How to remove the motor from a power tiller

Motor Replacement

Often the owner replaces the engine on the motor block not because of a malfunction, but because of a desire to get a more powerful technique.

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This process will require a lot of knowledge, skills and special tools. When replacing the motors of different manufacturers may not match the holes for the fasteners, for compatibility which use the appropriate adapters or make new holes with a drill. If you are in doubt about the end result, it is better to refer to the masters.

It is necessary to take into account that the power of the new motor may not coincide with the weight of the whole unit, then there will be slippage of the motorblock when using the device with heavy loads. If this discrepancy is detected, the undercarriage, gearbox will be replaced, and subsequently you can get a technique that does not cope with its direct responsibilities in full.

The process of removal is as follows:

  • Disconnect hood guard, unscrew belt and crankshaft bolts, remove pulley.
  • Removing air cleaner filter and throttle cable.
  • Unscrew the four bolts that fasten the engine.

Advantages of the Honda engine

How to Disassemble the Engine of a Moto-Block

Special equipment, such as a single-axle tractor, is very useful in running a farm. The fact that power tillers are as balanced as possible in terms of price, cost and performance makes them a great advantage over tractors and other special equipment.

Many different operations can be carried out with it which are time-consuming and labour-intensive, using manpower and simple tools. All areas in which a single-axle tractor can be used are no longer source of disgust and unwillingness to work.

In fact, all work is reduced to driving. you just need to be present as a driver.

This is true both for modern machines and for older models of power tillers, because their design, in general, has not changed much over the decades. the weight has decreased, the variety of models has increased, and more advanced materials are used for manufacturing.

But the frame, the location of the engine and the way of controlling are the same, the attachments are essentially the same, the difference may be only external, in unimportant details.

That’s why good old power tillers, whose service life has already exceeded thirty years, are still in operation, year after year, doing their job. But every year they are more and more in need of repair and replacement of parts, components.

Every appliance wears out and needs to be repaired. And it’s worth paying a lot of attention, if, for example, you make long trips with a laden trailer. A jammed hub won’t be much of a problem, but a failure of a more complex part, such as the transmission, will be unpleasant, to say the least.

So you should familiarize yourself with all the “symptoms” of breakdowns, so that in time to diagnose and prevent malfunction.


single axle tractor MB 1 was very popular at one time, namely, in the eighties. nineties of the last century.

At that time, the market of special equipment, if it can be called such, was filled with products of Soviet factories, among the products of which the technique “Luch” was considered one of the best of its kind. The MB 1 single-axle tractor “Luch” was competing with the similar “Niva” power tiller.

It efficiently performed its main function. to cultivate a field or a vegetable garden, transport goods: crops, firewood, building materials. That was when the spread of homemade trailers began, and the tendency to turn these power tillers into minitractors settled.

Though the technical specifications of the “Beam” MB 1 is inferior to modern power tillers, at the peak of its distribution, they were at the height. the weight of the device assembled is a hundred kilograms, the speed of 3.6 to 9 kilometers per hour, on a level track, loaded, he consistently gives 8-99 kilometers per hour.

Acceleration up to a hundred, in principle, is possible, but only in very specific conditions that hardly anyone could recreate. Fuel consumption is 1,5-2 liters per hour, the volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters, so experienced drivers always have a reserve can with fuel.

Its big advantage is that the engine does not need a permanent oil fill. the timely maintenance is enough. The single-axle tractor is easy enough to operate. this process does not require much physical effort.

Minimum space required for turning has a radius of only 1100 millimeters. The unit shifts smoothly thanks to the chain reducer with V-belt drive and the gearshift is smooth and without jerks.

For more information about the MB1 Beam MB1, see

The transmission is reliable enough, with two forward and two reverse gears, and an engine powerful enough for such an item. 5 hp, provides good traction and stable speed. High indicators of cross-country ability and traction are achieved by pneumatic tires with large tread.

How to remove the engine from the motoblock centaur

Kentavr” motor blocks are gasoline and diesel wheeled units, designed to perform a wide range of agricultural operations: harrowing, cultivation and leveling the soil. They are made in China, which allowed to significantly reduce the price of products and make them more accessible to the general public. In the home market they first appeared in early 2000s, when the first models of the. and are today the best-selling tractor.

The range of “Kentavr” power tillers includes lightweight (up to 7 l) engines.с.) and heavy class (over 10 l.с.), which we will get acquainted with next.

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Uniaxial tractor “Centaur” 2080-B

The petrol medium power single axle tractor is the ideal solution for smaller acreages up to 30 acres. Thanks to its considerable weight it can be used both for cultivation of light soils and for cultivation of virgin lands. It is compatible with a variety of attachments that allows it to plant and harvest potatoes, mow the lawn, pump water and carry half-ton loads.

  • High-speed engine of Japanese assembling, dust- and waterproof and undemanding to the quality of fuel;
  • High efficiency, which is achieved by the top arrangement of the valves;
  • minimum vibration-noise impact on the operator;
  • rear power take-off shaft, which provides work with active adapters;
  • 3-speed transmission with reverse mode and speed range up to 15 km/h;
  • Inertia starter with reduced starting resistance for easy starting regardless of the season;
  • Equipped with stubby hubs for improved turning manoeuvrability.


Centaur 1080D single axle tractor

Heavy-duty diesel single-axle tractor equipped with R180N single-cylinder 4-stroke engine from Zirka brand. It has a reinforced body, the high maneuverability of which is achieved by differential lock: it gives the turning of the tractor unit if necessary for 180 or 360 0. Enlarged tires with coarse tread will be the best solution for waterlogged soils, black earth, and when plowing crops of high-growth crops. Significant weight of the power tiller saves on ground shoes and weights.

12/16 HP China Engine Bearing Uninstall/ How to uninstall the weight bearing of power tiller engine.

  • High-speed, liquid-cooled diesel engine, resistant to overheating;
  • Roomy gas tank with enough fuel for 3 hours of continuous operation;
  • Height-adjustable handles with comfortable rubber pads and ergonomic control levers;
  • 12″ anti-slip tires with deep tread for plowing on any substrate;
  • 8-speed transmission with 6 forward speeds;
  • integrated halogen lantern;
  • Competitive load capacity of about 0.6 tons.

Centaur 1081D single-axle tractor

Considered an improved version of previous model. It uses a dual-clutch clutch, which increases the engine life and power output by an order of magnitude. Indispensable on heavy and water-prone soils, where a ring clutch and an improved V-belt drive (in this model, besides the clutch, it consists of two B1750 belts) protect the hood from slippage. Compared to peers, quite economical: on average, up to half a liter of diesel is used per hour of plowing.

  • 452 cc, 1 cylinder, hydro-cooled diesel engine;
  • High wear resistance bevel gear reduction;
  • Adjustable ploughshare for plowing around fences and in greenhouses
  • electric starter for trouble-free start-up in cold weather;
  • Complete with 22 blades and one meter of tillage tools;
  • Adjustable in 2 planes steering wheel;
  • A robust design that does not require any weights or tines.

how to remove flywheel | power tiller | tiller solution

Operational characteristics:

Centaur 2070 B single axle tractor

Gasoline single axle farm class power tractor. Effective for tillage of up to 2 hectares of land. Unpretentious: performs well on both light and loamy soils, regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to the worm gearbox it is adapted for long hours and dynamic loads. Comes with power tillers only. All other attachments, including trailing arms, user will have to buy separately.

  • GM 170F 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with overhead valve arrangement;
  • 3-speed gearbox with reverse mode;
  • Rational power consumption. according to the reviews of the owners, the single-axle tractor consumes an order of magnitude less gasoline (up to 900 ml/h) than its domestic counterparts;
  • Reliable summer and winter manual starter;
  • PTO shaft to connect not only to a trailer or cart, but also to active adapters;
  • thickened blade walls (up to 5 mm);
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires for coupling to any substrate.

single axle tractor “Kentavr” MB-1012

One of the professional heavy-duty diesel power tillers. Known on the market since 2017. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, suitable for land holdings not exceeding 3 hectares. With its impressive size and weight, it is quite simple and easy to operate. Thanks to the powerful halogen headlight it can be used even at night. Compatible with a variety of attachments, such as a 2-crop plow, 8-row planter, used only with heavy-duty power tillers and minitractors.

  • Modified air-cleaning system. before it enters the engine, it undergoes 4-stage cleaning through dry centrifuged, oil-contact circuits and 2 sets of metal grids;
  • Special “curved” starter with decompression valves in the form of a Z-lever;
  • 3-belt drive with 4-belt pulley on the motor to conserve motor life;
  • 8-way gearbox enabling selection of lower or higher mode of operation;
  • Differential lock, localized on each wheel axle;
  • Reinforced frame with 4 ribs and 5 mounts
  • 3 PTO’s at once: pinion rear, keyway side and belt front.


single axle tractor “Centaur” 2060D

Mid-power single-axle tractor equipped with a 4-stroke 1-cylinder DD178 engine with direct diesel injection. Has a classic red exterior design with a pair of steering handles and pneumatic wheels. Thanks to the correct weight distribution of the body and drive units the single axle tractor is well suited for hilly terrain. The gearbox and the multi-disc clutch adapt well to any kind of terrain. Provided with a set of rotary hoes to vary the working width, it saves time and minimizes the man-made strain on the soil.

  • manual start only;
  • 3-speed transmission with reverse function;
  • Reduced resource consumption. up to 0.4-0.67 liters of diesel per hour, depending on load;
  • 3.5 l fuel tank, which needs to be filled every 8 hours;
  • PTO, working with any attachments;
  • pneumatic tires 410 with embossed rubber;
  • thicker walls of the cutters for a longer service life.

Equipment for power tillers Kentavr

The basic delivery set of this series of power tillers includes:

  • instruction manual;
  • single-axle tractor itself;
  • removable tires;
  • tillage tools;
  • Height gauge (coulter);
  • discs for plant protection (not available on all models).

Attachments to “Kentavr” power tillers

A number of auxiliary attachments are compatible with Kentavr-branded power tillers.

  • Adapters for cargo transportation. e.g. trailer “Kentavr” 1PMB-0,7 or any other universal;
  • Equipment for planting crops. potato planters P-1CU, P-1C, K-1L with wheels for transportation, K-1C and K-1CU; seeders five-row 2BJ-5F for seeding cereals, vegetable 2-row CM-2, STV. 2, 5-row fine grain, 1-3 row chain seeders for garlic and nodule crops;
  • tillage equipment. cultivators (inter-row KMO-1.2, solid KN-1), plows (“Kentavr” PNM 1-20, PN-1-20MB), ploskrezy, okochniki (Arrow-3), harrows, differentials (which are not provided by the design) and soil traps;
  • Devices for haymaking. “Solnyshko” 4-disc rake, rotary mowers (01B, KR-02);
  • Auxiliary mechanisms for utility work. snow shovel, chipper for shredding branches, motor-block woodchopper (only with professional models);

In addition, additional adapters required for re-equipment of power tillers include:

  • Couplings. universal and double;
  • Adapters. most often come with a seat and a universal hub (type BUM-2);
  • Strokes. increase the torque and traction of the unit;
  • Basic kits for converting power tillers into mini-tractors.
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Kentavr” motor-blocks: preparation to work, running-in and maintenance

Before commissioning any “Kentavr” power tiller you get acquainted with the user manual and prepare it for work.

Centaur motoblocks tuning includes:

  • Drive belt tension. unscrew 4 screws under the motor, move it and tighten the nuts. A correctly adjusted belt sags by 3 cm when pressed with 4 fingers;
  • Correct installation of clutch bracket (as marked on the diagram);
  • Check that the brakes are in good condition by operating the release lever (it is only engaged when the brake is applied);
  • Adjusting the steering column and track width;
  • Setting the operating speed to neutral;
  • Release release lever;
  • Setting the throttle to the home position.

After that move on to starting the engine. The process of correct first start of motor blocks “Kentavr” is described in detail in the video instruction.

Running-in of the Kentavr motor blocks lasts about 10 hours and consists of the following consecutive steps:

  • Filling up with gasoline (diesel, engine oil, and coolant (diesel only). The manufacturer insists on filling with gasoline AI-92 and lubricant type 10W30 or 15W40;
  • Checking the air pressure in the tires;
  • Operation on a partial load, for which adhere to the scheme:

At this stage, the steering wheel and brakes are also checked.

After the run-in period, replace the engine oil and service the machine.


To maintain the machine, wash, prime, lubricate, check and tighten all screw connections.

Maintenance of the exterior surfaces of the power tiller.

When you stop using your power tiller, it must be cleaned of dirt, sand, and other dirt until it is completely dry.

Check all bolt connections for tightness.

Check all screws and bolts for tightness

If the spark plugs turned out to be damp when checking them, t.е. fuel is coming in normally, but the motor will not start, the problem may be

If you find depressurized connections, you must perform tightening of the mounting bolts, tighten the plugs and check the integrity of the gaskets between the heads of the plugs and the cylinders.

remove, motor, power, tiller

To fix this problem, you need to ensure free passage of the flap, checking the quality of the drive. If you find jams, they must be repaired.

Violation of compression and problems in the carburetor

It is possible to start the engine, but it is very difficult to start. In this case, the engine of the power tiller is extremely unstable and cannot develop enough power for normal operation.

The reason for this may be a loss of compression, which can be detected by:

In order to restore compression, you must:

If during the engine operation black smoke comes out of the muffler, and on the electrodes of the plugs excess oil or they themselves are covered with soot, it means that

To correct this problem you should:

how to remove liner&piston power tiller| shirachi sifang | tiller solution

If during engine operation light smoke comes out of the muffler and the electrodes of the spark plugs are dry and covered with white deposits, it means that a lean fuel mixture gets into the carburetor. This problem is eliminated by adjusting the operation of the carburetor.

How to remove the pulley from a motorblock engine

The single-axle tractor is an indispensable helper for agricultural work. The wide range of capabilities of such a hybrid tractor and lawnmower speaks volumes. Its versatility. This unit will show its power both on the plot and in the homestead. It’s a good replacement for manual labor on the ground: it can be woven, felt, loosened, raked, and dug grooves. And the additional equipment in the form of a trailer, adapted for a motor block, will turn it into a carrier of small loads.

Five main components interact in the motor unit: engine, gearbox, clutch, controls, wheels.

Categories of spare parts for the Oka motor unit available for purchase

  • Spare parts for scooter Oka: engine ignition, engine mounting kit, filter housing, crankshaft and vertical fuel valve for the engine, fuel valve, muffler, engine pulley, gas cable gas pedal, dampener for imported engine repair kit, engine repair kit.
  • Oka transmission parts: gearbox, drive pulley, front gear, front and rear gear with cable, gearbox shaft and gearbox output shaft, gearbox spring and more.
  • Oka consumable spares Category: Maxi and mini consumables.
  • Spare parts for Oka motorcycle gearbox: drive pulley, gearbox 1, 2 and 3, idler roller (narrow), locking bolt, packing set, forward spring (fine twisted), pulley, front roller spring, double-row collar, clutch spring for engine block, chain set, reverse, front belt, pressure roller bracket.
  • Spare parts for recreation category: bearing, gear bearing, differential, opener (limiter), opening bracket, steering, steering link, roller (extension), wheel hub, reverse, bracket (groove), clutch control, clutch control, fuel tank ,

Gearbox: device, repair and oil change

The gearbox for the Oka motor unit is an important link. It is responsible for converting and transmitting energy from the engine to the wheel in the form of torque. The gearbox of an Oka motor unit can be divided into an outer part (gear case, shift knob, bearing, bearing cover, oil drain plug) and an inner part (input, intermediate, output shaft, sprockets, chains). The work of all these components of the gearbox is impossible to imagine without parts such as gaskets, nuts and bolts.

Repair of the Oka gearbox consists of disassembling it, checking its contents and replacing defective parts. These simple tasks will facilitate a quick and necessary repair.

Changing the oil in the gearbox of the engine block Oka previously requires the removal of gasoline from the fuel tank, as well as oil from the engine. After removing the oil drain plug from the transmission, tilt the entire unit to the right and drain the binder fluid. Then turn the engine block to its original position and add new oil recommended by the manufacturer.

How to put the starter on a single axle tractor. algorithm in detail

No problem with disassembling, disassembling and installing a manual starter motor unit, even for novice farmers. However, the assembly and installation of the electric starter for inexperienced motorcycle owners raises a number of questions. Due to improperly performed procedures, the engine starting mechanism refuses to work, resulting in the transport of the starter to the workshop. To avoid this need, we will learn how to install the starter on a single axle tractor at home. Installation is as follows:

  • To install and secure the crown on the flywheel, it must be removed. To do this, remove the block air filter to gain free access to the internal structure of the engine block;
  • Then remove the protective cover, unscrew the screws holding the manual starter basket, flywheel nut and the flywheel itself. Removing the starter flywheel can cause some difficulty, so it is best to purchase a special detachable wrench in advance to remove this item. When removing the flywheel, be sure to unscrew the wrench right behind it;
  • Next you need to install the alternator. At the same time, insert your wires into the hole in the steel wall of the engine and place the alternator on the seat on the engine wall;
  • Then install the alternator magnets inside the flywheel so that the holes in both elements line up. Connect the two parts with screws and install the head. Before doing this, the crown must be heated with a splash torch;
  • Install the assembled unit back on the engine while turning the wrenches and the flywheel hook;
  • Unscrew the manual starter basket, secure the housing, and replace the engine block air filter;
  • Then remove the starter mounting plug and install the starter on the engine block;
  • Then connect the alternator wires to the charging relay;
  • Connect the starter terminals to the unit battery and start the unit.
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As you can see, installing the starter for the engine block is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. The main thing when assembling with your own hands. Strictly follow all the rules and recommendations listed in the algorithm.

All of the above methods of repair and installation of the starter unit are suitable for the installation of the mechanism on Neva, Kaskade, Agro and agricultural machines of other well-known manufacturers.

MTZ tractor engine replacement. features, pitfalls

Lawnmower Oleo How to install Honda Engine on a single axle tractor mtz Oil replacement The Italian company is one of the largest in the field of European Engine Replacement on Moto-Block MB This, to the replacement of the engine on a self-propelled mechanism.

If it is a question of how to replace the engine on the MTZ engine block with an imported one, without much knowledge and experience, it is better not how to install the Honda engine on a single axle tractor mtz such actions, but to contact a specialized workshop. There you will quickly and, most importantly, correctly change the old engine to the new, more powerful. Most often, such a replacement is made on the i and i models equipped with outdated engines UD15 and UD, which are difficult to restore due to lack of spare parts for.

Instead, they prefer the Lifan or Honda GX series, although other options are possible. Chinese engine Lifan is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, bypassing this indicator of the same Honda and Subari. Engine swap traps Just about any model of Belarusian engines can be upgraded in the same way. It needs to be done very accurately, if the grooves are not even, the clutch will lead.

After machining the groove we check the new clutch disc. Separating the cup from the hub. Try on a new hub. Connecting the cup with the hub and riveting. Put the key and hub on the crankshaft of the new engine. If the hub is tight, then first of all push in the hub, align the key grooves on the hub and crankshaft, hammer in the key.

Clamp the hub with a bolt with diameter of 8 mm, length of mm, through the graver and a large washer. It is possible not to stop the bolt, the shaft rotates in the opposite direction. Apply sealant to the adapter. If the old gasket is intact after disassembly, it can be used after first applying sealant. how to mount the Honda engine on the mtz single axle tractor

Taking advantage of the fact that the engine is removed, we pay attention to the clutch and gearbox. It makes sense to replace the clutch discs, check the condition of the springs, bearings. Put the clutch cup on the engine also with the groove up.

We put a new gasket, apply sealant and join the engine with the gearbox, do not apply excessive force so as not to break the clutch discs. Problems with the undercarriage; problems with attachments. The primacy in replacing important components, of course, belongs to the engine.

And it is not necessary that the owner wants to change the engine because of its uselessness. Production utilises the latest technological advances in multipurpose engine development.

The design how to install the Honda engine on a single axle tractor mtz guarantees: Long service life. Thanks to the CDI digital ignition system with adjustable ignition timing, the carefully designed camshaft, precise gas distribution phase control and optimal valve timing ensures better fuel efficiency.

Fine-tuned valve opening ensures maximum power from fuel consumption, as well as maximum compression ratio and upward valve positioning. Maximum cylinder capacity in its class. Changing the oil in a Neva motoblock with a Subaru engine why when the engine suffocates, the motoblock’s subarablocator does not light up with blue or black smoke, and it stalls Artem Motoblock not Author of the topic: Fedor Sergey.

Gennady corrects how to install a Honda engine on a single axle tractor mtz. Igor blue. Lifan engines for single axle tractor: Chinese engine Lifan for power tiller Any competent dacha farmer before the summer digs up his own plot with a power tiller. However, the rare person is able to buy a new machine for himself. It is by such a mistake that countrymen use tillers that were made in the USSR.

Many fresh-baked owners of power tillers are interested in questions related to the use of oils for the agricultural machine. We need to consider what compositions are suitable for the lubrication of those, as it is also called other devices on the power tiller, and how to use them for the measured operation and extension of the service life of the unit. Working life of the motor Improved reliability.

Used high-quality materials, galvanized carburetor, protection against fuel impurities, dual air purification, oil level sensor.

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