How to saw with an angle grinder without dust

Attachment on the angle grinder for connecting a vacuum cleaner How to cut concrete without dust DIY

How to get rid of dust?

Various methods are used to combat dust during shrovelling:

  • The most common and affordable way to combat dust is to wet the surface on which to make the chisel.
  • Sometimes a home vacuum cleaner is used to catch dust during shrovelling.
  • However, the most effective way to combat dust is to use a strobore cutter, which is connected to a special vacuum cleaner, then all work takes place without dust.

In this article, we have considered the main methods and tools for shtrobing walls. As you can see this process is not very complicated, the main thing is to follow the safety rules.

Concrete cutting and drilling technology

Concrete cutting is performed during various construction works, depending on this, the appropriate tool is selected.

When carrying out repairs, it is often necessary to cut concrete, for example, for the installation of communications.

Cutting can be performed under the laying of cables, to remove a window opening (to combine with the loggia), if you need to remove any part of the concrete structure in the redevelopment of the premises. The cutting technology itself is not very complicated, but it requires certain knowledge and skills, as well as physical strength.

What to cut the concrete with?

In the home for cutting concrete most often used angle grinder (angle grinder) with diamond discs. But before you start the work, you need to determine the quality of the concrete surface, because this will determine the choice of tools. Old concrete is much harder than recently put, so for its cutting use diamond discs “Turbo”, having a wave body, perfectly copes not only with this task, but also without any problems cutting metal reinforcement, often present in the cement screed.

It is customary to use diamond discs for cutting concrete.

In the composition of concrete there are various fillers that give the surface a certain type of strength. Thus, river sand is considered more hard than sand, extracted from rocks, while cutting quartz and basalt diamond tips can be blunted, so you need to stock up on replacement. If in the composition of the concrete screed there is a large filler, such as gravel, then for cutting use diamond discs with a soft bonding segments, and reduce the speed of the angle grinder. the power of selected tool is important: the higher it is, the better and stronger must be the nozzle. For powerful angle grinders select a disc with a large m diamonds and a higher sheaf of segments, otherwise the blade can quickly blunt.

Diamond discs, made by means of laser welding segments, are considered the most durable and highly productive, they are mainly used for dry cutting. Cutting concrete without dust (wet method) involves the use of disks with soldered-on segments containing silver solder. When choosing a nozzle for a particular type of work, you must pay attention to its diameter and the size of the hole for fixing, they must meet the technical characteristics of the tool, which will perform the cutting of the concrete coating.

As a tool for cutting concrete will be an angle grinder.

Before you start work, you need to take care of your own safety. It is mandatory to use a respirator that will prevent dust from entering into the lungs, do not forget about special glasses and clothing with protective inserts. The most frequently used is dustless concrete cutting, where a stream of water is directed to the blade, which ensures a continuous process, greatly reduces the amount of dust, improves efficiency, preserves the sharpness of the blade for a long time. But in some cases wet cutting is contraindicated, for example, when large amounts of water can damage the tool, or when there are no running water supplies nearby.

The technology of dry cutting differs significantly from wet cutting. During the work the blade should not get hot, that’s why it is necessary to let the tool have a rest: take the disk out of the cut, let it turn on free rotation for 1-2 minutes or switch off the saw. If you have to make a deep cut, the work is done in several steps. First of all, with the help of chalk a cutting line is marked on the floor, along which wooden rails are set. This gives a smooth cut and smooth movement of the tool.

At first a superficial cut of 0,5-1 cm is made, then the tool is given a rest, then the surface is cut through again, and so on. д.

Use a wall saw to make vertical cuts in the concrete.

The operation is repeated until the desired result is achieved.

If you want to cut a vertical concrete surface, then for this purpose use a special wall saw with a diamond disk, which has a low noise level and high performance. The tool is connected to a special hydraulic pipe, which provides the flow of water to the blade, as well as a vacuum cleaner with an attachment, which provides dust removal. If you need to make an opening in the wall, then the work is done as follows: first there is a chalk marking, then drilled a few pilot holes in the concrete (in the corners), from which the cut is carried out first horizontally, then vertically.

For drilling holes in concrete, a peorator with a special drill is often used. This tool has its advantages and disadvantages. With its help it is possible to drill only small holes from 3 to 5 cm in diameter, which is clearly not enough if you need to pave the way for the release of ventilation pipes.

How to cut without dust

If you need to drill a deep hole, and there is a rebar in the concrete surface, then, bumping into such an obstacle, the tool can burn out.

For holes from 5 to 45 cm apply a powerful drill with a carbide drill bit. Bits with a diameter of up to 25 cm can be used with low-power tools. Specialists do not recommend using adapters to attach a bit from a high-powered rotary tool to a low-powered one, because it makes the tool unusable. Also, it is not safe to work with such a tool.

Pobeditovaya crown can cope only with thin fittings, if while drilling it will come across a thick metal lattice, it certainly break off the teeth. If you want to drill a through hole or a deep hole, you first use a tungsten carbide bit, then a chisel, then the bit is used again, and so on. д. If necessary, a special extension cord is installed on the tool.

The diamond drill is the best tool for drilling in concrete, and it can drill holes of any diameter and depth. Practically no dust is generated thanks to the water cooling. Diamond drill bit easily copes with armature, which is important. Such a drill has a tubular design, which allows for drilling very deep holes. Using the recommendations of experts, you can easily perform the cutting and drilling of concrete with their own hands.

The first method is wetting

The easiest way to cut concrete or bricks without dust is to wet them with water.

You can use an ordinary spray gun for this

or a squirt gun (made from a plastic bottle with holes in the lid), or a child’s water pistol/automatic gun.

The object should be sprayed immediately while sawing so that the dust is immediately wet without having time to disperse.

Due to the fact that the sawyer’s hands are busy with the angle grinder, it is quite difficult and inconvenient for him to simultaneously saw and produce spray, in addition, it is not safe.

Therefore, the spraying must be done by a second person.

In tandem, all the work can be done quickly enough and without difficulty.

This method does not require any significant effort, but there is a lot of dirt, t.к. The dust turns into a slurry, spills on the floor, and flies in different directions.

The second method is more effective and practical.

chisel saw with his own hands

Makeshift cover of plywood on the angle grinder for strobing walls

To drill through the walls for wiring with your own hands, you can make a home-made hole saw. To make it, you will need:

  • Powerful angle grinder from 1.2 kW. Such an indicator is extremely necessary, because the tool will rotate two diamond discs.
  • A pipe with 50 mm inside diameter (metal).
  • Sheet iron with a thickness of 2 mm or more.
  • Number of 3-4 castors or bearings with a diameter of 2-3 cm.
  • Metal spacers for their arrangement between the two disks (it is better to order them in advance from the turner).
  • Metal fasteners (nuts, screws).
  • Two or three pieces of pipe with a small cross section.

Additionally you need to prepare a file, a vice, a welder, a hammer, a caliper, a ruler, a pencil. The finishing touch. coating discs in nitro enamel. Therefore, you need to prepare it as well.

The principle of forming a homemade stroebouzer is to attach two discs to the angle grinder to cut through the concrete. Between them by means of spacers maintain the required distance (the width of the future hole).

If the angle grinder does not have a thread for fixing two discs, it is not worth the risk. During the work one of the working elements can come off and injure the master.

Drill cutter

Make with your own hands the right tool from a drill is easy. Simply clamp the first cutter in the drill chuck. But the formation of grooves with such a device is not quite qualitative. The grooves have different depths and widths.

Order of cutting concrete

Determining the type of concrete

Before you saw with an angle grinder concrete, you need to determine what type of concrete you are dealing with. This is because different types of diamond blades are used for each type of material. For example, it can be reinforced with metal bars (reinforced concrete).

If the depth of the cut is about 10 centimeters or deeper, then on “your way” you may come across a metal lattice (reinforcement cage). As mentioned above, there are special discs for this purpose.

Also note that over time, the structure of the material changes. Fresh concrete is more abrasive, whereas old concrete is harder. For this reason, diamond blades for old and fresh material must be different.

If you have time, you can study the structure of the material in more detail, which will allow you to choose the most suitable tool for it. For example, if there is basalt or quartz in the composition, it will quickly dull the wheel. That’s why diamond segments should be bonded with soft material so that new diamonds can be “opened” more quickly.

Also keep in mind that the size of the filler material affects the cutting speed, the coarser it is, the slower the procedure is.

angle, grinder, dust

Tip! Diamond tools are not only used for cutting, but also for other concrete work. In particular diamond drilling holes in concrete or grinding with diamond cup discs are often used.

On the photo. diamond wheel with laser soldering

disc selection

When choosing a disc, keep in mind that the segments can be attached to the blade in two ways:

  • Silver brazing. Such discs are widely used in wet cutting.
  • Laser welded. Such nozzles are characterized by high performance, and are usually used for dry cutting.

In addition, when choosing a disc, it is important to make sure that its diameter and mounting hole match the specifications of the angle grinder. Also important is the maximum rotational speed. It is desirable that this indicator of the disk was higher, the maximum speed that can be provided by the angle grinder.

Once all of the above parameters have been determined, you can choose the best type of tool, which will ensure maximum efficiency.

Concrete angle grinder with segmented disc

Choice of cutting type

cutting is usually done with water, so it is dust free. In addition, water can improve the efficiency of the work, as well as increase the life of the tool. Speed is increased because the process can be uninterrupted. (see chart). also article Mortar cutter for aerated concrete: Features.)

However, there is not always source of water near the work area. In this case a dry cut should be made.The dry cutting process should be intermittent, t.е. consisting of several cuts.


Once the angle grinder for cutting concrete is prepared, you can get to work:

  • The first thing to do is to outline the fishing line along which the cut will be made. It is desirable to fix wooden bars along the mowing line, which will make the mowing line cut even.
  • Then it is necessary to turn on with your own hands an angle grinder and make the cut to a depth of about 0.5. 1 cm.
  • Next, you should remove the bars and make the cut to the desired depth. In the process of work it is necessary to spray water on the blade. If the cutting is done dry, the procedure, as mentioned above, should be periodically stopped to allow the tool to cool down.

Please note! Before you start work, you need to protect your respiratory organs with a respirator. In addition, you should use other personal protective equipment. goggles and gloves.

Here are, perhaps, all the instructions for doing this work.

Working with the angle grinder. Author’s investigation on how to use the angle grinder effectively and safely

angle grinder are in demand by users for processing various materials and performing several operations. Among the large nomenclature of accessories for angle grinder are those that effectively cope with the task of cutting concrete.

How to make your own hands guard under the vacuum cleaner

Get rid of small particles of material formed in the process of cutting “angle grinder” allow angle grinder with built-in vacuum cleaner. But what to do if the need arises to saw concrete with an ordinary tool without additional options? The easiest solution is to buy the hood separately or make it yourself. An assistant can be involved to vacuum up the particles produced during sawing.

It is easy to make a convenient nozzle from a simple plastic canister, which is often sold as auto “antifreeze”. For work it is required a construction cutter and a container of the suitable size, the nozzle which suits the diameter of the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

The sequence of manufacturing is as follows:

  • Seating holes are cut on both sides, so you can easily change the direction of rotation of the disk.
  • A cut of a suitable size is made under the circle.
  • Another hole is cut to secure the cutter “angle grinder“.
  • Connect the hose to the neck of the canister and fasten the adapter ring with a clamp.
  • “Insert the angle grinder into the hood and connect all components.
  • The unused hole is closed with a cover.

A simple five-liter polyethylene bottle also makes a good dust collector. It is attached by means of a standard protective cap, and the suction tube to the throat. Such a design is good for any kind of work, except for mowing.

How to cut without dust 2

One last tip: in order to make the cut evenly, you must first apply the marking. Then wooden blocks are fastened along the mowing line. Subsequently, a shallow cut of up to 1 cm is made, the stops are removed and the work is continued. Throughout the entire process the disc blade is sprayed with coolant. Perform all manipulations in safety glasses, respirator and gloves.

Wet-cutting technology on concrete

The use of water allows you to cut concrete “angle grinder” without dust and overheating the tool. The technology allows you to solve several problems at once:

One way to assure a steady stream of water is to attach the hose in such a way that the liquid flows into the disc. If there is no water supply in the working area, an assistant can be involved in the process. He will use a primitive device made of a plastic bottle to wet the lap. the cut area is moistened with liquid at the same time. This should be done carefully, so that water does not pour into the tool.

The method is not very applicable in multi-storey houses, as there is a risk of flooding the neighbors from below.

The purpose of the dust canister for the angle grinder

Self-made vacuum cleaner: an example The use of an angle grinder (angle grinder) for repair work with concrete in the home creates a lot of dust.

If you want to level the wall, sand it for painting or other types of finish coating, all the irregularities or bumps become tiny particles of concrete suspended in the air.

In spite of the personal protection used, they penetrate the mouth, eyes and respiratory organs.

In addition, dust settles on all furniture, walls, ceilings and other surfaces, requiring laborious and time-consuming cleaning. Dust from masonry walls penetrates the surface and irreparably damages the appearance of the wall.

There are several designs of hoods with a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner, which significantly improve the process. They are purchased in a store and installed on an angle grinder, connected with a vacuum cleaner. Working with such devices almost completely eliminates dust dispersion and significantly reduces the contamination of the room and indoor air. Externally, they look like a standard cover, but with a closed housing and an outlet for the vacuum cleaner hose.

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