How to saw a jigsaw smoothly along a board

Sawing along the notches of the knife

This method is a bit more labor-intensive than the previous ones. It involves making two notches under the ruler with a knife. They are made with a millimeter indentation to the sides of the marking line. That is, you need to swipe the knife so as to cut through the thin top layer of the sheet material. The gap between the two lines must match the width of the kerf, which makes a jigsaw blade.

After that, it remains to carefully make a jigsaw cut between the lines. All resulting chips will end up on the notches. As a result there will be no chips at all, or they will be inconspicuous.

To begin with, it is necessary to correctly select the power tool based on your own needs for it. It is important to understand that the more powerful the device, the greater its weight. This will directly affect the further convenience of its use. Therefore, you should not buy a tool, paying attention only to its power.

When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to some useful additions in the device. For example, backlighting and blowing can actually often come in handy when working with a jigsaw. It is also recommended to buy models with a step regulation of speed, electronic stabilizer, and pendulum stroke. All of these will make woodworking much easier.

Key rules

To make the sawing process simple and fast, it is necessary to observe the basic key rules of work:

To make the edges of the plywood even, it is better to saw along the blade.

  • only work with dry material, because humidity increases the resistance of the material and the veneer can start to delaminate;
  • the cutting blade must be replaced as soon as the first signs of blunting of the teeth appear;
  • with an electric jigsaw it is better to work along the fibers of the material, so the edges will be more even;
  • with a hand-operated jigsaw cut across the grain of the veneer.
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To work safely, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • firmly fix the sawing table and the saw blade in the frame;
  • The jigsaw must have serviceable and well set handles;
  • Do not press the jigsaw too hard, trying to help him, this will only lead to an accelerated blunting of the working blade;
  • Straight and long cuts are best made with a wide blade, so the sawing process will go faster;
  • you must always see the markings, so sawdust from the material to be sawed should be removed by hand, in no case blow away, because they can get into the eyes.

Following these simple rules will help beginners learn how to cut circles with a jigsaw and facilitate their work.

Marking the kerf

For a neat cut, a very important role is the marking of the kerf line. The first thing to do is to use a ruler and a pencil to draw all the necessary lines to the required dimensions. If a shape cut of the material is required, it should first be drawn on paper, and then transferred to the material with a copier.

Next, a straight rail should be used as a guide. Without it the jigsaw blade can easily get sideways and the workpiece will be ruined. Some models of jigsaws have a laser beam that helps to orient the tool more evenly, but you should not neglect the guide rail.

To cut a circle, make a marking according to a pre-made stencil. A hole is drilled in the center of the circumference, and the web is guided from this hole to the edges of the marking and cut along the perimeter.

The right sawing technique

The most difficult question is to choose the right size of saws for this tool.

There is a very wide range of these products on the market.

And many of them are only a few millimeters thick.

The main thing to remember is that these saws last only for a couple of hours of work.

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And it is necessary to handle them very carefully.

The smallest saws are only able to handle plywood.

If the material is harder and denser, it means that you need to take a larger saw. This will also help answer the question of how to saw plywood evenly.

Guide rail for jigsaw

The jigsaw guide is an elementary device that, at first glance, looks like a large metal ruler or rule. The main difference between the rail and the above devices is a special groove in which, as on rails, moves the soleplate with the jigsaw mounted on it. Most of the guides have rubberized strips that prevent slipping on the surface of the material, and as an additional fixation, they are attached with small clamps. The average length of such fixtures is from 1.5 to 3 meters, and can be extended with another, similar ruler, using an adapter.

How to saw laminated chipboard with a jigsaw without splitting?

Laminated chipboard is one of the most common materials used in do-it-yourself furniture. We can talk about its advantages and disadvantages for a long time. But it’s much more important to know how to saw laminated chipboard with a jigsaw without chipping.

jigsaw, smoothly, board

Making holes

How to saw evenly with a jigsaw, for example, a hole? Often it is necessary to do exactly that. In order to install the jigsaw in the center of the future hole, a small hole is made, and then the sawing unit is inserted there. Then simply walk along the marked line of the circle. In the same way a rectangular shape is made (namely, it is necessary to move the saw along the side of the rectangle). But the corners are smooth. Next you have to saw the next side.

Another important point in the work. you should not press down hard on the jigsaw. This condition is often violated by beginners, which leads to overheating and then. to breakage. In addition, one saw should not be used all the time, otherwise it will blunt and will claw the material to be sawed.

Sturdy materials are not easy to cut. To make the procedure fast, machine oil is used. They are lubricated in the process, and the work goes quickly. The low speed is another problem of such tools. The fact is that, again, overheating occurs. No one ruled out safety precautions, and even at home you should not forget about goggles and gloves.

jigsaw, smoothly, board

When all procedures are finished, it is worth wiping down the equipment and lubricating with machine oil. On the market there are units with normal and pendulum stroke. The first option is different in that the movement is upward on any material. If there is a pendulum stroke and upward movement, the extra blade is thrown forward. This allows the work process to be longer without heavy wear and tear on the saw.

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When You Only Have a Jigsaw to Make a Straight Cut

How fast should I cut Particleboard, Laminated Particleboard with the jigsaw?

To cut particleboard evenly with a jigsaw, you must work with an electric or hand-held tool at low speed, pressing the blade firmly against the workpiece. Rapid sawing makes the cut too accurately, splintering is more likely.

Users say that when cutting with the jigsaw head in a straight line and at low speed, the jigsaw moves about 50 cm per minute. If you increase the intensity of movement and set the maximum angle of inclination, then for the same time will be able to cut up to 2 m. But the cut will be rough, with large chips.

Tip! If you need to saw the material carefully, it is worth turning off the pendulum stroke in the tool.

How smoothly the jigsaw will cut particleboard also depends on the sharpness of the blade. New blades let you cut the material in a straight line and at a constant speed. But after about 3 m of workpiece the tooling begins to blunt, which slows down the advance and makes the cut rougher.

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