Ways to disassemble a cast.Iron heating radiator with your own hands

Over time, cast.Iron radiators lose their thermal power, since the entire inner surface of the battery is contaminated with impurities that sailed along with the coolant. At the end of the heating season, a large amount of plaque remains inside the sections, which entails the destruction of gaskets.

Before proceeding with the work, you need to prepare all the necessary working inventory:

  • Trumpet key to unscrew the feet and locknuts;
  • Metal brush;
  • Corner grinder or pipeline;
  • Sledgehammer and hammer;
  • A piece of chalk;
  • Inch pipe from 50 to 100 cm long.
  • Kryazuvka for metal.

It is important to first prepare the site where it will be convenient to disassemble radiators. The best option is a strong wooden shield. Radiators are laid on the surface horizontally and proceed to work.

The most favorable time for work is summer when the heating system is disabled. Before starting to disassemble the radiator to the sections, it is important to drain the entire coolant from the heating circuit. To do this, they turn off the counter.Hawks that are on the eyeliners to the radiators. Next, the footballs are turned away, after which the battery can be removed.

General recommendations

Experienced masters and professionals recommend taking into account the following points:

When using a plug.In radiator traffic jam on heating devices, caution should be caused. The fact is that cast iron is easy to compress, but is considered a rather fragile material

Therefore, even a weak mechanical effect or blow to a solid surface can cause microcracks formation. As for steel products, they are more reliable in this regard.

When studying materials on the assembly and installation of heating devices, there are recommendations on the use of conventional paint for more tight connections. To some extent, these statements are true, however, it should be noted that such compounds have not a very attractive appearance, and when disassembled, you can encounter certain difficulties

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It is important to understand that modern heating devices and their additional devices do not require staining

It is not difficult to choose and install radiator traffic jams, but it is necessary to approach this process

It is very important to choose the combined materials, correctly determine the type of thread and the sizes of the cork, as well as its purpose. Observing the recommendations of professional masters, many problems can be avoided during the operation of the heating system, including batteries and radiators.

How to assemble an aluminum radiator

We collect in the reverse sequence. We have sections on a flat surface (suitable dimensions of the table or simply put on the floor). If the radiator is not new, unscrew the end plug and the crane of Mayevsky.

Before the installation, threads and grooves should be well examined, they should be of high quality, without chips and differences. On the mounted section for the sample, we “drive” the thread, screwing the nipple. Here you need to pay attention to the fact that before threading under a layer of factory paint, there may be a gasket. Rub the end of the end of the fine sandpaper slightly, if it is found there, then it must be carefully cut off with a knife with a sharp blade.

So aluminum radiator looks in the context

Before adding sections of the heating radiator, be sure to clean the ends to the smooth surface. We even take off the factory paint. On the ends of the radiators it is not needed, but will only contribute to the early manifestation of leaks. Sooner or later, the coolant will begin to seep under the paint. In the case of non.Freezing liquids, this will happen very soon, if the water is used in the system, then not very, but it will certainly happen. And then the coolant will begin to flow between the sections, although the gaskets are still in perfect condition. And the whole point is that the paint at the ends stained or it corroded, microcracks appeared. So we must clean the ends to clean metal, but we use fine sandpaper so that the surface of the metal is smooth and without scratches. This guarantees the operation of the system without leak in radiators.

For better tightness, the ends then need to be degreased (you can gasoline). Gaskets also degrease, but they need to be washed with ordinary soap solution. For a system that will be filled with water degreasing, an optional procedure, and for systems that will work on antifreeze, you need to conduct it. Antifreezes have great fluidity and seep in the smallest pores. After everything dries, we begin to collect aluminum radiators.

Then we make both nipple-gayki for half a turnover. Tarm.Resistant paronite (silicone) gaskets for sealing joints are dressed on top of the nipple. Now we take the section that needs to be fastened and tightly attached to the nuts, checking the density of their fit. Next, insert the key into the upper hole and tighten it into 1-2 revolutions. At the same time, we do not use the lever yet. We twist with our hands. Then we do the same operation and in the lower hole. We repeat several times, alternately for several revolutions, pulling both nuts.

We unscrew the sections gradually, by one.Two turns of the nut from below or from above

We twist as much as enough strength. Only after manual tightening can you use the lever. This must be done in two stages at each nippe. It is better not to apply excessive efforts with the final tightening of the nipples, since you can easily tear the thread: aluminum soft metal, do not forget.

If the section is collected completely, we wind up the plug on the unused holes on one side, and on the other, the “Maevsky” crane (for air release from the system). Now you know how to assemble sections of the heating radiator and, if necessary, can grow a few sections.

In what cases are the dismantling of the batteries

Often than others, the dismantling of a cast.Iron heating radiator must be carried out, which has already served his age. But sometimes you have to decide how to remove the bimetallic radiator. Modern heating devices are easier to dismantle.

Heating radiator dismantling works may be needed in the following circumstances:

When cast iron batteries give a leak between sections. At the same time, the distance from the eyeliner is small, there are many sections. It is impossible to reach the nipples that are from the side of the deaf traffic jams with a conventional radiator key. Therefore, you have to remove the device from the side of the eyeliner. To make dismantling urgently, you need to know in advance how to remove the heating battery correctly. If leaks are formed in the sites on the eyeliner to the battery

To change the lining (it does not matter, carving or welding), the device is required. Sometimes there is a need to replace the radiator with another device, with more profitable power characteristics or more modern in design.

Radiators are required to be removed for preventive work to remove the scale inside. Sometimes this is done by annealing. After this procedure, it is necessary to replace intersecination gaskets. When repairing an apartment for gluing or painting a wall behind the radiator, it is required to remove it. It is not recommended to glue wallpaper near the radiators in the heating season, they will not hold on, so you need to take care of this in advance. There are other cases: for example, it is decided to redo one.Pipe system for a two.Pipe. Radiators need to be dismantled carefully to use them again

Aluminum devices require special caution.

How to make out a cast.Iron heating battery with your own hands

Sooner or later it can turn out so that even a cast.Iron battery will require a complete replacement or you will need to just clean it. In both versions, the battery will have to disassemble. How to disassemble the cast.Iron heating battery with your own hands quite quickly and as professionally as possible? The fact is that such radiators are the best option for use in apartment buildings. These heating elements are able to withstand all the vicissitudes of the imperfect heating system. Sometimes, over time, even cast iron has to be changed, because he gave a leak or simply does not fit into the new apartment renovation.

Although even today cast.Iron batteries are also relevant. Many users do not want to change such good heat sources to new, but so short.Lived, compared to cast iron, heat sources. Therefore, the majority tries to put their batteries in order, simply repainting them. Some use decorative screens for cast.Iron batteries. It is very convenient and the appearance is like new radiators and there are no problems in the design. (Cm. Also: installation of heating radiators with your own hands)

Any replacement of batteries can only be performed in the summer, when the heating season has not yet begun or vice versa only ended. But sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that the battery has to be changed and disassembled in winter. For example, if the battery has leaked, what to do? Wait for the summer or the fact that one day is not a wonderful day the radiator will break through, and the neighbors will be flooded from below?

You can try to use the services of plumbers, but you can cope with the situation and yourself. In order to make out a cast-iron battery, you need special tools and some knowledge, which we will talk about.

Iron Battery: Build Instructions

How to disassemble and assemble a cast.Iron heating radiator

Say that cast.Iron heating batteries lose their relevance, premature. As practice shows, they do not only lose their fans, but rather constantly acquire new. Explain, such a phenomenon, just. Cast iron, differs from modern materials, excellent heat transfer, good heat drive and durability. Because of this, many owners are in no hurry to change the old one who has served for more than one decade, a heating system. But still, no matter how long the centuries of the heating structure, replacement or repair of cast.Iron batteries is inevitable. Therefore, to know how to correctly disassemble and assemble a cast.Iron heating radiator with your own hands will not be superfluous.

No matter how, at first glance, a formidable breakdown of a cast.Iron battery seemed, do not rush to change it to a new. DIY heating radiator repair will help you significantly save money. Typically, the failure of the heating device is to accumulate garbage in sections and rupture of the gaskets between them. Disassemble, rinse the equipment inside and replace the sealing rings between the sections, and then assemble a cast.Iron heating radiator yourself will help to quickly solve the problem. Extend the operation of the plumbing product, for a few more five years.

Preparatory stage

After all paper problems are eliminated, it is necessary to start negotiations with their closest neighbors, which are bordering on the ceiling and flooring. Most often, it happens that the dismantling of old radiators implies not only the installation of new, but also the complete replacement of the pipeline, especially if it has not changed since the founding of the house. By the way, bimetallic sira heating batteries is a good and reliable choice, thanks to which you will not have to worry about the internal state of the radiator. (Cm. Also: how to change the battery in the apartment)

Successful negotiations with neighbors will achieve the best option of work, since their consent will allow to complete the replacement of pipes from the interchange of neighbors from below, to the interchange of neighbors from above. Such an outcome of negotiations will save time, as well as quickly carry out work. However, with the negative outcome of the negotiations, nothing will remain, how to trim the pipes directly at the risers. By the way, dismantling of batteries is a great opportunity to change old pipes to polypropylene analogues. Among their advantages, the simplicity of installation and dismantling is distinguished, as well as small weight, but high strength.

After all preliminary work was carried out, the services were overlapping, you can dismantle the old battery. However, this is about the apartment building. In a private house, things are different and much easier. In this case, it is necessary to carry out an overlap, without notifying anyone about this, and you can proceed with the removal of batteries and their subsequent replacement with Global heating batteries, or what other brands.

How the radiator is removed if it is installed on Americans

If the radiator is attached to the heating system with the help of an American, then it will not be difficult to disconnect it:

  • They turn the nuts with the help of a divorce, lacture or pipe key (carving on the right.Wing American);
  • Next, you need to pull the eyeliner from the radiator plug for very little and remove the device from the brackets.

Dismantling should not cause difficulties, the battery is removed within a few minutes. But it may happen that an additional effort will be needed in order to disconnect metal eyeliners if the connection is diagonal. To do it easier, you need to tilt the battery on the brackets a little.

Tips for professionals

According to experts, the disassembly of cast.Iron radiators should occur without the intervention of heavy tools. Sections repair implies purging and cleaning the containers from corrosion and other many years of garbage. In this case, it will be more advisable to use the surface of the surface, since, in addition to disassembly, the high temperature will allow you to break into large pieces of rust.

Using the listed methods, you can independently disassemble the cast.Iron battery at home. In order not to damage the radiator during dismantling, you should act carefully and adhere to these instructions.

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