How to set the proper torque on an electric electric screwdriver

Electric electric screwdriver battery: a second life (how to recover the electric tool battery)

It would seem, what topics for discussion can offer such an understandable tool even for ladies, as a cordless electric electric screwdriver? It’s easy and simple to operate, and it’s the number one tool in the household. Screw in or out a screw, drill a hole. both jobs can be done with the same cordless tool. It is unfortunate, however, when the battery of an electric electric screwdriver becomes discharged at just the right moment, and even more unfortunate when it stops charging. We will tell you how to properly use them, properly store, properly maintain and, most importantly, correctly select them. And also tell you what to do to restore the battery power tools.

Like any electric tool, screwdrivers are divided into professional and household. Professional models are not cheap, but only because of their reliability and high motor life do not buy them for home tasks. It is another case if you decided to open a furniture workshop or something like that, when the screwdriver will be used daily and with great intensity.

Domestic or, as they are also called, amateur screwdrivers superficially do not differ much from professional models. They also have reverse, infinitely variable chuck speed and ratchet. The average price range screwdrivers are referred to as semi-professional class. Such tools are perfect for those, for example, if you are building a house and there is a lot of work for the electric electric screwdriver. The semi-professional model is not only more reliable, but also more powerful and has a longer battery life. However, the cost of a professional tool is also much higher.

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Screwdrivers are sold with one or two batteries. Of course, a double set of batteries is better than a single set since it can work practically without interruption. But if you use the tool only occasionally, you do not need a second battery. over, a second battery will only add to the hassle, because if you want the batteries to last a long time, they need to be periodically discharged and recharged. One battery is easier and more convenient to maintain than two. But on the other hand, a second power set can be useful later on for restoring the first one. It is so that when the batteries lose their capacity over time, you can make one set of battery cans out of two. About how to do this will be written below.

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The main characteristics of a screwdriver battery are voltage and capacity. Most batteries have a capacity of up to 2.7 Ah. Included with them is a charger with power supply that runs from 220 V. Batteries for screwdrivers are found in the voltage range of 622 V. Their average charging time is 5-6 hours.

Household models are equipped with nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries. The disadvantage of this type of power source is the presence of the so-called memory of the charge. If they are not fully discharged, the unused capacity is lost over time. Specialists can overclock such batteries for this they disassemble the battery block, find the problematic elements and charge them with more current than they should, then, discharge and then recharge, but with a small current. Often such shock therapy helps NiCd batteries, but only if the electrolyte has not evaporated from them.

Unfortunately, sulfation of NiCd batteries over time is inevitable. No matter how often or infrequently you use your electric cordless screwdriver, its battery capacity is bound to decrease. However, when actively used, the rate of capacity loss is still less than if the electric electric screwdriver is not used at all, in which case after one year of the original capacity of its battery may remain only 40-50%. To prolong its life, you need at least once a month to discharge and charge the battery. That’s inconvenient and not something you want to do. But at least you will know what is causing the loss of capacity in your cordless power tool’s battery pack. As said before, the lost capacity can be mostly recovered.

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Cleaning the surfaces

You need a “screwdriver” with a high enough speed. It is even better to use a mains drill.

For rough work on very hard surfaces, people use differently shaped metal wire nozzles, you can also find on sale sets of multi-format bristle brushes with plastic bristles.

Sometimes for work similar to polishing, in a chuck inserted a plate nozzle with Velcro, on which the usual kitchen sponge is well attached.

How to choose the right cordless electric electric screwdriver

One of today’s most in-demand power tools. electric electric screwdriver. You can’t do without it. how else could you do without it?? After all, with its help, you can perform many repair and household tasks, without putting much effort.

Some of them, thanks to the ease of use of the tool, have become a force even for women. Born of demand, the range of screwdrivers on the market is constantly expanding.

Today’s best choice. Cordless electric electric screwdriver and, in general, it is not difficult to decide on this tool. However, there are also some peculiarities to be aware of.

Electric electric screwdriver ratchet: 3 questions about using the mechanism

Most screwdriver models are equipped with a special clutch (ratchet), which allows the user to independently adjust the torque of the device. Not all people, when working with an electric electric screwdriver, pay much attention to this device. And therefore, they hardly ever use it. Ordinary users are usually interested in the modes that switch and regulate the rotation speed of the chuck of an electric electric screwdriver.

After all, this option is accessible and understandable to the average user. However, it is worth noting that the use of a ratchet, the regulation of its modes, will not only better adjust the power tool to perform its assigned tasks, but also greatly simplify the performance of a variety of work.

What is the best torque?

An electric electric screwdriver is a tool that is needed for various kinds of work. It is not only construction, but also many home repair jobs, such as assembling furniture, installing communications. To choose the right equipment, you should pay attention to the torque, on which the comfort and quality of work depends. For example, you don’t need a very powerful tool for furniture assembly. If you plan to install a room divider, then it is necessary to take more professional equipment, which will perfectly cope with the task at hand.

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Drills and screwdrivers are used to mix construction mixtures, you only need to buy a construction mixer attachment.

The torque of such tools should be sufficient to be able to mix even the most viscous mixtures and mortars, to ensure their homogeneity, high quality.

For mixing concrete and other viscous mixtures use special attachments.

If you want to use nozzles for mortars, the torque must be sufficient to cope with mixtures not only of low viscosity, but also high. The choice of model depends on the planned work. If you want to use an electric electric screwdriver for mixing liquid mixtures, the torque may not be too high. If the tool is purchased to work with viscous mixtures, you should already prefer professional devices, the speed of which is high.

The equipment, which will be used for a variety of works, should have a speed regulator. Then the torque can be varied depending on what set of work needs to be performed. When selecting an electric electric screwdriver, you should look to ensure that the lock for the control button works at all times, not just at maximum force. In the first case, the tool can be used for any job with the most convenient conditions. It is possible to change the torque value. It is recommended to buy models that have manual or electronic control. They have a special step-down transformer that works great with liquid mixtures when the voltage is lowered.

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