How to sharpen a saw chain correctly.

How to choose the right angle of sharpening of the chain of the chainship for longitudinal and transverse saws in dependence on the material

The need to sharpen the chain of the chainsaw is a prerequisite that is relevant for chainsaws with daily use, for example, on logging, and during periodic use in garden plots and households. Like any process associated with the technique, the sharpening of the chain has a number of nuances, for example, the angle of sharpening, it must be taken into account and selected a certain value for a specific work.

The angle of sharpening the chain is an important characteristic, the performance of the chainsaw mainly depends on the value of which. It also affects the following parameters:

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with Elegant Efficiency [smoother & straighter cuts]

  • The intensity of pressing increases, as the ability of the chain to “enter” the tree without pressing is reduced. This leads to an increase in tension in the human body.
  • Fuel consumption increases.
  • The load on the links of the saw chain increases.
  • Significantly reduced the service life of the chainsaw due to additional efforts to the gearbox and motor.

If you sharpen it on time, then you can significantly increase the service life of the chain. This is due to the fact that with timely sharpening from the tooth, a smaller amount of metal is “removed”.

There are two important rules that relate to the sharpening of chain saws:

  • The higher the performance, the greater the angle.
  • A decrease in the angle of sharpening during the cut of solid wood can be significantly reduced by vibration.

The smallest angle is 25 °, and the largest is 35 °. But in circuits for the longitudinal sawing, the angle is 10 °.

In this video, you can familiarize yourself with the trim process, the most popular ways and tools used for this.

A person who has a chainsaw in his household should know how to sharpen a chain of chainships with your own hands. There are several ways:

  • Sharpen with the use of a file (the most common method of sharpening, t.To. Allows you to tighten the tool directly at the place of work on sawing.)
  • Silence using a special machine (this method is used in service centers, but can also be used in the personal economy)
  • Imprison with the use of corner grinders. To sharpen this method, it requires certain skills. A little.Won method, t.To. It is difficult to sharpen with the help of an angular grinder correctly.

How the Pro’s sharpen a chainsaw

1 method. File

The first thing you need in order to sharpen the chain, or correct it a little, these are special files.


For sharpening and editing chains for saws, two types of files are used. The first, this is a gun file with a diameter of the corresponding diameter of the rounding of the working edge of the saw tooth.

For sharpening saw chains of a household tool, round files with a diameter of 4, 4.8 mm are used, this is due to the fact that they have a small tooth. For professional models, more powerful chains with a large tooth are used, and accordingly, files with a diameter of 5.2, 5.5 mm are needed.

In order to properly sharpen, it is not enough to sharpen only the cutting edges of the tooth, you still need to adjust the restriction of the cut depth of the cut. If this is not done, the chain will not crash into the sawing material to the required depth, which will noticeably reduce the speed of work and in the same way as in the situation with a dumb chain can lead to a saw engine overheating due to a not enough load on the engine. This work is done using a flat file.

It is worth remembering that the use of a blunt chain can lead to overheating of the engine and the formation of bully on the cylinder.

Process description

The first where the editing of the saw chain begins on the saw is the installation of the tool on an even platform or table. In forest conditions, for this, a large.Diameter chock is well suited. Next, you need to examine the saw chain for any defects, it can be cracks, completely fragmented teeth. After inspection, you need to install the brake in working condition, thereby blocking its movement along the bus.

The chain during sharpening with a file should be stretched.

It is advisable to lay a stand under the tire, you can use logs as it, a piece of a branch of suitable diameter, or the manufacturers of sharpening tools have special clamps to hold the tire during the sharpening of the circuit.

Stihl clamp

The circuit is sharpening is carried out by the movements of the file from the inside of the tooth outside. In this case, the file should be located parallel to a special mark on the chain. This label is applied by the manufacturer of circuits to specify the standard angle of sharpening.

The hidden tooth should be located approximately in the middle of the tire, this is necessary for the convenience of work, during the sharpening process you need to advance the chain along the tire, without forgetting to install the brake in the working position each time.

Work on sharpening the chain on a chainsaw must be carried out using gloves made of rough material, otherwise it is quite easy to injure yourself, t.To. The working surface of the teeth is very acute.

Ideally, manufacturers advise to conduct the same number of movements with a file for each tooth, but in practice this is not always possible, t.To. Teeth have a different degree of damage to the working edge.

To facilitate the sharpening of a saw chain using a file, special holders can be used, with the markings of the angles applied to them. Markings are made not only for standard transverse cut, but also for longitudinal.

The holders are also convenient to use if you do not have sufficient sharpening experience. Experienced masters for sharpening do not use holders, but can only use special devices that support the file.

Another device designed for sharpening is a manual machine for editing saw chains. As a sharpening tool, it uses a regular file that can independently replace. The machine is mounted directly onto the tire, it also has the ability to adjust the angle of tooth sharpening and a special emphasis that holds the pulled tooth.

Hand machine for sharpening, perfect for beginners. Along with electric models for sharpening, manual has its own undeniable plus in the form of a low price. Depending on the manufacturer of a manual machine, their appearance may vary, but everyone has one principle.

sharpen, chain, correctly

The cut depth adjustment is carried out using a flat file, so that there is a difference between the upper cutting edge of the tooth and a height limiter.

As can be seen from the figure, the depth limiter is flowed in such a way as to bring the clearance indicator to the factory value. Below is a table, which contains the main values ​​of the angles, as well as the clearance for the most common types of circuits.

As a rule, the size of the gap is adjusted using a special dick. It is installed on the circuit during sharpening, after which the depth limiter grows.

Signs of a swept chain of a chain of a chain

The use of low.Quality oil, as well as improper adjustment of the chain (should be strictly by grooves) are also the reason for the early gear of the teeth.

Methods of sharpening the chain of the chain

With any sharpening method, it is important to know at what angle you need to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw. For high.Quality processing of the chainsaw at home, several effective methods are used:

Each of the methods is quite effective, will help to perfectly sharpen the teeth of the chain, and for a long time extend the service life of an electro- or chainsaw.

Sharpening with a file is the simplest and most affordable way, but the most time.Consuming. This does not require an electric network, you can carry out work in any conditions. For hiring teeth, it is recommended to use a round file with small and medium notch.

Not everyone knows at what angle to sharpen the chain of the chainsaw on the machine. For high.Quality sharpening of teeth, the sharpening device must be deployed by 180. 200 degrees. This angle is easy to provide using an electric machine or equipment with manual drive.

The popular way to drag the cutting part of the saw with a corner grinder has some difficulties. The instrument disk can suddenly burst in the process and injure others.

Proper adjustment of the chain tension

It helps to pull the circuit on the electric saw a special tensioner located in the lower part of the electric saw housing. To correctly perform this operation, first you need to properly put on the cutting element on the electric saw tire. There is a simple method of properly putting on the chain.

  • Weaken the tire fastening nuts to the body.
  • With one hand, the bus is raised by the distant end up, without removing it from the saw.
  • With the second hand, the cutting element is put on the driven tire asterisk, and the tails of guide teeth are inserted into the grooves (“streams”) tires.
  • The lower part of the cutting element is put on the leading star and lower the tire in a horizontal position.
  • Without pressing the tire to the body, they begin to pull the cutting element, rotating the adjusting screw of the stretch device.
  • As soon as the cutting element is quite pulled, the mounting nuts are tightened.

Verification of tension: the operator is taken with his hand for the upper bowstring and lifts it to the top. Normal tension is such a tension when it rises in such a way that the tailings of three are visible above all raised guide teeth, that is, 0.5-0.6 cm. If the chain satisfies this requirement, then the operation is completed. With improper tension, the mounting nuts are weakened, and either additionally pulled or weaken the tension. After adjusting the nut is tightened again and the tension is checked again. It is often considered normal tension if the bowstring during release makes a ringing click, knocking on the tire.

Trining the cutting part is a simple job, however, it also needs knowledge and a little experience. The talked technique is the same for chainsaws and electric saws, since they differ only in engine type. The basic requirements for hidden any chain saw are caution, attentiveness and accuracy.

How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw

Sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw is a procedure, the implementation of which gardeners and professional rollers regularly face. In the article, the master plumber will tell you how to restore the damaged teeth of the saw set, and quickly return it to the previous working condition.

To figure out how to sharpen the chain, you need to understand the basic principles of its device and work. It is impossible to sharpen the chain by eye, you will need to know the main characteristics of the chain and its components.

The chain of the chainsaw consists of three types of links made of high.Alloy steel:

sharpen, chain, correctly
  • Cutting. The main elements of the chain. Distinguish right.Sided and left.Handed, which are located alternately, their cutting edges are located above the plane of the tire. The design of the teeth includes the restraints of the depth of the drink.
  • Drive (shanks). Serve to transmit the moment of rotation from the gas outlet to the chain through the leading star. This feature allows you to extend the service life of the sprocket and gives the chains more steadily to stay on the tire.
  • Connecting. Connect the shanks and cutting teeth of the chain.
sharpen, chain, correctly

One of the main elements of the chain is a cutting tooth that crashes into wood and removes chips. The tooth depth limiter determines the thickness of the wood chip and limits the depth of penetration into the tree.

Depending on the type of circuit, the recommended parameters relative to the limiter are 0.025 “(0.65 mm) or 0.030” (0.75 mm).

The long service life of any chainsaw depends on competent care and use, including the chain headset. Good operational qualities of the latter affect the performance of the device and performance parameters. Untimely sharpening can cause some problems in the work directly the saw itself. Most often it is:

  • Curved saws;
  • Large loads on the saw, resulting in the wear of the parts of the device, and hence the reduction in the service life of the entire device;
  • Increased fuel consumption.

If, as a result of the saw, a small dusty shavings form, and the saw itself is buried in the cut with the application of great efforts, it means that the goal has become dull.

There are other signs of a chain of chain:

  • The speed of the tool decreased;
  • Uneven and sharp sawdusts are formed;
  • It is necessary to make great efforts for the cut of wood;
  • The chain stretched or began to sag.

The chain of the chainsaw can quickly swell for the following reasons:

  • If you work with a saw too often;
  • When the operator presses greatly on the saw when sawing;
  • If the chain is made of poor.Quality metal, or steel has passed the wrong heat treatment;
  • With a frequent cut of raw or tarry wood;
  • When sawing trees with solid wood, such as: oak, Karelian birch, cherry, acacia, elm, ash and others;
  • If the chain meets on the way of barriers in the form of sand or stones;
  • If the chain is incorrectly sharpened or has insufficient tension during operation.
sharpen, chain, correctly

The device of all chain saws is similar, so there will be one algorithm when removing the chain:

  • First you need to put on protective cotton gloves to avoid cuts from cutting teeth.
  • Remove the protective cover from the working part of the chainsaw and put it to one side on the flat surface.
  • With the help of the end key, unscrew the fixing nuts, which hold the housing and tire, remove the upper cover of the body.
  • Now it is necessary to move the tire down to the stop to the asterisk, thereby relaxing the chain, and remove the working elements from the fasteners.
  • Disconnect the chain from the tire.

Description of the sharpening process

Consider in more detail how to sharpen a chain of chainsaw. The first thing to do is to prepare a place for installing a clamp, or if the process goes without it, it is convenient to use a regular log as an stop for fixing the tire in a horizontal plane. The chainsaws are installed on a flat surface, the log is placed under the tire, the brake is turned on.

To avoid injuries when sharpening a chainsaw, be sure to turn on the brake of the saw chain.

The next stage is direct sharpening of the tooth. To do this, with a round file, movements are made from the inside of the tooth to the external.

It is very important at this moment to maintain the right angle of sharpening. The standard angle is thirty degrees from the perpendicular location of the file to the tire plane. How to arrange it correctly shown in the photo below.

In the process of sharpening a chainsaw for non.Standard cut, for example, longitudinal. The sharpened angle changes to a less acute. As a rule, it is no more than 10 °. It is in such cases that a holder, manual machines or sawing calibers are used to control the angle of sharpening.

Some manufacturers of chain chains, to facilitate sharpening, as well as to indicate the maximum possible sharpening, make a special label on the upper surface of the tooth.

Holding the file parallel to the mark, you can be sure that the correct angle is observed.

The number of working movements with a file should be the same for each tooth. This will allow all the teeth evenly grinding.

In the process of editing the chain, it is customary to sharpen the teeth on one side first, and then on the other, it is convenient. To. There is no need to constantly change your location in relation to the chainsaw.

After the working teeth are sharpened, it is necessary to adjust the height of the restrictive tooth a flat file. To do this, the supporting caliber is laid on the chain so that the restrictive tooth coincides with its slot, after which the protruding part is grown by a file. This procedure is performed for all restrictive teeth.

The use of roller devices

Sharpet device, with which you can quickly and efficiently correct the teeth consists of a small guide template, on which two videos are installed.

By installing the adaptation on the tire, you can sharpen the teeth of the chainsaw, without even the experience of conducting such operations.

How to understand that it’s time to hide a chainsaw?

There are several ways to understand that the main element of the chainsaw is time to sharpen, namely:

  • You make more efforts to work with a saw;
  • Sagging of the chain is observed;
  • There is a vibration during the cut;
  • The cut is torn.

If in the process of carrying out any actions with the tool you observe at least one of these reasons, then you need to give the chainsaw for sharpening, or sharpen the chain on the chainsaw with your own hands. Those who are engaged in a roll of forest or actively work with wood, often have to sharpen the chainsaw. In some cases, the saw needs to be sharpened several times during the day.

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