How to start a chainsaw Patriot. Stages of running a chain benchmone.

Chainsaw. First launch: assembly, proportions of oil and gasoline, care and storage

How to prepare a chainsaw for the first launch? How to prepare the correct fuel mixture and quickly change the headset? In this article, we will answer these and many other questions, as well as give some tips on maintenance and storage of a chainsaw.

A popular model will help to describe the main stages of tool assembly Fubag fps 56 chainsaws with a running engine for 2.5 kW.

Like most analogues, the chainsaws are delivered in disassembled form: case, separately tire and saw set. In addition to the main parts, the kit includes: a set of tools, a container for a gasoline mixture, a tire cover, a tire emphasis, a sawing file and reliable protective glasses.

Everything is clear with the kit. Let’s move on to the assembly:

We shift the protective casing towards the front handle to make sure that the chain brake is turned off.

Weaken the nuts and remove the chain casing.

Install the cutting link (for the fubag fps 56 chainsaw it is included).

Turn the chain on the chain wheel, and at the same time install the tire on the saw housing.

We check whether the direction of rotation of the saw chain is installed correctly.

Install the casing of the chain on the main file of the saw and manually tighten the nuts.

We adjust the tension of the circuit, turning the tension screw until the connecting link touches the lower side of the guide.

Eight. Raise the end of the tire and finally tighten the nuts.

Nine. Manually check the uniformity of rotation and the degree of tension of the saw.

If the chainsaw has a gas stiff system, such as the FPS 37 saw model, then the assembly process will take no more than a minute. For this you need:

One. Put the tire and chain on the hairpins of the chainsaws in the correct way (cutting teeth should be directed in the direction of movement). 2. Install the lid. To properly install the lid adjust the position. Pins on it so that they enter the holes of the tire.

Put the screw emphasis and tighten a little until the tire and the chain do not dangle, but there was some freedom to adjust the chain stretch. 4. Adjust the chain stretch with rotation of the wheel.

Put out the emphasis and tighten the lid, ensuring reliable fixation of the equipment.

It is not necessary to pull the chain to the stop, because soon it can stretch out again. The chain should have a small supply, sag slightly. It’s not difficult to check with your hand. Ideally, if it lends itself to a millimeter from the tire.

Preparation for the first launch of a chainsaw.

The process of the first launch of a gasoline saw before rolling should be carried out with a tire installed and a chain dressed on it. It is not recommended to start an engine without a saw set, since the engine will not receive the necessary load. The work of the power unit at high speeds will accelerate its premature wear and failure.

High engine speeds without the installed tire, chain and clutch cover during launch can injure the operator with a liberated clutch clutch.

In addition to installing and setting up the headset, before starting the gasoline engine of the chain saw, each owner must perform two important preparations:

As a rule, in new and repaired chainsaws, movable nodes are rubbed in the process of small loads given to the instrument during running. In order for the tool to reach the rated power, it will be necessary to develop about 7 10 tanks of the fuel mixture.

Answer to a popular question, about the launch of the chainsaw

On the Internet, very often you can find questions about how to start a chainsaw without the help of a starter. The answer is simple. It is impossible to start a chainsaw without a starter in principle. Manufacturers do not provide for any alternative ways of starting, t. To. Even if you remove it and start a saw somehow, it will be impossible to work for it, due to violations in the cooling system. In it, a snail is installed, which transfers cold air flow from the flywheel impeller, to the cylinder.

If you remove it, the engine will overheat and most likely it will jam.

Switching range of Patriot chainsaws

Patriot chainsaws are a separate segment of production, very popular and extensive. Currently, such a series of chainsaws are available for everyone:

Series Patriot Imperial (Imperial)

In this series, chainsaws of such models are produced:

Patriot PT-4518 Imperial chainsaw Patriot Pt 3816 Patriot PT 5220 Imperial chainsaw

Series Patriot Pro

Patriot PT 541 Pro chainsaw Patriot Pt 546 Pro Patriot PT 554 Pro chainsaw

General classification chainsaws

The category includes modifications of The One, GS, PT (RT), namely:

  • PT 445 The One, 2200 W;
  • PT 4618, 2100 W;
  • GS 126, 1000 W;
  • GS 138, 1000 W;
  • PT 4516, 2100 W;
  • GS 142, 2200 W;
  • PT 2512, 1000 W;. 1500 W;
  • PT 3818, 1500 W;
  • PT 4016, 1600 W;
  • PT 4518, 2100 W;
  • PT 4520, 2100 W;
  • PT 5220, 2500 W;
  • PT 6220, 3300 W.

Garden trees and work in the garden. The Home Garden series.

The category includes Patriot chainsaws of these modifications:

On all chain chainsaws of any series, gasoline two.Stroke engines with air cooling are installed. The devices are also equipped with carburetors resistant to loads.

Top models of the chainsaw Patriot

According to owners, the novelties of the Patriot brand, namely, the chainsaws of such models are especially popular:

Powerful chainsaws are not behind popularity, namely:

Especially appreciated by the owners of chainsaws of devices such as:

  • Power sufficient to carry out complex work, issuing a large cubic membrane of the forest;
  • Quick launch;
  • Simple access to the chain tensioner;
  • Moderate fuel consumption;
  • Long tires on some models of chainsaws for working with large diameter logs;
  • Carburetors adapted to work at minus temperatures;
  • Automatic lubrication of the chain;
  • The presence of an extended configuration (a set for safe work with a chainsaw, keys, a container for mixing fuel and oil).

Among the disadvantages of some models of the Patriot chainsaw, the owners highlight:

  • Large fuel mixture (some models);
  • High price (a series of pro, like all powerful representatives of the lineup);
  • Patriot will not work on poor.Quality gasoline of motorcycle gasoline, you also need to monitor the correct ratio of gasoline and oil in the fuel mixture.

User manual

A guide that comes with the Patriot 4518 saw is quite detailed. It contains the following points:

  • Device;
  • Specifications;
  • Safety precautions during refueling and work;
  • Assembly of a chain saw;
  • Preparation of a fuel mixture;
  • Description of oils for the chain and leading stars;
  • Run and stopping saw;
  • Description of the oil supply check for the circuit;
  • Precautions and then;
  • Descriptions of the main malfunctions and how to eliminate them.

Also, after reading the instructions, the user learns about the service life of the chainsaw and how to dispose of it after the expiration of operation.

Characteristics Patriot Pt 3816 and its description

The labeling indicates the number 3816, it means that a 38 cm 3 engine is installed on the chainsaw. And the length of the tire in standard configuration is 16 inches (40 cm).

This volume is enough to issue power into two horsepower, which in conjunction with 12,000 revolutions gives good performance indicators. The Patriot 3816 has a carburetor with the ability to adjust the quality of the mixture and a good air filter, which, if necessary, can be washed in soapy water and nothing will happen to it.

Pase width for setting circuit 1.3 millimeters, a chain and a leading asterisk has a step 3/8 inch, the length of the chain is 57 links.

If necessary, you can install another tire, chain and leading star on a chainsaw, the Patriot 3816 design allows.

The case is made of plastic, the details, although well fitted, have gaps that are immediately striking. The quality of plastic is much lower than on Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaws. During the operation of the chainsaw, strong vibration is felt, the reason in the shock absorbers that are made of hard steel and cannot cope with the functions assigned to them.

The shock absorbers of this chainsaw are made of low quality steel and quickly break down, therefore, with active use of the Patriot 3816, you must have at least one spare shock absorber in stock.

Ryobi OCS1830 18 V 30 Cm Bar ONE Cordless Brushless Chain Saw

For the convenience of the operator, the screw adjustment screw is carried on the side cover, which is really very convenient and safe, t. To. The probability of cuts about the teeth of the chain during its tension is excluded.

The starter of this model is equipped with an additional spring, which reduces the effort required in order to crank the crankshaft of the engine and start the engine.

Rules for the operation of the chainsaw Patriot PT 2512:

  • It is recommended to control the chainsaw only in the appropriate equipment. The face mask, gloves, special clothes;
  • It is not recommended to include a chainsaw in the rain;
  • Store the device away from children and sources of fire;
  • During the saw, hold the chainsaw with both hands to avoid return and injury;
  • To facilitate operation, use the shoulder belt.

Chainsaw Chain Stretching

Maintenance of the chainsaw Patriot PT 2512:

  • Before starting work. Tuning, running.In, adjusting the carburetor after the factory;
  • Regularly. Visual inspection, cleaning;
  • Once a month. Cleaning the air filter, cleaning/replacing the spark plug;
  • Once every six months. Adjusting the carburetor;
  • If necessary. Tensioning the chain, replacing the oil filter, replacing the chain.

How to get in winter

In winter, in the cold, motorized motor is much more complicated. If, after the initial flashes, open the air damper, then due to poor evaporation of gasoline, the motor may not start or storm immediately. Then you have to start and warm it on the leak.

Therefore, in winter, a tool or at least a fuel mixture should be stored in a warm room. This is especially true for a motorcycle with a already worn tire and chain. If you leave it outside, then from a low temperature the chain gets clenched and the tool can damage when starting.

Some of the models are equipped with the ability to switch air fence to summer and winter modes.

At the same time, in winter, the fence is made over the exhaust manifold or cylinder, which prevents the freezing of the carburetor and air filter even in the most frosty weather.

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