How to screw a spring on the starter chain saw

How to make a handle for a chainsaw starter motor. Quality repair chain saw starter with his own hands

A chainsaw is an indispensable tool for cutting firewood and felling trees. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations and taking the necessary preventive measures will ensure a long “life” of the unit. But even the most reliable mechanism over time malfunctions, most of which can be eliminated with your own hands without the help of specialized centers. One of these malfunctions may lie in the chain saw starter, which can be repaired independently if a certain sequence of operations is followed.

The chain saw’s starting mechanism fails due to prolonged use. After one or more pulls on the starter rope, the crankshaft will not turn. This problem may be due to the following causes:

Before starting work on diagnosing and repairing the starter mechanism, you need to prepare the necessary tools and accessories, which will significantly reduce the time of operations. These may include:

In the first phase of chainsaw starter repair it is necessary to identify the nature of the problem. To do this we remove the side cover on the side of the starter mechanism, unscrewing only a few screws. Depending on the make of the machine you will need a special screwdriver or a pliers screwdriver for this operation.

Next, inspect the inside of the guard. If there are no cracks or chips in the plastic, proceed directly to diagnose the trigger assembly. Unscrew the central bolt of the starter and remove the spring. On its surface should not be observed cracks and tears. To choose independently a similar force and number of coils of the spring is problematic, so you will need the help of specialized centers.

After removing the clamp and the chain saw starter spring for dismantling is available pulley with wound cord. The integrity of the rope indicates that it is necessary to carefully review each of the parts of the starter mechanism.

The main breakdowns of the starter lawnmower

Two major gasoline grass trimmer starter failures are now common:

In practice there are cases when, for whatever reason, the starter housing is damaged and the broken cord gets wound onto the motor shaft, which inevitably leads to spring breakage and cracks on the housing. In this situation, local repair of the lawnmower starter will not be possible and a complete replacement of the engine starting assembly will be required. In other cases, troubleshooting will be reduced to replacing the spring or cord.

Chainsaw starter repair. With their own hands.

on the chainsaw ? How to bend the spring on the starter benzopila ?How to coil the spring.

With their own hands. replacing the hand starter spring.

  • A set of screwdrivers or a special tool, which is supplied by the manufacturer with the tool;
  • a rope to be used as a replacement for a broken cord if necessary.

A large amount of black sludge on the spark plug indicates a malfunction of the engine.

Before we proceed directly to repair the starter and find out the causes of malfunction, it is necessary to remove it from the body of the tool. To do this, you need to unscrew a few screws that hold the side cover, to which the starter is attached. This is done with a screwdriver or a specialized tool.

After the cover is unscrewed, turn it over and inspect it. Next, unscrew the screw, with which the starter is fixed. After that, remove the clamp and spring to implement a soft start. Now the pulley, on which the cord is wound, is available for removal. Once the knot on the rope is untied, it can be removed from the pulley and replaced with a new. Provided that the loss of starter performance is due to a breakage, this may be enough to repair the breakage. However, the other parts that make up this chainsaw component should be carefully inspected.

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When examining the components of the starter, the following faults may be revealed:

The most frequent damage to the soft starter spring is at the end where it is visible when you disassemble the body.

  • Pulley may be damaged. There may be cracks or tears, and there may be damage to the rear. How to properly insert a grass trimmer starter spring. How to wind up a starter spring on a chain saw. how to install the spring in how to wind the starter spring chainsaw repair. As a result of these problems, the tool can’t do the job.
  • Damage to the soft starter spring. In this case it can be mechanically defective as a spring itself, and there may be defects in the place of its attachment. The weakest point of this element is exactly the fastening place and the tip of the spring that is inserted into it.

If you find faulty or partially damaged parts of the starter, they must be replaced with new ones. how to wind the starter spring how to repair the chain saw starter. In this case, the new elements must match the model of the saw being repaired.

After completing the repair it is required to properly reassemble the starter.

The pulley is installed on top of the spring. In this case it is necessary to check how well they adhere to each other. As a continuation of the repair, it is necessary to wrap the pulley. How to wind up the spring and how to wind up the chain saw starter rope.all as usual. How to make a chain saw starter motor by yourself? How to bend the spring on the chain saw starter? How to wind the spring and how to wind the chain saw starter cord.As usual it’s simple and easy, and most importantly. This should be done so that when it rotates, it pulls the cord into the starter. It’s enough to make 3-4 turns to give the required voltage. Previously, the cord is put through the hole in the chainsaw cover.

How to repair chain saw starter with your own hands

Partner chainsaw starter motor repair / broken starter cord

Broken starter cord

Presented repair chain saw starter after a break in the starter cord. Without a starter cord, the chainsaw becomes completely inoperable, there is no other way to start the tool. Repair considered the example of a chainsaw Partner P350S, clever reliable start this saw requires a minimum of 4-5 times to pull the starter cord to the saw worked, so I guess the first fault was a broken cord. The cord does not break right away, first the protective cord strap breaks and prevents the saw from starting. It is better not to wait for all the threads to break and to fix the cord beforehand. It is not necessary to invent anything, the repair should not cause difficulties, but the exact observance of the conditions of assembly is obligatory. Here is a step by step instruction with a schematic diagram and photos and video.

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Remove three screws fixing the starter cover. The included spark plug wrench and straight screwdriver is adequate for this process, but a normal tool is better for quicker operation.

Remove starter. The chainsaw is equipped with a soft starter mechanism, located above the cord reel.

Remove screw fixing mechanism soft starter and starter coil. Be careful not to lose the washer!

Starter removed. We unscrew the screw

Soft-start mechanism Starter coil Removed coil

Prepare a cord of suitable diameter and length of 1,2-1,3 meters. For the repair used kapron clothesline :).

Melt the ends of the rope in the fire so that it does not unravel.

Tie an intricate knot at one end. The knot should be larger in diameter, but it should not protrude when installed on the spool.

Insert the cord through the hole in the spool. Do not wind up the cord!

Reinstall the spool. There may be an assembly error here. the coil has two slits, one of which should catch the spiral spring. Insert the spool so that it is firmly in place and the catch caught in the slot. Checked by turning the spool clockwise to determine the return force.

Assembly on the cord Cord secured Spring protrusion

Install the soft starter. The protrusion of the mechanism should fit into the notch of the spool.

Screw on the fixing screw with the washer.

Threading the other end of the cord through the outlet.

Installation of the soft starter Screwed Screwed Cord out

Tucking the cord into the trigger handle. Tie a big knot at the end of the rope. With a small knot there is a chance the cord will slip and the whole cord will get wrapped up in the starter and you will have to remove the starter again to get it out. Check the tightness of the knot. See photo.

Cord in the trigger knob Fixing knot Handle on the cord Screwing the spiral

The most important moment! Let the cord loop inside the starter and start turning the starter mechanism clockwise without winding the cord! For this saw you need to make at least five turns. Fixing the spool by hand. Pull the loop out by the handle. Holding the cord and mechanism allow the cord to wind on the spool. See video.

Reinstall the starter and fasten it with the three screws. Repair made.

Renewed starter

Repair a broken or damaged cord using the step-by-step instructions will take 15 minutes, which is much faster and cheaper than going to the service center.

If the instruction helped you, tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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How to tighten a chainsaw starter spring

Chainsaw starter. Learn how to repair yourself

Every chainsaw needs a starter motor for a quick start. When the crankshaft of the tool is accelerated, the fuel-air mixture fed into the engine is compressed, not its further ignition. How to replace the spring. Replacement parts for chain saw starter dogs, how to tighten. That’s why a chain saw starter is crucial for the efficiency of the whole mechanism.

Chainsaw starter motor construction

The principle of the chain saw starter is as follows. The handle is inserted into the slot in the housing, through which the cable passes. The principle of the chain saw starter is how to put the spring on the starter. If the handle is raised sharply, the cable pulls out and brushes the ratchet drum, which transmits motion to the drum with slots provided on the shaft. The crankshaft makes several revolutions, and the working mixture in the space between the pistons is not compressed by the cylinder head. Accordingly, when the handle is lowered, the contact between the ratchet mechanism is not lost by the studs, the shaft is not stopped.

As the engine volume increases, the amount of unnecessary fuel-air mixture required for its subsequent ignition increases, so there is more jerking of the starting cable for high-powered saws. Therefore, in order to speed up the return of the drum, the forced return springs, made of steel with high elastic properties, are used.

Making it easier to start the chainsaw is accomplished in the following ways:

  • By pre-enriching the working mixture, for which a special flap is installed in the construction of the carburetor.
  • Installation of an automatic decompression valve that reduces the working pressure in the chainsaw cylinder.
  • Installing an additional spring that makes it easier to unwind the crankshaft when the cable moves.
  • Some chain saws (Nettles, Partner S series, Maxcut, etc.) are available.) In the design of the primer. the pump that provides the fuel pre-pumping.

Chainsaw repair, starter

The chainsaw is constantly subjected to dynamic loads from the chainsaw if it is frequently started. As a result, the cord may burst, a few teeth of the ratchet will crumble, and the shaft will return at a much slower speed. Therefore, checking and even repairing the starter. These are operations that are sometimes performed several times during the season.

Replacing the cord

There is constant cable friction around the starter housing when pulling

To replace the assembly, the assembly is disassembled and the ratchet drum is carefully lifted to keep the spring from popping out of its sockets. It is best to do this job together: a helper locks the spring, and the cable is replaced

How to pull the shock starter spring on a chainsaw, repairing a chainsaw starter. After attaching the cable to the handle and drum grooves, the cable is wrapped around the roller and the body is assembled.

Spring repair

If the spring material is bad, the spring will break (usually in the place of attachment to the drum, where a loop is formed). In this case, it is not necessary to replace the spring. It is enough to thoroughly clean the surface of dirt and traces of grease, carefully grind the place of destruction, and then temper the spring at 600. 650° C (the spring steel should turn crimson). It is necessary to cool the spring slowly, but at 100

150 ° C is already possible to carefully rotate its end in the form of a limiting protrusion on the inner surface of the drum (steel acquires the necessary plasticity) and put it in place. Easy chainsaw repair, chainsaw starter repair, how to properly tighten the valve

Elastic properties of spring will not change.

How to put a spring on a chainsaw starter?

It is not easy to insert the starter spring into the desired groove, even for an experienced user. First, the spring must be twisted to its former diameter and inserted into the hub of the drum. The outer end of the spring is secured with a limiting tab, and the outer end should be against the hole in the lock with a screwdriver. The hinge on the inside end of the spring is aligned with the screwdriver and the disc is lowered. Turning the disc checks if the ratchet mechanism is installed. Next comes the rattle itself.

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After the spring is installed, adjust the spring. How to tighten the starter spring, tighten the spring. The starter handle as. To do this, a cable is inserted into the groove in a circle, and the return spring is spun around it. After removing the cone, it is better to wind the spring a few more turns to ensure the required tightness of the workpiece.

How to Properly Put the Starter on the Chainsaw

How to start a chainsaw: a couple of effective ways

Chainsaws vary in design features, but in most cases, the principle of assembly follows two standard schemes. Many devices in the manual contain information that the emergency brake must be engaged before starting the on/off procedure.

First, it is necessary to master the device of the plant and learn the basic ways of troubleshooting, then the person will have the ability to fully control the device.

A brief overview of the factory’s design

The chainsaw is powered by. It is a simple device whose design has no special bells and whistles. It usually works fine even in harsh conditions.

Read about the factory device Functionality is provided by the structural elements:

  • The carburetor engine (see “The Engine of the Carburetor (see “The Engine of the Carburetor Engine”)”). Adjusting the carburetor).
  • Centrifugal-type clutch.
  • Ignition system, virtually contactless in all units.
  • A carburetor that adds air to the fuel mixture.
  • Fuel system. Its standard device consists of a hose, filter, and gas cylinder, but sometimes it also has additional parts.
  • Starter.
  • Shooting gallery.
  • Chain (see “Chain Oil”). Chain oil).
  • Tensioning mechanism and chain brake., How to sharpen a chain).

Step-by-step instructions

When the brake is activated, the assembly process is much slower, so it is also safer and more convenient to engage the gear without using brake equipment.

If the person is unsure of his knowledge and accuracy, then the brake should be activated in reverse. If the procedure is correct, the device does not start, the mechanism does not make it dangerous for human action.

1 schematic diagram of a standard mechanism

  • Before you start the gasoline, you need to move the flap, which acts as a control lever, to the bottom, compared with the optimal position. First press the button responsible for the gas supply. Only if this condition is met can the damper be moved normally to the lower stop. It is necessary to move the flap and hold the throttle button at the same time. The throttle is set to the standard position and the flap closes the carburetor, preparing the unit for normal operation. Start jerk knob
  • The starter handle must be pulled, and this is done with a jerk, not a gentle movement. Moderate force should be used for this action. It is necessary to continue these jerks until you can clearly hear the chain saw ignition, which will end very quickly (stop). After performing this exercise, the flap position should move up one step.
  • The starter knob is jerked again then until the system starts. When the unit starts actively running, high speed is immediately noticeable, as the throttle is at a high level. It should be remembered that sometimes chainsaws are supplied without a starter, then all the actions with this element.
  • The throttle button is pressed once and then released, then the flap position immediately becomes optimal. The velocity decreases, t. Е. Intensity of chain velocity.
  • Already. when the lever is in the “1” position and then the action is performed to turn the unit on.
  • You need to set the shock absorber to the highest position to turn off the engine of the device.

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In our ranking, chainsaws by quality, you will find all chainsaws with the best value for money.

Also our article will help you make a choice in favor of one or another brand of chainsaw.

Chainsaw is made. Low price with fairly high quality.

2 diagrams of the standard mechanism

  • Ignition on. To do this, turn the toggle switch to the desired position or move the switch.
  • You usually need to hit the ground to pump more than twice. It is filled with gasoline, after which you need to push the device more than three times. Sometimes the chainsaw is not equipped with a primer, then you can skip this step. Adjustment lever
  • The adjustment lever, which is responsible for the location of the flap, you need to pull it to the stop. Many chain saws have the ability to lock this element. Then you can only move it while pressing and holding the gas pedal button at the same time. Some chain saws do not have such a lock, which makes them more convenient to use. In these models, the throttle cannot be fixed or held while using automatic technology.
  • You need to take the starter handle and tighten in a sharp motion until the ignition process is heard. It is marked by establishment and almost instantaneous engine shutdown. The flap should then be pulled back to its original position, checking its reach to the stop. Again, the starter handle is pulled to the location of the device. Before carrying out this action, make sure that this is the way to get the chainsaw. Some units have a new ignition system. The damper only needs to be moved 50% of the way in order to run the motor in them, but only at the beginning of active operation of the motor so that it can be pushed out completely.
  • If you have purchased a model with a fixed throttle, you must prepare in advance for maximum engine speed immediately after activating the device. When there is no lock, the starting power is very low, so in most cases you have to increase it. If you take no action, in the latter case the saw works for a short period of time and then stops automatically. If such a situation arises, you need to restart your chainsaw.

DIY chain saw starter kit

Chainsaw starter repair. With your own hands.

nabenzopile ? How to bend the chain saw starter spring ? How to wind the spring

The starter for a chainsaw: work and repair of the tool with their own hands

Getting any chain saw up and running again is a job for the starter. During the tool, thanks to the accelerated cranking of the crankshaft, the fuel-air mixture is fed into the engine, compressed and ignited. On this basis, a well chosen starter for chain saw is able to guarantee long and proper operation of the whole mechanism!

Husqvarna starter dog assembly it yourself! Photo report

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In this article we want to tell you about an alternative installation option of the starter pawl block from Chinese grass trimmer to lawnmower Husqvarna 128r. In the presence of some tools (drill 10.5 mm, tap m121.75, taps) and free time can be made their own hands.

The most important thing is to determine what kind of malfunction in the starter system.

The two most common cases are the breakage of an easy starter spring (located in the starter), then when you try to start the lawn mower. the starter will “crank” and a faulty starter pawl assembly.

In any need to remove the starter (3 screws) and examine the pawl block and the starter itself.

Husqvarna 128p (part number) factory version of the starter pawl assembly

Made fairly high quality, good durability.

To remove the starter dogs block the piston movement in the cylinder at the top dead center.

And unscrew the pawl block with a ratchet head 10mm.

If the “tendrils” of the dogs break, the scythe will not work.

It’s a sad fact, but you can only buy the whole unit, the pawls are not sold separately.

We decided to try and use a Chinese ratchet from a 26-33cm³ engine (different manufacturers. Champion, Redverg, Huter, Patriot, Forward, etc.).)

Champion part number: 026161600.

In any spare parts store you can buy this detail, the cost is very democratic (100-150 )

The metal pawls on the circuit board inspire confidence. Dogs on such a board you can buy separately (usually sold a set of two dogs, two springs and two locking rings)

That would be OK, but the thread on this board is M8, while the original Husqvarna ratchet is m6.

You just can’t put the Chinese “device”, you will have to work it out.

To be honest, the solution came by chance I came across a furniture “coupler”, which used to be used in the manufacture of furniture (those who dismantled old cabinets will certainly understand what we are talking about). It perfectly fits the target.has an internal thread m6, convenient hexagonal casting for installation.

It remains only to adapt it in a board of dogs.

If you have a drill, a bit Ø 10.5mm and m121.75. a matter of a few minutes.

Let’s drill a hole of the Chinese plate with metal drill Ø 10,5 mm

Let’s drill a hole through the Chinese board with a metal drill Ø 10,5mm

Next, we cut the thread with a tap, then the main thing is to cut the thread evenly and without tilting.

After that we screw the furniture sleeve into the board with a 6mm hex wrench.

Now the thread corresponds. m6, as well as on Husqvarna crankshaft 128r.

For checking let’s create the imitation of Husqvarna 128R engine (let’s assemble the crankshaft with the piston on the crankcase)

Then we screw the dog plate on the crankshaft with a 6mm allen key

If you have a removable threadlocker you can “drip” on the threads for a better fixation.

The pawl assembly fits snugly on the starter ratchet.

The doggie board fits the Husqvarna 128p starter very well.

A few test runs. starter works, cranks the engine.

We will be glad if someone could use this information and help to resume the work of your home helper.

Maybe someone made a similar achievement in a simpler way, we would be happy if you share with us!)

Well if you want to know more about diagnostics and repair of Husqvarna 128R Gasoline grass trimmer please follow the links below, you will find even more interesting and useful information about this mower repair.

View a detailed photo report on disassembling the Husqvarna 128r grass trimmer

Installing the Chinese piston to the Husqvarna 128R grass trimmer. Photo report

How to repair chain saw starter

The cause of malfunction of the chainsaw’s starting system can be:

  • Drive pulley. This part is subjected to high axial and radial loads, so it is advisable to inspect the pulley for damage and cracks on the back of the housing before starting work. If necessary, repair the part or replace it with a new one.
  • Spring mechanism. If it has lost its properties or if there are cracks or breaks in it, this element must be replaced. It is also recommended to inspect the mounting points for defects.
  • The starting system rope. The rope should be inspected for wear and damage. If necessary, replace the part and reinstall it on the pulley.


Diagnose the starting system of the tool as follows

  • Unscrew the fastening screws and remove the cover.
  • Unscrew the screw that secures the mechanism to the protective cover.
  • Smoothly start the starter by removing the spring and clamps.
  • To inspect for wear and tear and for defects, remove the spool with the cord.
  • Check the fuel system for the presence of water in it. If there is water inside the system, the fuel fluid must be replaced.
  • Inspect the power unit for overfilling with fuel fluid. In this case, unscrew and dry the spark plug, yank the starter by removing the air damper.
  • Check the spark plug for spark.

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Change of the cord

In order to make a cord replacement, the following tools are required:

Replace the starter cord as follows:

  • Unscrew the fastening screws that hold the side cover with a screwdriver.
  • Then dismantle the starter from the body of the tool.
  • After that, it is necessary to turn the cover and conduct an inspection.
  • Then dismantle the clamp and spring.
  • It is necessary to untie the knot on the rope.
  • Pull out the pulley, on which the cord is wound. Remove the cord and replace it with a new one.
  • Then put the sheave in place and tie the rope to the knot. Install the clamp and spring.
  • Then tighten the cover with the fixing screws.
  • Finally reattach the starter motor and fasten the lacing screws.

Repair the spring

Procedure for repairing the starter system spring:

  • Remove the starter motor from the tool housing.
  • Remove the cover plate.
  • Wrap the cord around the end of the pulley to avoid scrolling the mechanism.
  • Insert the other end of the cord through the hole in the protective cover.
  • Extend the cord by 17-20 cm to check that the spring mechanism pulley rotates.
  • Check spring action after pulling and releasing the mechanism.
  • Unscrew the pulley circle from the side of the alternator by removing the 3 mounting bolts.
  • Dismantle the pulley and the cord.
  • Check the condition of the parts for wear and damage and breaks. If the breakage of the spring is small, then you can eliminate the defect with the help of welding.

How to install the spring

In order to install a new spring, you need to do the following steps:

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