How to run the stihl chainsaw correctly. Stihl chainsaw malfunctions: Causes and methods of elimination

Operation of a chainsaw

A handle that controls the throttle damper, in a simple gas button, is placed on the back of the handle. In order to avoid randomly starting the engine, pressing the gas button, you need to squeeze the lever. The throttle lock located on top of the handle. At the bottom of the saw is a chain capture, in the event of a chain break, it captures it, protecting the operator from serious injuries.

Using the stop button, it is also called the ignition, you can quickly turn off the engine, it is in a convenient place. The lap of the backwall brake can be activated in two different ways. Method number one. Manual, you just need to push the hilt of the brakes forward, the second method is inertial, in the case of a reverse impact when rebound. It will be necessary to make sure of the correct stretch of the chain, which is not much pulled, but does not hang from the tire. The newly relied chain needs to be pulled after some time of the chainsaw.

When starting the chainsaw engine, we install it on a flat surface, the place under the tire should be cleared of outsiders of small objects. Having set the circuit brake to the GL position, we move the handle of the inertial brake forward, squeeze the “smart start” button if this function is present. When starting an unhealthy cold engine, we always completely close the air damper, stretching the regulator to itself.

The right leg occurs to the toe on the bottom of the posterior handle. Holding the upper handle with your left hand, sharp, but moderately with strong movements we pull the starter’s lace by the handle, continue until the engine supplies the first signs of launch. Now the damper needs to be completely opened by pushing the regulator. We continue to pull the starter’s lace. It will be enough to make two or three jerks so that the saw starts. Click on the gas button once, after which the engine should stop working at idle.

To launch an enslaved and preheated engine, there is no need to use the air damper. All other points to launch the saw will be exactly the same. It happens that it is difficult to start the saw even on a well.Heated engine, you need to pull out the regulator to the end, as you did it when you started the cold motor, but then push it back.

After starting the engine of the chainsaw, you do not need to remove the chain from the hand brake until the start of work

It will be important to check the chain for the presence of lubrication. It will be necessary to use some light plane, whether it be a stump, paper or a light rag

We increase the speed of the circuit revolutions slightly, the path of motor oil is formed, which will indicate a sufficient level of oil in the saw tank.

Try to hold the chainsaw with both hands, all fingers must fully cover both handles completely. To minimize the power of the reverse blow. The rebound, the left hand must completely cover the front handle, the thumb is strictly below. You never need to be afraid of a saw, the closer to the body you hold it, the less you will feel the real weight of the saw. The best equilibrium and control over the tool will remain.

When moving from one place of work to another, you need to be sure that the chain is in a stationary position. To do this, always turn on the brake of the circuit, and it is better to stop the engine. When moving at even more distant distances, put a protective casing onto the tire, this will protect you from random injuries and will help protect the chain itself. After completion of work, it is recommended to drain the gas mixture and store a chainsaw with a dry tank

It is important not to forget that the gas mixture is prepared based on 7 to 10 days of maximum use. The mixture has its expiration date and after 7 to 10 days loses its properties

The chainsaws are slightly characterized by structural features, but in most cases the assembly principle is carried out according to two standard schemes. Many devices contain information about the need to activate the emergency installation brake before starting the inclusion procedure.

You should first master the installation of the plant and study the main methods of correcting breakdowns, then a person will have the opportunity to fully operate the device.

stihl, chainsaw, correctly, methods

Stihl chainsaw oil

STIHL produces oils that are well suited for the tool.

The line of lubricants for the saw engines consists of the following models:

  • STIHL HP. Has a low level of excretion of harmful substances, made on a mineral basis;
  • STIHL HP Ultra. Synthetic oil, recommended for semi.Professional and professional models;
  • STIHL HP S. Used for high.Performance engines.

You can choose any STIHL saw oil, but it is better to adhere to the recommendations in the instructions for the tool.

The saw chain also requires lubrication. For her, you can use the oil of such brands:

  • Forestplus. Mineral oil;
  • Bioplus is an environmentally friendly product, it is made on a plant basis;
  • Synthplus. A semi.Synthetic product can maintain abilities even in harsh conditions.

When mixing oil and gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw, 1:50 proportion is observed. For example, 20 ml of lubricants are added per 1 liter of fuel. During the running.In, you can increase the amount of oil.

Step.By.Step instructions. How to make the right run.In

Before starting to work with this device, namely imported production, it is necessary to conduct initial processing. First of all, through such a manipulation, you can normalize the correct operation of the engine. And the second important advantage is that you simply learn to handle the tool itself.

So, let’s actually deal with the process of the run.In your new chainsaw itself.

  • First of all, what you have to do is prepare a kind of mixture on which your device will work. To do this, you need oil and gasoline. But remember that to prepare such lubricants, you must use exclusively proprietary products.
  • In order to know which manufacturer, the oil is suitable for the model of your tool, you simply need to look into the instruction that is attached to each chainsaw model where everything is described in detail.
  • It is worth noting that during the preparation of this mixture, you must precisely follow all the proportions. Since the number of the octane, which applies to gasoline you used, should not exceed the indicator: 90. An exceptional moment can only be if this kind of change in the number is spelled out in the instructions itself.
  • Actually, let’s start the question of how to run a chainsaw correctly.

First of all, you need to check the presence of oil, which is poured into the tank and which is used specifically for chain lubrication. Since if the chainsaw earns relatively at a significant.Size revolution, then the tire chain will simply leave LADA.

Airy damper lever

For example, it can be a lever of the air damper or stop button. In addition, it is very important to first check the same position in the inertial brake. Since it should be turned off. It is worth noting that when it is turned off, the chain can be extended freely without much effort on the tire. But remember that you must produce this manipulation, exclusively protecting your hands through the use of gloves.

After all the prescribed manipulations, take your tool to the service center. This is necessary, since there the experts will finally set up the carburetor itself. After that, you can use your chainsaw, naturally considering all the instructions for the instructions for the operation of your tool.

It is worth noting that it is extremely desirable to show their device to specialists at least once a year working in this kind of service center so that they determine in what condition your tool is at the moment and check the carburetor.

Preparation for launch

Before the first launch of the chainsaw, you should check the condition of the saw headset and the quality of the bolts tension on the case. After that, prepare the fuel mixture in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer, properly pour it into the tool tank. You can’t start work without making sure of the complete serviceability of the device. This can lead to a breakdown of expensive elements, serious injuries.

Preparation of the fuel mixture

For normal operation of the chainsaw, it is recommended to take gasoline with an octane number of at least 90. The best option is the AI-92 brand, the use of less high-quality fuel can cause tapping of the engine, a decrease in its productivity.

Figure 2. Refueling fuel mixture

For both running.In and constantly working, two.Stroke engine oil is required. It is better to purchase brands designed for specific chainsaw models. The proportions for the preparation of the fuel mixture for each saw are indicated in the operating instructions, it is recommended to mix on average from the calculation of 1:33. For old domestic chainsaws, the mixture is prepared in a proportion of 1:15.

Important! Ethyl fuel is used to refuel chainsaws with an engine without a catalyst. Its presence can be determined by the green lid of the gas tank, for models with a catalyst you need to fill in unhealthy gasoline.


The mixture for refueling is recommended to be prepared in a metal container. First pour the required volume of oil, and then dilute it with gasoline and bring it to uniformity. Gently pour the prepared composition into the tank of the chainsaw, trying not to stain the housing, tightly screw the lid. The finished mixture can be stored for no more than 30 days, after which the process of oxidation is launched. At the same time as refueling, it is recommended to check the oil tank for lubrication of the chain, supplement it if necessary.

How to start a chainsaw with a valve of decompression

Before you get a Stihl chainsaw on which a decompression valve is installed, it is necessary to enable it. I would like to note that there is no decompression valve on the STIHL 250 saw.

After the first outbreak passes, the valve will be installed in normal operation, respectively, after the engine control lever is installed in the open air damper and the launch continues, it is necessary to press the decompression valve again.

Schematically, valve operation is shown in the figure below.

In fact, the valve does not launch faster, it just simplifies the process and makes it more comfortable, t.To. For the launch, a person will have to apply much less effort.

A saw with a decompression valve, regardless of whether a cold engine or hot, must be started using a valve to relieve the force of turning the engine. This will significantly increase the service life of the starter and reduce the number of ragged laces, t. To. It is installed on chainsaws with a large volume of the cylinder and, accordingly, compression.

How to work with a chainsaw: about the importance of an air filter

Motorists know what is happening with the machine when the air filter is clogged. In principle, nothing catastrophic. The thrust disappears, the engine begins to overheat and, accordingly, the load on its mobile parts increases. After changing or cleaning the air filter, everything returns to normal. Unless, of course, to delay this process. The chainsaw in this regard is no exception. To ensure the supply of clean air to the carburetor, this tool is equipped with filters of the following type.

  • Nylon. It is cleaned elementary. It is washed in warm soap water.
  • Foam rubber. And this version of the filter of the chainsaw is perfectly erased in soapy water.
  • Felt. This air cleaner is not washed and does not clean. It will have to be thrown away every time.

Ask how often it is necessary to clean the gas station air filter? This moment is easily determined by the operation of the tool. If interruptions appear, the engine will begin to swell and so on.

How to saw a chainsaw photo

Stages of running a new chainsaw

You have successfully launched the saw, now it’s time to run a new tool. It is assumed that you have already studied the instructions and you know that you cannot do. The running.In itself includes 2 main stages, each stage affects different details and prepares them for work. Consider these stages more detailed.

The question of how to start a chainsaw can be divided into two parts:

Information from the first part will be useful to those who have lost the instructions, or to those who have an uninformative instruction.

The second part will tell you what to do if you did everything correctly according to the instructions, but the chainsaw will not start anyway. It will also be useful to those who have a bad chainsaw start.

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Briefly about the starting device

A chainsaw works on an internal combustion engine. This is a simple device whose design has no special bells. Usually works fine even in difficult conditions.

Operation is provided by structural elements:

  • Carburetor engine (see. Carburetor adjustment).
  • Centrifugal couplings.
  • The ignition system in almost all devices is contactless.
  • Carburetor that adds air to the fuel mixture.
  • Fuel system. Its standard consists of a hose, a filter and a gas tank, but sometimes it has additional details.
  • Starter.
  • Tire.
  • Chain (see. Oil for the chain).
  • Chain tensioner and brake (see. How to hide the chain).

Stihl chainsaw preparation for work

How to use a chainsaw: step.By.Step annotation

The owner of a personal house, a cottage in another summer cottage sometimes need to create wood cuts. In this case, you need to purchase special equipment. Chainsaw Sometimes it is inconspicuous inventory. So that the work takes place rapidly and non.Hazardous, you need to join the detailed annotation of this process before the operation of the equipment.

How to use a chainsaw. Each master needs to know. If you do not make the rules discussed by the manufacturer of similar equipment, the highest risk of production injuries appears. Therefore, before operation, the subtleties of the equipment should certainly be carefully seen to our client.

Equipment features

Starting the study of the issue of how to use the chainsaw “Husqvarna”, “Stihl“,” Friendship “or other varieties of such equipment, you need to think about especially every tool. Our client remains the existing varieties conditionally divide into three groups.

The first class includes household appliances. They are used in personal operation in the performance of a small volume of work. Such chainsaws have low power. However, for the home master of such multifunctional abilities there will be many. These are relatively cheap and light equipment.

Semi.Professional chainsaws allow you to bring down trees. Applying them also create a system or repair work. The working time of the tool does not exceed 8 hours during the day.

Profic chainsaws are able to work up to 16 hours per day. Their continuous operation is achieved by 9 hours. This is expensive, heavy equipment. Of course, choose it only to purchase a special company, enterprises.

Features of domestic chainsaws

Russian instrument has certain design features. In order to correctly operate them, you need to study the device of chainsaws. The most all-terrified instruments of this category are “friendship”, “friendship-altai” and “Ural”. They are in the field for a long time.

stihl, chainsaw, correctly, methods

To realize how to use the chainsaw “friendship” and other brands, you need to see their device. The equipment has an engine and clutch clutch, and a gearbox is also found. The saw apparatus. To be able to manage the work of the starter, special structural elements are provided.

The power system has a gas tank, carburetor and a crane. Samotek fuel enters the gas pipeline with an open crane in the carburetor. Removable starter launches the engine. These accounting systems work properly to ensure the usual functioning of the equipment.

Features of foreign chainsaws

Very popular now are the chainsaws of the brands “Husqvarna” and “Stihl“. Their device is similar to Russian types of tools. But in their device there are several features. They should be studied, ahead of time before using the chainsaw “Stihl” or “Husqvarna”.

The presented equipment of foreign companies is relatively small in weight. This makes work significantly more comfortable. The Khuskvarna has a gasoline suction function. This is well suited if the situation has occurred when the gasoline ended and the engine stalled. With subsequent refueling, this function will allow the saw to start a saw.

“Stihl” has a quick.Removable cover, which is practical if the passage of filling the candle with gasoline. Devices with a lid on bolts cause certain difficulties. In this case, the fasteners must be performed using only 1 screw. Foreign equipment is characterized by a huge set of additional functions. But the operating rules for all varieties of chainsaws are common.

Preparation of the tool

Considering how to correctly use a chainsaw. You should start with a detailed study of the manufacturer annotation. The subtleties of equipment operation remains here to be indicated by our client.

Before starting work, the tool needs to be checked. Start by tension of the chain. For this purpose, you are pulled by the upper link. In the correct version, the shank leaves the groove for a few mm. At the same time, the lower section of the chain should not sag. Otherwise, the chain should be pulled. After which it should stretch just. Strong tension is also unacceptable.

Stihl chainsaw (stihl). How to use

How to refuel it true. What oil to use. Principle of operation. How to start correctly. A little story.

The handle of the inertial brake should not in contact with the main handle. Otherwise, when the saw is working, the clutch will shift. Elementary primary check can significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment breakdown.


Considering how to use the stihl, Jonshed, Husqvarna, Partner and other models, you should pay attention to the refueling process. Almost all of the devices presented have a two.Stroke engine. He is not able to work on a pure gasoline mixture. Therefore, fuel is prepared from certain components.

To prepare fuel, you need to take 1 liter of gasoline 20 g of engine oil. Gasoline should be A92 for domestic tools and A95 for expensive foreign models. The recommendations for the choice are indicated in the instructions by the manufacturer.

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Motor oil should be specially designed for a chainsaw. Ordinary car varieties in this case are not suitable. In a plastic container, you need to stir oil with gasoline. The resulting mixture must be poured into the tank. Its hole is indicated by the gas stitching icon. The neck of the container for the oil is indicated by a drop.

Lubrication of the chain

For the equipment to work for a long time, and its functioning is of high quality, it is necessary to periodically add grease for the chain.

Most often, manufacturers recommend using only branded oils. If the user decides to use a different tool, you can replace a special lubricant with car varieties.

The viscosity of such a product must correspond to the level indicated by the manufacturer.

After choosing the correct lubrication, you need to understand how to use a measuring container for a chainsaw. The marks are located near the neck of the gas tank. When working with the equipment presented, it is necessary to periodically control the oil level inside the saw.

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