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Perhaps in any home, cottage, workshop, repair and construction, you need a quality and properly selected power tool. One of the most popular tools is the rotary bolt, which is suitable for drilling holes in a wide variety of materials, from wood to concrete to metal. The variety of modern tools is great, but many additional features require that you choose carefully.

Before you buy a torch. it is useful to understand its design and features that will help to choose the right model and use it.

Please note: any tool has certain limitations for use: for example, a household peorator is designed for short work or work with frequent breaks, but a professional tool can work practically all day long. It goes without saying that the for professional georators are higher than for household georators.

Design of a peorator

usually the body is made of shockproof plastic, resistant to damage and strong vibrations. The load on the housing is high and therefore the material requirements are high. I would like to note the excellent quality of plastic in Makita and Bosch torches these brands are traditionally loved by professionals and amateurs alike.

Under the body there is a motor, a gearbox which transmits the torque to the chuck, a hammer mechanism and the chuck itself to which the various bits and pieces necessary for the task are attached. These are the basic and most important elements of the design, but there are many details and additional features that make the model more convenient to perform certain tasks. Choosing torches in an online store, pay attention to both the main technical specifications and design features.

The engine

You can find a model with a vertical or horizontal motor. Engine placement is not a whim of the manufacturer, but an important feature.

The vertical motor is usually installed on medium- or high-power models, which are designed for more serious tasks. The vertical models are usually better cooled, which allows you to work with them for quite a long time. For all these positive qualities you have to pay with a considerable size and weight, but the reviews of such geared motors by professionals are good.

The models with a horizontal motor are usually designed for domestic use and not designed for continuous operation. Their beauty. compact size and low weight.

The most important motor features power (W) and impact force (J). The higher the power and impact force, the bigger holes you can make in the material.

Sufficient power for a domestic tool 750-1000 W, for a professional tool 1000 W or more.

The impact force is what separates a peorator from a drill with an impact function. The impact force is what determines the maximum size of the hole you can make with this tool.

If you are looking for pehorators in Kiev it will not be difficult to find household or professional tools.

Chuck type

There is one more characteristic that allows you to determine almost at once level of a tool: it can be a domestic or professional one. There are two basic types of mounting:

SDS-Max is designed for piercing holes up to 52 mm and is usually installed on professional models

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SDS-Plus is designed for making holes up to 30 mm and therefore is mostly used for household tools.

Some Bosch chucks offer a new fastening system SDS-Top designed for making holes of 16-25 mm, but for today this system is not widespread yet.

Depending on type of chuck choose consumables (drills, bits and so on) and tools.) respectively with SDS-Plus or SDS-Max shank type.

Pay attention to price when you make your choice

If necessary, you can also use conventional drills, but for that you will need an adapter or a replacement chuck.

Additional Features and Safety of Use

To make your work not only productive, but also as safe and comfortable as possible, manufacturers offer the following useful features:

  • anti-vibration system that allows to protect tool nodes at work and provides more accurate drilling and impact
  • dust protection
  • safety clutch

For convenient operation are designed reversing, locking the power button, adjustable rotation speed, the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner.

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In our store you will find many models from the best manufacturers on the market. Virtually every manufacturer that offers peorator in Kiev, Kharkov and other cities in Ukraine, represents both professional and domestic models, to buy them is not difficult, you need only decide on the choice, and he. It is entirely up to you.

Peorator Interskol P-22/620 ER P-22/620ER

The Peorator is an easy-to-use, versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications. For example, you can use it to chisel away at tiles or plaster, make cable channels, drill holes in tough materials, or even bore holes in walls.

It can perform simple functions: when the impact is turned off, it successfully replaces the most common electric drill, can be used as an electric screwdriver and a mixer for mixing a variety of mortars.

repair, perforator, interskol

Multifunctional, reliable and ergonomic tool is the Peorator P-22/620ER.

Its main advantages include:

  • The availability of two modes;
  • speed control system;
  • equipped with a universal chuck;
  • The horizontal location of the motor and gearbox;
  • reverse mode.

The scope of the tool is quite wide: you can use additional attachments and fixtures to increase the efficiency and convenience of work.

Обзор c разбором пеоратора Интерскол П-24/700ЭР// как разобрать Пеоратор

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