How to start a STIHL STIHL 250 chain saw

STIHL MS 250 C-BE chainsaw overview. How to start STIHL chain saw, how to assemble, how to start chain saw.

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STIHL Instruction Manual 260

STIHL chain saw MS 260 Instruction Manual is a document written by STIHL specialists who know how to use and maintain this chain saw correctly. From how to start the machine for the first time to how to cut down trees. this explanatory guide explains everything about the machine. This instruction manual is written not only for first-time users, but also for users who have been using the STIHL STIHL chain saw for a number of years.

The STIHL MS 260 Start-up Guide

One of the important points the manual addresses is running in and running out of the STIHL chain saw. Reading this chapter on starting up and running in correctly can prevent you making a mistake and can have costly consequences, right up to complete repair of the engine.


Another important section to read and take note of is the “Safety” section. This section contains information on how to operate the STIHL MS 260 with minimal risk of injury. After reading this chapter you will learn what personal protective equipment you should wear when working with this chain saw.

Design and function of the STIHL 250 chain saw

The STIHL 250 chain saw is an all-rounder designed for a wide range of applications. from building site work to garden design. It can be used to cut firewood, cut large logs, boards, shape the crowns of trees or shrubs.

Design of the chainsaw is classic for this manufacturer. The main component is a two-stroke engine that runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil. Engine speed is transferred to the guide bar via a sprocket and guides. Control levers on an ergonomically formed handle. The vibration-eliminating system also contributes to convenience. Heated carburettor starts the cut-off saw without problems, even in cold conditions. Additional features include power-saving lubrication, emergency brake, soft start and quick saw blade tensioning.

STIHL MS 362 and MS 440. specifications and equipment

These models belong to the class of professional chainsaws for working in the woods. In addition, the MS 440 model is also widely used in construction for harvesting large quantities of wood.

Features of the units include:

start, stihl, chain

  • The cylinder volume is 59 and 61 cm3 respectively;
  • Power models. 4.6 and 5 liters. с. respectively;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 600 ml;
  • Oil tank capacity is 325 ml each;
  • Operating weight of 7 and 7.5 kg, respectively.

Each model comes with a tire, cover, chain, and documentation.

Getting the STIHL 180 started

In order to start the STIHL chain saw 180 when cold, you should follow the procedure indicated by the manufacturer in the STIHL chain saw 180 manual, namely

    Switch on the ignition switch and turn the throttle lever to the lowest position (in this position the throttle valve of the STIHL 180 carburetor closes the airflow from the air filter and the throttle valve is fully open so that the fuel mixture is richer);

Review of the Chainsaw STIHL MS 250

Pull the starter handle several times, until the first flash (the flash signals that the fuel mixture has entered the cylinder and the saw is ready to start);

The STIHL MS 180 chain saw does not come standard with any additional features to facilitate starting.

Here is how to start the STIHL 180. The video shows the main points in great detail, and the author’s Комментарии и мнения владельцев make it easy to understand the whole process, right down to the smallest detail.

Instruction manual

Instruction manual is the constant companion to any power tool. This booklet contains all the latest information on the chain saw and explains how to operate it in fine detail.

Each manual must include the following sections:

  • Dimensions and dimensions of the machine in a diagram and with descriptions.
  • Table with the technical characteristics of the MS 250.
  • How to use and maintain your STIHL chain saw safely.
  • Getting your STIHL chain saw ready for work.
  • When the STIHL STIHL MC250 chain saw is running-in.
  • Maintenance.
  • Malfunctions and their causes.
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Preparing the chainsaw for operation

The period of trouble-free operation of the STIHL chain saw depends on the correctness of the actions performed, as well as the safety of the owner of the equipment, which is important.

  • Reassemble the machine as described in the instruction manual;
  • the saw headset is connected and fastened securely
  • the chain is tensioned;
  • the fuel mixture is prepared;
  • The fuel tank is filled with ready-to-use fuel;
  • The oil tank is filled with an appropriate lubricant to lubricate the chain;
  • The operator once again checks the strength of the fastening bolts tension;
  • the chainsaw is started;
  • the operator carries out adjustment of idle speed (correct setting. the chain does not rotate at idle speed);
  • check the chain lubricant supply.

To obtain the correct mixture of fuel you need high quality gasoline AI-92 and original STIHL two-stroke engine oil. Fuel to oil ratio 50/1. That is 5 liters should be taken. Gasoline and 100 ml. engine oil. liquids are thoroughly mixed, the unused fuel mixture is stored for no more than 1.2-2 weeks.

How to start your Stihl MS 250C Easy2Start Chainsaw.

Running-in of chainsaw

The original product does not require any specialized procedures, the saw is initially ready to work. However, the first 4-8 tanks of combustible mixture should be vaporized sparingly. this means that the engine power should not exceed 50%. Furthermore, the first hour is made up of alternating cycles: 2 minutes on, 10 seconds off, rest, etc. д. Attention: idling for more than 15 seconds damages the spark plug. it becomes soiled.

STIHL MS-250 chain saw in operation

Service for STIHL MS-250 chain saw

  • the headset is checked;
  • The chain is tensioned;
  • the strength of the bolts is checked;
  • fill in working fluids (fuel mixture and oil) in corresponding tanks
  • Check lubrication of chain;
  • Checks idle speed.
  • After running the machine:
  • the chain tension is loosened;
  • The chainsaw is cleaned of dirt, dust and grime;
  • The air filter is cleaned;
  • Check cutting attachments and sharpen chain if necessary.

If major problems occur, it is advisable to contact service centers for repairs, the addresses of which are indicated in the instructions.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to disassemble STIHL MS-250 chain saw:

Another video will tell you how to adjust the carburetor of the “STIHL” MS-250 chain saw:

Malfunctions and repair

Knowing the causes of faults, you can independently eliminate them and get your gasoline tool back to work. Here is a list of typical STIHL MS-250 chain saw malfunctions:

  • fuel mixture has run out;
  • poor fuel mixture quality;
  • there is no contact on the spark plug;
  • high-voltage wire breakage;
  • fuel pump is not pumping;. fuel lines are clogged;. carburetor is clogged;. fuel pump is not pumping;
  • spark plug plugs are primed;
  • the spark plug has soot on it, it needs cleaning;
  • spark plug failure (replace after 100 hours of use);
  • fuel lines are clogged;
  • magneto is out of order;
  • carburetor is clogged;
  • carburetor settings are out of tune;
  • starter rope on starter not pulled or not tightened.

STIHL MS-250 chain saw does not start and stops when idle due to a faulty carburetor setting.

Basic malfunctions

You should use your chainsaw according to the instruction manual so it will last a long time and not break down. All STIHL chain saw malfunctions can be diagnosed and repaired by the user. Check what’s causing the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw with your own hands.


If you see that your STIHL chain saw spark plug fills up, it could be a problem with the fuel system. The engine must run on a mixture of gasoline and oil. If the mixture is poor, there is a reduction in power, overheating of the cylinder and wear on saw systems. STIHL chain saw spark plugs can get wet because of an unbalanced fuel mixture. Lack of air in the mixture prevents proper combustion.

Using inadequate gasoline can lead to engine wear.

Oiling of spark plugs also causes the use of oil for 4-stroke engines, wear of pistons. If it is, first remove the fuel filler cap and adjust the fuel supply. The air intake should be in good condition. If the filter is clogged, it should be blown with air. To learn how to clean the filters, see your chain saw owner’s manual.

It is possible to determine the quality of mixture with the help of a spark plug insulator. If it appears brown in color, it means that the mixture is of normal quality. The white color or soot indicates a lean or overcharged mixture.

The cause of over-enrichment may be the spark plug. Interruptions in the formation of the spark are observed if the gap is not set correctly. The repair and operating instructions for the machine give the gap between the spark plug pins. If you have no such data, you can set it to 0,7-1 mm.

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If the gap is smaller, the efficiency of ignition of the mixture decreases, if it is larger, there are interruptions in the formation of sparks. To eliminate over-enrichment of the mixture, the engine is blown. It is necessary to take out the spark plug and turn the crankshaft a few times with a hand starter.

Do not lubricate the chain

If you are having your chainsaw repaired you may find that the chain is not getting any oil. If the chain does not lubricate, the lubrication system is malfunctioning. There are such malfunctions:

  • The chain is dry and light in color.
  • The chain is stretching too fast.
  • The bar is too hot and the paint on it has melted.
  • Oil in the reservoir is not draining.
  • When the chain is sharp, the cutting performance of the saw is reduced.

This is an indication that lubrication has failed. To check if there is oil in the lubrication system, remove the bar and turn the chain saw on. Then increase the RPM and watch the oil line end point. If it’s coming, it’s not enough oil for proper lubrication. If no oil is coming in, you need to clean the filter. Also adjust oil flow. If there is no malfunction, further diagnosis and repair with your own hands is needed. If it turns out that the substance is not fed, the oil system is repaired.

Let’s consider the main malfunctions and methods of their elimination:

How to start the Stihl MS-250 chainsaw

  • Broken oil hose. You can see it when you look at it. You need to replace the hose.
  • If there is no thread on the oil pump shaft, it must be replaced.
  • If there are defects in the threads, it must be replaced.
  • If the main shaft corkscrew is missing, you can install a nail of the same diameter in its place.
  • The filter could be clogged. This happens all too often with the STIHL MS 180. You can flush it with gasoline. If this does not solve the problem, the filter must be changed.

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STIHL 180 chain saws often have a burst oil pipe. This is where the oil pipe from the tank is inserted into the tool housing. You can tell if there is oil leakage on the bottom of the saw.

To fix it, remove the handlebar and hose. After that, you need to clean the hose. Then apply sealant on it and put it in the body of the tool.

Does not start

If the chainsaw does not start, the cause may be a failure of the ignition and engine start unit. If no deviations are found when measuring the gap between the module and the flywheel, you should check the spark plug. It is pulled out of the shaft and the clearance is measured. If the fuel enters the combustion chamber and there is no breakdown in the ignition system, then the carburetor is defective.

Does not develop revolutions

If the saw does not maintain idle speed, the following may have happened:

For self-repair you need to perform the following actions:

  • Clean or replace the fuel hose.
  • Clean the filter.
  • Check the quality of petrol and oil.
  • Check the carburetor and spark plugs.

When STIHL chain saws are repaired, they will work properly.

If the saw does not pick up, then this could be the reason:

  • faulty engine;
  • cylinder wear;
  • Piston ring failure;
  • spark plug failure;
  • coil failure;
  • carburetor screws out of balance.

If no defects are found after testing, then check the carburetor.

The STIHL chain saw MS 180 Overview

This model of equipment costs 11 490 It is a household tool that will help cope with the work in the garden. With this machine you can get rid of unnecessary knots and cut down small trees. Control is single-lever, and thanks to the small weight it is very comfortable to work with the unit.

The user should not only know how to start the STIHL MS 180 chain saw, but also its technical characteristics. Other features include the 35-cm bar, as well as the engine, which has a volume of 31.8 cm 3. The oil tank capacity is 0.15 liters. Weighs 3.9 kg. Model power is 2 hp. с. The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.25 l.

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