How to start a grass trimmer without a starter

So, let’s start with getting ready for work. How to get a lawn mower in a state of full readiness for use?

First, reassemble it if it is disassembled. Securely fasten the split rod in the latches. Carefully check the fixation of the cutting equipment, especially if it is a knife or saw blade. Gasoline grass trimmers are usually extremely powerful, and the rotation speed of the cutting equipment in them is fantastic. Therefore, a poorly secured blade, firstly, can injure the worker, and, secondly, causes additional vibration in the tool, which can lead to its breakage.

Gasoline models are most often equipped with a two-stroke engine, so they require the preparation of a fuel mixture. What is its purpose? Since these motors do not have a crankcase and a separate system for oil lubrication, this role is performed directly by the fuel mixture.

It is mixed in certain proportions for one filling. You should not brew a few liters in reserve, because the composition should always be fresh.

How to start a gasoline grass trimmer

The process of putting your lawn mower into operation, whether you bought it now or took it out after winter storage, the rules listed below will allow you to avoid major mistakes that can damage the tool.

Suppose you have just bought a gasoline grass trimmer. Take the instruction manual out of the box and check whether you have all the lawn trimmer‘s parts that are listed. After that you can proceed with the assembly.

Preparation of fuel mixture and refueling

For convenient preparation of the fuel mixture it is better to have a special canister. where one part contains gasoline and the other part contains 2-stroke oil. We recommend getting one, it’s very easy to use

Next, take a measuring container, with a scale on it, with its help you can prepare the mixture as accurately and quickly as possible. Check the manual for the brands of gasoline and 2-stroke oil https://ru-sad.The fuel mixture is recommended by the manufacturer of your lawnmower model. Pour petrol and oil into the fuel mixture container, according to the proportions specified in the manual. Then pour the ready mixture carefully, through a funnel, into the fuel tank of the grass trimmer. The ratio of gasoline to oil must be exactly as specified in the instructions. This is a very important moment!

Starting the lawnmower with an unheated engine

To start the lawnmower for the first time, find the air damper lever and put it in the “closed” position. Turn on the ignition on the handle. If your model has a manual fuel pump, popularly called a suction pump, press it 3 to 5 times until you see the fuel mixture inside the primer. Now the tool is ready to start. Lay the grass trimmer on a level surface to ensure a stable position. Pull the starter rope gently until you feel resistance, and then pull the cord toward you 3 to 5 times in a sharp motion.

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If the engine starts after 5 jerks, open the choke. If this does not happen, open the choke anyway (with the choke open and keep trying to start the engine, the fuel will flood the spark plug and you will have to dry it, and that’s an extra waste of time).

If the engine does not start with the choke open, then close it and keep pulling the cord. The first start can be quite tricky and require up to 15 pulls. Once the engine has started, push the throttle lever once, this is how you engage the idle. Now let the engine run and warm up. Then you can stop it by pressing the stop button.

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Start the warm engine

It is very easy. Turn the switch to the operating position and pull the cord until it starts. If you do everything according to the instructions, then you should not have problems with starting the lawnmower in good condition.

The main errors when starting

Let’s list the main mistakes that beginners make when starting a gasoline trimmer for grass:

How to start the car with a screwdriver through the starter

Often motorists wonder how to close the starter screwdriver to start the engine? And it occurs when the motor refuses to start due to the fact that the contacts of the starter are covered with an oxide film (strong dielectric), preventing the normal passage of current. It becomes difficult to start the car without assistance.

How to close the starter screwdriver should know every car owner to avoid trouble with the start of the engine. But before you learn how to do this, you need to understand that this method is not effective in all cases. First you need to identify the causes of failure.

How to start a brushcutter without a starter motor

Initially, it is necessary to understand the causes of failure of the device. External climatic and internal mechanical influences can also have an influence. Among the most common problems are:

  • weak operation of the retractor relay;
  • malfunction of the starter relay itself;
  • Burnout of the winding in the motor;
  • the gear teeth of the hexagon are worn out: it works and turns in the mechanism, but it is not caught in the teeth during operation.

Then insert the prepared bolt into the side of the equipment head. Its location must necessarily be threaded forward, the flats always remain inside. After all the manipulation performed, the edge of the bolt must necessarily be clamped in the chuck of the electric screwdriver or drill. Carefully push the head onto the ratchet nut and start the drill. That will start the brushcutter. As soon as the unit starts to work, you must pull the drill firmly toward you to pull the head out.

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After that the start-up process can be considered as finished. But it pays to choose your equipment carefully. From this will directly depend not only on the convenience, but also on the efficiency of the start. If you use a drill, you will definitely need access to a socket. Such a possibility can not be found in all suburban areas and in ordinary houses. That is why such a tool will not always be practical.

But a cordless electric screwdriver will cope with the task absolutely anywhere, even away from the network and civilization. But before using it, it is necessary to check the battery level, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

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Thus, the process of starting a brushcutter without a starter is nothing complicated. It is enough to find a drill or an electric screwdriver and a couple of fasteners at hand. The starter can fail for a variety of reasons, over time it will need to be replaced.

How to Start an Engine Without A Starter

But at first it is possible to be limited to universal starting methods. The main thing is to carry out all activities in order and to comply with safety rules. Then the equipment can be used as intended at any desired moment.

The manual starter for a gas grass trimmer or gas grass trimmer is a mechanical device that involves a pulley mounted on a ratchet. The rope is wound on a pulley in its original position. This is removed at the beginning. The pulley is loaded with a spring. If you let go of the end of the rope, it will turn back. A flat ribbon coiled up into a ring is used as a spring. This is reminiscent of the spring in a large mechanical clock that starts once a day. The starter itself is located more often at the back, the closer to the front end of the mower or grass trimmer. In order to properly perform all manipulations with the starter for a brush cutter, you need to know the features of the device and installation.

How the starter or grass trimmer is built?

Starter. mechanism is usually unique and universal for gas trimmers, trimmers, gasoline and diesel generator sets. If your car has room to fit, there is no problem even equipping it with a car, motorcycle or scooter. Not surprisingly, many Soviet cars and trucks were equipped with starter tools that vaguely resemble a double attachment.

A modern “handbrake” is started from a cord. it is tethered to the mechanism, and it cannot be lost.

The starter kit consists of the following parts:

  • the hook spring;
  • The cord is wrapped around the spool;
  • return spring;
  • drive ratchet and main spring;
  • ratchet body;
  • stop bolt.

Worst case scenario

There are cases where the starter still works, but, for example, a frayed cord may break. The rag has not yet worked when the engine starts, and the rest of the cord immediately winds up on the spool, the return spring loses its hooks, the grooves in the starter housing break. The result is the replacement of both springs and body.

Basic grass trimmer starter malfunctions

Determining the cause of starter failure is not difficult. The main options are several:

The specified parts are shown in the photo below.

It may happen that the starter mechanism is accidentally broken. The consequences will turn out to be pitiable, if the torn rope winds around the flywheel of a working ICE: then the spring will burst, the pulley will tear. But such cases, when you need a complete replacement of the starter unit, are very rare. In most cases, to fix the mechanism, it is enough to put a new spring or replace the cord.

Repair of the starter gasoline drill, lawnmower, trimmer for grass with their own hands

No matter how good your quality gasoline tool is, anything can happen to it during the construction process, and at the most inopportune moment. Not infrequently problems arise due to a broken starter. It happens, you’re going to drill holes with a gasoline drill to install fence posts or mow grass with a trimmer, you start the unit, and just have time to pull the starter handle a couple of times as the rope breaks, and the engine has already started, dashingly winding the cord remains on the flywheel, tears the sheave, the spring burst, run to the store new buy. But of course, these are extremes.

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Today we look at the most common case, when the breakage is not so serious, and show how to repair the starter with their own hands, if the cord broke without any damaging consequences, or do not reload due to the fact that the spring inside just came off, went out of gear. At least, initially we would like to believe it. But in order to find out if this is the case or not, you will need to disassemble the starter.

How to Start a Trimer. Gas Cutter Without Starter

Major malfunctions

Thus, problems with the starter are as follows:

  • The armature does not turn on, because the retractor relay has lost all or part of its function;
  • the battery contacts are oxidized, or the battery is discharged;
  • the wiring broke on one of the sections associated with the starter or relay
  • windings are shorted or there’s a ground fault;
  • The brushes are completely worn out or stuck;
  • manifold plates are burnt out.

It’s all in your hands

You can try an exotic method in which the car generally stays in place, and unwinded wheel. To do this, the car rises on a jack, a rope or cable is wound onto a wheel, the pulling motion is converted into a rotational motion, and it is transmitted to the crankshaft. Why such a complication? If the driver is alone, it is not always possible to push the car and speed it up to the necessary speed to start the engine “from a push”. In this case you can do it by yourself.

But even in this case you should remember about safety precautions. When jacking up, remember to apply the parking brake and ideally with chocks under the other wheels. Beware that the car may come off the jack during jacking. If the engine starts at this moment, the car will start moving. This is especially likely with all-wheel drive transmissions and working interlocks. But if you have a mono-drive, free differential, then there is no problem: you can rotate the wheel, the other wheel will calmly stand on the ground without trying to move.

But enough theory, let’s test it in practice! Especially for the experiment we use a new rope. It without metal hooks that too it is important: a hook or even simply dense knot can make trouble in an arch in the moment of untwisting of a wheel.

So, we put the car on a jack, we tighten “a handbrake”, we switch on ignition, for a start we will try to leave a box on the third gear. Here is the correlation: the higher gear is, the easier it will be to spin the wheel, but the higher should be the speed for the engine to “grab”. First try, second try. Not enough speed, though. Shift the box into second

It turned out to be surprisingly easy! Really, the engine started in a jiffy, the car didn’t even make an attempt to run away. The way to work! However, as far as we know, it doesn’t always work. A lot depends on the technique. But in our case, it worked.

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