How to replace a bat on an electric screwdriver. Magnetization and hardening of nozzles

The principle of operation of an electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver functions by converting electric energy into a mechanical. In this case, useful work is performed from mechanical rotation of the working body in one direction or another.

There is 2 power option: from the network and from the battery. The device of both is almost identical, but interest is the battery. It is more mobile and more convenient due to mobility.

The tool consists of the following main parts:

  • The body of the tool in which everything is mounted;
  • Electric motor, brush or bronnial type;
  • A cartridge in which a shift nozzle is installed;
  • Gearbox for transmitting rotation from electric motor to the cartridge;
  • Safety coupling (to protect the motor with a sudden stop of a change of nozzle);
  • Start (button, switch);
  • Regulatory authority (for speed, torque);
  • Switching organ (for reverse or other function);
  • Other elements (backlight, brackets).

The battery is installed for enrolling the electric motor.

The launch organ is pressed. Usually a button. Contacts are closed, the electric current from the battery is supplied to the electric motor. The greater the effort effort, the stronger the cartridge rotates, along with which a replaceable nozzle.

Upon receipt of current on the motor winding, rotation of the rotor relative to the stator begins. When the rotation appears with the shaft, the gear is also spinning, on the shaft installed. She transfers torque to the gearbox.

The torque is transmitted from the gearbox to the shaft on which the cartridge is installed. It contains a replaceable nozzle for the drilling or twisting mode of the marking.

A shift nozzle is installed in the cartridge (usually a cang type). She accepts rotation from the electric motor and performs useful work.

Replacing the cutting tool

The “tail” of the drill of an electric screwdriver is fixed in the cartridge. It is of different sizes, like nozzles. With the incorrect installation of a cutting tool, an electric screwdriver can cause damage to the working process and harm to health. For example, due to the “wrong” drill, holes of different sizes with a damaged surface can be obtained. The sharp element when “departure” from the cartridge will cause a serious injury. Most modern screwdrivers have fist cartridges. They consist of a cylindrical body, as well as cartridges and fists. When the sleeve rotates clockwise, the fists simultaneously press the drill.

The process of replacing it is simple, but has a number of individual characteristics. The whole process can be described as follows:

  • It is necessary to choose the necessary nozzle (bit) for the drill;
  • Then you need to take a cutting tool and install it in the center of the cartridge (between the open “fists”);
  • After that, it should be fixed by turning the sleeve on time move (with a key type cartridge, the key is installed in a recess);
  • Twist the sleeve until the nozzle is fixed.

It is not difficult to change the drill, but first it is necessary to pull out the previous. There are the following options for the development of the situation:

  • Standard seizure of the drill (the cartridge has no damage);
  • Pulling out the drill in the absence of the key;
  • Extracting a stuck cutting element.

With the good operation of an electric screwdriver, problems should not arise when replacing its working tool. The operation is elementary. To do this, you need to take the key, which is designed to weaken the cartridge, and insert it into the recess. We twist counterclockwise. Scrolling is carried out due to special cloves that are available on objects. There is also another option for seizing the drill. To do this, turn on the reverse rotation mode on an electric screwdriver, hold the outer body of the cartridge and click on the “Start” button. Thus, the drill will be easily freed.

In the absence of a special key, the drill can be removed with a cross screwdriver or nail. It must be inserted into a recess on the cartridge and fix it half. We twist the opposite part of the cartridge. However, if such promotion does not bring a result, then we take a gas key or vise. These tools will help to enhance the curtains of the cartridge. If the previous options for pulling out the drill suffered a fiasco, then the heavy artillery should be resorted to. In some cases, to get the drill make it difficult to get its external damage. In this situation, it is necessary to relax “fists” using gas keys and a vice. We completely clamp the cartridge with keys and rotate (unscrewing).

In this process, simultaneous use of both the key and the vice is welcome. You can also take a hammer and apply light attacks on the cartridge. Vibration from blows helps to relax.

A radical option in the most hopeless situation will be twisting the cartridge from an electric screwdriver. To do this, squeeze it in a vice and forcefully knock out a cutting tool from the inside using a punch. Naturally, after such a procedure, an electric screwdriver should be attributed to repairs. Summing up, it is worth noting that the procedure for inserting the drill into an electric screwdriver is quite simple and even the one who has never done this will be able to cope with it. The main thing in this process is to follow the recommendations.

About how to insert a drill into an electric screwdriver, watch in the next video.

How to insert a bit into an electric screwdriver Makita

So, let’s start in the most simple case. With inexperienced users. Screwdrivers have such a thing as a torque regulator. It looks like a scale around the front by an electric screwdriver, which immediately behind the cartridge. It applied numbers from 1 to 10, 15, 20 or even more. In different models in different ways. And the last position on it is indicated as a drill. If you rotate this regulator and install it opposite a special mark so that there is one of the numbers next to it, then when a certain torque is reached, the cartridge will not rotate further, but it will begin to fade. If you put on a “drill”, then the electric screwdriver will try to twist with all his might, how much engine power allows it.

True, it is worth noting that in two.Speed screwdrivers at the second speed even in the “drill” position, if the torque reaches a certain value, then a protective system is triggered, which simply turns off the current supply. At the first speed, the electric screwdriver will also try to twist “to the last”.

And the beginner can start drilling or wrapping screws, for example, when the regulator of the moment is on one of the numbers, or an electric screwdriver is at the second speed (and it is recommended to drill on it).

The drill can squeeze quite strongly, and as a result, when you begin to free the drill or bat in the standard way (turning on the reverse, holding the cartridge and by pressing the start button), may just work either a torque limiter or a protective system.

Therefore, in such a situation, you just need to put an electric screwdriver at the first speed and the regulator of the moment put to the “drill” position. On single.Speed models, it is enough to only install the regulator of the moment on the position of the “drill”. Well, then again we get out in the standard way.

Electric screwdriver: how to use it correctly?

Electric screwdriver does the same as a screwdriver, but hundreds of times faster. Therefore, if you need to spin one or two screws, use a screwdriver. But if you need to assemble a slafonier or, for example, warm the balcony with drywall, then you can not do without an electric shuruba. It looks like an electric drill, but drill not by drill, but by bats. Bit. This is a special nozzle for screw, screw or self.Tapping screw. For each self.Tapping screw (screw, screw) its own bit is intended. It can be of different sizes.

The electric screwdriver looks like an electric drill, only instead of a drill he has a bat.

Hard case

Well, it happens that the cartridge does not want to turn away, which means that it does not pull it out of it and the drill. This should not happen on serviceable cartridges, so if under what conditions the cartridge does not spin, this may indicate its malfunction.

Usually this does not happen sharply. The cartridge begins to click before it clamps so that it does not unfold.

How to magnetize a screwdriver January 17, 2018

In such a situation, you can resort to two methods. I immediately want to make a reservation that after that the cartridge will need to be changed. In this case, the drill needs to be done in order to save this very drill, well, and also to make the opportunity to remove a faulty cartridge from an electric screwdriver. With a stuck drill, this cannot be done.

  • The first method is quite humane. You need to squeeze the drill in a vice and try to crank the entire electric screwdriver around it. You can sprinkle in the WD-40 cartridge to facilitate the task. It can turn out to crank the entire electric screwdriver with the cartridge only if its device is such that the cartridge is rigidly linked with an electric screwdriver and it is not possible to crank it, otherwise by clicking on the start button. However, not all models are provided with the poet, you can rotate the cartridge with the help of a gas key. The plastic part of it will deteriorate. If the drill succumbed, then you need to rotate the cartridge back and forth and gradually pull it off the drill.
  • If the drill is not amenable, then you will have to resort to the “vandal” method. We take a corner grinder and just cut the cartridge. Only you need to cut it so as not to damage the spindle of an electric screwdriver and the drill itself, if you need it whole. Not a single drill can resist such a technique.

These are the ways of pulling the drill from an electric screwdriver. If you have a second case, then excuse me, but I don’t know a more humane way and think that it is not. At least I got the drill just like that. And I finish this article. Until new meetings!

Screwdriver often replaces the usual screwdriver. Many models are equipped with a drilling function. In each case, you need to correctly select the equipment and use it correctly so as not to damage the tool and fasteners.

Battery charging procedure

It is necessary to insert the battery into the device, while observing the polarity (the corresponding signs of “” and “-” are affixed both on the battery and the device), t.E. Plus combined with a plus, and minus. With a minus.

Luminous red diode on the device panel shows that the charging process is going on. This procedure lasts from 3 to 5 hours.

replace, electric, screwdriver, nozzles

The battery has protection against reloading, so it can be left in the device for more time, but not more than 24 hours.

In the process of recharging the battery and the device may heat up, which is not a malfunction indicator.

Types of bits for screwdriver: like a chosen

To choose the right nozzles, you need to study their varieties. First determine the type of tail shape and diameter. It happens from 1/4 to 1 inches.

Bit for drywall has a stubborn limiter

Combined bits have two types of shank or one shape, but of different sizes. For example, a slotted shank and asterisk.

Determine the length of the bit that you need for work. It ranges from 10 to 200 mm.

Depending on the shape of the tail of the nozzle, they have a certain marking:

  • SL (SLOT). Slotted;
  • PH (Philips). Cross.Shaped universal;
  • Pz (POZ is an important characteristic of the steel brand from which a bat is made. The nozzle may have a snake coating. The strength of the equipment depends on this. The main types of steel and coatings that should be preferred:

Device and assignment of power tools

Scuriper is used to twist and unscrew various fasteners. You can cut the thread and drill. It greatly facilitates and accelerates the work. Screwdrivers are used in everyday life, construction, assembly of furniture, in car repair shops, wherever you need to work with a lot of fasteners.

Screwdriver can be battery and network

How To. Electric screwdriver repair

  • Cartridge.
  • Twist.
  • Speed ​​shifter.
  • Engine in the screw of screwdriver.
  • Reducer imprisoned in the tool.
  • Reversion switch.
  • Power button.
  • The handle is rubberized to eliminate the slippage.
  • Battery.
  • Network cord.

Screwdrivers feed from batteries or from the network.

How to insert a drill into an electric screwdriver Bosch

An indispensable power tool in a house with a name, a screwdriver is actively used in construction work. The most common procedure with this device is the replacement of the drill. Sometimes this process seems very complex and almost impossible. However, in fact, replacing the drill with a screwdriver is easy, the main thing. Follow the instructions in stages and pay attention to the details.

Features of the screwdriver

The screwdriver means the same drill, but it has a lower speed of rotation of the cartridge and the ability to adjust the torque. Many hours of spinning and spinning with your own hands have not yet satisfied anyone. The screwdriver will help you quickly and accurately fix and unscrew the fasteners. You can also use this device to create holes in materials of various densities. Metals, wood and stones. The screwdriver power comes from the network or from the battery.

The construction device is divided into the following types:

All types of tools differ only for its purpose: the screwdriver (ordinary) is used only when working with fasteners, the drill will help to drill the right hole, the screwdriver is designed to twist and unscrew the mounts using a cross.Shaped plug, a device with a colloquial name is controlled using screws.

Replacing the cutting tool

“Tail” of the drill-electrical screwdriver is fixed in the cartridge. This is included in various sizes as a nose. If the cutting tool is installed incorrectly, the screwdriver can damage the workflow and damage your health. For example, by “improper” drilling, you can get holes of different sizes with a damaged surface. A sharp element when leaving the cartridge can lead to serious injuries.

Most modern screwdrivers have fist cartridges. They consist of a cylindrical case, as well as sleeves and fists. When the sleeve rotates clockwise, the fists are simultaneously pressed on the drill.

The process of replacing it is simple, but has a number of individual characteristics. The whole process can be described as:

  • It is necessary to choose the necessary nozzle (drill) for the drill;
  • Then you need to take a cutting tool and install it in the center of the cartridge (between the open “fists”);
  • Then it must be blocked by turning the sleeve clockwise (using a key type cartridge, the key is inserted into a recess);
  • Turn the sleeve to fix the nozzle.

Change the drill easily, but first you need to remove the previous. There are the following options for the development of the situation:

  • Standard drill removal (without damage to the cartridge);
  • Extraction of a drill in the absence of a key;
  • Removal of a stuck cutting element.

If the screwdriver works correctly, problems when replacing a working tool should not occur. The operation is elementary. To do this, take the key designed to free the cartridge, and insert it into the recess. Turning around the clock. Unfamation is carried out by special cloves on objects. There is also another option for drilling. To do this, turn on the mode of the rotating screwdriver, hold the case of the external cartridge and press the start button. Thus, the drill is easily freed.

In the absence of a special key, the drill can be removed using a cruciate screwdriver or nail. It must be inserted into the deepening of the cartridge and recorded in half. Turn the opposite side of the cartridge with your hand. However, if such unpictation does not give results, then we take a gas key or vise. These tools will help strengthen the rotation of the cartridge. If previous drilling options have failed, then heavy artillery should be used. In some cases, obtaining a drill is complicated by its external damage. In this situation, it is necessary to weaken the “fists” using gas keys and pressure. We completely clamp the cartridge with keys and rotate (weaken).

In this process, both the key and the pressure are encouraged. You can also take a hammer and deliver a light blow to the cartridge. Vibration from blows helps to relax.

The radical option in the most hopeless situation would be to turn the cartridge using a screwdriver. To do this, squeeze it in a vice and cut it strongly with a cutting tool from the inside with a punch. Naturally, after such a procedure, a screwdriver should be turned on in the repair. Summing up, it is worth noting that the process of inserting the drills into the screwdriver is quite simple, and even the one who never did this can cope with this. The main thing in this process. Follow the recommendations.

How to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver “Interskol”, “Makita” and other brands

In electrical screwdrivers or droplets, a mobile mechanism is a cartridge. Accordingly, he has a feature to wear out faster and become unusable, there is a need to replace it.

There are different methods of its extraction depending on the brand of the tool and the method of its fastening. Knowing this and having a certain set of tools at the disposal, you can correctly and easily replace the cartridge.

The reason for the replacement

As a rule, the replacement of the cartridge in the screwdriver is made due to the fact that it either completely out of order (scattered), t. E. Когда кулачки в нём уже абсолютно не выполняют свою функцию и полноценно зажимать сверло уже становится невозможным, либо если он начинает люфтить.

If he is backlash, the result of this will also be a poor clamping of drills, and they will constantly fly out during work.

Types and their features

There are three main types:

The equipment in different types is fixed in different ways, and in terms of reliability of fixation of equipment, they also differ. In order to decide on the choice and buy the right type, we must consider in what conditions the operation of the device will occur.

Of all three types, according to the degree of reliability of fixation of the equipment, you can put in the first place a conical cartridge, the second. Key and the last. Quickly ascended. Quickly jokes, in turn, are divided into two more subspecies:

Quick.Asleep types, in addition to the minus, which consists in unreliable fixation of the equipment, have one significant advantage. This is the speed of change of drills. It is easily and quickly unwinds and twists, and this does not require any additional devices, everything is done with the hands.

The key is slightly inferior in the speed of the change of equipment with quickly prime, but in terms of reliability they significantly surpass them.

Cartridges, fixing equipment in which are made using a special key, are quite widespread and are the most popular.

They are usually chosen when it is supposed to use a drill as a jack of a hammer, where it will constantly beat on the drill and the shock load will be large.

The disadvantage of key types is that a special surface on it and on the key, having the form of small grooves and located in a circle of the cartridge, thanks to which the key grip, can be washed out over time, and the key will slip when tightening or weakening of the fists.

The last type is cone. By the degree of reliability of fixation of equipment, he is a leader, but in order to remove the drill or bit, an additional wedding element is needed. Conical types are also called universal, t. To. You can plant a special adapter with chopped thread and already wind up another cartridge, for example, a key.

How to remove a tool cartridge

If during the operation of the tool there is a need to repair the cartridge or it is necessary to replace it, then before proceeding with the disassembly, you need to familiarize yourself with several ways to attach it to the shaft, or rather, with three. Mounting methods:

The first type of fastening is quite common in electrical screwdrivers and has high reliability indicators. Here the principle of its connection with the shaft of the tool is in the cone imprisoned for certain parameters, which is located on the shaft.

In turn, the depression in the form of a cone with appropriate recesses is located on the cartridge. When it is planted on a screwdriver, there is a strong fixation of the first with the latter, which provides reliable and uninterrupted fixation and allows you to jam it on the shaft.

The second type of attachment to the shaft is slightly different. It is based on applying thread to the shaft. To disassemble or install the cartridge, just unscrew it. On tools with this type of connection with the shaft, the cartridge can jam when it must be unscrewed to repair or replace it.

The third type of attachment to the shaft is not independent, but acts as an addition to the reliability of fixation.

It enhances the strength of the second type of connection to the tool shaft by twisting screw. In order to remove or twist it, it is necessary to unclench the fists to the maximum and gain access to the screw.

On a screw hat, as a rule, there is a notch for a figure screwdriver.

Such a screw has left thread. It is designed to prevent its unscrewing during operation.

How to change a cartridge in a screwdriver

The cartridge on the instrument of the Interskol brand is attached to the shaft of the threaded method and the counterbolt, which must be pre.Twisted, as weaken as the key with the key to get access to it.

At the screwdriver “Makita” the cartridge is also removed in the following order:

replace, electric, screwdriver, nozzles

Unscrew the screw clockwise, weakening to the maximum before that fists. After extracting the screw, you need to find a hexagon for eight and insert it into the shaft, holding your fists after that. Then you need to put a screwdriver in the reverse mode and, holding a hexagon with one hand, press the screwdriver button with the second hand.

Note: the cartridge will turn and get out easily if it was not used too often and a short period of time, then it will not have time to drag out hard. If they used it for a long time, you will have to make little efforts in order to unscrew it.

After you twisted the old cartridge, the new one is quite simple. It is necessary to switch the screwdriver to the usual mode, when the rotation occurs counterclockwise, put it on the shaft and tighten it with short rotations. Then tighten the counterbolt.

Bosch screwders have established themselves in the market as very high quality, since all the details of the tool are persistent for wear and, importantly, reliably fixed with each other. When dismantling the cartridge, the last of the listed properties can significantly complicate and stretch the process of unwinding the fixing bolt, due to the fact that it is reliably sealed with sealant.

How to use a screwdriver?

It often happens that you can’t do without an electrical screwdriver. Electric screwdriver is an indispensable assistant in the manufacture of a suspended ceiling, installation of drywall. Repair work is complicated if there is no electrical screwdriver at hand, which can easily tighten screws and fasteners. In the household sphere, he is not less in demand than in professional activities.

However, how to use an electric screwdriver correctly, not all tool owners know about this. There is nothing difficult to have, the main thing is to adhere to some rules and recommendations for beginners.

Tool varieties: characteristic features

Electric screwdriver can be classified for the following varieties:

The principle of operation in tools is similar to each other, but still there are differences in functionality.

Drill-electrical screwdriver is able to not only tighten the screw, but also drill a hole. Gaikovert specializes on bolts and nuts. The third representative is a battery, designed exclusively for twisting/unscrewing the mounting elements with a cross.Shaped hat. The latter type is characterized by low power, unlike the above.

What is the electric screwdriver consist of? Settings of the device

In the plastic case there is a engine and a gear mechanism that drives a bat, which is installed at the end of an electric screwdriver. The device is provided for by the presence of a start.Up starter, direction of direction and speed speed, diode illumination and tightening time regulator.

The principle of activity of the tool is very simple. The nozzle, previously fixed in the cartridge, moves using a shaft, which starts moving from the work of the motor through the gearbox. Before using an electric screwdriver, you should find out if the battery is charged, and whether the nozzle is installed correctly.

Immediately before the work, you need to look after such a nozzle so that it corresponds to the self.Tapping screw or screw hat.

To install the desired nozzle, you should choose it by the size of the hat of the fastener and fix it in the magnetic holder of the cartridge. First, the cartridge with the coupling must be removed from the device, and after fixing the bat, the cartridge must again be fixed to the body of the electric screwdriver.

Then it is required to assign a suitable bit speed of the bit. Settings are performed by means of a special regulator. The required mode is set in the disconnected state of the tool.

Before using the power tool, it is necessary to adjust the depth of screwing the fastening element. After some time, the need to replace the magnetic holder may arise. To change it, a cartridge, magnetic mount and coupling is removed. Next, the cartridge with the coupling is fixed back to the block-box of the electrical screwdriver.

How to change/insert/pull the nozzle (bit), drill

After the necessary nozzle (bat) for the drill is selected, given the value of the screw hat and the configuration of the recesses (straight, cross), it must be installed in the very center between the open fists, and fixed in the cartridge through the turnover of the sleeve on the hourly.

If a key type cartridge is selected, then the key is set into a recess on the cartridge, and then turned along the time run until the nozzle is fixed. The end of the nozzle is placed in the groove of the screw.

Before the device is launched, check the accuracy of the installation of the rotation direction, the focus should coincide with the twist of the screw.

Increasing pressure on the start button regulates the optimal rotation speed. When the screw is completely immersed, the mechanic of restriction of the force is activated, and then the drill stops.

How to work with a screwdriver

After all the settings are completed, you can undertake to use the power tool. Having studied the instructions for the operation of an electrical screwdriver, it is possible to prevent possible malfunctions in the process of handling the device, thereby increasing the life of the tool.

It is not allowed to configure the frequency and the direction of speed of the nozzle in the included state of the device. You can not touch the power tools to ground objects, otherwise a person can hit the current. You should not use the device for a long time, since it can burn out.

A room in which it is best to use an electric screwdriver should be well lit, and the power supply network is constant, without jumps, this will avoid equipment malfunctions. The work should take place in specialized clothing and only with good tools.

Is it possible to use a drill as a screwdriver

Electric screwdriver can be used as a drill. The mechanism of the cartridge makes it possible to firmly fix the drill with a cylindrical tail. To start work, you need to install a drill in a clamping cartridge.

Be careful, since the design is not provided for making holes, especially for solid wood, metal or concrete, because there is a high probability of breakdown of a planetary gearbox.

Service of a screwdriver

There is nothing remarkable in maintenance, since today modern models have increased strength and withstand even falls from a small height.

The cartridge should be regularly lubricated and cleaned. Avoid moisture, sand dirt in the middle of the tool.

Follow the overload of the electric screwdriver if you feel that the electric screwdriver begins to work with an effort, lower the speed of speeds.

Non.Traditional use options

In addition to direct purpose, electric shurubrust is used to perform various non.Traditional operations. These include the following types of work:

  • Polishing the car and its headlights;
  • Stirring small volumes of various building mixtures and paints;
  • Drilling holes in ice (for this, the tool is equipped with a special nozzle. Drill);
  • Knitting reinforcement;
  • Thread cutting;
  • The mowing of herbal cover (for this purpose, the device is redone for a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower, or simply inserted a nozzle with blades into the cartridge);
  • Grinding soft grass or thin branches (for this they create a garden chopper on the basis of a drill-electrical screwdriver);
  • Grinding surfaces;
  • Cutting materials;
  • Twisting wires.

This is a far from an incomplete list of non.Traditional works performed using battery or network models. Inventive thought does not stand still. Almost every specialist has options for this electrical tool of work for this.

Using an electric screwdriver, you can return its original color and shine to the car. To polish the car, use such varieties of nozzles:

  • Leather or fabric circles, with their help perform the initial cleaning of surfaces;
  • Felt. They are used for initial processing and finishing polishing (nozzles made of sheepskin are suitable);
  • Foam rubber.

Together with the equipment, polishing pastes and polishes are also used. They are of such types:

With the help of similar tools, the headlights are also carried out.

The quality of the achieved result is determined by the correct combination of nozzles with polishing agents, as well as the accuracy and skill of performing work.

Knitting reinforcing rods with the help of steel wire is very common in the construction sector when erecting reinforced concrete (monolithic) structures, for example, foundations, houses. Even if you have to perform a slight amount of work, then working with manual hook or pliers is quite not productive. The battery or network electric shuruvuver equipped with a nozzle in the form of a hook will help much faster. In this case, the power indicator is not particularly important.

Twisting the cut ends of the wires, for example, in distribution boxes. This is also rather routine work. You can speed up the process using an electric screwdriver with a special nozzle. How twisting is made, shown in the video further:

Tool care rules

Electric screwdriver needs minimal care. In order for the tool to work properly, you need to adhere to the recommendations specified by the manufacturer, do not use it for tasks that are not indicated in the technical passport, do not overload it too often. Periodically the inside of the cartridge and rotating parts must be lubricated with machine oil.

The tool should be stored in a dry place, away from sources of heat, damp and sunlight. After each use, the case is wiped with a clean dry rag to remove construction dust from it. If drops of the construction mortar have fallen on an electric screwdriver, you can clean it with a well.Squeezed soap rag.

If we comply with the operating rules, do not use the tool for tasks exceeding its capabilities, you can significantly simplify the repair and construction work. So that the electric screwdriver does not work for a long time and fail at the wrong time, it is necessary to take care of it in a timely manner, monitor the condition of the parts and recharge before use.

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