How to rinse the gas filter air filter. We clean correctly

How to clean the fuel filter on the chainsaw of Husqvarna

When the engine operates in most cases, the following shortcomings are observed:

  • The engine does not start at all;
  • Starts, but immediately stops;
  • Does not develop adequate ability;
  • This is unstable.

To find the cause of the problem, it is necessary to analyze possible premises in order to eliminate. It will be useful for each owner of the chainsaw of Stihl to know how to clean an air filter on a chainsaw. Let’s go through this chain so that you know how to find a flaw in a chainsaw if it happens.

Washing the air filter of the chainsaw

In the instructions for any saw, the purification of the air filter element refers to the procedures carried out after each application.

Option of the cleaning filter and installing the filter in place

How to rinse the chainsaw filter:

  • Unscrew the top cover. The desired compartment is located in the upper part of the case near the handle, regardless of the brand. Be it Husqvarna, Sturm or Partner.
  • Remove the filter. It can be invested or screwed onto the screws.
  • Wash the foam filter with warm water and soap and dry in the air. When cleaning with gasoline, the filter service life is reduced.
  • Paper, mesh, felt. You can shake off slightly tapping the edge on a dense surface. They are also well cleaned/blown by a compressor or vacuum cleaner.
  • All the dirt in the space around the engine must be wiped.
  • Install the gas station air filter in place, make sure that all the grooves and parts are tightly in place. Close the lid and tighten the screws.

If the filter began to deform, became denser and thinner, holes and cuts appeared. It must be replaced.

Playing the chainsaw

Real run.In at idle speeds is needed only for miserable chainsaws, for normal chainsaws, for example, for the stihl chainsaws, during the first few fuel gas stations it is recommended to be darkened only at load, and in the instructions for the Husqvarna chainsaw there is a stupid advice “to avoid work at too high speed during the first 10 hours ”(where the revolution regulator remains a mystery) and there is no question of any production of several tanks at idle.

It is also better to avoid the purchase of chainsaws, where the need for long (more than an hour) run.In at idle is indicated in open text, as this is apparently a condition for the clue to refuse warranty service, they say: You did the running.In? Not? Well then this is a violation of operating conditions.

Engine starting problems

It is true to find the cause of the malfunction is very fundamentally, because in another way we just can’t remove it. If you start a chainsaw during a sample, Комментарии и мнения владельцев (knock, rattle, etc. D.), It very often comes out so that the breakdown on the very thing is there. For example, if it is not correctly starting a chainsaw and pull on the leak for a long time, then the engine simply floods and start it very hard.

In order to correctly launch the cool engine of the chainsaws, set the lever or switch to the “damper” closed “. Later, you need to pump up the mixture in the carburetor, if there is a fuel pumping pump. Stretch the starting handle by the moment while the resistance of the motor becomes tangible, and energetically pull the abandonment of the abandonment to the amplitude. After 2. 3 such movements, the engine should first start, and later stall. If this does not happen, then you need to transfer the lever to the position of half.Gas or just to the working position and continue to run the chainsaw in this mode. In many chainsaws, the “half.Gas” is fixed by automatic when stretching the air damper. Some models have a keying switch of the ignition, it will fundamentally make sure that it is turned on.

If the engine does not start, then the 1st that needs to be done is twisted and look around the spark plug. There are cases, at the factory in the cool season, fill the combustion chamber with fuel. Then you also need to unscrew the candle, dry the combustion chamber with an idle factory, clean the candle, screw it up and repeat the start. It is better to immediately check the presence of a spark. We put on a twisted candle on a cap with a high.Voltage wire, put it on a cylinder and pulling the starter. We visually look treating the blue spark. Great. We screw the candle in place and start. If there is spark, we change the candle and try again. There is again. We check the connection of the high.Voltage wire to the candle, the reel and the ignition system.

In general, by the state of the candle, you can judge the type of malfunction.

  • Dry. Most likely, the fuel mixture does not get into the cylinder. The point is not in the ignition system, because the candle is twisted back and the fuel supply system is inspected.
  • Wet, very sprayed with fuel. The cause of the excess of the fuel consistency lies either in violation of the launch rules, as described above, or in the incorrect adjustment of the carburetor.
  • It was covered with a black soil. This may indicate the use of poor oil, in an incorrectly adjusted carburetor or in an erroneously calculated ratio of gasoline and oil. The candle should be washed, cleaned of a sharp object (awl or needle), wipe the electrodes with a skin and place in place.

When checking the candle, you need to direct attention to the gap between the electrodes: from 0.5 to 0.65 mm is considered ordinary. A crumpled or worn laying must be changed.

Malfunctioning the gaspile ignition system

Problems in the ignition system in most cases become a prerequisite for the refusal of the gas.Tooling motor. Therefore, you should begin the search for defects specifically from it.

Inspect the candle. To do this, carefully remove the high.Voltage wire from the head, and then twist the candle from the nest using a special key.

If the candle is wet, it means an excess of fuel. In most cases, the supply of extra amount of fuel is associated with the incorrect adjustment of the carburetor or with the failure in the ignition system.

The candle should be painfully wiped with a dry cardboard cloth and dry. It is also necessary to drain the cylinder, the supply of fuel to close and start a couple of times the starter to remove excess fuel consistency.

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After these actions, it is necessary to set the candle in place, open the fuel supply and repeat the attempt.

If there is a lot of dark soot on the candle, it usually says a malfunction in fuel supply. Violation of the gasoline / oil ratio, badly oil or the need to adjust the carburetor.

In this case, the candle must be cleaned with a needle or sharp awl from the accumulated carbon fiber, peeling the electrodes with an iron shine with a skin and a linen and again entered the place. With all this, it is necessary to choose a candle gasket density.

Quick Tip-Throttle Cleaning. Ericthecarguy

If the chainsaw is still started, it is necessary to check the presence of a spark in the spark plug. When put on the caps of the high.Voltage wire, lean the candle skirt against the cylinder and pulling the starter, as shown in the photo below:

If a blue spark slides from a distance of 2-3 mm, then everything is in order. If a spark occurs only at a distance of 0.5. 1 mm, most likely, the problems of the ignition system appeared. If sparks are available, it is necessary to check the high.Voltage cable with the probe. Maybe there was a cliff of wire in it.

If all the acts did not lead to success, try to change the candle to a pre.Working one and try again to launch a chainsaw.

Also, the absence of a spark may be associated with a disruption of the gap between the ignition module and the flywheel magnetic circuit. The gap should be 0.2 mm. The desired gap can be set using a 0.2 mm gasket, which is placed between the flywheel and the ignition module.

The ignition devices of the chainsaw and its malfunctions are shown below (for playing, press the triangle):

Fuel system

Fuel system malfunctions also quite often become the main reason that does not allow a chainsaw to work as efficiently as possible. First of all, it is necessary to check the quality of the fuel mixture.

Some owners prefer to use not recommended brand of gasoline, but alcohol.Containing solutions or add more oils than that required.

Gasoline from chainsaw flows

If gasoline drops periodically appear on the chainsaw housing, then it is necessary to check the tightness of the fuel tank. Over time, it can dry out. Or the gasket “strangled” and it can no longer fulfill its direct function.

If full.Fledged gasoline streams appear, it is likely that you have to change the bursting hose connecting the carburetor and fuel tank.

Gasoline does not enter the chainsaw cylinder

The reasons why the fuel mixture stopped entering the cylinder several:

  • The air filter was clogged.
  • Carburetor work settings flew off.
  • The carburetor membrane ceased to be holistic.
  • Channels through which gasoline is transported are clogged.

Fixing the brake of the quapi

The mechanism may not work due to the clogging of the space under the protective lid or the work of the brake tape. In the first case, cleaning is needed, in the second. The replacement of the part.

Many parts of the saw are subject to natural increased wear, so it is necessary to have the following details in stock: a saw chain, its guide tire, asterisk, composite anti.Vibration protection.

Usually, the refusal of the chainsaws is caused by a malfunction of the motor or the appearance of breakdowns in its other nodes.

In other nodes, in most cases, malfunctions appear due to failures of the inhibitory mechanism, lubrication system, clutch coupling, tires, etc.

Engine malfunctions

In most cases, subsequent shortcomings are observed in the work of the motor:

In order to find the cause of the problem, it is necessary to analyze the likely prerequisites in order by the way to exclude. Each owner of the Stihl chainsaw (STIHL) will be useful to know how to clean an air filter on a chainsaw. Let’s go through this chain so that you know how to find a deficiency in a chainsaw in case of its occurrence.

Malfunctioning the gaspile ignition system

Problems in the ignition system in most cases become a prerequisite for the refusal of the gas.Tooling motor. Therefore, you should begin the search for defects specifically from it.

If a blue spark slides from a distance of 2-3 mm, then everything is in order. Air filter Air filter for chainsaw C and clean the air. How to clean an air filter on a chainsaw? If a spark occurs only at a distance of 0.5. 1 mm, most likely, the problems of the ignition system have appeared. How to clean a chainsaw filter. Youtube. If there is no spark, you need to check the high.Voltage cable with the probe. Better to give to the service center. As a rule, the problem with the carburetor. The easiest option is a dirty air filter and. Maybe there was a cliff of wire in it.

How to clean a chainsaw filter

How to clean a chainsaw filter so that the channels of the carburetor do not clog.

rinse, filter, clean, correctly

How to clean an air filter on a chainsaw? Daily chainsaws.

The air filter is cleaned into the daily technical service of the chainsaw. Clean reusable.

Fuel supply system malfunction in the chainsaw

If everything is in order with the ignition system, then we go further and check the fuel supply system of the chainsaw.

Disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and look, flows out of it fuel or not. How to clean a chainsaw and when and why you need to clean the air filter or muffler of the Chinese chain motor of the GoodLuck, Stihl and other manufacturers. The filter of the Chinese chainsaw. How to clean the filter how to clean the air filter on. If the fuel flows with a free stream, then everything is in order. Cover and filter work properly. How to clean the air filter how to clean the fuel filter on a chainsaw. If the fuel mixture does not flows or flows very weakly, then the hole of the cover (saepun) is cleaned with a needle.

Carburetor malfunction

If all the actions described above did not lead to success, perhaps the cause of the unemployment of the chainsaw lies in the malfunction of the carburetor.

Malfunction of the muffler of the chainsaw

It often happens that during prolonged operation, the walls of the exhaust pipe are covered with a soil, which prevents the free exit of exhaust gases.

Malfunctions in the cylinder-piston group

The wear of the cylinder and the piston, the appearance of scratches and a backbone on their surface, wear of piston rings or crankshaft bearings. All these are very serious damage. As a result, they lead to a drop in the pressure in the cylinder. In this case, it will be very difficult to start the engine.

If there is compression, you will feel how your finger sucks inside.

Chain lubrication malfunctions

Each operating instructions indicate the need to track the condition of the chain lubricant system.

Falf of the brake of the quapi

If the brake of the chain does not work, then the cause may be pollution of the brake tape with grease or sawdust with wood resin or covering space.

You can fix the problem that has arisen can be cleaned by pollution and replacing the brake tape.

Maxcut chainsaws

Basils have long have become an integral part of the economic activities of people. Cut a tree, will prepare firewood for a bath or prepare for a cool winter season to residents of villages and villages are helped by massive small.Sized saws. Basopile becomes an inconsistent assistant not only for summer residents, and for builders, employees of city landscaping brigades designed to ennoble streets and parks, also lovers of crafts from wood and ice.

The choice of a good chainsaw is a fundamental and responsible business. Here its parameters will depend in almost everything, the convenience, safety and efficiency of work will be dependent. Saws in their qualities are divided into three groups.

The security chainsaws are used for logging for woodworking. Such saws are characterized by great power, wear resistance and the possibility of many hours of continuous work. Their working resource is even higher than that of ordinary chainsaws, respectively, the cost of their rather highest.

The security officer should successfully combine such properties such as weight and power. In order for the work to be an effective saw should not be very difficult. The power of the saw must correspond to the chain step so as not to overload the engine, with all this, the teeth of the chain must always be sharpened, which will reduce the wear of the parts and extend the life of the tool.

An important part of security measures will be an important detail. At first, due to the fact that such saws are working in complex criteria, often with very hard and frozen material, they are required to have a large step and enormous power. Therefore, the security chainsaws can cause a heavy turnover blow. To protect a person working with a saw, in this case, a protective mechanism is installed on the body of the chainsaws. It can be inertial or manual.

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A shield associated with a special brake, the jacket should suspend the chain at a terrible moment, are placed in specific proximity to the hands of a person. With a strong jerk, a person leads the lever into action, stopping the movement of the chain with all this. Inertial protection is placed a bit further at the hands of the worker and should work by inertia, it is more sensitive, as a result of this, more reliable. Often these two protection systems are combined for the best effect.

The security officers own high vibration. Daily work with such an inventory can cause health tasks. Therefore, they are supplied with good protection against vibrations. For this purpose, two protection methods are used. In the rivets in the chainsaws, rubber gaskets are located between the handle and the case, which reduced vibrations. Now they use a method of “two masses”. It is that the engine and fuel tank are located separately from each other.

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Semi.Professional chainsaws differ from the profile weight, the size and step of the chain. They are designed to perform more ordinary work, such as cutting branches and knots, woodwork, different systems of work, cutting the crowns of trees.

Semi.Professional chainsaws own the highest resource of work, they can constantly work for several hours and are made of particularly resistant materials. But they cost little cheaper than professional, since they can not work for 8-10 hours in a day. Such chainsaws are still called farmers from time to time, because they are simply not mentioned for large subsidiary farms.

The design of one.Handed chainsaw allows you to keep dust with one hand, and small sizes and low weight can not only interest workers of park farms, caring for the crowns of trees, and lovers of hunting and fishing. She carries such dust comfortably, it does not take up much space. One.Handed chainsaws are quite expensive and designed for everyday implementation.

Household chainsaws are created for use in the household, in the country or personal plot. They are light, small, but with all this low.Power and are not designed for a long term of continuous work. In most cases, such a saw can work not pains of forty minutes every day.

Household chainsaws are characterized by low vibration and the absence of a strong blasting. They can use even a beginner. They are quite inexpensive, because such a chainsaw can afford at least what kind.

For the work of the chainsaws, a mixture of gasoline and oil is used, since when working the engine, fuel washes a crankcase. The chainsaws of imported production are advised to use imported oil. If you still decide to use the oil of Russian manufacturers, then you should keep in your head that it is designed for a lower engine speed than many chainsaws of imported production, and this will significantly lower their motorcycle resource. In the criteria for the operation of the chainsaw at low temperatures, it should first warm it up to avoid crystallization of consistency.

A tank for machine oil is placed on the chainsaw housing. This is necessary for the constant lubrication of the chain and saw tires during operation. Modern chainsaws are equipped with an automatic oil supply system to reduce oil consumption. On profiles and semi.Professional chainsaws, the oil supply speed can be adjusted. The quality of oil created for lubrication is not of great importance; for these purposes, our manufacturers are completely suitable.

In order for the chainsaw to make it easier and more freaks, it often includes a mechanism that facilitates the start of the starter. It can be a primer, a decompression valve or a spring starter. All these devices are created for a frisky motor promotion and reducing the number of idle revolutions.

It is necessary to work as a chainsaw in complex criteria, when dust and sawdust that can get into the engine and violate its work flies everywhere. A special air filter is installed to protect the motor on the housing of the chainsaw. The filter needs to be cleaned all the time, since the shortcoming of the air leads to a decrease in the engine speed and reduces the efficiency of work.

The mechanisms of preparatory air cleaning are located on the chainsaw housing, lower the clogging speed of the air filter. In order to clean the filter manually, you need to remove it, because it is more convenient when the filter cover is attached with special latches. In this case, additional tools will not be required to remove the filter lid in this case.

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