How to saw parquet when laying. Subway for a parquet board – which is better?

How and what to cut a laminate

The laminate fell in love with a huge number of buyers around the world, impressed by quality, beauty, wear resistance and many other pleasant operational properties of this floor covering.

But for many, in the process of independent laying of the WITEX laminate or any other, the correct cut of the lamellas becomes the correct problem, and it is necessary to cut them constantly, at least. at the end of each laid row. Let’s briefly consider the main methods and tools that will help to carefully cut the laminate.

Special cutter

There are specially created cuts for the cut of laminate, which allow you to get the perfect cut, and the lamellas themselves are cut simply and easily. The main disadvantage of this method is that in flooring stores or construction stores the cutter is expensive, and if repairs are made in only one apartment, such a purchase will be inappropriate.

This method is suitable only for those who already have the skill of working with this tool, otherwise there will be much more problems. Equipped with a metal cutting disk, a circular saw allows you to get a flat and high.quality surface of the saw. Put the lamella for cutting only with a laminated film up, and the cut itself was done with smooth, slow movements.

General information

If you choose a wood.based flooring, then people often give their preference to natural parquet or a cheaper, but no less visually pleasant option. laminate. Such material is characterized by increased resistance and features that will even exceed natural solutions for operation.

In construction stores you can find different laminate design. World.class companies can offer end users a wide variety of textures that will imitate natural surfaces, for example, trees of various types.

Such a coating has become popular largely due to the fact that it is very easy to lay a laminate using a castle system. Also, such coatings are quite easy to dismantle and install again.

The coating is laid in rooms where increased patency is observed. This is largely due to the fact that the laminate has increased indicators of wear resistance, and the loads are not terrible. If you lay in a bedroom or living room, then the tones of wood of warm shades will create a cozy atmosphere, and thanks to resistance to water, you can not be afraid that fungus or bacteria will develop in the kitchen.

How the laminate works

Laying the laminate only by whole parts is almost impossible. Laminate lamps are most often made rectangular shape. On the surface of the planks there is a thin film made of resin, which protects the laminate from various kinds of influences and damage. Under the protective layer is a layer with a shade, where the formation of a picture goes, which externally looks like a tree of various types.

Next is a layer of wood-based stove, which increases stiffness indicators. The latter is a layer of melamine, thanks to which the laminate is resistant to moisture. As a result, it turns out that in thickness such a coating will be about six to twelve centimeters. If you saw such products, then it is very important to carefully make the edge. Otherwise, curved chips may form, which will need to be compensated by valuable centimeters of the coating. It may also be necessary to replace the elements with a malfunction with new.

In order not to throw away valuable pieces of coating, which is quite expensive, it is better to prepare tools in advance that will make it possible to make even sections. Thus, you can protect yourself and immediately styling without spending additional resources.

Advantages of a parquet board

Parquet board is great for the arrangement of flooring in various rooms. The following advantages speak in favor of choosing this material.

  • Reliability and durability. Parquet board with proper care for a long time retains the original appearance. over, those who have lost the attractiveness of the coating can be updated several times. They use grinding for this.
  • A large number of design solutions. You can choose an option that will perfectly complement any interior.
  • The ability to finish any premises. A parquet board is laid in zones with high humidity or ability, the upper layer of which is made of moisture.resistant and especially strong wood species and covered with special compounds for additional protection.
  • High speed of professional installation. The laying of the parquet board is quickly.
  • Comfort. Wood. warm material. Walking barefoot does not cause discomfort.
  • The ease of recovery. When grinding the coating, the parquet board is not dismantled.
  • Environmental friendliness. Natural materials go to production. Protective compositions are not toxic.
  • Simplicity of operation. Parquet board is not demanding in care.
  • In addition, laying a parquet board increases sound insulation.

The advantages and disadvantages of the parquet board

If you decide, parquet or laminate, which is better, then pay attention to the following advantages of the parquet coating:

  • Since in the process of production in the factory, each parquet is finished (it is opened with varnish, wax or soaked in oil), the product is immediately ready for operation after laying.
  • Protective factory coating increases the aesthetic qualities of the product and extends its service life.
  • Parquet board from oak, ash, maple and other valuable wood are resistant to deformations that arise as a result of moisture and temperature drops.
  • An impressive thickness of the decorative layer of valuable wood (up to 6 mm) extends the service life of the product, because the surface can be polished repeatedly and opened with varnish.
  • The board laid in a castle method is easily dismantled if necessary. This may be needed when repairing, moving, or in the case of installation of a warm floor.
  • If we compare the cost of installing a parquet board, then the are more acceptable than the rates for the installation of piece parquet. start from 4 per square.
  • Due to the presence of a lock connection, the styling technology is so simple that the work can be done independently.
  • It is not difficult to choose a coating for the color and style of the interior, because the assortment of colors, coatings and decorative processing options are very large.
  • Three.layer parquetine is more resistant to deformation than a two.layer parquet or laminate.
  • The floor must be protected from moisture, therefore, high demands are imposed on the base and the room in the room.
  • Figure styling is unacceptable.
  • Limited selection of variants of the upper lamella drawings.
  • Violation of installation or operation rules can lead to a delay in the product.
  • High requirements for evenness and humidity of the base for laying parquet.
  • The quality of the product is much dependent on compliance with the manufacturing technology, the strength of the locking connection, the varieties of wood and the drying technology of wood.

Swimming floor technology

Schemes of the Parquet Board “Igest” with a locking “floating” method

In this case, glue is not used, so the installation is carried out about twice as fast. In each bar, a groove is made on one side, and on the other. a spike. A similar fixation method is called a click system. The “floating floor” is very practical, and in the case of moving, the coating can be dismantled.

Attention! Sometimes damage occurs on parquet boards. When using “dry” technology, a damaged board is easy to replace even without a specialist help.

Laying a parquet board in the “floating floor” method

Using glue

This technology differs in that grooves with spikes are glued together. The main thing you need to know is that you can’t buy water.based glue, otherwise the material will soon be deformed.

Glue needs to be applied along the entire length of each groove. If a diagonal installation was selected, then the work begins from the corner, and if the longitudinal, then from the long.distance relative to the front door of the wall.

Pose de pavés bois debout en hexagone / Laying end grain wood flooring

Attention! Diagonal installation looks more aesthetically pleasing, but it is associated with a large number of expenses (therefore, it will cost more) and difficulties in installation.

Parquet board installation technology

Understanding the technological methods of flooring this coating, you need to consider all aspects.

So, the parquet board can be laid in three ways. “floating” masonry, on glue or on lags. To decide which one is suitable for a particular case, you need to find out what they are, to deal with their advantages and disadvantages.

“Floating” masonry of the parquet board

Such laying of the parquet board is performed without fixing the coating to the base. Well, its monolithic is achieved only through locking joints located along the edges of the boards.

On a completely even base, it is quite possible to apply the technology of “floating” laying of the coating

Such installation includes several stages that will be discussed in detail in the instruction table below. Now you can only dwell on the positive and negative moments of this method.

The “pluses” of this technology include:

  • Simplicity and speed of masonry.
  • The ability to adjust the errors made during installation.
  • The possibility of replacing individual coating boards, in case of damage.
  • Simplicity of dismantling the board and the possibility of secondary use. For example, the coating is tired or has lost its relevance or aesthetics, so it is decided to replace it. The board can be easily removed and transferred to the cottage, where to put in one of the rooms again.
  • The stability of the floating coating to temperature fluctuations, since the design has the opportunity to expand the material.
  • Saving on the purchase of glue.
  • The floating coating can be operated immediately after the completion of installation work.

The “minuses” of this way of laying can be considered:

  • The “floating” coating is not suitable for installation in rooms with an area of ​​more than 50 “squares”.
  • It is not recommended for laying in rooms where high load will be provided on the floors.
  • The coating is sensitive even to small irregularities, so it is necessary to lay the substrate under it. However, this material will cost cheaper than special glue.

Installation of Herringbone Parquetvinyl. DIY

Adhesive method of installing a parquet board

The name of this method of installation speak for itself. That is, with this approach, the parquet board is laid on a special glue applied to the base.

Laying a parquet board on a special glue

over. When acquiring glue, you must make sure that it is suitable for a specific type of parquet board.

Installation by this technique is carried out in stages. At the same time, a clear adherence to all technological recommendations tested by masters and proved their importance is of particular importance.

  • The adhesive method of installation is used if the board is planned to be laid on a concrete coating, which before starting work must be well primed. If the apartment is on the ground floor of the house, where it is likely to penetrate dampness on the ceilings and walls, then the floors are best impregnated with a deep penetration with a waterproofing composition, which will protect the surface from moisture and the appearance of mold. The primer must be applied not only to the floors, but also to the lower part of the walls, with a strip of 100 ÷ 120 mm. If the solution is applied in several layers. then each of them should be well dried.
  • The next step, along one of the walls, a parquet board is laid, between it and the wall, at a distance of about 400 ÷ 500 mm from each other, special plastic or wooden inserts are installed, which will provide a compensation gap. They will allow the material of the flooring to expand with an increase in the temperature in the room, so the flooring will remain even.
  • Further, having adjusted the length of the last board in the row (as is done, it will be shown in the table below), the glue is applied to the floor on the floor on the area, 80 ÷ 100 mm width more than the external fishing line for the trimmer of the row. After application, the glue is distributed over the surface with a gear spatula.
  • Now it’s time to lay a layer of glue of the parquet board. It must be immediately applied to each other with the help of locking joints. this process is carried out the same when laying a board in any of three ways.
  • When the entire row of the boards is laid, in some cases the coating can be additionally fixed to the floor with the help of self.tapping screws, through pre.drilled holes in the grooves. The holes are drilled in p. 300 ÷ 350 mm.
  • Then the glue mass is again applied to the concrete base and distributed along its surface.
  • In the second row, the board is laid with a shift half (or 1/3) relative to the already pasted board. First, the boards are joined in length, and then connected to the elements of the first row, after which it is fixed with self.tapping screws to the base.
  • With a loose fit of two rows to each other, that is, if a gap remains between them, a smooth block is attached to the edge of the outer row, along which it is neatly so as not to break the castle connection on the parquet board, they are tapped with a rubber hammer. The waist tapping is carried out until the gap becomes almost invisible.
  • Similarly glued the entire floor covering.
  • The glue should not be allowed on the front side of the parquet board. If this happens, then the drops are immediately removed. for this there should always be a pure rag at hand.
  • When the floor surface of the room is completely covered with parquet, the coating must be left to dry for 2-13 days, without giving any load on it. It is necessary to think over measures to exclude even an accidental passage to the room. The duration of the glue, as a rule, the manufacturer indicates the packaging.
  • After the glue under the coating is completely dry, the seams between the boards need to be treated with an acrylic transparent sealant, which will reduce the risk of moisture from the outside under the boards.
  • When the sealant completely harden, you can remove the inserts along the walls, proceed to the installation of skirting boards, as well as an interior page.

How to cut a laminate at home

In order to accurately and neatly cut the lamel, it is necessary to adhere to two main conditions. First of all, you need to correctly mark the fishing line for the cutting trimmer. Only carpentry are used for these purposes. No segments using laser rays and decrees mounted in an electrician or renovator cannot be used.

The second condition is the low speed of the cutting tool. The stronger the cutting edge presses on the material of the laminate, the stronger the teeth deviate from the direction of movement. Productivity increases, but the surface quality is reduced by many times.

If you cut the material with a corner grinder or a disc saw, you will also need to maintain a constant effort on the tool. This is the only way to cut equally exactly along the entire length of the panel.

How to choose a hacksaw?

Often, during the work on laying out the laminate, they resort to the help of such a popular tool as a hacksaw

parquet, laying, board, which, better

However, for effective and quick sawing of panels, you need to choose its correct model. Of course, if you have others, you can use a hacksaw on wood. But in this case, the process will be time.consuming, since the hacksaw on wood has large teeth. Due to these features, the hacksaw will not carefully cut the canvas, but to dig into it.

The most optimal option will be the choice of scabbard for metal. It has small cloves and is able to cut the panel smoothly.

However, it is worth remembering that the help of a hacksaw for metal should only be resorted to with small volumes of work. Unlike power tools, this one takes more time on the sawing and requires great effort, so professional builders do not use a hacksaw for these purposes.

Kryazuvka for metal

Cutting for metal is what to cut the laminate will be profitable, because the tool of those that are in almost every house and you will not have to run to the store.

It is very convenient to perform small cuts with a hacksaw for metal due to the fact that:

  • The laminate is easily lend itself to manual cutting;
  • A small hacksaw tooth guarantees the absence of chips;
  • If you still damage the edge, then you can easily close the shortcomings with a baseboard.

Remember that a hacksaw for a laminate is suitable only if the volume of work is small and there is no other tool at hand, also if you do not have a hacksaw at hand, it is better to buy a jigsaw in the store, which will be mentioned below.

The sawing should be carried out according to the following instructions:

  • First make a clear markup on the lamellas, remembering that it should be bright, because when sawing it will be covered with a thin layer of dust.
  • To get a high.quality edge, cut the sheet, turning it with the front side up.
  • Do not make much effort to the tool so as not to damage the finished edge.


This is a more expensive tool, but his choice is the best answer to the question of what is better to saw laminate. The jigsaw should be bought only if the volume of work is too large to cut everything manually or if you do not feel sorry for the money to purchase it.

  • Install a canvas with a reverse small tooth in a jigsaw. If the canvas comes with an expensive and high.quality tool, then you can use it, otherwise purchase it separately.
  • Draw a lamella.
  • In this case, the lamellas must be sawn, putting down the face down and fixed on a solid surface.

Another advantage of the jigsaw is that they can be sawn not only in a straight line.

How to saw a laminate are tried by users

Andrey, 22 years old. I live in a apartment, I decided to put a laminate in a room on an old parquet. I have not yet acquired the instrument. I took a hacksaw “Piranha” in the store with a hacksaw with teeth step 15 per inch. High.quality sharpening, even after laying continues to cut well, does not leave chips. He saws along and down without problems, the blade does not clamp, but manually adjust the last panels in width still energy.intensive.

parquet, laying, board, which, better

Pavel, 44 years old. On his old electrician installed a T101BIF file to cut a laminate without chips. The bimetallic canvas copes well with sawing the panels along and across. Laid a laminated coating in a private house on the ground floor 10 mm thick (33 class). The entire area, not counting the bathroom, was about 60 square meters. m. The saw did not break, even at the very end I sawed perfectly. Only positive emotions remained.

Peter, 48 years old. I liked to use a special laminate cutter. A guillotine with a curved blade cuts panels with a minimum noise, which in the apartment is very important. During work, a lot of fine dust is not formed, only large waste remains, which are easy to collect. The machine is suitable for straight cuts in width, length and at an angle. There are no large chips when cutting. Due to a large lever, you do not have to make a lot of effort.

Alexander, 52 years old. I tried at home to cut a laminate with a corner grinder with a diamond segmented disk on concrete. It saws quickly, it turns out an even edge, you don’t get tired when working. The only thing that is very dusty is very small particles that fly throughout the room. I cut it on the street, since I live in a private house, it is not a problem to go out.

parquet, laying, board, which, better

Oleg, 29 years old. Of the power tools, only a circular saw was at home. I used a wooden wood disk with carbide attacks “Zubr” for cutting. Chose with 48 teeth. Prepared a convenient table from black boards. Laid a laminate with a thickness of 8 mm, set the depth of cut to this size, taking into account a small output of 1-2 mm. There is no much experience with power tools, so he cut along and across the guide to make the edges even.

Comparative table with parameter assessment

We will evaluate the listed tools for working with a laminate according to some characteristics. To do this, make a table with conventions:

When evaluating, we will use the five.point system.

Tool CHR Kr Cf BSh Kr
Electric 5 5 four 3 four
Manual cut four 2 5 5 5
Corner grinder 5 3 four 3 four
A circular saw four 2 5 3 5
Wood hacksaw four 2 3 four 3

Additionally! The purity of the cut of laminated panels is important, but in most cases small chips and irregularities at the site of the cut are easily closed with floor skirting boards.

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