervals.Standard setting for each program. 60 minutes.

When a program is selected, the expected drying time for

(Time until the end of the maximum load volume. During the drying process, the moisture sensors detect )

the actual load and adjust the program time accordingly.This time is shown on the display as ^ (Time to End). Also ^ (Time to End) can be set in delayed mode for up to 24 hours in 1 hour intervals. Press and hold key E (Time to End) until

until the required number of hours (b = 1 hour) is shown on the display.^ Child safety lock: activate/deactivate start the program, press and hold for 5 seconds the ^ (Time to End) key over the

W Spin speed, W Drying degree, lowering. tempo.

Ц Some options may not be available depending on the program selected.

Spin speed: Spin speed used when spinning the laundry in the

washing machine is used exclusively to display the expected drying time more accurately (^ (Time to End)).

Drying degree: Drying result (e.g. cupboard drying) adjustable by three

steps (1. max. 3). Exception: timed program default setting = 0. If the degree of drying has been set for one program, it is retained for the other programs.

temp: Decrease the temperature for drying delicate fabrics □ e.g

polyacrylic, polyamide or elastane, combined with a longer drying time.

To save frequently used individual settings. To select the required

Use programmer. Press ^ / MSH and hold at

for 3 seconds until the desired program is saved. To call

program saved from the memory, briefly press the key ^ / MSH. The program called up with the ^ key will appear on the display.

Alarm, Key tone, Auto off and Language. To access the menu, press both keys simultaneously for 3 seconds and hold for 3 seconds. Alarm / Key tone: You can also select the volume of the alarm: Off Quiet. Medium

Basic settings 3 sec. The dryer switches off automatically after 15, 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the choice. The setting is active at the end of the

Labeling on textiles

Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

□ Suitable for tumble drying□ Drying at normal temperature□ Drying at low temperatureI Not suitable for tumble drying

Items made of the following fabrics are not suitable for drying in the dryer:

Tie the belt, cords, etc.д. or use laundry bag.

some time The moisture content is evenly distributed over the laundry.

Do not use the Program No. Drying in the Closet.

Starch is a caustic soda which has a negative effect on the drying process.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the amount of conditioner.

Energy Conservation/Environmental Protection Recommendations

The more the spin cycle is performed, the shorter the spin cycle time and the less the electricity consumption.This is also indicated by the “Easy Care” label.

How to unlock the washing machine door

This means that the machine is blocked. How to remove the lock yourself without calling a specialist from a repair shop? The first step is to determine the cause of the blockage. This usually happens in three ways.

  • For example, when the power goes out while washing. Unfortunately, it happens in our country today. A sudden power outage can even cause a malfunction in your appliances.
  • If the washing machine is blocked for this reason, switch to spin or drain mode
  • After that, you can operate the device in the usual manner.
  • If there is power to the mains but the machine won’t open, check the manual.
  • In an effort to make the operation of the washing machine safer, manufacturers often build into modern models an automatic lock feature that operates even after the work cycle is complete.
  • For example, Indesit brand appliances are almost always equipped with it. If this function is to blame, the washing machine can be opened after 3-5 minutes.
  • You may be trying to open the hatch door while washing.
  • It locks automatically when you press the Start button.
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The washing machine must not be opened during the cycle.

If such a need arises (you accidentally dropped the wrong thing, for example), stop the cycle or pull the cord out of the network.

In fact, these situations are not really malfunctions. They are rather a manifestation of the security system.

And in the case of the blocked machine we are dealing with a real problem, which should not be solved by yourself.

Consult a qualified technician instead. An experienced handyman with a special tool will remove the blockage without damaging the mechanism.

You should remember. that the door of the washing machine hatch is a rather fragile part, and it should not be yanked. Otherwise you will have to pay the price of a new part.

over, trying to open the washing machine you can loosen the hinges or break the cuffs, which will lead to even greater costs. The washing machine is a large-sized, heavy household appliance, which is difficult to transport. That is why it is better to call a professional at home. in such a way you will avoid expensive transportation and damage of the housing or any mechanism on the way.

How to reset the error code?

If there are failures or malfunctions in the operation of the dispenser and an error code appears on the display, then first of all you should familiarize yourself with the possible error codes and methods of their elimination in the operator’s manual of the domestic appliance. If you can not independently eliminate the cause of the failure, you need to contact a specialist. You can reset the error code after a malfunction only after a high-quality repair. If the repair has not been made or the cause of the error has not been eliminated, it will not be possible to reset the error code. And if the system does remove the error from the display, it will reappear very quickly, and the existing problems may worsen.

It often happens with Bosch washing machines that the fault or problem is eliminated, but the error and lockout remain. In this case, the error can be reset yourself, by performing simple manipulations.

Remember that different models of Bosch machines have different combinations for error resetting. To reset an error on Bosch Classixx series machines, follow these steps.

  • Turn on the device.
  • The program selection lever should be in the “off” position.
  • Hold the trigger with one hand and with the other, turn the selector lever 2 degrees to the left.
  • Wait for about 2 seconds and then release the trigger.
  • The time of the selected mode should appear on the display. On models without a numeric display, if the error is reset, all indicators must flash simultaneously.

If the machine cannot be unlocked from the first time and the error remains on the display, the operation can be repeated several times in succession until the error is cleared. For Bosch models in the Maxx 5 series, it is possible to reset the error using a completely different combination.

  • Initially, the rotary selector lever must be in the “off” position.
  • Move the lever to the “spin” position.
  • Press and hold the “RPM” button.
  • Hold down the button and move the lever to the “drain” position.
  • Count down for 3 seconds and lower the “RPM” button.
  • Immediately set the lever to “Super Quick Wash”.
  • After 2 seconds, move the lever to the “off” position. Turn counterclockwise.

Once you have done this, the error should disappear. If the lock can be removed, the machine will operate in either mode. Do not forget to operate the device quickly. If it was not successful the first time, you can try a few more times. Reset the lock of another popular series of Bosch Logixx 8 washing machines is carried out in this sequence.

  • Turn the appliance on.
  • Move the control lever to the “Turning off” position.
  • Wait a few seconds until a sound is heard and the error appears.
  • Press the button with the arrow pointing left, hold it down for 4 seconds.
  • Then quickly move the lever to the “Drain” position.
  • Release the arrow button, and move the control lever to the off position.

After switching on the next time, any washing programme can be selected.

How to remove the lock from the Bosch washing machine

Many users like Bosch washing machines, but there are some things about them that are depressing. They have some pretty tricky interlocks: from children and after an error code is issued.

Thousands of people agonize not knowing how to properly unlock a Bosch washing machine. They try to turn it off and on, turn the knob, make other pointless manipulations, but it makes no difference. In this article we will try to remove this question once and for all, telling about the unlocking of different washing machines Bosch, we hope this information will be useful.

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