How to saw aerated concrete block manually. The manufacturers

What to cut aerated concrete. 4 types of tools for cutting

When sawing aerated concrete blocks, various equipment is used:

However, it is better to cut aerated concrete slabs with a special tool, then the trimmed edges will be smooth and even. Used in the form of special cutting tools:

Hand saw

  • A metal angle that can be used to control the correct angle of cut.
  • Ruler, marker or pencil, which are needed to determine the place of the cut.
  • Planer for aerated concrete products, which levels the surface layer of the masonry.

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Stitch cutter

The device for sawing. a stroborez, designed for cutting grooves in the block and making grooves. You need to work with the stitch cutter at the construction site. They come in electric and manual. The advantages of the tool include:

The stroebo cutter consists of a double-sided cutter that is fixed to the handle. To speed up the work, a tool with two holders is used. Before sawing mark places of the future holes with a pencil and a ruler.

About kinds of hacksaws for cutting foam concrete

Before you choose a hacksaw for aerated concrete, you need to find out what types of it there are. The devices differ according to such criteria:

Handheld hacksaws are available in different types, and they differ in such indicators:

In these respects, the hand tools under consideration differ from each other. If you plan to work with your own hands, it is better not to choose a hand saw for foam concrete from the cheap ones, otherwise physical fatigue will quickly arise.

Band saws quickly and qualitatively cut gas silicate blocks. This machine has a high productivity, it allows you to cut aerated concrete about 20 times faster than with a hand saw. The guide blade is made by special technology of hard metal alloy, the height of the working surface can be adjusted. The cost of such a car is about 5000-6000 euros. Let’s take a closer look at the band saw produced by Lissmac, which is designed for cutting gas silicate blocks. This machine can saw aerated concrete blocks not only in straight line, but also diagonally.

The main advantages of this machine are:

  • Automatic tensioning of the cutting disk, which allows you to accurately saw aerated concrete blocks;
  • Direct drum drive via gearbox. Eliminates all maintenance of the drive elements;
  • Heavy-duty guide rollers of the cutting blade: to ensure its long life;
  • Large clearance of the cutting blade in the machine, which ensures rapid removal of waste and guarantees a continuous workflow;
  • The fabric belt is replaced by a quick-release connection on the work table;
  • For ease of transportation, the vehicle has a lifting eye and transport wheels;
  • For better stability the model is equipped with stops.

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Strobing cutter for aerated concrete

Wall cutters are used when grooving reinforcement bars, piping, electrical wiring, Internet cables, television and other utilities in aerated concrete. They are divided into manual and electric.

There are two types of hand choppers that handle aerated concrete. The first has a curved handle with holders for two hands. Double-sided blade is bolted in place.

This tool for cutting aerated concrete is very convenient. Two holders provide uniform pressure, which greatly speeds up the work process. Another type of shredder also has two holders, but it is straight. It is easy to make grooves and spacers in gas silicate blocks with this tool. Its use allows you to do the work with high precision.

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The electric aircrete cutting machine is designed as a small device with two rubber rollers, which makes it much easier to move the surface cutting tool from the gas-silicate blocks. The rotating body has several cutters that are driven by the electric motor of the tool. Hand holders are located above the rollers. Electric cutters are made by many companies, the most popular being: Makita, Sparky, Prorab, Bosch, Elmos.

The hand-held tool is considered a universal tool for sawing gas silicate blocks. Can be used under any conditions, including in the absence of power supply. The use of electric saws is much more functional, but at the same time expensive and unusable without power supply.

Tools for cutting aerated concrete in length and width

Aerated concrete is easy to work with. It is possible to cut aerated concrete blocks using manual or electric saws, which makes it possible to make various structural elements of buildings and structures of any geometry.

Band saw

The band saw for cutting aerated concrete blocks is professional high-performance equipment. Allows for cutting aerated concrete blocks into narrow sections. It is not used for the construction of detached houses, but is frequently used in large commercial or industrial construction projects.

The machine is divided into a top and bottom part, between which there is a working area where the blocks are sawn.

In the work unit provides the wheels on the shaft, driven by an electric motor. The saw blade is stretched between them in much the same way as a chain.

One part of the blade stays in the machine so it is not visible and the other part goes through the work area, an iron plate with a marking.

Two buttons on the machine to turn it on and off.

Designed for efficient dust extraction to ensure long and continuous working hours.

  • Maximizes productivity. Material can be cut very quickly.
  • Has an extremely simple design, so you can maintain it yourself.
  • Allows you to put electric motors of needed power.
  • Can easily cut thick blocks.
  • Even round cuts are possible due to the oscillating cutting unit.
  • Precise cutting lines are achieved thanks to the guiding system.
  • No holes to cut.
  • This tool needs to be operated by a professional, who is familiar with safety procedures as the cutting belt can cause fatal injuries.

Due to the large dimensions, a roomy truck is needed to transport the draw frame.

How to saw with a hacksaw

Due to the low density, it is possible to cut aerated concrete block with hand saws with a special cutting edge. It is reasonable to use this tool if the amount of work is small and the configuration of the erected elements is not complicated.

It is advantageous to use this saw because of its low price. It is possible to work at height, where with other equipment to rise is extremely difficult and often impossible. This allows the master to quickly perform the necessary operations, as the hacksaw is light and always on hand.

From the disadvantages it is worth allocating a low accuracy of cutting. This problem is solved by sawing along the guide frame, which is installed on the block. With its help the cut will be more even.

Basically, the hand hacksaw is used to saw aerated concrete at home.

When choosing it, the following aspects should be taken into account:

Sabre saw

Effective for cutting aerated concrete, so it saves a lot of time and effort. The tool is inexpensive, so even for the construction of your own house, the purchase will be justified.

The sabre saw cuts material through the rapid rotational and reciprocating movements of the interchangeable blade. The length of the cutting blade can vary, but for comfortable work specialists recommend using blades longer than the thickness of the block.

  • Precise cutting.
  • Great performance.
  • Allows you to make closed cuts.
  • You can make grooves for electrical wiring and fittings.

Electric chainsaw

This tool allows you to saw gas silicate block and cut blind holes or slots of different shapes in it. Is considered versatile because it is capable of cutting a variety of building materials.

The advantage of the saw is that it saws the material by rotating the cutting edge in one direction. This effectively removes sawdust from the working area without the rod hitting the material during the blind cut, which reduces the risk of the saw jamming.

U-slots can be sawed with the power tool.

  • Blocks can be cut right through the masonry.
  • You can work in many positions (sawing at an angle, at a height, etc.).д.).
  • Saw is equipped with guide rails for smooth sawing.
  • The wood chain included in the delivery set allows cutting aerated concrete, but it blunts quickly, that’s why we have to buy a chain with pobedite coating for about 2000
  • The saw itself costs from 10,000
  • Very hot chain that is subjected to sustained use, causing the chain to stretch. If the chain is not removed one link at a time, it can fall off. You have to let it cool down from time to time because of that.
  • Saw chain sprockets wear out quickly. They are not expensive, but it takes a long time to replace them.
  • It makes a very thick kerf and therefore requires more mortar to be put between the blocks.

Electric chainsaw is an injury-prone tool because the cutting mechanism is open. Many workers are injured every year as a result of working with it.

Types of equipment

When sawing aerated concrete blocks use different equipment:

There are manual and mechanical equipment. It is possible to cut aerated concrete material to any width and length, to give any angle. For small jobs, manual equipment is used, if the volume of materials is large, electric tools are used. It is not advised to use a cutting unit. a chain saw.

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To divide the aerated concrete blocks into desired parts you can use a cutting tool. a hand saw. It is used for small amounts of work and if it is difficult to saw with a hacksaw. If there is no possibility to buy a special cutting tool, you can make do with a hacksaw made by hand. To saw the wood suitable for aerated concrete blocks, it with the help of an angle grinder make teeth and divide with a pair of pliers. Such a cutting tool is suitable for cutting several blocks and will last a short time. This is a great option so you don’t have to spend money to buy cutting tools.

However, it is better to cut aerated concrete boards with a special tool, then the cut edges will be smooth and even. Use in the form of special cutting tools:

Hand saw

For small amounts of work, a hand saw is used. With its help, finish the openings of windows and doors, as well as without it do not cope with the laying of the initial levels of the walls. To ensure that the device that cuts the products, performed its function benign, use auxiliary tools:

  • Metal angle with which to control the correct angle of cut.
  • Ruler, marker or pencil, which are needed to determine the place of the cut, which equals the surface layer of masonry.

Aerated concrete, foam сoncrete block making machine ARK-005

Aerated concrete is one of the hard materials, which means that the choice of cutting tools, should be based on the quality of the cutting blade. Sawing with a hand hacksaw, which is designed for wood material, is wrong for gas concrete boards. It takes a lot of time and effort. The cutting element of a hand hacksaw must consist of carbide components with larger teeth. The hand saw is available with one handle and with two handles. The cost of the cutting tool is influenced by the distinctive properties of the tool and the manufacturer.

Sabre saw

The sabre saw, which is similar to an electric jigsaw or power drill, is an electric hand saw. It requires a power supply. It can easily cut aerated concrete products. The cutting component is the blade. The sawing process looks like a translational and rotational motion, with movement in a straight line. Making a reverse motion, the blades are raised. The construction of a saber saw tool consists of three parts, two sides are movable, and one, the middle part, is inactive and serves as a lock on the place of the cut. The plus side of the sabre saw is the neatness and fineness of the cut. Distinguish the saber sawing according to the following indicators:

The sabre tool differs in the way it is cut, it can be sabre and straight. The machine can be used directly on the job site. The sabre-cutting device for sawing aerated concrete structures provides a precise cut, so it is used when it is necessary to make grooves or adjust the boards to the desired size. To work on an aerated concrete block neatly, a marking is made before sawing. Machine depend on machine capacity and power.


The band saw is used for cutting aerated concrete for large production batches. Represents a closed band of steel, on one edge of which there are teeth. Cutting with a band saw ensures a smooth cut and produces twenty times more blanks than when working with a hand-held electric tool. The rapidity of the work lies in the ability to saw aerated concrete structures at once 2-3 pieces. Mechanism teeth are made of hard alloy and multi-layer coating. The cost of the cutting structure is not everyone can afford, and reaches five thousand dollars.

electric saw

The cut in aerated concrete blocks can be made with electric saw. Cutting blades perform precise incisions and approximate. Often an electric mechanism with sawing property is used in domestic construction. Electric saw is an inexpensive tool, so it adds its presence to the luggage of construction materials of every second man. Cutting tools have high technological characteristics and robust materials.


Sawing attachment is a grommet cutter, which is designed to cut grooves in the block and make grooves. Stroborezm need to work at the construction site. They can be electric or handheld. The advantages of the tool include:

Strobus cutter consists of a double-sided cutter, which is fixed to the handle. To accelerate the work, tools with two holders are used. Before sawing, mark the places of future holes with a pencil and ruler.


When sawing aerated concrete blocks, people try to give them an even surface, but it does not always succeed. Cope with this task will be able to planer, which will align the surface of aerated concrete and make it perfectly smooth. The planer consists of a wooden base with embedded fine teeth, which are located at an angle.

Additional accessories for cutting aerated concrete

All of the above mentioned tools are universal. For some specific jobs, additional attachments are used:

  • Planer for aerated concrete. is a grater with a metal base and a convenient handle. Designed for accurate adjustment of block dimensions and alignment of cutting points after sawing.
  • Manual milling cutter. a specially bent metal tube with a handle that allows you to quickly scratch out on the surface of the material indentations of rounded shape, in which to put the bars of reinforcement and communications (after the construction of the house).
  • Electric stitch cutter. Externally similar to a circular saw, but has two rotating parallel cutting discs. Due to the built-in depth of cut adjustment mechanism is able to give perfect cuts for the desired depth of cuts. As an inexpensive substitute, you can use the classic angle grinder with the appropriate disc.
  • Teeth. you can take the standard ones for concrete, with pobedite tips. They are used to create blind and through round holes in the walls for ventilation, socket boxes and so on.
  • Angle for sawing aerated concrete with their own hands. used to control the course of the cut.

From the variety listed above, you can see that a good craftsman must have a tool for every job.


It is recommended to buy two types of hand saw on aerated concrete:

  • Saws that will cut well must have a rigid structure of the blade. The only nuance of such a tool. a small and short blade suitable only for interior panels with a thickness of no more than 20 centimeters.
  • Standard saw blades with a long blade. According to consumer reviews, all tools of this type have flexible blades. This feature results in an uneven cut. But with the observance of special technology it is possible to get accustomed to perform the work.


  • there are no difficulties in use;
  • if the thickness of the blade is sufficient, its deformation during operation will not occur;
  • you get an even surface of the cut, without the formation of chips;
  • when the length is sufficient it is suitable for both longitudinal and transverse cuts;
  • tools needed during the fitting of window and door frames;
  • reasonable price.


  • Before you start the work, you should buy a special metal angle for cutting aerocrete, this will help to eliminate distortions;
  • The work, which is carried out by hand tools requires a lot of time and certain skills.

To make a quality masonry gas blocks it is necessary to choose correctly the tools. Many manufacturers produce complete sets of cutters designed for work with a particular material.

When choosing a hacksaw with a rigid blade, you can disregard the manufacturer. The main thing is to choose a saw for aerated concrete, which has a rigid blade.

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Angle grinder and electric strobot cutter

There are special attachments on the angle grinder, which are two metal discs that leave behind two even grooves.

There are also specialized angle grinder, so-called. Electric Stroborezami, they can adjust the width and depth of hole. After cutting, the aerated concrete itself should be selected with a chisel and hammer. The saw’s advantages are its high cutting speed and smoothness, but its disadvantages are.high dust content that requires a vacuum cleaner to be connected.

The advantage of the sabre saw is the high precision of cutting both sabre and straight.

An important advantage of such a saw is the high precision of the cut, both scissor and straight. If compared, for example, with a chainsaw, the cutting accuracy will be much higher, and its width is much narrower than that of a chain saw.

The sabre cutters differ in terms of such features as

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The saber saw has two different modes of operation: straight and saber. Each mode can cut both upright and upside down.

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