How to replace the end saw. Criterias of choice

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End saw or circular: what to choose?

Many people believe that the saws, despite the name, are similar to each other and are easily able to replace each other in work. However, this is not quite true. Each tool has its own purpose, a number of tasks that it is able to solve, so we advise you to choose the right device.

The replacement of the saw is often sinful by novice masters who have not yet studied the clear purpose of a particular tool and do not use them in certain tasks. Explain this is simple: the working body of both devices is a round disc. At its core, the end. The same circular, but fixed with the help of a mobile mechanism above the bed.

Before buying, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the appointment of each of them and choose the one that is most responsible for the tasks.

How to replace

During the repair process, it may be necessary to remove the saw disk. It is easy to do this, knowing the correct sequence of actions. It is important to get acquainted with her for her own security.

The replacement process begins with the installation of a protective casing made of plastic (if any) to the upward position. To carry out this manipulation, you should unscrew the side auxiliary bolt, raise the structure, and then fix it with the same bolt, but in another position.

  • A hexagon is taken to unscrew the clamping bolt in the center;
  • Simultaneously on the back of the tool, the button of the locking mechanism of the shaft is pressed. It acts as a stopper and does not allow the shaft to move;
  • Holding the button, it turns out to squeeze the central bolt through the hexagon;
  • Next, the bolt is unscrewed. It is easy to do it with your hands;
  • The side stop is removed (looks like a wide washer) and then the disk.

Installation represents a reverse sequence of actions. The disk needs to be put on the shaft, then put the lock washer, then screw the bolt with your hands until it stops. To squeeze the nozzle, you should press the button and hold it, simultaneously swinging the central bolt to the limit by means of a hexagon.

Having made the installation of a saw disk, you should check the strength of fixation. This is done by a small longitudinal staggering. If there is no backlash, then the installation is carried out correctly. You can start sawing.

Varieties of end saw

These simple devices allow you to perform even incisions at a straight and arbitrary angle. Before you make a trim with your own hands from a manual circular saw or corner grinder, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of structures.

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Small size of the machine where the cutting disk is fixed on the pendulum. The blade moves back and forth, and the processed canvas can rise up and down and rotate. Thus, it is possible to adjust the cut angle.


The design of the equipment includes an additional table for sawing the material. There is an opportunity to change the angle of sawing in the process of work. Used simultaneously in the form of a end saw and circular.

For reference! Combined devices at home are rare, basically these are carpentry workshops.

With a length

Designed for a complex sawing angle of high accuracy. It is easy to use them, diagonal cutting is impeccable. A feature of the tool is a rotary module that simplifies the work.

How to do it with a length?

If the usual ending has only a pendulum course (according to a semicircle), then at the end with a saw output can also move horizontally. Such ending can cut in size along the length of the workpiece of larger width.

If the simple ending of the blank width is limited by the width of the disk with maximum immersion in the material, then the option with the extension is added to the speed of the saw along the guides.

In factory endings with a length, the design provides both a pendulum course on the semicircle and the horizontal course of the saw along the guides.

Most home.Made endings with a length is easier in the very principle of design. They do not have a pendulum move along a semicircle, but there is only a horizontal movement horizontally.

An example of the manufacture of a home.Made ending with a length in this

This design cannot be called a pure end, it is rather an analogue that can perform some operations. Her plus:

  • Limited functionality, you can not saw at the corners in different planes,
  • Input input of long blanks for a sawing disk is inconvenient,
  • For long blanks, which are placed perpendicular to a home.Made bed and a saw, you will have to additionally make a supporting workbench.

Assembly of a complex machine

There is an option with a more complex and heavy structure in weight. She will definitely cope with the cut of pipes. At the same time, homemade installation will not require the use of circular as component of the machine. But for certain stages of work, it is better to have a circular at hand.

Depending on the selected components, you can get a high.Power machine. To assemble the machine with your own

  • An electric motor with a capacity of about 900 watts. If there is a regular cut of pipes, you can choose a more powerful electric motor;
  • Metal sheet;
  • Metal corners;
  • Channel;
  • Hinged groups;
  • Corner grinder;
  • Welding device;
  • File;
  • A spring of impressive power.

When everything you need is assembled at the workplace, you can start assembling the end machine with your own

  • A homemade bed can be made with your own hands through the use of adjustable supports, metal corners and racks from the bed.
  • A sheet of durable metal acts as a working surface. In this table, you need to make holes and process them with a file.
  • To cook a pendulum rack for the future machine, use the channel and welding machine. The design is installed on a metal sheet. Estimated rack height. 80 centimeters.
  • A stand for an electric engine is made of a metal sheet in the form of a fixed slab. Be sure to install the stand on the hinges.
  • The stabilizer of the electric engine of the end machine is a powerful spring. If you managed to find one, it is quite possible to refuse belts and a pendulum.
  • Using a folding bolt, you can perform the tension and adjustment of the belts. The pendulum can be made of metal to make the design reliable, durable.
  • Executive tools select a disk of the required diameter. For household purposes, there is usually enough saw disk, the diameter of which is 400-420 millimeters.
  • Be sure to provide for the presence of protective covers, since the assembly of such a machine is accompanied by a certain degree of danger.

Choosing a dock assembly option, and not the purchase of a factory end machine, you need to understand that there will be a rather serious difference in quality, accuracy and errors of processing of wood, pipes, metal and other products.

Useful device for manual circular saw

In this review, the author shares a useful idea for a workshop or garage. How to make a simple device for working with a manual circular saw.

replace, choice

The purpose of the adaptation is to, using a manual circular, torture wooden bars and boards exactly at an angle of 90 degrees.

For the manufacture of this homemade, you will need a wooden rail of 20×40 mm and a bolt with a lamb nut.

The main stages of work

From a wooden rail of 20×40 mm, you need to saw off two blanks of 300 mm long and one blank 400 mm long.

On a long workpiece, we make markings, retreating from the edges of 60 mm, and using a hand cutter we cut out a longitudinal groove.

At the next stage, a long workpiece will need to be screwed to self.Tapping screws to one of the short rails. As a result, a T-shaped part should be obtained.

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Then, using a bolt with a lamb nut and two washers, you will need to fix the second short rail.

How the end saw differs from the circular

End or circular saw? In their functionality, these two sawing tools are very close. The main difference is the presence of a moving mechanism in the end. In it you can move the disk down and up. The inclination is carried out using a special lever.

The peculiarity of the operation of the circular saw is the ability to unfold the canvas in various planes.

Such a technique is designed for sawing:

Disk (circular) saw is used for longitudinal cut. The end very accurately cuts bezes and makes transverse cuts. She will not be able to dissolve the boards. She can only perform short cuts. With its help, the board is cut in half, its end is aligned, the end of the board is cut at a certain angle. There is much larger disks for her for her.

Unlike this type of circular tool, they are easier, they can be transferred without problems. Popularity is explained by versatility. But using them is more difficult. There is a lot of experience and skills here. If the question is which tool to choose from the position of security, then the experts agree on the opinion of the end, although the cost of this tool is higher.

The end saw has a displacement mechanism

The concept of this machine

I probably have a hobby like many-I like to invent, design, collect with my own hands, but the approach to this is quite peculiar. In one of my articles, I already talked about the manufacture of a CNC machine from what accumulated in my garage (of course, I had to buy a lot). On this machine, I have already tried to make a lot, including various bas.Reliefs and wood crafts. Actually, they sunk into my soul, I want to continue to work with a tree using a CNC machine, but I don’t want to create a full.Fledged carpentry (although I may come to this).

In order to do something on a CNC machine, you need a workpiece and not always enough width or thickness of the board for this, then you have to glue a blank of several pieces, getting a shield. Previously, the workpieces for the future shield must be processed, all the planes are made even and, if possible, perpendicular. You probably have a question immediately. “Why just don’t buy this shield”. Because from the hard wood of the tree you will not find a shield everywhere and even less of them are made qualitatively, and the price of these shields is frank. So-so.

Based on these reasons and much more significant. My own interest, I decided to make a machine gun that could end and even if you wish to saw the boards along, and also took up much space.

I immediately admit that the idea is not new, and I spied it on the Internet, but the performance is slightly different.

A circular saw

Called discs, this saw is equipped with a gear or abrasive disk, which allows you to cut various materials with rotational movements, moving around the axis.

Why is the disco used? The circular saw is usually used in various projects related to woodwork. However, the tasks of cutting largely depend on the type of disk, which is installed on the circular saw. This saw can be produced both under the left and right hand. When working, the circular is largely based on that part of the structure in which the engine is located.

Pluses disk saws have very compact dimensions, which allows you to easily move them. Usually, you transfer the circular saw to the workpiece, and, conversely, in the case of end saw, you take the material to where the saw has already been installed. These saws are able to make long longitudinal cuts. Cons of this type of saw is much more difficult to use than the end of the saw. The disk saw requires more skills, and extensions are required to use it. In terms of security, the end saw is the best choice than the circular.

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