How to sharpen the electric saw chain with a file. Grinding angles and sawflies configuration

A way to sharpen a chain of chainsaws at home, correctly and quickly

The chainsaws, although intended for sawing wood, but in the process of work the chain is still stupid and requires sharpening. Within the framework of the article, we will tell you how to determine when you need to sharpen and how to do it with your own hands, and also analyze all possible methods (from a file to a corner grinder) and which of them is better to use.

There are a number of factors that will tell you when the time has come to sharpen the chain of the chainsaw:

  • Productivity has decreased. The cut time increased.
  • The excessive load on the saw is felt.
  • Increased vibrations.
  • Small shavings.

It is difficult for beginners to notice the first 3 points, so it is recommended to monitor what chips fly out of the cut.

Small chips formed in the process of sawing, especially brown color, is a guaranteed sign of blunting.

How to choose the right chain?

The chain along with the engine is the most important functional part, therefore, with active use, it is often subject to repair, sharpening or complete replacement. It is better to replace the old, worn chain, and for this you need to know some of the choice of choice:

  • When replacing any spare part (stars, tires or circuits), you need to remember the compatibility of electropol elements, that is, to purchase parts of the manufacturer only: for example, Makita electric saws require Makita production chain.
  • Select the chain depending on the targets. If you need great power, it is more profitable to purchase a product with a step of 3/8 inches, with low loads 0.325 inch enough. The volume of the cylinder in this case does not play the role.
  • Pay attention to the angle of sharpening. This is useful for further care, repair or restoration. For greater performance, choose an angle of 30º. It perceives large loads easier. However, with complex wood processing (if it is raw or frozen), it will better stop at 10º.
  • The length of the chain must necessarily correspond to the size of the tire. In the process, it can stretch out, sag, but the question is solved by a simple removal of 1-2 links.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the method and material of the cut. For example, for a longitudinal cut, it is better to choose a chain with a small angle of sharpening. Productivity will be less, but the service life will increase significantly.

One of the chain selection indicators is the step that is usually measured in inches. This is an interval between rivets, divided into two. Now there is a single designation system and generally accepted standards. 3/8, 0.325 and 0.404 inches

Pilla design

For a better understanding of what chain chainships are and how it works, it is desirable to know how it is arranged.

By the way, it will be more correct to call the cutting tool of the chainsaw. A saw chain.

The first saw chains were born at the beginning of the twentieth century. The designers on the steel rack.Headed, just mounted teeth on the chain, which quickly lost their performance. In appearance, they resembled those that stand on hand hacksaws on wood. Taking such a chainsaw caused great difficulties. But, multiple attempts to create a perfect saw chain were crowned with success only in 1947.

This chainsaw has links with a Mr. Modern chains are, in fact, direct ancestors of this development.

If the speed of cutting began to decrease during operation, the chainsaw begins to “walk” in the hands of the master, then most likely, the saw chain has lost its operational properties, that is, it was dull and it is necessary to take measures to restore them.

Business Service: tool sharpening

Have you ever thought about how much scissors, ax or saw chain costs to sharpen. We will answer right away. Such a service can cost from 20 to 100. Then another question arises: does it make sense to open your own workshop?

Let’s take a closer look at this business in more detail. It is clear that here the entrepreneur does not make money in certain major transactions, but on the back. Therefore, such a workshop can be profitable only in cities and villages, where there is a large private sector, which means that many tools are used, including electrical and chainsaws. We’ll make a reservation right away. You must offer the widest range of services: the workshop should have a machine for sharpening manicure scissors and equipment for repair and restoration of professional tools.

Necessary tools in the workshop:

  • Electrical sharpener with a set of special nozzles;
  • Automatic machine for sharpening circuits of electrical and chainsaws;
  • Clamps and a vice of different sizes;
  • Set of locksmith tools, measuring instruments;
  • Locksmith furniture for the equipment of the workplace;
  • Special lamps;

All equipment for such a workshop can cost up to 1,000. Additionally, the expenditure article should include utility bills, rent and taxes. At the same time, your monthly turnover in the city, with a population of 150-200 thousand inhabitants, can be about 1,500 monthly.

From our point of view, the greatest attention should be paid to the maintenance of chain electro and chainsaw.

Thus, if your city does not have high competition in this business segment, then it makes sense to open your own business and earn on sharpening various tools.

Chain saw sharpening template

For a significant simplification of the procedure, it is recommended to purchase a special template, due to which the procedure for installing the required angle is significantly simplified. Such a tool allows you to check the indicator of the rear angles of the conical and upper shoulder blade, as well as the front edge of the cutting edge.

Experts indicate that it is most important to use the template to control the rear corner. This is due to the complexity of changing this indicator, while it must be kept in a strict range.

A fairly common indicator can be called an angle of grinding, which also changes depending on the task.

Too high hardness of the material determines the need to reduce such an indicator. Experts indicate that the optimal value varies from 10 to 12 ° in the limit.

Smooting a file

The first thing you need in order to sharpen the chain, or correct it a little, these are special files.


For sharpening and editing chains for saws, two types of files are used. The first, this is a gun file with a diameter of the corresponding diameter of the rounding of the working edge of the saw tooth.

For sharpening saw chains of a household tool, round files with a diameter of 4, 4 are used.8 mm, due to the fact that they have a small tooth. For professional models, more powerful chains with a large tooth are used, and accordingly, files are needed with a diameter of 5.2, 5.5 mm.

In order to properly sharpen, it is not enough to sharpen only the cutting edges of the tooth, you still need to adjust the restriction of the cut depth of the cut. If this is not done, the chain will not crash into the sawing material to the required depth, which will noticeably reduce the speed of work and in the same way as in the situation with a dumb chain can lead to a saw engine overheating due to a not enough load on the engine. This work is done using a flat file.

Description of the sharpening process using files

The first where the editing of the saw chain begins on the saw is the installation of the tool on an even platform or table. In forest conditions, for this, a large.Diameter chock is well suited. Next, you need to examine the saw chain for any defects, it can be cracks, completely fragmented teeth. After inspection, you need to install the brake in working condition, thereby blocking its movement along the bus.

The chain during sharpening with a file should be stretched.

It is advisable to lay a stand under the tire, you can use logs as it, a piece of a branch of suitable diameter, or the manufacturers of sharpening tools have special clamps to hold the tire during the sharpening of the circuit.

The circuit is sharpening is carried out by the movements of the file from the inside of the tooth outside. In this case, the file should be located parallel to a special mark on the chain. This label is applied by the manufacturer of circuits to specify the standard angle of sharpening.

The hidden tooth should be located approximately in the middle of the tire, this is necessary for the convenience of work, during the sharpening process you need to advance the chain along the tire, without forgetting to install the brake in the working position each time.

Work on sharpening the chain on a chainsaw must be carried out using gloves made of rough material, otherwise it is quite easy to injure yourself, t.To. The working surface of the teeth is very acute.

Ideally, manufacturers advise to conduct the same number of movements with a file for each tooth, but in practice this is not always possible, t.To. Teeth have a different degree of damage to the working edge.

To facilitate the sharpening of a saw chain using a file, special holders can be used, with the markings of the angles applied to them. Markings are made not only for standard transverse cut, but also for longitudinal.

The holders are also convenient to use if you do not have sufficient sharpening experience. Experienced masters for sharpening do not use holders, but can only use special devices that support the file.

Another device designed for sharpening is a manual machine for editing saw chains. As a sharpening tool, it uses a regular file that can independently replace. The machine is mounted directly onto the tire, it also has the ability to adjust the angle of tooth sharpening and a special emphasis that holds the pulled tooth.

Hand machine for sharpening, perfect for beginners. Along with electric models for sharpening, manual has its own undeniable plus in the form of a low price. Depending on the manufacturer of a manual machine, their appearance may vary, but everyone has one principle.

The cut depth adjustment is carried out using a flat file, so that there is a difference between the upper cutting edge of the tooth and a height limiter.

As can be seen from the figure, the depth limiter is flowed in such a way as to bring the clearance indicator to the factory value. Below is a table, which contains the main values ​​of the angles, as well as the clearance for the most common types of circuits.

As a rule, the size of the gap is adjusted using a special dick. It is installed on the circuit during sharpening, after which the depth limiter grows.

Electric machine tools for sharpening

To edit a large number of circuits, as a rule, in service centers, or in manufacturing enterprises, electric sharpening machines are used. Depending on the manufacturer, the performance of the machines may vary, but the principle of operation is one.

The saw chain is installed in a special guide, which is mounted on the basis of a rotary platform and has a special fixer to hold the lifted tooth. The latch is able to move in a horizontal plane. At the adjustable angle, an electric sandpaper is installed to the grid tooth, which is turned on by the operator by pressing the launch button. The depth of immersion of the sandpaper, as well as the angle under which the sharpening is produced, can be adjusted. The immersion itself is performed by the operator. The chain is made by a special sharpening circle, which, if necessary, can be changed.

What tool tools exist

To start work, it is necessary to stock up on tools that are divided into two types.

Hand tools

A set of tools necessary for sharpening the teeth of the saw:


  • Flat file that they are taught to use in school lessons. With it, the depth limiter is stuck.
  • Round file of a certain diameter necessary for processing the cutting tooth. An additional device is attached to it. A holder with lines that suggest how to properly keep the tool in relation to the chain. The holding is placed on the tooth of the saw, taking into account the guide lines, the position of the file. Under the cutting surface.
  • A template that serves to edit and comply with the parameters.
  • A hook is necessary to remove the sawdust from the circuit.

Sets of various configurations can be purchased in a specialized store

Metal sharpening templates help calculate the depth of sharpening

Manual and electric machines

How to sharpen a chain of chainsaws if the cutting edge of the tooth has absolutely lost its shape due to long.Term work? You can use files, but the process will be unproductive and taking a lot of time. The best option is the use of machines, and here you will have to choose, because the machines are different. Manual and electric.

Manual machine for sharpening chains of stihl brand

Parameters are exhibited before the work, and the processing process takes place much faster than with the help of files: 2-3 movements are enough to sharpen each tooth. Electric machines also have a complex setting, while working quickly and accurately.

Chainsaw Sharpening Angles

An electric machine allows you to reduce a lot of time, but not everyone is ready to pay a round sum for it

How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw

Sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw is a procedure, the implementation of which gardeners and professional rollers regularly face. In the article, the master plumber will tell you how to restore the damaged teeth of the saw set, and quickly return it to the previous working condition.

To figure out how to sharpen the chain, you need to understand the basic principles of its device and work. It is impossible to sharpen the chain by eye, you will need to know the main characteristics of the chain and its components.

The chain of the chainsaw consists of three types of links made of high.Alloy steel:

  • Cutting. The main elements of the chain. Distinguish right.Sided and left.Handed, which are located alternately, their cutting edges are located above the plane of the tire. The design of the teeth includes the restraints of the depth of the drink.
  • Drive (shanks). Serve to transmit the moment of rotation from the gas outlet to the chain through the leading star. This feature allows you to extend the service life of the sprocket and gives the chains more steadily to stay on the tire.
  • Connecting. Connect the shanks and cutting teeth of the chain.

One of the main elements of the chain is a cutting tooth that crashes into wood and removes chips. The tooth depth limiter determines the thickness of the wood chip and limits the depth of penetration into the tree.

Depending on the type of circuit, the recommended parameters relative to the limiter are 0.025 “(0.65 mm) or 0.030” (0.75 mm).

The long service life of any chainsaw depends on competent care and use, including the chain headset. Good operational qualities of the latter affect the performance of the device and performance parameters. Untimely sharpening can cause some problems in the work directly the saw itself. Most often it is:

  • Curved saws;
  • Large loads on the saw, resulting in the wear of the parts of the device, and hence the reduction in the service life of the entire device;
  • Increased fuel consumption.

If, as a result of the saw, a small dusty shavings form, and the saw itself is buried in the cut with the application of great efforts, it means that the goal has become dull.

sharpen, electric, chain, file, grinding, angles

There are other signs of a chain of chain:

sharpen, electric, chain, file, grinding, angles
  • The speed of the tool decreased;
  • Uneven and sharp sawdusts are formed;
  • It is necessary to make great efforts for the cut of wood;
  • The chain stretched or began to sag.

The chain of the chainsaw can quickly swell for the following reasons:

sharpen, electric, chain, file, grinding, angles
  • If you work with a saw too often;
  • When the operator presses greatly on the saw when sawing;
  • If the chain is made of poor.Quality metal, or steel has passed the wrong heat treatment;
  • With a frequent cut of raw or tarry wood;
  • When sawing trees with solid wood, such as: oak, Karelian birch, cherry, acacia, elm, ash and others;
  • If the chain meets on the way of barriers in the form of sand or stones;
  • If the chain is incorrectly sharpened or has insufficient tension during operation.

The device of all chain saws is similar, so there will be one algorithm when removing the chain:

  • First you need to put on protective cotton gloves to avoid cuts from cutting teeth.
  • Remove the protective cover from the working part of the chainsaw and put it to one side on the flat surface.
  • With the help of the end key, unscrew the fixing nuts, which hold the housing and tire, remove the upper cover of the body.
  • Now it is necessary to move the tire down to the stop to the asterisk, thereby relaxing the chain, and remove the working elements from the fasteners.
  • Disconnect the chain from the tire.

The advantages of sharpening the chain with a file

To sharpen a chainsaw on construction sites, as well as in places of work on sawing wood, it is convenient to use a file. Due to the presence of numerous devices to facilitate the process, even a person has no experience, the main thing is to remember the safety precautions when working with a chainsaw and adhere to the recommendations received in the article.

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