How to sharpen a disk for a bush. Frequency of undermining

Rules for replacing knives on a trimmer for grass

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How to sharpen a trimmer’s blades for grass without the help of others?

The trimmer for the grass is designed to preserve lawns and hedges perfect, and that is why it is so important that the blades of the knives are preserved sharpened. But what to do if they are still dull from hard grass or branches? You can purchase a new trimmer for grass or a trimmer head. However, it is much easier and faster to sharpen the blades of knives yourself. Let’s figure out how to do it.

First find gloves that protect your hands from cuts. You can also put on protective glasses so that sparks from the sharpening process do not get into the eyes. At the preparatory stage, you should disassemble a trimmer for grass, or rather, extract blades from a trimmer cutting head. Gently remove the protective grill, and determine the method of attaching blades. If they are attached with bolts, unscrew them with a screwdriver, if removed with ordinary stretching, remove them slowly. Observe the limiting caution, do not try to tear off something by force, use screwdrivers.

Then the blades should be fixed so that they remain in place. You can place them in a vice. It is necessary to make sure that the fixation is strong, and the blades do not “go” back and forth, but at the same time the fixation should not be deforming, crush the trimmer blades for the grass

Nothing at all. Trimmer blades for the grass for the sharpening of the owed to protrude from a vice. Otherwise, the trim process will be difficult.

For sharpening itself, a special file is required to sharpen metal surfaces of the tools. Such special files are sold in stores of a garden instrument, and are used mainly for sharpening a saw. The file should not be very wide, otherwise it will not work to get into the intervals between the blades, and it is also quite difficult to work very small. Therefore, the width and length of the file should be selected based on the size of the gap between the trimmer blades for the grass.

Sharpening with a machine

If there is an opportunity to purchase a special machine, then the process in question can be carried out with the maximum performance indicator. Such a device has compact dimensions, it can be used at home.

sharpen, disk

Particular attention is paid to the choice of an abrasive circle. In this case, we note the nuances below:

  • Cooled disk is difficult to sharpen.
  • When choosing, you should pay attention to circles from an elbor, with diamond chips or with green silicon carbide.

The sharpening process when using professional equipment is very simple. The disk is mounted using a special latch. It was created with the calculation of the design features of the circle. We will pay special attention to the fact that when using special machines, it is very easy to sharpen disk saws with withstanding the necessary indicators. In this case, the error is minimal. This is due to the fact that the design has a special angle meter. In order not to make a mistake at the time of work with which teeth were already processed, you should use the starting point using the marker.

sharpen, disk

If you find an error, please select a fragment of the text and click Ctrlenter.

During prolonged operation, disk saws with carbide attacks can lose their original qualities. But this does not mean that you should purchase a new cutting tool. In most cases, sharpening can be performed at home using any suitable machine.

What knives to put on an electric and a lawn mower

Before buying and putting a knife on a motorcycle, find out what they are and in what cases are used. Today, manufacturers offer the consumer a large number of types of these supplies. In general, the entire cutting tool designed for mowing grass can be classified:

The main material for the manufacture of trimmer knives can be plastic or metal. The use of such consumables largely depends on two parameters:

For safety reasons, manufacturers do not recommend putting steel knives on electric trimmers for grass. Almost all motokos operating from the electric network and battery are equipped with plastic blades. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be a solid disk design, with several blades or in the form of a special mowing head, which provides for the installation of removable plastic blades.

Direct rod in a gasoline trimmer for grass and curved in electric

VEVOR Sharpen your own SAW BLADE DIY. Even CNC disk

Putting a metal knife on an electric trimmer for grass does not allow its design features.

  • The curved rod of the unit reduces the distance from its working part to the legs of the Kosar. In the case of a collision of blades with a stone or other hard object of a braid for grass, it is discarded to the legs.
  • The high torque, which we mentioned above, in the event of a collision of a metal knife with a solid object, transfers a large load to the flexible shaft of a trimmer for grass and its engine. What causes their premature failure.
  • Handle Electric Knules most often does not have a restrictive bar playing the role of the stop. Which does not exclude leg injury.

It is these features that allow the use of exclusively plastic knives on trimmers with electric engines. In a collision with an obstacle, the blades are destroyed, thereby protecting the legs of the mower from obtaining possible injuries.

Plastic knives cope well with outgrown and dry grass. They can mow the nettles and stems of burdocks.

Change and Sharpen your Rotary Cutter Blades

The use of metal knives only on gasoline trimmers is also due to constructive features.

  • The direct design of the rod increases the distance to the legs, which provides the Cossacks with complete safety.
  • Comfortable U-shaped and J-shaped handles allow you to keep the tool firmly. D-shaped handles Motokos are equipped with a limiter resting in the leg of the Costsa, which does not allow to let the head to the legs when meeting a cutting disk with a solid obstacle.
  • The clutch of the gasoline engine allows you to smoothly gain speed to the optimal level. And when the blade collides against a hard surface, it can extinguish part of the blow.

Thus, gasoline trimmers for grass with an installed metal knife are best used in large areas. They will successfully cope not only with high coarse grass, weeds, burdocks and nettles, but also with shrubs, as well as young trees.

The shape of the blades of the disk set to the trimmer for the grass does not affect the quality of the work performed. The speed does not depend on them. Triangular, trapezoid, rectangular forms are all marketing course of manufacturers.

If you plan to prepare hay, then it is best to put knives on a motorcycle with a large number of blades. Pay attention to the wheels with eight teeth or discs with four large blades and four additional. Two and three lobed knives will greatly grind the grass.

How to remove a knife from a lawn mower

Before proceeding with a partial disassembly of the lawn mower, you need to protect yourself and it. If the device with an electric drive is enough to turn off the network, then gasoline lawn mowers require preliminary preparation. First of all, you need to remove the cap from the spark plug. The following should be excluded fuel leaks, that is, either drain the tank, or put a hermetic rubber membrane under the lid and block the fuel valve. The lawn mower should be turned over only towards the handle, unless otherwise specified in the instructions for operation. Before turning the law mower, do not forget to squeeze the hose of the exhaust gas exhaust so as not to pour oil.

The lawn mowers use knives of different configurations. In the simplest case, this is an ordinary two.Lobed plate of complex shape, however, the knife can be composite. The upper blade is designed to mulch the mowed grass. There are also four.Lobed knives, which can be both composite and at the general base.

The knife can be mounted either with one bolt in the center through a style washer, or two bolts with landing on a central hole or pin. In any case, the thread on the bolts is right, respectively, you need to unscrew counterclockwise. To block the shaft from rotation, substitute a bar rested in the ground under a knife. It is advisable to remember or outline the position of the blade (I), so as not to confuse anything when reverse assembly. Temporarily make the twisted bolts in free holes.

Editing edges

When the blades are sharpened, they need to be corrected. This is done using a segment with moisture-resistant sandpaper with a grain of about 600-800 grit. The paper must be moistened with water and turned into a cylinder with a diameter of 100-150 mm.

Edit is aimed at removing the slightest burrs and blocks, because of which the thinnest edge of the blade may be wrapped in. The sandpaper touched into the cylinder must be slightly pressed to the descent plane and stretched out with smooth movement from the grain. It is also recommended to make a smooth displacement from the center to the edges.

When the descents and sharpening, all manipulations were carried out with only one side of the blade. In the process of editing, the knife is also processed on the back. Here the paper is pressed almost close to the body of the knife, but with a slight slope towards the edge. The effort of the paper compressed when editing is very small, but the movements need to be done quite a lot, seeking to eliminate large crooks on the brilliant descent, which remained after sharpening.

You can sharpen a lawn mowing knife and open by analogy with a conventional manual scythe. This, however, requires a special adaptation. Grandmas, as well as a specific skill. But with this method of pointing, you do not need to balance the knife.

Choose the angle of sharpening of cutting teeth

Links on cutting nozzles have a working area, which has an appropriate angle of sharpening. Depending on the type of teeth, the disk can be used both in one direction of sawing and in two. Когда звенья притупляются с одной части, то диск необходимо развернуть, и продолжить работу в обратном направлении. However, this can not be done with all circular discs, for example, circles with a beveled shape of the links are not suitable for this.

If the disk of the circular saw is sharpened with your own hands, it must be understood that, depending on the direction of the cut, you need to take into account the angle of sharpening.

  • If it is planned to saw wood in the longitudinal direction of the location of the fibers, then the angle of sharpening on the links should be 15-25 degrees
  • If the wood is sawn in the transverse direction, then the angle of sharpening is reduced to 5-10 degrees
  • The universal angle of sharpening is considered to be 15 degrees. In circles with such links, you can cut not only across, but also along

When grinding teeth on sawing circles and disks for a circular saw, corner grinder and circular, it is necessary to take into account another important factor. This is the density of the sawed material. The lower the density, the higher the acuteness of the tooth should be. If the circular saw is used for sawing plastic or plastic, then the angle of sharpening of the disk should be negative.

Which knife is better

Modern manufacturers are offered to the consumer a wide selection of disks varieties. The cutting parts are classified according to subsequent aspects:


The material for the knives is plastic or metal, which determines their purpose. The question naturally appears about which disk is better to use: plastic or iron? The choice is determined by the following factors:

Three.Lobed plastic knife for an electronic trimmer for grass

Which knife is better

Modern manufacturers are offered to the consumer a wide selection of disks varieties. The cutting parts are classified according to subsequent aspects:


The material for the knives is plastic or metal, which determines their purpose. The question naturally appears about which disk is better to use: plastic or iron? The choice is determined by the following factors:

Three.Lobed plastic knife for an electronic trimmer for grass

Sharpening of the disk

Regardless of the quality of the disk, over time it is stupid and begins to cut the grass poorly. If the knives are still relatively new, and the replacement is inappropriate, you can sharpen them with your own hands.

Important! For sharpening, only those discs are suitable on which there are no attacks from solid materials. Such details are thrown away, and instead new.

  • Disassemble a trimmer for grass, remove knives;
  • Carefully inspect the disk. If cracks are discovered, it is better to change the part to a new one, since its further operation is unsafe;
  • Bent blades can be carefully bend with a hammer;
  • Given the size of the disk, you need to choose the right file for metal, this will provide more convenient work;
  • At an angle of 30 ° equally sharpen all the upper cutting edges of the disks;
  • Collect a trimmer for the grass in the reverse order.

To sharpen the disk, you can use an sandpaper at low speeds by installing a circle for grinding with medium.Sized grain. Through such a tool, the process will move much faster. For safety, you need to put on gloves on your hands, and a protective mask or glasses on your face.

So, for beating grass on gasoline and electrimers, plastic and metal disks of various shapes are used and with a different set of blades. They are chosen in accordance with the type of work performed and the size of the processed territory. If the knives on the mower are swept away, they are easy to sharpen or change them on their own. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, you need to be neat and remember the safety so as not to injure by negligence or not to damage the technique. A more detailed description of the replacement of knives in relation to a specific model of a trimmer for the grass can be viewed in the instructions for operation or on the official website of the manufacturer. For clarity, the general process of the process is shown in the video.

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